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We help you get the most out of your Fire HD 10 tablet. We’ll help you find the best apps, whether you’re looking for something fun to play, something to watch after a long day at work, or something to help you stay organized. With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming trying to find what’s right for you and your device. That’s where we come in!

We’re here to give you all the information you need to optimize your Fire HD 10 experience—from finding the perfect apps and games for your tastes, to optimizing their performance on the device.

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Best Apps For Fire Hd 10

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Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock app icon
What We Like
Attractive, modern design.

Accommodates multiple alarm times.

Displays live local weather conditions.

Includes white noise on a timer.

What We Don’t Like
Ads move around on the screen.

Limited number of alarms in free edition.

A good alarm clock is obligatory if you need reminders for things like waking up or going somewhere, and this app is the best one to use.

Alarm Clock not only gives you the time and lets you set multiple alarms, but it also shows the local weather and plays white noise as you go to sleep.

This free Kindle Fire app is easy to use, works in portrait and landscape mode, has a dimming feature, and functions even if it isn’t running or if your Kindle Fire is in sleep mode.

Download Alarm Clock
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Pandora app icon
What We Like
Accurate algorithm predicts music users will like.

Creates stations based on favorite artists, songs, or genres.

Uses thumbs-up and thumbs-down to train the app.

What We Don’t Like

Strict skipping policy.

Bitrate of 192 Kbps available only for paid plan.

Pandora is definitely one of the most popular music streaming services available, and fortunately, it works through a free app for Kindle Fire.

It lets you create your own music stations based on the music you already know you like. From there, it finds similar music for you and plays it continuously at absolutely no charge. Pandora also provides comedy stations.

While there are advertisements at times (if you’re not subscribed to a paid plan), the app still provides a great way to find new music.

Download Pandora
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AccuWeather app icon
What We Like
Snapshots and detailed forecasts.

Minute-by-minute and hour-by-hour forecasts.

Rain start and end times.

Clean interface with interesting graphics.

What We Don’t Like
No crowd sourcing options.

Requests extensive permissions on devices.


AccuWeather is the best weather app you can find for Kindle Fire because it manages to pack tons of useful features into one free app. It also looks nice and organizes its information well to avoid clutter.

Some of the features include a minute-by-minute forecast for the next two hours, severe weather alerts, interactive radar maps, a 15-day forecast, and info like precipitation amounts, cloud cover, sunrise/sunset times, wind speeds, and more.

Download AccuWeather
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TV Guide
TV Guide app icon
What We Like
Shows what’s new in prime time.

Personalized watch list.

Optional alerts.

Filters by All, HD-only, and favorite channels.

What We Don’t Like
Includes only major TV networks.

No internet TV options included.

Not suitable for antenna TV service.

With TV Guide, you can not only see a schedule of what’s playing on your TV, but you can also schedule reminders to notify you of your favorite shows just minutes before they air. Reminders can be specific for both new episodes and recurring ones.

This Kindle Fire app will find your local cable or satellite provider to make sure the guide you see is specific to the actual schedules in your time zone. You can also set your favorite channels and easily switch between every channel, HD-only channels, and your favorites to create a personalized interface.

One popular feature of TV Guide is the section that tells you what’s new tonight. This means you don’t have to sift through the entire guide to find new episodes that air today.

Download TV Guide
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Flashlight HD LED
Flashlight HD LED app icon
What We Like
Turns on by default when the app opens.

Surprisingly bright.

Simple but effective design.

What We Don’t Like
On Kindles without a flash, the app turns the screen white, which isn’t as effective.

Doesn’t project light any distance; you must be close.

A flashlight app is essential for everyone with a Kindle Fire. Even if you don’t currently anticipate a need for one, you’ll be thankful you installed it when you need one.

Flashlight HD LED has a super simple design and works instantaneously when you first open the app or widget. You can even choose any color you want for the light.

best apps for amazon fire tablet for toddlers

Teach Your Monster To Read
kindle apps for kids: Teach Your Monster To Read
Teach Your Monster To Read

This fun kids reading app, Teach Your Monster To Read for the Kindle Fire turns the traditional model on its head and lets kids step into the role of teacher (of course while learning themselves). Designed for ages 3-6, kids will take their monster on an adventure to identify letters, sound out words, and more.

DragonBox Numbers
kindle fire apps for kids-dragonbox numbers
DragonBox Numbers

DragonBox Numbers, a fun Kindle Fire app for toddlers sets the foundation for early math in an engaging way that feels like playing, not learning. They’ll interact with cute cartoon characters (called Nooms) who will teach them about numbers and how they function and relate to each other. You won’t find any quizzes or mindless repetition, just a fun math-oriented game that builds on core concepts.

Dr. Panda’s Airport
kindle fire apps for toddlers: Dr. Panda’s Airport
Dr. Panda’s Airport

I’m not saying this app is going to make flying with kids easier per se, but it may make the airport experience a bit more seamless (plus toddlers love the app). In Dr. Panda’s Airport, kids will help animals go through security (so the process feels more familiar) stamp their passports, find their luggage and more. It’s fun for toddlers of all ages.

The Sandra Boynton Collection
kindle fire apps for toddlers: sandra boynton books
Loud Crow Interactive Inc. The Sandra Boynton Collection

Chances are you have at least one Sandra Boynton book on your child’s bookshelf, and this Sandra Boynton app makes four of her stories come to life. Featuring Moo, Baa, La La La!, The Going To Bed Book, Blue Hat, Green Hat, and Barnyard Dance! each story can be read aloud and is truly interactive to keep kids engaged. Press anywhere on the page and a new animation will pop up, plus you can choose whether your child reads or is read to.

Breathe, Think, Do With Sesame
kindle fire apps for toddlers: breathe, think, do with sesame
Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame is further proof that the folks of Sesame Street can do no wrong. Kids will help the monster slow down, breathe deeply, and think of a plan for how to tackle everyday problems. The app encourages mindfulness and being solution-oriented (as opposed to melting down), plus it will teach kids encouraging phrases to remember when they’re in a tough situation.


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