Best Apps For Firestick Jailbroken

What’s Not to Love About the Firestick Jailbroken?

The Amazon Firestick is an incredible tool for streaming content on your television. However, it can be enhanced even further by jailbreaking it! This will give you access to a huge selection of free apps that you can use for an awesome streaming experience.

In this blog, we’ll show you how to jailbreak your device, what apps are available and how they work together in order to get the best possible experience when watching your favorite shows and movies.

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Best Apps For Firestick Jailbroken

unlock my tv firestick app jail break
UnlockMyTV is one of the newer big free movie and tv show streaming apps to hit the firestick jailbroken market. The app is very similar to CinemaHD but the positive with this app is it’s free of annoying adverts like CinemaHD shows.

Not only this it gives you options to watch in 1080p, 720p, and SD quality. This app can work great if you want a no ads experience while watching movies or if you want an alternative application just in case the other big app gets taken offline as sometimes this happens, with the last one being Terrarium TV.

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mobdro apk for jailbroken firestick
Now, this is debatable whether this is a good app because it delivers free live TV so IPTV but it’s not that stable with it being free and many people trying to use the service.

It’s a good idea and does provide free channels but many can freeze, not work and be offline but it can be ok to download and has as a backup app behind your IPTV provider or just to test it out.

The good thing with the app is you can sort live Tv by country, language, or bookmark the channels and it also has categories. If you want serious IPTV the best IPTV then we highly recommend Strong IPTV or any other quality IPTV provider.

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Morph TV
morph tv for firestick
Morph Tv is another movie and tv show app worth mentioning this app is said to be a clone of the popular Morpheus TV which is another nice smooth free movie streaming app for your jailbroken firestick.

The app has options built-in where you can watch the movies with subtitles or even download the movies for later viewing offline. A big plus with this app is it also supports languages in other 20+ different languages.

Filelinked is a great app that allows you to use to download a big range of jailbroken apps and games by using just a code in the app. It is a revamped version of an app called DroidAdmin and both apps are fantastic.

With the ability to simply go in the Filelinked app and drop a code in to download whatever app you want it saves the hassle of having to sideload apps to the jailbroken firestick and will save you plenty of time and make the process much smoother.

Sometimes you may get app developers that also give you the FileLinked code to download their app without giving you the URL to download it through the downloader app.

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Redbox TV
This is another app for a jailbroken firestick but it offers very high-quality streams across free-to-air type channels. Redbox TV offers over 1000+ channels across 20 different countries.

It has channel categories such as Sports, News, Entertainment plus more and mainly offers a buffering-free experience.

Some features of Redbox TV are that you can favorite channels to make it much easier to find them again when you are navigating through the list of channels.

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Pluto TV
Pluto TV is a good app for the firestick as it offers 50+ free channels and their own Pluto original movies and shows.

But it doesn’t just stop at the free channels it offers it also offers a range of over one thousand movies on demand and TV shows for free which is a nice bonus when using this app.

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You will also enjoy an ad-free experience when browsing through the app and watching Pluto TV channels while enjoying great quality streaming without buffering.

Now, this is one of the best Anime firestick apps you can ask for. With the Crunchyroll app, you will get all the latest anime series and episodes at your fingertips.

The app is free and offers as many Anime shows as you can think of but only in 480p quality and will show ads. But you can sign up for a premium subscription of Crunchyroll which costs $7.99 per month and this will give you all the content in 1080p and no ads.

i have a jailbroken firestick now what

  1. Modify Privacy Settings on Your Jailbroken FireStick
    Users who ask, “I have a jailbroken FireStick, now what?” sometimes start adding third-party apps on the device. Before you do that, you need to make necessary privacy changes in the FireStick settings menu. This way, Amazon and IPS providers can’t see the type of content you are consuming on the device.

As I mentioned above, the privacy settings are enabled by default. That way Amazon can collect user data, learn user habits and preferences, showcase relevant internet-based ads, and improve their overall offering in the next FireStick edition.

Turning off these options won’t put a dent in your ideal FireStick experience. Besides, it’s always advisable to stay as anonymous as possible while streaming free content on a FireStick.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to disable the invasive settings related to privacy on FireStick.

  1. Open the FireStick home screen and scroll to the Settings menu on the right side.

using jailbroken firestick

  1. Select Preferences.

what can i do with a jailbroken firestick

  1. Click Privacy Settings from the following menu.

how to use a jailbroken firestick

  1. Turn OFF the options Device Usage Data and Collect App Usage Data.

jailbroken firestick user guide
Note: It’s up to you to decide if you want Interest-based Ads ON or OFF. For now, I’m turning mine OFF. If you disable Interest-based Ads, you may start noticing irrelevant ads and recommendations from Amazon after a few days. If that irritates you, you can follow these same instructions to enable Interest-based Ads from the Privacy Settings menu on Fire Stick.

Don’t go back to the Fire Stick home screen yet. You still have an important setting to change.

  1. Press the back button on your remote to return to the Preferences menu, then select Data Monitoring.


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