Best Apps For Catching A Cheating Spouse

There is nothing more painful than the suspicion that your spouse is cheating on you. It can make you feel paranoid, insecure and helpless. The truth is that most people will cheat at some point in their life, but it doesn’t mean that all of them will continue to do so forever.

If you suspect that your partner has been unfaithful, there are a few steps that you can take to confirm whether they have been cheating on you or not. You can ask them directly or start looking for evidence on your own.

If you don’t want to confront them about the issue, then there are several apps available for catching a cheating spouse that will help you find out whether your suspicions are true or not.

In this article, we’ll give you some great tools for spying on your spouse’s phone and computer activity so that you can catch them in the act!

Best Apps For Catching A Cheating Spouse - Flux Resource

Best Apps For Catching A Cheating Spouse

The Best “Catch a Cheater” Apps Review in 2022 – Time to Call It Quit

Ready to discover if your suspicions are right and uncover the truth behind your spouses’ or partners’ suspicious behavior?

Traditional methods to catch cheaters are not advisable because they are expensive and inefficient. Today you will learn how to secretly catch a cheater by simply using a spy app. Hence, we have put together a list of the best 5 catch a cheater app that has been proven to work consistently for us (and our readers) every single time.

Why You Need To Install Apps To Catch Cheating Spouses

In the United States, infidelity or adultery in fact comprises up to 40% of divorce cases in marriages. And in other cases, it may not end with divorce so you can imagine the amount of cheating that happens.

With such an alarming rate of this problem, the spy apps in the section below will enable you to catch a cheater with solid evidence in your hand and a high success rate.

If you have already found signs about your cheating lover, these phone spy apps in our review will make sure you have the infidelity proof you need through their stealthy surveillance software.

Free Android Spy Apps for Cheating Spouse – Should you use them?

There have been a considerable amount of requests for us to update this guide with free iOS and Android spy apps that can help you catch your cheating spouse. But the real question is, should you actually use these free apps?

Well, we highly recommend that you stick with the app recommendations above especially mSpy. We have tested many free apps and it’s not reliable at all. Many features are locked just to lure you into signing up for their software.

Eventually, you would need to pay to actually make any meaningful use of the app (and the price can be much higher than the reputable spy apps we recommend above).

In one particular case, we noticed that the free spy app (not going to name the app) contains trojan malware which is a form of virus that leaks data, only god knows what they are doing with those data.

5 Best Apps to Catch A Cheater on Android and iPhone devices

Here are 5 apps to catch a cheating spouse on Android and iPhone devices:

1. mSpy

While being well known by parents for parental control over children, mSpy is better known as a good spy app for catching a cheating spouse. With its sturdy operation, this app gets the job done smoothly so that you can catch a cheater smoothly too without interference of bugs. 

mSpy has worked consistently for me time and time again on both Android and iPhone devices. We conduct surveys from time to time and many Suspekt readers are satisfied with this app when it comes to monitoring and spying on your spouse.

It’s hidden and undetectable and more importantly, it can track and record everything from live location to conversations on every platform (phone calls, Whatsapp, etc).

Popular Features

  • Geo-fencing feature which provides an instant alert when your spouse has left a certain territory
  • GPS location function to track the exact location of the targeted device
  • Monitoring phone calls and Incoming call restriction
  • Text messages spying
  • Comprehensive reports

With Geo-fencing, you can pre-set a certain territory for the targeted cell phone in advance. Thus, if your spouse leaves that particular territory, the programming will notify you of this activity immediately.

You will then be able to get information on where your partner is going through the use of GPS tracking. However, take note that the access to GPS tracking data must be accompanied by working internet connection by the tracked cell phone.

Furthermore, you are even given the choice to restrict incoming calls. This means that you can go to the extent to block phone calls from any unwanted phone numbers. For example, if you realize the phone number of someone who is trying to have an affair with your spouse, you can immediately block that person who is the cause of your marriage issues.

Simply manage these from your personalized mSpy control panel.  You can also spy on the SMS messages on the tracked smartphone by having access to view every single message sent, received and even deleted.

In this way, you will have the knowledge of who your spouses are exchanging texts with and catch them if they are a cheater committing adultery. 

Apart from all the great uses above, mSpy will also generate a comprehensive report regarding the activity of the target phone which will be sent to your personal panel. You can decide which data records to receive in the report be it call logs, text messages or locations.

If you are interested to experience the dashboard and user-interface of mSpy, head over to the website to try out the demo. You have nothing to lose and this way, you will get a good idea of what expectations to have for this spy app.

