Best Apps For Buying And Selling Crypto

Bitcoin and crypto have been a massive trend of the past few years. It is the first time that a currency has been entirely decentralized and has no central control. People are not only investing in crypto for the profit, but also for the vision that it represents. A currency that is not controlled by any one party creates a world of new opportunities. This blog is all about the best apps for buying and selling crypto.

best app to buy and sell crypto in australia

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Best Crypto App 2022 – Top App Revealed

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Michael Graw
Pro Investor
Updated: 3 March 2022

eToro: Overall Best Stock App with 0% Commission
68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.
With the price of Bitcoin soaring, many traders are wondering how to break into cryptocurrency trading. The easiest way to start buying and selling digital currencies is with the best crypto trading app.

In this guide, we’ll review the 6 best crypto apps you can start using today and explain everything you need to know to find the right app for you.

Crypto apps allow you to buy, sell, hold and trade top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. Many crypto apps also allow you to trade new up and coming cryptocurrencies like metaverse tokens.
Some crypto apps are brokers, such as eToro, while some are cryptocurrency exchanges.
It’s important to compare things like tradable coins, fees, usability and trading tools to help find your perfect crypto app.
Our recommended crypto app is eToro, which allows you to easily buy a wide range of coins with very low fees.
Best Cryptocurrency Trading Apps 2022
eToro – Overall Best Crytpo App with 0% Commission
Coinbase – Best Cryptocurrency App for Selection of Coins to Trade
Binance – Best Cryptocurrency App for Trading Tools
Gemini – Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio App
Kraken – Best Crypto Trading App for Low Fees
Luno – Best Crypto Trading App for Beginners
Best Crypto Apps Reviewed
With the world of digital currencies evolving year after year, crypto trading apps have grown up to meet the demands of many different types of traders and investors. Let’s dive into reviews of the 6 best cryptocurrency exchange apps to help you decide which is right for you.

  1. eToro – Overall Best Crypto App with 0% Commission
    Etoro is our overall favorite app for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. That’s in large part because this exchange charges zero commissions when you trade. The app only charges spreads, which are as low as 0.75% for Bitcoin trades and 1.90% for Ethereum trades.

eToro has a selection of 15 top coins, plus offers its own Bitcoin wallet that supports more than 120 digital currencies. It’s incredibly easy to move assets between the eToro trading app and the eToro wallet app, which makes the process of trading coins much smoother. You can also use the same login credentials to move between the two apps.
eToro App Crypto Watchlist – best crypto wallet australia
Another great thing about trading with eToro is that you won’t be trading on your own. This app has a built-in social network where you can follow other traders, share ideas, and even trade crypto automatically by copying the moves of professional crypto traders. The social nature of the app makes crypto trading more exciting, as well as helps you quickly spot surges of enthusiasm that could drive the price of secondary cryptocurrencies higher.
eToro Mobile Social Trading
The eToro app also offers good technical charting capabilities, although its tools aren’t as complex as what some other exchange apps offer. For example, you can use more than 100 technical studies and drawing tools, but you can’t get access to eToro’s crypto order book. On mobile, it’s straightforward to view charts in full-screen mode and to adjust study parameters.
eToro Mobile App Charting
eToro is regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, a highly trustworthy regulator. The exchange offers 24/5 customer support and you can reach out by live chat from within the mobile app. You just need a $50 deposit to get started. If you’re looking for the best day trading app then eToro is worth considering as it offers 0% commission and access to 17 international exchanges.

0% commission and modest spreads
Built-in cryptocurrency wallet
Social trading network with copy trading
Full-screen charts on mobile
24/5 customer support
No access to order book data
Visit eToro Now
Your capital is at risk.

  1. Coinbase – Best Cryptocurrency App for Selection of Coins to Trade
    Coinbase LogoCoinbase is one of the most best crypto exchanges in the world, with more than 40 million users across over 100 countries. Coinbase could also be considered as a fantastic altcoin app as it offers trading on more than 3,000 coins, including a number of altcoins that you won’t find anywhere else.

Coinbase has a few different apps available depending on what you need. To start, the basic Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange app offers a simple interface to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It’s very streamlined, with basic line charts instead of technical charts and simple watchlists to help you track price changes.
Coinbase Basic App
The Coinbase Pro app is designed for more serious traders. This app features full-screen technical charts, plus depth-of-market charts and access to the Coinbase order book. You also get advanced order entry tools that enable you to set limit and stop loss orders.
Coinbase Pro Charting
Finally, Coinbase offers its own mobile wallet, which integrates with either the Coinbase or Coinbase Pro apps for trading. You can send money to friends and family or use digital currencies for payment.
Coinbase Pro App
Coinbase is somewhat expensive, which can be a turn-off for frequent traders. The app charges spreads of around 0.50% per trade, plus a commission that starts at 1.49% per trade.

