These apps have been carefully selected based on their utility enhancements to the esty selling process, and the quality and uniqueness of their offerings. To ensure you are always in control of your esty business, these apps function as a way for you to multitask and serve as a manager of your time and listing production.

Best Apps For Esty Sellers

You don’t have to grow your Etsy shop unaided. Life is hard enough without doing that to yourself! Luckily, you’re about to be graced with 24 foolproof resources that will let you grow your Etsy business efficiently.

Selling on Etsy is hard; trust us, we get it! But there are loads of resources out there that can help you grow your business and reach the dizzying heights of success. We’ve compiled our favorite 24 right here so you can spend less time researching, and more time positively impacting your store.

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Grow Your Etsy Empire

Let’s start with the cool tools (there’s 15 of them!) that will allow you to grow your entire Etsy empire before we look at specifics. Deal? Excellent; we’ll jump straight in!

1 Craft Count

Craft Count started way back in January 2010. Yup, they’ve been in the game for a long time and have a proven track record of being the best of the best.

So, what does this company do? It’s pretty simple. The algorithm tracks the top Etsy sellers by tapping into their sales count across each country and category. The list is updated every single day so you can be sure that you’re getting the most intuitive, relevant data. You get the gist!

This handy-dandy tool ensures you are constantly updated with current trends, consumer’s favorite products, and loads more. What else could you possibly need?

2 Marmalead

If you know us, you have probably heard us talk about Marmalead before. But it’s so good that we’re going to discuss it again (sorry). It is a nifty little tool that allows you to set up a great Etsy tag strategy. Oh, it also works for eBay tags!

All you have to do is type the products that you sell into the search bar, and their algorithm will work its magic. Once you’ve read through the popular keywords and phrases, driving traffic to your store will be a breeze.

Don’t stress, the company uses the highest security measures so you don’t need to worry about your research being tampered with. Honestly, you won’t look back once you start using Marmalead. It has helped us more than we thought possible.

3 Handmade Hunt

Handmade Hunt is very similar to Craft Count but arguably, easier to use. While the list of top Etsy shops isn’t updated every day, it is edited each month so you get a fab insight into the hot products.

This company utilizes the sales counts of all stores. Yep, it’s super accurate! If you aren’t too bothered about the frequency of the changes, Handmade Hunt is the way to go since there is no account needed. You just navigate to the site and “hey presto!” you can see the top Etsy sellers. You can’t find anything simpler than that.

4 Crafty Base’s Etsy Sellers Fee Calculator

All us Etsy shop owners know how hard it is to figure out how much we should sell our products for. Thankfully, some genius mind put together an intuitive calculator that does the hard work for you!

You can play around with the sale price, shipping tax, and cost to see the amount of profit you will gain. This way, you will be able to see exactly how much money you will really make from a sale. Don’t make the mistake that so many sellers do — listing items far too low and making next to nothing!

5 Etsy On Sale

The more sales you have, the more Etsy shows your store to new customers. That’s just how the algorithm works, which makes enough sense, right? However, you need to drive sales in the first place to get to this point.

Not to worry, Etsy On Sale is a swish app that makes it ten times easier than ever before. It allows you to put your entire (or part of) your shop on sale so you can entice customers to try your products. It works like magic.#6 Holiday List

This resource from Marketing Artfully is a godsend! This is exactly what it says on the tin — an all-inclusive list of the holidays that you can plan, market, and sell for. Helpfully, the list is in order and also provides a load of ideas for product themes! Here are some examples:

HolidayTheme IdeasNew Years DayNew beginnings and resolutionsValentine’s DayHearts, red and pink, and flowersThe March EquinoxClocks, flowers, and timeApril’s Fools DayTricks and jokesCinco De MayoSombreros, red and green, and hot peppersFather’s DayDads, neckties, toolsIndependence DayAmerican flag and fireworksBack to SchoolOffice supplies, school buses, and uniformsTalk Like a Pirate DayEye patches, skulls, and shipsHalloweenWitches, cats, and cauldronsThanksgivingTurkeys, pilgrims, and leavesChristmasPresents, Santa, gifts, ornaments, and Christmas trees

7 Vela

Vela is an amazingly intuitive tool that helps you bulk edit your Etsy listings.

Trying to change each one is a pain. We know that you have sat there for hours making the same changes to all or most of your products. It’s frustrating and no one should have to waste their time like that. This is where Vela comes into play.

Instead of spending ages doing the same thing, you can edit your items in one fell swoop with this tool. If necessary, you can even add multiple accounts to ensure brand continuity.

8 BlogStomp

Product pictures are vital to ensuring that your shop is a success. BlogStomp helps you do that by allowing you to resize, process, and add a watermark to your images in one go.

