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Best Apps For Funny Videos

The internet is an amazing invention. It connects us to friends and family, it keeps us up to date on the latest news, and… oh, who are we trying to fool. We all just want to watch some funny videos or pictures of funny cats, fail GIFs, and iPhone ad parodies.

For fun: best Android and iPhone apps for jokes and laughs

The good news is that, as always, there’s an app for the purpose. There’s a whole bunch of them, to be more specific, and the 5 that we’ve picked will keep you entertained for hours at a time. If you’re in the mood for memes, comedy skits, or a cute overdose, just explore below and pick your favorites.
9GAG is the place to go for the latest memes, funny gifs, and fails. Share and upvote the posts you like, upload your own images, or generate your own meme. If you have time to waste, you can’t go wrong with this one. Note that the app can be used without a registration, but you’ll be required to log in before commenting and viewing, ahem, special content.Download: Android | iOS


Every minute there is more funny content to laugh at
Post your own content
Vote for other users’ content

No meme generator in app
Internet connection required
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Funny or Die
The Funny or Die database contains tons of short funny videos, hilarious clips, humorous skits, oh, and did we say that it has videos? Yeah, and some of it is original FoD content.Download: Android | iOS


Big Data Base
Contains various types of Entertainment

Good Original FoD Content is difficult to find
Apps Needs some work (sometimes works slow)
Here’s one more app for getting your daily dose of funny. Break offers countless hours of hilarious videos and an endless stream of pictures that you can watch on your handheld. The app works well on tablets, too.Download: Android | iOS


Content provided is good
Family Friendly

No option of offline Content
Sometimes App feels a bit overwhelming
Buzz Feed
The BuzzFeed app is great for keeping track of the latest viral videos, images, links, and buzz while on the go. It includes the BuzzFeed front page and a number of feeds, including LOL, WTF, OMG, Cute, Geeky, and Trashy.Download: Android | iOS


Focused More towards animals (something different)
App works good

Less focused towards video content
College Humor
Pretty much anyone who knows their way around the internet has come across College Humor and the comic sketches that the guys there come up with. This app can stream College Humor videos, both old and new, straight to your mobile device.Download: Android | iOS

Short funny video app

Price: Free / $2.99

9gag – best funny apps for android
9Gag is one of the older funny apps. The app boasts quick load times, frequently added new stuff, and more. There are things you can do with the app that you can’t do on the site as well. It’s really just a repository for memes. Some of them are hilarious and others aren’t so much. It’ll depend heavily on your style of humor. It’s free to download and check out. It’s one of the more steady funny apps.

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Dad Jokes by Max Applications
Price: Free with ads

Dad Jokes screenshot 2020
Dad Jokes is an app full of dad jokes, obviously. The app uses a minimal interface with simple controls. You can add your favorite jokes to a separate part of the app and even make your own jokes with the app. These are dad jokes, though, so prepare for puns so cheesy you could put them on a pizza. The app is entirely free with the occasional full page video ad.

Easy xkcd
Price: Free / $1.02

Easy xkcd – best funny apps for android
Easy xkcd is one of the newer funny apps on this list. It’s a browser app for the popular xkcd comic website. It features a search for comics by title, transcript, or number. You can also add comics to your favorites, use it offline, and quickly share with friends on various social media and websites. It also has theming, Material Design, and a night mode. The app is completely free to use with no in-app purchases or advertising. There is an optional donation option if you’re feeling charitable.

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Price: Free

Facebook is one of the best funny apps for android
Facebook is a bit of a lame option. However, this is the one that the kids use. Facebook isn’t one of the funny apps on its own. There are tons of pages that post generally humorous content. They can range from safe and family friends to edgy and NSFW. It really depends on your preferences. You have to hunt for pages to like on your own. Otherwise, this can be a pretty decent place to lighten the mood. Given the stuff your friends are probably posting, the influx of comedic stuff may be even a larger boon on Facebook.

Price: Free / $2.99

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iFunny – best funny apps for android
iFunny is about as typical of a funny app as we’ve seen. You open the app, scroll through tens of thousands of random images, GIFs, videos, comics, etc. The app can also apparently generate memes. That’s it, really. It’s super simple, easy to use, and just delivers the goods when you want it. Some people complain about things like account problems and the occasional bug. However, we didn’t notice anything too bad during our testing. The app is also free with no in-app purchases. It definitely has ads, though.

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Imgur and Reddit
Price: Free / $3.99 per month / $29.99 per year

Imgur is one of the best funny apps
Imgur is an image hosting website. It’s also the site that people on Reddit prefer to use. The app has all kinds of stuff. They range from serious things to hilarious memes and everything between. They can come in still image or GIF format. The app allows you to create an account and upload your own stuff as well. Reddit and Imgur kind of go hand in hand because most Redditors use Imgur for image links anyway. Reddit is another excellent app for humor and you can find all kinds of subreddits for jokes, one-liners, memes, and other stuff. Imgur and Reddit are both entirely free, but you can pay for an optional subscription for Reddit to remove advertising and get a few other features.

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Price: Free / $2.99

Memedroid – best funny apps
Memedroid is a meme generator app. It stays current with most of the memes that you see on most days. It also has a feed of the latest memes generated by the community. They can be really great or really awful. It really depends on what day of the week it is and what’s happening in the world. This is among the best for creating your own memes. However, the viral nature of topics can dramatically change the content you see on a daily basis.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

TikTok screenshot
TikTok is a video platform similar to Vine but with longer videos. People upload various snackable videos for quick and repeated viewing. You can upload whatever you want and there are a variety of personalities on the platform with plenty of jokes. A lot of today’s funnier stuff started out on TikTok so you can get in on the ground floor with a lot of modern memes. The creators of Vine also have a new app called Byte, and that’s another snackable, small video platform as well.

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Price: Free

Tumblr is a lot like Reddit. You can find some great stuff there. Consequently, there’s a lot of hot garbage there too. The good stuff can be quite hilarious. You can find stuff for almost any type of humor. The site allows pretty much everything, even porn to an extent. You can also make GIFs, post videos, and follow various blogs. It’s one of the better funny apps. However, try to avoid the political stuff. It can get really nasty really fast.

Price: Free / $12.99 per month

YouTube Premium is one of the best funny apps for android
One of the best uses for YouTube is humor. You can find comedy shorts from a number of fun channels. Big time TV talk shows post their best moments on YouTube these days. You can also find shorts from sources like Cyanide and Happiness along with independent channels like CinemaSins. There are good one off videos and original series as well. When it comes to video, you can’t do much better than Youtube. You can also pick up YouTube Premium to get rid of those pesky ads and unlock other features. Netflix, Hulu, and most other video streaming services have comedies as well, but you already knew that.


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