Social Media Availability

  • Whatsapp, Snapchat, Telegram, Tinder, Hangouts, Line
  • Compatibility
  • Android and iOS


Basic for $29.99/month and Premium for $119.99/3 months

2. Spyic

To catch a cheating spouse, you certainly want to use a reliable spy app. Well, look no further! The reliability of the Spyic app among the best in the list of spy apps, gaining positive reviews from popular media outlets like Forbes, TechRadar and PCmag which boosts its popularity. In fact, Spyic offers over 35

features for spying purposes. 

Although SpyIC is a great app, mSpy clearly offers better value for money and they have much better customer support (which is important in case something goes wrong along the way).

Popular Features

  • Ambient recording feature
  • Track multiple devices simultaneously through the Family subscription option
  • No jailbreak or root  

Something about the Spyic app that we really like is the Ambient Recording feature. With this technology, you will be able to spy on your spouse by secretly turning on the camera of the  target device to find out about their whereabouts or the people they are with.

In addition, the voice recorder of the device can be activated for you to hear the background voices and phone surroundings.

In this way, you can find out whether your spouse has told you the truth with respect to where they are or which friends they are with or if they told you lies. All of this will be done in stealth mode so you don’t need to worry about being detected by your spouse in an attempt to catch a cheating spouse.

If you would like to track more than one device with Spyic, you can opt for their Family subscription. This will allow you not only to keep an eye out on your wife or husband but also the activities of your kids, making it a multi-purpose user application. 

Furthermore, you will not need to root or jailbreak in order to use this app to catch a cheater. This is of great help because rooting or jailbreaking can be complicated. On top of that, this app among other spy apps is very affordable on discount which can help you save a lot and is value for money.

Social Media Availability

Whatsapp, Line, Facebook, Tumblr, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, Kik and Badoo


Android and iOS devices


Android Basic is priced at $39.99/month while iOS has a Business version discounted at $399.99/month.

Android Premium original is $69.99 but discounted at only $9.99/month; iOS Premium original is $79.99 but discounted at only $10.8/month.

Android Family (for 3 devices) original price at $89.99 but discounted at $69.99/month; iOS Family original price at $199.99 but discounted to $99.99/month

3. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is great to use not only for monitoring phone chat and call history but also social media chat history, making it an easy application for everyone to catch cheating. 

Popular Features

  • Low cost lifetime license
  • Stealth camera
  • GPS tracking services

A great part about Highster Mobile among other apps is that it is one of the few catch a cheater apps which allows users to purchase a lifetime license for the equal price that people pay for one single month. This is known as the pro lifetime edition which allows a one time fee instead of paying multiple times.

This is a good application which will help you to catch cheater because it has all the necessary things. For example, you can take pictures of the surroundings of the targeted phone by activating the camera secretly.

But one thing is, do prepare yourself as users have shared stories of catching their cheating husband or cheating boyfriend first hand. However, this is also a useful tool to help keep your eyes on your children. 

Options to track the web browser history, call and text message logs and all media files including email address are also available. Besides, the GPS tracker is refreshed in regular intervals on the Google map in order to provide great accuracy. 

Social Media Availability

Snapchat, Instagram, Whats App


Android, iPhone, Windows PC, Mac 


Pro version for both iPhone and Android is $69.99/month. Basic version costs $29.99/month.

4. Spyine

Spyine is one of the best spy app to bust a cheater as it has been used by many people in their relationships when their partner is disloyal. It is not just any phone spy app but rather an esteemed service provider that millions of people use around the world in 190 countries!

To catch a cheating wife or husband, Spyine is recommended not only by owners who use it, but also platforms such as BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post for good reasons.

Popular Features

  • No installation of app for spying
  • Quick installation on targeted Android device
  • Read messages in thread view
  • Spyine phone tracker

There is no requirement for the installation of any app on your computer or cell phone for you to carry out spying on the phone of your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend. Instead, simply access the online dashboard via the Spyine web app of any web browser of your choice.

For the installation on the Android device of your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend, this will only take a few seconds whereby the app icon will disappear from the app menu. This way, no one will find out that there is a spy app running on their phone. Furthermore, the app size is below 2MB which will barely take up their device storage space or battery life. 

If your spouse uses an iPhone, this is even easier because you do not even need to touch their iPhone for phone spying.

Spyine software will take advantage of data on the iCloud servers to extract important content and information for you which includes their location, instant messaging, email and others. You only need the iCloud credentials of the account on the tracked mobile phone. 

