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Business cards act as your virtual calling card when you first meet someone. They are a great way to leave an impression on someone and keep in touch after meeting them. If you are just starting out, this is the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression that can lead to future business partnerships or contracts. Keep reading to learn more about business cards and see our list of the best apps for creating business cards.
These apps will help you design, print and store your business cards in a convenient way so that you can easily give them out wherever you go. You can also use these apps to find new contacts, build your contact group and add friends who might be interested in working with you on new projects. Read on for more information about these apps!

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7 Best iOS Business Card Scanner Apps for iPhone
Last Updated: May 28, 2020
When you want to digitize your business, you have to convert all business cards to digital format contact list. Swapping contact information digitally is common nowadays and, iPhone business card app plays a vital role to digitize these business cards. From scanning business cards to prioritizing contacts, visiting card app will take care of that for you. The business card scanner app for iPhone will allow you to store contacts with high accuracy and minimum human errors while transcribing.

We have compiled a list of the best business card scanner app for iPhone that will integrate your contact organized and export information to contact list.

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CamCard -Business Card Scanner
CamCard -Business Card ScannerCamCard is probably the best business card scanner app for iPhone to trade business cards for marketing developers which requires iOS 9.0 or later platform. With CamCard, enhance your e-card profile to tell people more about yourself. Exchange e-card securely when meeting new people at business social events. In addition, manage all contacts by the quick search, adding notes and reminders to the contact.

This iPhone scanner keeps you updated when your contacts join new companies or even get promoted. The cloud sync server provides you to access contact information across multiple devices. Apart from its user-friendly and efficient user interface, its ability to recognize 17 languages will let you know the contacts better.

Download from iTunes: CamCard -Business Card Scanner

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ScanBizCardsScanBizCards is the iPhone business card app by Circleback including built-in integration with the cloud storage application Evernote. This business card scanner app for iPhone offers you to scan business cards with the device camera and export scanned information directly to Salesforce, SugarCRM, and other CRM platforms or via CSV.

With its inbuilt auto-detecting feature, you can scan both sides of a business card and browse or flip through cards in 3D view. The scanned contacts automatically merge with existing iPhone address book to create a new contact. ScanBizCards instantly imports email signatures from business cards, allows sending a quick introduction email and your VCard to the new contact.

Furthermore, it allows adding notes to each contact and forwards those contacts in the form of text, image, and Vcard to anyone. Apart from OCR engine, it offers manual transcription for cryptic cards which is free for the first two scans and allows 50 manual transcriptions for $10. The app supports 21 recognition languages and is compatible with iOS 10.0 or later.

Download from iTunes: ScanBizCards

Office Lens
Office LensThe Office Lens app launched by Microsoft lets you scan business cards, whiteboards, documents, receipts, and even stray sticky notes effortlessly. Office Lens auto-detects misalignment for every note trims out the excess part, improves the way it looks and gives you options to save, export and share the image. After scanning the data from the iOS device, this app lets you store information in OneNote, OneDrive, and other cloud storages.

The free visiting card app allows you to quickly search for words in images and converts images to editable Word (.docx), PowerPoint files (.pptx) or PDF (.pdf) files. In addition, the enabled whiteboard mode sweeps out glare and shadows from the image making it extremely beneficial. The entire feature works best with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch which requires iOS 10.0 or later version.

Download from iTunes: Office Lens

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Business Card Scanner & Reader
Business Card Scanner ReaderThe simple and easy way to save new contacts from business cards on iPhone device is to use ABBYY Business Card Reader. This app simply captures and stores the contact in 25 languages to your Smartphone. Along with its auto-click feature to detect business cards edges, the app also offers an easy comparison of recognized data.

The app automatically put in all the missing parts and highlights unusual characters with blue color and displays the original image. This auto-normalization feature helps you confirm the output of the app. Also, you can view contacts and make phone calls right from this Business Card Reader on Apple Watch.

Like other apps, this iPhone business card app offers features such as sync across the multiple devices, automatic or manual backup, and sharing contacts via e-mail as VCard or JPEG files or via SMS. The free version is ad-supported and scans first 15 cards. The premium accounts for additional functions such as unlimited card recognition, export to MS Excel, automatic backup, and is ad-free.

Download from iTunes: Business Card Scanner & Reader

CircleBack – Updated Contacts
CircleBack – Updated ContactsOne of the best business card scanner app for iPhone implemented with high-quality OCR which updates contacts intelligently. First of all, CircleBack let you keep track of contact current status and changes in your network circle. Also, it extends worthy organization and networking tools.