Alongside all of this, you can make important edits to pictures, including:Adding filters such as black and white, and sepia.Cropping using freehand or their presets.Arranging into custom layouts to fit your brand and website space.Using “Quik Mode” to make batch adjustments.

It’s the ultimate hub of image creativity for all us Etsy shop owners.

9 Later

If you use Instagram to promote your products, Later is the ultimate social media manager. You can do everything from planning your posts to monitoring your analytics. Not to mention that it has a handy Hashtag Suggestor that takes the research out of the whole process.

Oh, want to know the best part? There is a free plan option so you don’t have to part with any cash while you learn the ropes.#10 BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo works on the concept that people want to see content that fits their needs and answers their questions. In basic terms, this is exactly what marketing is!

The tool scans countless articles and relevant social posts to bring you meaningful information about the inner workings of your target audience’s minds. You don’t need to guess the content that they want to see anymore — you just have to perform a quick search on BuzzSumo. 

11 Craft Maker Pro

Similar to the Etsy fee calculator, this online tool automates the pricing and inventory of your handmade products. Whether you crochet a beautiful storm, sew junk journals night and day, or felt to your heart’s content, Craft Maker Pro will tell you exactly how much to charge.#12 The Etsy Blog

While this blog won’t directly help you grow your small business, however, keeping up with the company’s ins and outs is incredibly helpful. You can leverage everything you learn from this site to increase sales and drive more traffic to your site.

12 CraftyBase

This tool doesn’t just keep your inventory organized, it also manages your books. We all know this can be the worst part of owning an artsy-crafty business so now, it’s taken care of for you (without the cost of hiring someone to do it!).

13 Trello

Trello is used mainly by high schools and colleges to help keep students organized. However, you can utilize it to keep your to-do lists in check. By moving boards, lists, and cards you can make intuitive displays that will motivate you and your Etsy team to continue growing.#15 A Big Sheet of Paper

Don’t underestimate the sheer usefulness of a big sheet of paper. After you have used all the tools we’ve talked about (and the ones we’re yet to discuss), plotting all of your ideas on a large sheet of paper can help you to bring your visions into reality. It’s worked for us, and we’re sure it will work for you too! Brainstorming is the key to realizing your big ideas. Keep all your big Etsy ideas in once place. We all love using our planners. This writer lives and dies by her Happy Planner. My best small ticket purchase for my Etsy shop business is lined paper inserts.

Harness The Power of Pinterest

Now it’s time to get into the specifics. Pinterest lovers, this one’s for you.

Other Good Apps are:

1 Tailwind

Similar to Later, Tailwind is a social media manager that focuses on Pinterest. However, Instagram is also included but the aim of the game here is to grow your Pinterest. You can schedule a whole week in around 20 minutes and that’s all there is to it!

2 Canva

Since Pinterest is all about images and aesthetics, using an editing tool like Canva (which is free, by the way) can elevate your reach. The more on-trend your social content is, the more people will want to follow you.#3 Pingroupie

Posting your pins onto group boards is a great way to get your Etsy shop out there. But finding relevant ones can be super tricky. Hence why Pingroupie was invented! It lets you find the boards that will suit your business in a matter of moments.

3 Pantone

Yep, it all comes down to aesthetics pal!

Pantone helps you to plan your colors so your products, web presence, and packaging are seamless. There is nothing worse than a dodgy image; this company knows that better than any other.#5 Etsy Rank Color Trend

Etsy Rank can help you in every part of the marketing process but here, we’re using it for analyzing color trends. You can take a peek at historical color records with this nifty feature which will help you when you’re designing campaign materials for your next brand-new product!

Shorten Links, Get More Clicks

Let’s face it. Links are ugly. So, making them shorter will really help you out.

These smaller shortened links are perfect for business cards or any marketing material you create for your shop. Here’s a few for you to try: — This is by far the most widely recognized app. We love its ability to track your clicks through the links too.Tiny URL — It’s very basic but does get the job — This shortener is made by the same guys who brought your Hootsuite. After you’ve created the link, you can track traffic and more.Ship Smartly

Finally, we’ve come to the last resource. And yep, it’s going to help you ship smarter not harder.FitShipper

Okay, yes, technically this is just a shipping calculator but it’s an incredibly good one. FitShipper doesn’t just tell you the costs, it also guarantees that you get the best price possible by scouring hundreds of online postage and packaging companies. It saves you the research time!

Seriously, your Etsy shop is bound to thrive now. What are you waiting for? It’s time to grow!

You don’t have to grow your Etsy shop unaided. Life is hard enough without doing that to yourself! Luckily, you’re about to be graced with 24 foolproof resources that will let you grow your Etsy business efficiently.


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