Something we like about Spyine to spy on phone messages is the thread view. This means that when you are reading, it is as though you are part of the conversation. Through this, you can find out the truth regarding the infidelity of your partner.

You can even see the photo and name attached to the person they are texting as well as any contents they exchange in their communication like photos or videos.

The Spying location tracker also provides you the information regarding the place where the tracked person is and where they have been all throughout the day in case they have been lying to you.

The location will show a pin point on the map so you can locate where exactly the person is. Rest assured that you will receive notifications if they leave thanks to Geofencing. These are all ways you can spy on your partner if they give you a reason to.

Social Media Availability

Facebook Messenger, Wechat, Skype, QQ, Snapchat, Tumblr, Whats App


Anrdoid and iOS


The price of Spyine can be a bit on the higher side but it will meet your needs well. Also, it is pretty affordable on discount.

Android Basic priced at $39.99/month while iOS Business at $399.99/month.

Android Premium at only $9.99/month; iOS Premium at only $10.8/month.

Android Family at $69.99/month; iOS Family at $99.99/month

5. CocoSpy

CocoSpy is a great application with simple procedures yet providing the results that you want. It is the right platform if you are a victim of cheating and want to carry out some background searches on the person who hurt you through their mobile phone.

Popular Features

  • Easy installation
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Call tracker

The installation of this application on a cell phone requires minimal work compared to other applications. Just follow the simple steps.

  • Step 1 is to head to the official website and register for a web account.
  • Step 2 is to key in username and passwords. Then, grant any permission needed by the app to function.
  • Lastly, for Android, download the CocoSpy Android app following the setup wizard but for Apple phones, enter iCloud credentials and let the application data sync. 

The dashboard is user friendly as well, making it simple for any person to use. You can track the phone activities of the targeted phones once data synchronization is completed. Furthermore, CocoSpy offers no root monitoring solution which is very handy for you and will not give you away when you are trying to catch your husband or wife cheating.

You can also access data regarding the women your husband is calling or the men your wife is calling, as well as the call duration, top contact and frequency of calls from the mobile phone. People use this feature to find anything their partner is doing behind their back, yet acting in a fake manner in front of them. 

Social Media Availability

Snapchat, Whats App


Android and iOS


Among the apps for catching cheating, this is extremely affordable on discount. Android (premium) costs only $9.99/month while iOS (premium) costs $10.83/month.

Final Verdict on Top 5 “Catch a Cheater” App

Having to deal with your relationship can be a tricky situation if the matter of cheating is involved. Having doubts about the loyalty of your partner is a sucky reality and you would not want to risk everything based on mere suspicion. Therefore, the top suggested apps in our list can cater to your problems by providing you the answers you need and bring you ease.

The thing is, cheaters are not that difficult to catch. You do not need any fancy tricks or techniques or even expert detectives. The bottom line is to use the right cheater app. Each has their own pros and cons as none are perfect of course, but you won’t go wrong with any of them as they are the best kind in the market. It depends on what type suits you best as a user, so our advice is to make sure to try out the demo on each official website as a guide for you. 

Best app to catch a cheating wife

Disclaimer: The Tool Report is supported by readers. If you buy something through a referral link on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Learn more

Is your partner spending WAY too much time on his or her phone? Are you starting to see an UNKNOWN PHONE NUMBER on your joint phone bills?

In this post you’ll learn which is the best app to catch a cheater. These apps are great for a suspicious spouse, partner, or whoever.

We’re here to share with you our top app picks to help you CATCH your cheating spouse or partner.

Best Apps to Catch a Cheater
Below are my picks for the best spy apps to catch a cheating spouse. All of these apps will allow you to discretely monitor your partner or spouse’s smartphone activity.

1. uMobix – Best App to Catch a Cheater


Access to the most social media accounts
Responsive customer service
Most spying features of any app
Affordable price

Physical access required for Android devices
No access to Snapchat on iPhones
Key Features
Realtime tracking and monitoring of SMS text messages and phone calls
Track GPS locations
Access Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype & Snapchat (only on Android)
Access to contact books and browser history
Compatibility with Android and iOS devices
uMobix is one of the top iPhone and Android spy apps on the market. Its powerful spying features and solid customer support make it the best app to catch a cheater.

It is currently my top pick among all cell phone spy software on the market.
GPS Location Tracking
One of the most important features to catch your cheating spouse is LOCATION TRACKING.

