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The success of a business relies heavily on its online presence. With the boom in apps, entrepreneurs have more opportunities than ever to reach out to their target audiences and promote their products and services.

There are many different types of apps that a business can use, but these are the best ones:

– Social Media Apps: These are used by businesses to promote themselves on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

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– Mobile Apps: These are used by businesses to create a mobile version of their website or provide an app that can be downloaded by customers.

– Ecommerce Apps: These are used by businesses to sell products or services directly from their mobile device.

– Marketing Apps: These apps help with marketing campaigns and lead generation for small businesses.

We all know that the world is changing. This is especially true for businesses. Nowadays, it’s not enough to be just a business owner or a CEO. You need to be good at marketing and branding too.

The best apps for businessmen are those that can help you with marketing, branding, and other aspects of your business such as customer service and sales.

If you want to learn more about the best apps for businessmen, keep reading!

The best apps for busy moms are those that make life easier. They should be a time saver, or provide information that is hard to find.

Some great apps for busy moms include:

– Google Maps – this app helps you find directions to any location and it’s easy to use.

– Task Rabbit – this app allows you to hire help from people in your community who will do tasks for you like grocery shopping, cleaning, and more. – This can be a lifesaver when you are too busy or too tired to do something yourself.

– Amazon Prime Now – this is an app that has all the benefits of Amazon Prime but with a shorter delivery time frame of one hour or less.

Apps are a great way to buy and sell goods. They allow you to find items from the comfort of your own home and they also let you take care of all the transactions without having to meet up with a stranger.

Some apps are better than others when it comes to buying and selling. These apps have features that make them better for one or the other, or they’re just more popular in general.

best apps to buy and sell items
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Top 9 Apps for Buying and Selling Stuff Online
March 31, 2020Android / Apps for Business / iOS & Android Beginners Guides for General Knowledge / iPhone & iPad0 CommentsPeter Kua
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Table of Content
What are the best buy and sell apps?
Have items lying around your home that you want to get rid of by selling them? There are plenty of apps out there – for Android and iOS – that allow you to buy and sell stuff. These apps make it effortless for you to trade whatever you want – from household items and gift cards, to books and antiques.

Top 9 Apps for Buying and Selling Stuff Online 1Image Credit:

What are the best buy and sell apps?
Factors defining a good buy and sell app are traffic, ease of use, trust, security and the commission the app charges when you purchase or put an item up for sale. A good buy and sell app also provides a convenient way for the people to communicate with each other. Feature-rich apps with reviews, shipping assistance and etc. are also preferred.

In this article, we include apps that you can trust, have good track records and excellent customer reviews.

Top 9 Apps for Buying and Selling Stuff Online 2Image Credit:

If you have an item you want to “Letgo” of, take a picture and upload it to the application. Interested parties will communicate with you through the app’s chat feature, and you meet them in person to make the deal.

There is no limit to what you can sell at Letgo. You can create seller posts for housing, electronics (including phones and gaming consoles), cars, and even dresses and books. The application isn’t only about selling; you can also list items and real estate that you want to rent out.

For buyers, there is a handy feature that allows you to search for things within a fixed radius (distance) from you. The app has more than 200 million items. Don’t forget to check out the reviews and ratings before buying something.

Letgo only allows you to make deals. The transaction happens in person, so you will need to physically meet up with the seller or buyer.

Letgo is free.

Download Letgo from Google Playstore
Download Letgo from Apple App Store

Top 9 Apps for Buying and Selling Stuff Online 3Image Credit:

Another popular Southeast Asian buy and sell app, Shopee first launched in Singapore in 2015. In a short span of four years, the platform became a leading online storefront, gaining millions of users across its home country, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Shopee launched in Brazil in October 2019.

Shoppe is mostly for first-hand item trade and suits those who want to start an online business. As a seller, you will need to pay a commission between 3-5%, depending on the niche and the price of the product. Users don’t really use the platform for trading second-hand products.

Buyers can check the seller’s reviews before buying from them. Shoppe also has its own mall from where you can order branded items. Home delivery services are available depending on the goods, and you can pay with both bank transfer and credit card. The platform also runs regular flash sales and other offers, which can provide heavy discounts on the products you want to purchase.

Download Shopee on Google Play Store
Download Shopee on Apple App Store

Top 9 Apps for Buying and Selling Stuff Online 4Image Credit:

Lazada has over 560 million consumers and 155,000 local and international sellers across Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Lazada is owned by Alibaba, and offers a wide variety of products ranging from fashion, household items and electronics, to pets, health and automobiles. You can buy and list both local and branded items. Reviews and shipping are available, and like other ecommerce sites, Lazada frequently organizes flash sales and provides vouchers for discounts. Payment options include COD , Lazada installments, and LAZ wallet, where you can load money via your credit card.

Lazada is only for registered businesses, and you need to pay a registration fee of $315 to set up a seller’s account. The commissions can be between 2% to 7% + taxes for selling an item. Also, the app charges the seller for home delivery services.

Download Lazada on Google Play Store
Download Lazada on the Apple App Store

Top 9 Apps for Buying and Selling Stuff Online 5Image Credit:

The eBay app commands over 3 million downloads on Google Play Store, and millions more in traffic to its online storefront.

eBay is one of the first websites that allows people to sell what they have. It started out as an auction website, where someone would list something, and the highest bidder would win. And eBay quickly became one of the leading ecommerce websites in the world.