Coinbase is regulated in the US and the UK. The company doesn’t currently offer phone support, so the only way to get in touch is by email or Twitter.

3,000+ digital currencies to trade
Simple and advanced mobile apps available
Integrated mobile crypto wallet
Technical charts and depth-of-market charts
Highly regulated in the US and UK
Expensive trading fees
Limited customer support
Visit Coinbase Now
Your capital is at risk.

  1. Binance – Best Cryptocurrency App for Trading Tools
    Binance LogoBinance is one of the most highly rated crypto apps among advanced traders who rely heavily on technical analysis. The app offers excellent charting capabilities, with dozens of technical indicators built in. Most indicators can also be customized with just a few taps to fit any custom strategy.
    Binance App Dashboard
    The app also offers depth-of-market charts and access to the Binance order book. You can take advantage of this data to save money, too, since Binance offers different trade commissions based on whether you’re creating or removing liquidity from the market.
    Binance App Charting
    Binance is one of the most secure Bitcoin trading apps on the market, which is a huge deal in the cryptocurrency world. The exchange weathered a hack attempt in 2018 without losing any client funds – something not every crypto platform is able to say.

As one of the best NFT apps, Binance has a wide selection of coins, with over 200 popular cryptocurrencies available, you certainly won’t be lacking options. In addition, this app offers crypto options, Bitcoin futures contracts, and leveraged tokens. These derivatives offer additional ways for advanced traders to manage risk and speculate on price changes.
Binance App Order Types
This exchange is regulated by top-tier financial authorities around the world, although it’s not specifically regulated by US agencies. Binance only offers customer support using an online ticket system, which you can access from within the app. However, there is no phone or live chat support.

Highly customizable indicators
Lower commissions for creating liquidity
Extremely secure platform
Offers options, futures, and leveraged tokens
Over 200 popular coins available
Limited customer support
Not regulated by US authorities
Visit Binance Now
Your capital is at risk.

  1. Gemini – Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio App
    Gemini – Logo
    Gemini is the best crypto portfolio app for long-term investors looking to diversify their investments with digital tokens. This app offers trading on 26 of the most popular coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.

What sets Gemini apart is that it focuses more on investing tools than on fast-paced trading tools. You won’t find technical charts in this app, although it does have line charts so you can monitor price changes over time. Instead, the app offers simpler features like price alerts so you always know when your favorite coin is hitting new milestones.
Gemini App Dashboard
Another feature we love about Gemini is that it enables you to set up recurring crypto investments. The frequency of purchases is completely customizable. This is a great way to build up a significant position in Bitcoin and other tokens over time.
Gemini App – Recurring Buys
In addition, Gemini allows you to put cryptocurrency to work for you. By default, Gemini loans out the coins you own, just like a bank might loan out cash in your checking account. You earn interest along the way, and the app lets you know how much you’re earning in fees.
Gemini App – Earn Interest
Gemini has a simple cost structure, with commissions that vary based on the value of your crypto purchase. Trades over $200 carry a commission of 1.49%, which is in line with the average commission across the industry.

If you need support, you can get in touch with Gemini by phone or using a ticket system in the app. This exchange is regulated by the New York Department of Financial Services.

Loan out coins for interest payments
Simple commission structure
Set up recurring investments
Supports price alerts and watchlists
Regulated in the US
Limited selection of cryptos
No technical charting capabilities
Visit Gemini Now
Your capital is at risk.

  1. Kraken – Best Crypto Trading App for Low Fees
    Kraken LogoKraken is one of the best crypto apps if you’re looking to trade at a bargain. This exchange charges no commission when you make a purchase using previously deposited funds, and spreads are typically under 0.25% for most popular coins. In addition, you can get a discount of around 0.10% on the spread if you create liquidity in the marketplace. That makes Kraken one of the cheapest crypto trading apps in the world.
    Kraken App Markets
    This app offers trading on 55 different cryptocurrencies, which isn’t an enormous selection. That said, Kraken allows you to trade with leverage up to 5:1. The exchange also supports futures trading for Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and others with leverage up to 50:1 available. However, you’ll need to install the Kraken Futures app separately from the main Kraken app if you want to trade futures.
    Kraken Futures App
    Kraken’s app is straightforward to use and offers a wide range of features for traders and investors alike. You’ll find full-screen technical charts with dozens of customizable indicators along with watchlists and price alerts. However, the basic Kraken app doesn’t include depth-of-market charts or the exchange’s order book (the Futures app has these features).
    Kraken App Technical Charts
    One key thing that sets Kraken apart from other exchanges is that it emphasizes customer support. You can get in touch with the exchange 24/7/365 via live chat from inside the app. Kraken is registered with FinCEN (the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) in the US, but is not regulated by a trading-specific authority.

