Best Apps For Cartooning Photos

One of the most creative ways to draw is by using a pen and paper. Freehand drawing is an enjoyable activity that can be done anywhere, but if you want to take the activity to the next level, you may want to look into some hand-drawn apps for converting your drawings into a digital work. One of the most creative apps for drawing is for photo-manipulating, where you can create endless cartoon images of people, animals, objects, and more. Picking out the best app for drawing can be a challenging task, but this blog offers some suggestions that can help you on your way.

best apps for cartooning photos and videos

Growing up watching cartoons a lot, I’m familiar with the unrealistic physical features of the characters. They could have elongated faces, extra-large eyes, or faces without noses. Every cartoon is different in a way.

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But have you ever wondered how you’d look like as a cartoon character?

I tried drawing myself into a cartoon character before. And boy was I disappointed because I couldn’t get it right. I didn’t have the skills to turn myself into a cartoon image.

Luckily, smartphones exist today and people have developed a lot of useful and entertaining apps. These included cartoon picture apps.

What are cartoon picture apps, you ask?

These apps can cartoonize your photos with only a few taps on your screen! When I discovered these apps, I eagerly tried as many cartoon apps that I could get. Not all of them worked as expected, but some were amazing.

That’s why I listed down 20 cartoon picture apps that you could try now to save you the disappointment of some faulty apps.

If you’re not into cartoonized photos, try making your own Animojis with your Android device.

10 Best Cartoon Picture Apps
I used an HD image to test out these apps. If you want to test the apps yourself using the same photo, you can get it here.

  1. Cartoon Photo Editor – Camera Art Filter
    Cartoon Photo Editor – Cartoon Picture Apps
    The first app on the list is Cartoon Photo Editor. For a free cartoon picture app, it does a pretty decent job of cartooning photos.

It’s easy to use with preset effects to turn your pictures into cartoons, sketches, paintings, and more.

Cartoon Photo Editor – Cartoon Picture Apps
Before and After Cartoon Photo Editor
Edit your photos or other people’s pictures and share them on social media.

You can pay for in-app purchases to get more effects on Cartoon Photo Editor.

Google Play

  1. Comica (Comics and Cartoon Maker)
    Comica – Cartoon Picture Apps
    Another free cartoon picture app is Comica. This app offers filters that would make your photo look like it came straight out of a comic book.

Comica – Cartoon Picture Apps
Before and After Comica
You can adjust the settings of the filter to get the results you want. Then, add stickers like speech bubbles to make it even more special.

Make a comic strip (or even a comic book) using your photos with Comica. There are limitless possibilities with this app.

Google Play

  1. Cartoon Photo Maker – Picture Converter Editor App
    Cartoon Photo Editor – Cartoon Picture Apps
    Cartoon Photo Maker offers a lot of eye-popping effects that will create stunning cartoon images with your pictures.

Cartoon Photo Editor – Cartoon Picture Apps
Before and After Cartoon Photo Editor
One great thing I liked about it is the adjustable settings for each filter. You can make it as colorful or as subtle as you want.

Though there aren’t a lot of filter options, you can apply hundreds of unique settings to your photos to make it stand out.

Google Play

  1. Tooncam
    Tooncam – Cartoon Picture Apps
    One thing that separates Tooncam from other cartoon picture apps is that you can add background effects. This will let you add texture to your photos. It’ll also make it appear as a drawn image on a textured surface.

Tooncam – Cartoon Picture Apps
Before and After Tooncam
It’s straightforward with options for filter customization.

To get the best results, make sure that you use high-definition photos. You won’t get good pictures with low-quality images.

Google Play

  1. Cartoon Photo PRO
    Cartoon Photo PRO – Cartoon Picture Apps
    Cartoon Photo PRO has a free alternative, but this paid version is much better and worth the investment.

Cartoon Photo PRO – Cartoon Picture Apps
Before and After Cartoon Photo PRO
You can take photos using the app or edit existing pictures from your gallery. There’s also an option that lets you edit pictures from your Google Photos.

The cartoon effects are amazing that renders great output photos. Adjust the settings until you get the results you’re looking for

Google Play

  1. Photo to Cartoon
    Photo to Cartoon – Cartoon Picture Apps
    Looking for a cartoon picture app that can render colorful and artistic photos?

Photo to Cartoon can do just that.

Photo to Cartoon – Cartoon Picture Apps
Before and After Photo to Cartoon
The preset filters that this app offers make photos pop from your smartphone screen.

It has a lot of filters and styles compared to the other apps on the list. With the right adjustments, anyone could easily mistake your picture with a real work of art.

Google Play

  1. Art Camera
    Art Camera – Cartoon Picture Apps
    Before anything else, I’d like to mention that I wasn’t invaded by any ads while using Art Camera.

Art Camera – Cartoon Picture Apps
Before and After Art Camera
It has a lot of filters to turn your photos into stunning cartoon pictures. However, you can’t mix or overlap filters.

So, here’s a quick trick.

Use a filter you like on your photo and save it. Then, upload the edited photo and apply another layer of any filter.

It’s worth a try and I’m sure you’ll get amazing cartoon pictures.

Google Play

  1. Cartoon Photo Editor: Cartoon Yourself, Selfie Art
    Cartoon Photo Editor – Cartoon Picture Apps
    Cartoon Photo Editor has many filters that will turn you into a stunning cartoon character. Adjust the effects or make tone it down for a slightly realistic artwork.

Cartoon Photo Editor – Cartoon Picture Apps
Before and After Cartoon Photo Editor
The app also gives auto-focus to your pictures for a much detailed output.

I also like the fact that you can use this app with older smartphones with at least a 4.4 Android version.

Google Play

  1. Deep Art Effects – AI Photo Filter & Art Filter
    Deep Art Effects – Cartoon Picture Apps
    If you want something that will make your photo into a digital cartoon picture, you can use Deep Art Effects.

With over 50 effects, you can adjust the filter’s settings to your preference. The image processing is faster compared to most cartoon picture apps which is another plus for this app.

Deep Art Effects – Cartoon Picture Apps
Before and After Deep Art Effects
But, let me give you a heads up.

If you want to completely enjoy the app, you need to upgrade your account to the pro version.

Upgrading to Deep Art Effects Pro will let you save your images without watermarks. You’ll also get more than 120 filters. That’s more than twice the amount from the free version.

Google Play

  1. Painnt – Pro Art Filters
    Painnt – Cartoon Picture Apps
    Painnt must be one of the best apps that has the most filters you can use in this list.

Well, not all of them are cartoon filters. But they still deserve attention because of the amazing effects you can apply to your photos.

Painnt – Cartoon Picture Apps
Before and After Paiint
If you’re looking for cartoon filters, Painnt has a pretty decent selection.

You may need to subscribe to save your cartoon pictures in full HD and without the watermarks.

Google Play
Take Amazing Photos That You Can Cartoonize
You’ll need to take stunning pictures to make the most out of the apps on the list.

Instead of sticking with selfies, use a tripod to take full-body photos of yourself or with your friends.


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