It adds the information to your Address book by merging duplicate contacts. Moreover, create a new contact by extracting information from email signatures of Gmail and Microsoft account. The app also features contact sorting, sync across multiple devices, and export contacts to Salesforce and ACT.

Download from iTunes: CircleBack – Updated Contacts

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SamCard – Business Card Scanner
SamCard -Business card scannerSamCard is another visiting card app that keeps contact organized while maintaining professional relationships. Though it requires some subtle features, the app operates efficiently to scan business cards. To achieve the best card recognition result, you can use using anti-shake photo shooting feature by placing cards in good lighting condition.

SamCard guarantees to capture all the data information on the card accurately. It auto-detects aligning business card edges and text disorientation. Also, it displays the corresponding image when editing a business card.

Download from iTunes: SamCard – Business Card Scanner

FoxCard -Business Card Scanner
FoxCard -Business cardFoxCard is one of the best business card scanner app for iPhone over 100 million users. It scans and stores your business cards, identifying everyone you meet for business events. It doesn’t demand to sign up through any networking sites to ensure the privacy of data. Additionally, its unique functions recognize identify cards directly and save them to address book of the device.

Furthermore, you can attach photos, notes, image-texts, and remarks to the card. This free app recognizes 9 languages and requires iOS 9.0 or later version. To use the premium version you have to buy in-app purchases that range from $1.99 to $19.99.

Download from iTunes: FoxCard -Business Card Reader

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Haystack Business Cards
Haystack Business CardsWith many iPhone business card app in the app store, what puts Haystack in the limelight is its auto-brand feature. This unique feature allows you to create beautiful unified templates for your brands in seconds. You can easily share virtual business card straight from the phone via email, text, VCF, vCard, NFC, and social media. Moreover, recipients can view and save your digital card without installing the app on any platform.

Haystack automatically uploads each contact files to the cloud storage. It supports unlimited scans and the basic version is free to use for individuals.

Download from iTunes: Haystack Business Cards

Business Card Reader Pro
Business Card Reader ProBest business card scanner app for iPhone is the ones that accurately recognize business cards with multi-language support. And this app fulfills the requirements at an affordable price of $6.99. Along with auto filling features, the app also offers background image processing while scanning multiple cards.

The Business Card Reader (BCR) cloud features lets you to edit cards on the web and two-way sync with iPhone. After editing the cards, it is automatically backed-up securely in the BCR cloud. But, this additional feature comes with an in-app subscription for $16.99 per year. In addition, you can export contacts to Salesforce, Evernote, Vcard, and .xlsx at $26.99.

Download from iTunes: Business Card Reader Pro

Business Card Scanner Apps for iPhone
Business card scanner apps for iPhone is a way better solution to keep your contact organized and paper free. These visiting card apps can convert the contact information to digital and make them easy to share. We have come up with a couple of iPhone business card apps for you to follow. Consider fundamental factors such as Accuracy results, transcription technology, integration while choosing the right app. Equipped with this information you can find an app that works best with your entrepreneur life.

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Ali Mohdi September 13, 2018 At 3:51 am
There is one really cool app and it is 100% accurate. You should have included that as well in the list


Joseph Morrison December 16, 2018 At 1:24 pm
Hello! I’ve been working on a project called Acquainted ( that tackles exactly this issue in a very new and innovative way. Most business card apps focus on scanning physical business cards. I think that’s a process that does not scale in any way and that will always have horrible UX. Acquainted focuses on creating directly digital business cards that can be seamlessly shared cross-platform and even with people that don’t have the app. Check it out! It’s completely free to use.

Nick Slater March 15, 2019 At 8:10 am
Zero Keyboard’s business card scanner doesn’t often get mentioned in these articles, since they’re specialized in Salesforce. But their scanner is really fantastic. We get fast and accurate results straight from the trade show floor. And the OCR works offline, so you don’t need to have an active internet connection.
Happy to be a Salesforce user, but I hope they support other CRM’s in the future.

Johnson Marks May 28, 2020 At 9:04 am
Hey Liyana!! Using a business card scanner is an innovative way to keep all the contacts organized and easy to share. Apart from all of its benefits, going paperless is the best as we have to start thinking about the environment as well, it is high time now. Maybe our little step can make a change. Thanks for sharing.

Steven Johnson January 21, 2021 At 4:19 am
Business card scanner apps for iPhone is a way better solution to keep your contact organized and paper free

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