With 1.3 billion items listed and more than 182 million users worldwide, it is obvious these people trust and depend on eBay to buy and sell their wares.

eBay is currently more than just a bidding website. Both companies and individuals can list items there. The platform itself offers buyers lots of deals, which may include free shipping, special discounts, and etc. Vendors can also partner with eBay to provide shipping and other services.

eBay is competitive. Having your item listed on the top of the page can result in excellent sales. But your item can also be easily buried under others if your price or discounts aren’t as good as its competitors. Buyers and sellers can easily communicate with each other, and there are various payment options. The application, being run by a public listed company, is very reliable with frequent updates.

eBay is a free application. You can also access it through its website.

Download eBay for Android
Get eBay for iOS


Top 9 Apps for Buying and Selling Stuff Online 6Image Credit:

Poshmark is one of the best apps for buying and selling clothing, shoes and accessories. You can easily create a seller’s profile for free, and list items under your profile to sell. The app is not only for second-hand fashion. As a buyer, you can find more than 5,000 brands of clothing for everyone, including kids, men, and women.

The app has more than ten million downloads, and the majority of the reviews are favorable. Their tech support team is topnotch; they are extremely helpful when you have an issue pertaining to the platform. The app frequently launches special discounts and other offers, which make it a must-check for buyers.

Poshmark has numerous payment methods – from wire transfers to cash on delivery (COD). The app boasts of superior delivery too, claiming they can ship items to the buyers within one to three days.

There’s something called the “Posh Parties”, where women from all around the world come together to discuss fashion.

Poshmark charges a flat $2.95 commission for sales under $15. For higher sales amounts, the commissions can go up to as much as 20%.

A lightweight app, Poshmark is updated regularly, and is free to download.

Download Poshmark for Android
Download Poshmark for iOS

Top 9 Apps for Buying and Selling Stuff Online 7Image Credit:

Mercari is similar to Letgo, with one upside (and a downside). You can sell just about anything you have lying in your home and no longer need. On top of that, you don’t need to meet the seller in person; Mercari will ship the item to them.

The app charges a commission of 10% for every sale you make. For buyers, not being able to meet the seller is disadvantageous because the secondhand items can have defects. However, Mercari has a refund policy.

The shipping is free for buyers for most of the items. The app boasts of over 150,000 new listings daily. Customer support is accommodating and the app is simple and easy to use.

Mercari has favorable reviews with more than 10 million downloads.

Download Mercari from Google Play Store
Get Mercari from Apple App Store

Top 9 Apps for Buying and Selling Stuff Online 8Image Credit:

Decluttr is for buying and selling electronics items. The company says that the platform is a “smart way of buying and selling tech”.

In Decluttr, you can get an instant price estimation for the stuff you upload. This will ensure you get a fair value for your item. Apart from tech items, you can also create listings for books.

Features such as seller reviews and shipping are available on Decluttr. Both the app and its company have been praised by online consumers and critics. Their support team is also responsive.

Payment options include Paypal, direct deposit and cheques. You can also list your items for charity. The app’s website says that they have paid over $300 million to 6 million sellers.

Decluttr has been featured by NBC News, ABC News, Cnet and Techradar. Today, it is a BBB accredited business (a commitment to resolve any complaints for customers), building trust within its community of buyers and sellers.

Download Decluttr for Android
Get Decluttr for iOS

Top 9 Apps for Buying and Selling Stuff Online 9Image Credit:

5miles uses your phone’s GPS and address to find buyers in your area. It is like an online version of a local newspaper’s classified ads.

5miles is not only for buying and selling goods and services, but it has other listings like job offers and house rents. One thing that sets it apart from others is the extra level of security and trust it provides.

As soon as you sign up, you will need to take a selfie to verify you are a real person. To provide more credibility to your buyers, you can also sync your email, phone number and Facebook profile to the app. As a buyer, you can check these three attributes in the seller’s profile to be sure they are the real deal.

Just like Letgo, you need to meet the other party in person, but 5miles has a feature known as the Safe Area Exchange Locator (SEAL). The app will specify a safe meetup spot for you and the other party to seal the deal.

Other features include reviews, posts boost, liking products and following accounts, chats and sharing of listings..

Download 5miles on Google Play Store
Download 5miles on the Apple App Store

Top 9 Apps for Buying and Selling Stuff Online 10Image Credit:

Extremely popular in South East Asia, Carousell offers buy and sell services across Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Australia. The app has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Carousell claims it only takes around 30 seconds to create a listing. It doesn’t cost anything to put items up for sale; you can also promote your products on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. As a seller, you can build your credibility by linking your profile to Facebook and email, or your Singpass if you are from Singapore.

After registering for an account, you can create listings for various niches, including fashion accessories, beauty products, electronics, furniture, books, cars, bikes, and even real estate and jobs. You can add up to ten photos for each Carousel listing, allowing buyers to inspect the product from every possible angle before making a decision.

Carousell has unique features for properties and automobiles. You can connect to real estate agents or homeowners in your area. You can rent out your space, or look for apartments and offices to rent. For automobiles, the app has advanced search filters for cars and motorcycles, which include model, make and year. You can search for workshops and accessories.

Download Carousell for Android
Download Carousell for iOS

Conclusion: Various websites and apps allow you to sell things that you no longer have use for. As a buyer, you can find many good deals for the items you need from all over the world. These apps also allow you to sell stuff that you have designed and manufactured yourself. All you need to do is open an account with them.

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