No commissions and extremely low spreads
Trade with leverage up to 5:1
Supports futures trading
Technical charts and watchlists
24/7 customer support
Trading futures requires a separate app
Not regulated in the US
Visit Kraken Now
Your capital is at risk.

  1. Luno – Best Crypto Trading App for Beginners
    Luno LogoLuno is designed to make buying and selling cryptocurrency as easy as possible, even if you’re completely new to the digital currency market. All you have to do is deposit money, select a coin, and then tap ‘Buy’ to invest. The app supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash.

When it comes to keeping your coins safe, Luno offers one of the best crypto wallet. Each cryptocurrency and fiat currency you trade gets its own wallet. These are created automatically when you deposit funds or buy a new currency. It can be a little bit of a hassle to have your funds spread out this way, but it does make it easier to monitor your portfolio over time.
Luno App Wallets
Another nice thing about Luno is that, like Gemini, it automatically loans out your coins to earn interest for you. The app offers a simple report of what fraction of your holdings were loaned out and how much money that lending activity earned for you in the background.
Luno App Earn Interest
The Luno app also has great educational resources, such as short videos that explain the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The app also includes a news feed, which highlights the biggest news in the crypto market each day.
Luno App Educational Videos
Luno supports Google Pay, but you’ll pay a steep commission of 3.5% if you use it to buy crypto instantly as opposed to depositing money for use later. The exchange is commission-free for most other transactions, and you can typically avoid paying a spread if you create liquidity in the marketplace with your trade.

Luno offers limited support, and the only way to get in touch is through a ticketing support system. Another thing to note is that Luno isn’t available in the US at this time.

Very simple setup to start investing
Earn interest on your cryptocurrency
Excellent educational resources
Accepts Google Pay
Commission- and spread-free for many transactions
Not available in the US
Only 5 cryptocurrencies to trade
Visit Luno Now
Your capital is at risk.

How to Choose the Best App to Buy Crypto
With so many high-quality exchanges to choose among, how do you decide which is the best crypto app for you? There’s a lot to think about, so let’s take a closer look at some of the key factors you need to consider when searching for the best cryptocurrency trading app.

The first thing to consider when choosing a crypto app, or any other trading app like forex apps and stock apps, is whether or not it’s regulated, and if so, by who. Unlike stock apps, which are highly regulated, crypto apps aren’t always tightly regulated.

For example, in the US, state agencies – not federal agencies like the SEC or FINRA – are typically in charge of overseeing cryptocurrency apps. Most apps must register with FinCEN (the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network), but this agency doesn’t make rules about how exchanges must handle clients’ funds or execute trade.

Whenever possible, choose an exchange that is regulated by a US agency, even at the state level. International financial authorities like the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority are also highly trustworthy.

The main thing, though, is to ensure that whatever app you use is secure against fraud and will keep your money safe. Look for features like insured wallets, segregated client funds, and financial disclosures.

User Experience
A seamless user experience is one of the main criteria we look at when evaluating the best apps to buy cryptocurrency. The easier your exchange app is to use, the more likely you are to trade with it instead of missing out on potentially lucrative opportunities.

There’s no single set of features that allow an app to offer a good user experience. But some things to look for include a clearly defined menu, either in tabs at the bottom of your screen or in an easily accessible sidebar. In particular, it should be as easy as possible to move between your watchlists, charting pages, and order forms so that you can act on fast-moving opportunities without delay.
eToro App Create Crypto Watchlist
Another thing to consider is how customizable the app is, and how easy it is to implement customizations. For example, can you quickly add and remove cryptocurrencies from a watchlist? Or can you modify the layout of your charts and save sets of technical indicators as defaults for future analysis?

The less friction you experience when using the best crypto app, the better your trading will be.