The uMobix cheater tracker app allows you to monitor current and past GPS locations. This allows you to know exactly where they are at all times.

You can even set up geo fencing alerts to notify you of when the target enters or leaves specific parts of town.

Social Media Activity
uMobix gives you access to the most social media accounts of any spy app. Here’s what you’re able to see:

  • view their Facebook account as your own
  • see Instagram direct messages (DMs)
  • see WhatsApp messages and attachments
  • see Facebook Messenger messages and attachments
  • see Snapchat messages (Android only)
  • see Tinder, Viber, and other Cheating Apps on Android

Additional Features
uMobix also offers ALL of the basic services someone would want from cell phone spy apps:

  • Call history tracking
  • Text message and iMessages
  • Real-time camera control
  • See pictures, videos, and Youtube history

Try out these two subscription plans:

Basic for $49.99/month if you pay month-to-month
Full for $11.66/month for a one year subscription

uMobix is compatible with BOTH Android and iOS. Android phones require physical access to download and install the app. The app is NOT available in the Google Play Store.

Physical access is NOT required for iOS devices. Simply enter the iCloud credentials of your target cheater, and you can access their data through your online dashboard.

The uMobix app is my top pick. It offers the most spying features at the best price.

2. mSpy

Key Features

  • Geo-fencing for real-time and instant alerts
  • Reading of GPS locations
  • Monitoring of phone calls and text messages
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Compatibility with iPhones and Android devices

If you’re looking for an app to install WITHOUT getting caught easily, then mSpy is the one for you.

The app isn’t dubbed by many as one of the “most popular spy app option” in the market for any reason: it’s FUNCTIONAL, COMPREHENSIVE, AND STEALTHY… definitely all the characteristics you would need to catch your cheating partner.

Tracking Services
The app mSpy is best known for its geofencing feature:

You can SPECIFY AN AREA OR TERRITORY from where you can fence the target phone… leaving the territory would IMMEDIATELY ALERT YOU of the activity.
You are also able to receive information about your partner’s present whereabouts thanks to its GPS tracking.
This powerful service still requires INTERNET ACCESS to enable the app’s GPS access.

However, it’s a small tradeoff to pay for you to CATCH a cheater. In addition to this, you also gain ACCESS to track activity in these social media apps:

  • Snapchat
  • Telegram
  • Tinder
  • WhatsApp
  • Line
  • Call and Text Monitoring Services

What’s also great about mSpy is that YOU can restrict incoming calls AND texts on your partner’s phone.

Is your partner constantly in contact with an unfamiliar number?
Does a contact number seem familiar to you?
Is the number owned by the cause of your relationship troubles?
You are definitely starting to question your partner’s loyalty.

Luckily for you, you can BLOCK these numbers. This is present in the mSpy control panel.

More importantly, it’s easy enough for you to set up! Just make sure the app is downloaded on both your devices.

The next step for you would be to MONITOR these numbers in their SMS messages by gaining access through mSpy.

You can catch someone cheating by viewing their sent, received, and deleted texts.

The app mSpy is powerful enough to GENERATE A COMPREHENSIVE REPORT regarding all of these activities that it can detect on your target phone.

This way, it will monitor call logs, SMS messages, or locations!

You can avail of these two subscription plans:

Basic for $29.99 per month
Premium for $119.99 per 3 months
You can always try it for FREE with its 7-day free trial.

The app will already give you access to ALL of its features to give you a taste of what it FEELS like to have a phone spy on your side!

The subscription plans also work with both Android and iOS, so you DON’T have to worry about phone compatibility.

Overall, mSpy is a GREAT spy app, and with a subscription for seamless access to its services, you’ll definitely catch that cheater in no time.

App stays hidden and undetectable
Geo-fencing, tracking, and monitoring services
Cross-platform compatibility
Device monitoring limit
Quite expensive
Our best value pick is mSpy because it introduces powerful features worthy of its price point.

It boasts among the most powerful geofencing features on this list. With mSpy, you’ll find that it is DEFINITELY a must-have if you would want to catch a cheater in the act.


3. Spyic

Key Features
Ambient recording feature
Monitoring of phone calls and text messages
Multiple device tracking through Family subscription
No need for jailbreak or root
Compatibility with iOS and Android devices
Spyic is one of the best spy apps to use when you want to CATCH A CHEATER, especially if you’re a beginner at all of this!

Not only is it incredibly intuitive to use, but you ALSO wouldn’t need to root your device.

It’s designed for Android devices, but you can most definitely still use it with an appropriate iOS cell phone!