Tradable Assets
Having a wide choice of digital coins to buy is a critical part of picking the best app for cryptocurrency trading. Some exchanges only allow you to trade BTC, some limit you to a handful of the most popular coins, and others work to provide access to hundreds or even thousands of altcoins.
eToro App Crypto Trades
If you’re only planning to trade Bitcoin, having a huge selection of assets might not be critical. But at the very least, you should look for an app that offers top coins like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. Having access to these cryptos allows you to build a more diversified portfolio and gives you more opportunities to trade when prices are volatile.

Advanced traders may also want to look for the best cryptocurrency exchange apps that offer crypto derivatives, such as futures, leveraged tokens, and options. These are very risky assets that involve leverage, so they should only be used by experienced crypto traders.

Understanding trading fees is a huge part of choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange app. Most of the best crypto trading apps charge two different types of fees: commissions and spreads.

Commissions are per-trade fees that depend on factors like the size of your trade, how you fund your trade, and how often you trade cryptocurrencies. These are often flat fees, but some brokers charge commissions as a percentage of your total trade value.

Spreads are percentage-based trading fees that can vary depending on what specific digital coin you’re trading. They can go up and down depending on volatility in the crypto market, and they’re often discounted if you create liquidity as opposed to remove it from the order book.

Generally, we recommend choosing a broker that charges few or no commissions and spreads that are as low as possible. You can’t completely avoid trading fees, but you should do everything you can to minimize them. Consider how often you’re likely to trade and what your average trade size will be to figure out how much an exchange app’s trading fees will cost you.

Trading Tools & Resources
Whether you plan to actively trade cryptocurrencies or invest and hold for the long term, having access to high-quality trading tools is key.

In particular, you need thorough technical charts to help you analyze price movements and find the perfect opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Look for top crypto apps that offer dozens or hundreds of built-in technical studies and drawing tools, as well as multiple chart styles and easily customizable layouts. You should also be able to view charts in full-screen mode on mobile devices.
eToro Mobile Charting
Another thing to look for is depth-of-market charts and information about the exchange’s order book. This is mostly relevant for advanced traders, but it can be extremely useful if you’re using an app that offers discounts based on liquidity.

Other tools that can be helpful to have include a news feed, coin screener, or social trading network. Some of the best crypto portfolio apps also include educational resources, such as video tutorials, that can be very helpful for new traders.

Device Compatibility
What devices you want to trade with can also influence which crypto app is right for you. All of the best cryptocurrency trading apps apps we reviewed are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

If you plan to trade at your desktop, too, using a Windows or Mac computer, make sure the exchange also has a compatible web or desktop platform you can use.

Payment Method
The best cryptocurrency apps often try to make it as easy as possible to fund your account. Many let you deposit money using a debit card or credit card, using your bank account, or using cryptocurrency from an existing wallet.

It’s also worth keeping an eye out for mobile-friendly payment options like Google Pay and Apple Pay. If you use e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, or Skrill, check whether you can deposit funds directly from these platforms.

Keep in mind that many crypto apps charge higher commissions if you make instant payments at the time you buy crypto. So, it’s a good idea to fund your account ahead of time whenever possible.

Customer Service
You might not think much about customer service – that is, at least until you need help with your account. Whether you can get help quickly can be the difference between making money or missing out on trading opportunities.
etoro live chat – best cryptocurrency exchange australia
Look for the best apps to buy cryptocurrency that offer 24/5 or 24/7 customer support. Ideally, you want to be able to get in touch by live chat or phone. That way, you can get help from a real human right away. If you can only get support by email or through an online ticketing system, it could take hours or days to get help.

How to Download the Best App for Cryptocurrency & Start Trading
Ready to start trading cryptocurrencies? We’ll show you how to get started with the eToro app, which offers 0% commission trading, excellent technical analysis tools, and a built-in social network.

Step 1: Download the eToro App
Step 2: Sign Up for eToro

Step 3: Deposit Funds
Step 4: Buy Cryptocurrency

Best App to Buy Crypto – Conclusion
Cryptocurrency trading has been gaining the attention of new and experienced investors alike. This fast-moving market provides a huge number of opportunities for both short-term trading and long-term investing.

The best way to jump into the digital currency market is with the best crypto app. With our reviews of the 6 best apps to buy cryptocurrency, it’s easier than ever before to start trading on your smartphone.

Ready to buy your first cryptocurrency? Click the link below to get started with eToro today!

eToro – Overall Best Crypto App with 0% Commission

Visit eToro Now
68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

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