Ambient Recording Feature
This is the app’s main selling point.

The ambient recording feature allows you to secretly TURN ON THE CAMERA of your spouse!

It’s one of the few cell phone spy apps that allows you to learn more about your spouse’s whereabouts.

It is a selling point for DIRECT PROOF to see just exactly who it is that your cheating spouse might be with.
What makes this better is you can activate these features UNDETECTED or “stealth mode” as what a phone spy would prefer to use.

The Spyic ambient recording maximizes a phone’s camera AND voice recorder services.

For beginners, THIS is the easiest way to catch a cheating spouse.

Monitoring Services
Spyic also offers its own version of geo-fencing and message tracking.

But perhaps what makes the app even more attractive is its ability to spy on applications of such range:

With more integrated apps to catch a suspected cheating spouse, Spyic makes the process easier for you.

Spyic offers THREE subscription plans for you to choose from:

Basic for $39.99 per month on Android devices and $399.99 per month on iOS Business
Premium for $9.99 per month on Android devices and $10.80 per month on iOS 12-month license
Family for $69.99 per month for 3 Android devices and $99.99 per month on iOS devices
Unfortunately, the platform does NOT offer free trials. However, you can try its services for free by CANCELLING your subscription within 7 days.

You should issue a refund in 72 hours.

What’s great about these subscriptions is how you CAN track more than one device through its family option. So more than spying on your cheating spouse, you can also install it on your children’s devices.

Even better is how you do NOT need to root your device to use the app. Simply install it on the concerned phones, and you’re good to go!

Strong tracking services
Affordable spy app
No need to root your device
Physical access for installment
Weak customer support compared to other Android spy apps

4. Spyier

Key Features
Web user interface integration
Monitoring and controlling of phone calls and text messages
Complete stealth detection
No need for jailbreak or root
Compatibility with iOS and Android devices
Spyier is another great spy app to catch cheating spouses!

It has a fully integrated web interface that people can use alongside their phone apps for platform versatility.

Monitoring Services
Unlike the typical free cheating spouse app you’d find on the market, Spyier offers remote monitoring on your PC or smartphone web browser for iOS devices.

You gain access to its services as long as you HAVE AN ACCOUNT AND SUBSCRIPTION.
You can STILL avail of its services even after uninstalling the app.
More importantly, it comes with all the usual services you would expect in cell phone spy apps.

To provide you with a more comprehensive comparison of what this means:

For iOS Devices. Spyier is ENTIRELY on the web. No app is needed to be downloaded on your spouse’s device. The app just NEEDS to be linked to their iCloud backup.
For Android Devices.

Spyier is a 2MB application that you would NEED to install on your spouse’s phone. Don’t worry, though, as it runs invisibly without an app icon on the cell phone’s homepage!
Either way, Spyier is an app that runs stealthily on BOTH ANDROIDS AND IPHONES.

Tracking Services
Spyier is one of the better apps to catch a cheating spouse, in part because it does everything you would such an app to do:

Access call logs. You gain access to their contact list so you can gain insight about their frequently called people, call durations, date and time entries, and entire call logs lists.
Check messages. You gain access to their PERSONAL text messages on various platforms and social media apps.

View their browser history and apps. Most cheating partners sign up on DATING APPS and search for ways to hide their antics. Spyier provides you an avenue to SEE what exactly they search about.
Keylogger features. Spyier also allows you to FIND your spouse’s usernames and passwords.
Monitor their media files.

The best way to catch a cheater is through their gallery and camera roll. Access to these gives you more insight into what someone might be HIDING from you.
Track locations.

Of course, what’s a spy app without GPS tracking? Spyier allows you to track suspicious addresses your cheater of a partner might be frequenting.

Even better is how the app does NOT require you to jailbreak or root any cell phone to use it. This helps prevent potential data loss, virus infections, and RISK of detection.

Spyier offers THREE subscription plans for you to choose from:

Basic for $39.99 per month on Android devices and $399.99 on iOS Business
Premium for $49.99 per month on Android devices and $49.99 per month on iPhones
Family for $69.99 per month for 3 Android devices and $99.99 per month on iPhones

BUT REMEMBER: Spyier’s web user interface is GREAT enough as it is! You can definitely maximize your features on these, especially if you plan to track them on social media.

Web interface integration
No rooting or jailbreaking required
User stealth and data security
Internet connection dependent
On the more expensive side

5. SpyBubble

Key Features
Exclusive features after jailbreaking or rooting of the target phone
Compatibility with Android and iOS devices

Live customer support
SpyBubble is another app that you can use to catch a cheater. It offers the basic features that you would see in a typical cheating spy app.

Monitoring Services
Expect nothing but the usual:

Social media monitoring. It offers its tracking on popular platforms like WhatsApp and iMessage.
Call and text viewing. Easily browse through messages in thread format.
GPS location tracking. Find out where your cheating spouses might be in real-time.
Browser history monitoring. Look for any suspicious inquiries your partner may be making, as well as suspicious websites they may be visiting.
Really, SpyBubble offers ALL the basic features!

However, the problem with this phone spy software is that it leaves an ICON on the homepage of your target device.

The SpyBubble app costs $24.95 per month.

The only catch is that your iPhone device needs to be ROOTED for you to enjoy all of the app’s exclusive features.

In short, you need to jailbreak your target device.

This might be an INCONVENIENCE for you, especially if you are interested in keeping the warranty of your phone.

Offers all the basic spy services
Powerful as an Android spy app
Expensive monthly rate for limited services
Required rooting of iPhones

6. Spyine

Key Features
No physical installation required
Quick installation on Android devices
Messages in threads
Compatibility with iPhones and Androids
Spyine is a powerful spy app most popularly used to catch a cheater.

However, part of why it remains to be a POPULAR CHOICE is because of its seamless installation.

While the app is compatible with both iPhones and Androids, you’ll find that their installation instructions are curated to their software:

Android phones. PHYSICAL INSTALLATION of the 2MB application is required. An icon may appear on the homepage for a few seconds but will disappear immediately.
iPhones. NO PHYSICAL INSTALLATION is required. You may simply extract information from the iCloud

servers through the Spyine software online.
This web integration is the case for why the Spyine app for Androids saves battery life.

Monitoring Services
An innovation that the Spyine app introduces is the idea of viewing message logs in THREAD VIEW.

It DOES NOT exactly mirror the target cell phone SCREEN, but you are still entitled to see the entire conversation.
Photos and names of the people your partner is communicating with are amply shown.
Geofencing is also a basic service that shows you your partner’s LOCATION HISTORY through GPS location, which requires data connectivity.

As a phone tracker, Spyine also allows you to monitor the social media accounts of your partner:

Spyine offers THREE subscription plans:

Basic for $39.99 per month on Android devices and $399.99 on iOS Business
Premium discounted for $9.99 per month on Android devices and $10.80 per month on iPhones
Family for $69.99 per month for 3 Android devices and $99.99 per month on iPhones
Website maximization for fewer physical installations
User-friendly and readable thread view
Optimized geo-fencing features
Limited features
Quite expensive

7. Highster Mobile

Key Features

Affordable lifetime license
Realtime use of stealth camera
GPS tracking services
Compatibility with iPhones and Androids
This is another option that you should consider when choosing a spy app.

It’s an easy application to use to MONITOR the activities and history of your target phone.

Monitoring Services
Part of what’s great about this app is that you are GUARANTEED the basic features needed to catch a cheating spouse:

Monitoring of call and text message logs
Tracking of web browser history
Keylogger features for usernames and passwords
Viewing of media files
GPS tracking
For accuracy, the app has great integration with Google maps to provide accurate location information.

But the app’s special superpower is the ability to ACTIVATE THE TARGET PHONE’S CAMERA.

This allows you to see where they are and the people they are with. It’s the ultimate hack to catch a cheater!

There are TWO available options for you to choose from:

Basic version for $2.99 per month on both iOS and Android
Pro version for $6.99 per month on both iOS and Android
Yet again, another great service from this app is its AFFORDABLE LIFETIME LICENSE.

You can avail of these subscriptions on a one-time 10-month payment basis instead of paying multiple times.

The Highster Mobile may NOT be as powerful as the other apps on this list.

However, it’s definitely worth considering a purchase considering its reach with social media applications and platform compatibility!

Availability of basic features
Stealth camera
Platform compatibility
Not as powerful as other spy apps

FAQs about spying app

What Are Spy Apps?
Spy applications allow you to stealthily track activities on a target phone.

Features could vary per application, but more powerful apps could include the CONTROLLING of a specific device.

These are maximized to go as far as catching cheating activities of partners or monitoring the whereabouts of your kids and employees.

Are Spy Apps Legal And Safe?
Spy applications are completely legal and safe to use. Phone malware is rarely detected, and leakage of your private information is not a common concern as well.

However, the use of these apps could also depend on the privacy laws of your country.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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