Best Apps For Furniture

If you’re looking for the best apps for furniture, look no further. There are plenty of furniture-oriented apps out there, but not all of them offer a quality experience.

Here at [company name], we’ve been helping people find the best possible apps for their needs since 2011. With our help, you can find the perfect app to meet your needs—whether it’s finding the best furniture or getting the most out of your current furniture.

Best 10 Home Shopping & Furniture Apps - Last Updated April 15, 2022

Best Apps For Furniture

  1. Pepperfry – Online Furniture Store
    online shopping app for furniture, furniture app

With over 5 million downloads and a 3.5-star rating on Google Play Store, Pepperfry promises to make your house a home with its authentically crafted furniture. They have a wide range of over one lakh furniture designs and home products. Moreover, they offer exciting discounts on the first order. The vast range of home and furniture products includes comfortable mattresses, furnishing, furniture of any kind, decoration pieces, wall assents, and much more at affordable prices.

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The quality and durability are guaranteed when you shop from Pepperfry. Don’t worry about whether the furniture piece you are shopping for will fit your room and will complement your living area or not. Because here, at Pepperfry, you will get a 360° view of the product to avoid any future inconvenience. The app allows you to add your favorite items to the wishlist while scrolling so that you can get back to your favorite product, once you are done looking through the store. Download this app and avail special discounts on your favorite items before it’s too late.

Download: Pepperfry – Online Furniture Store | Android | iOS

  1. Overstock — Furniture & Decor
    app to buy furniture, furniture store app
    Make your online furniture shopping experience smooth and memorable with Overstock. This all-in-one app has won the hearts of customers with its variety of furniture and home decor stuff. Sometimes you hesitate to shop online because of costly delivery charges, but don’t need to worry about that, because this excellent app is offering free shipping on anything you buy. The app also notifies the user when there’s any sale going on.

From your rugs to your living room bed, you will find everything in one app. Isn’t it amazing? We all want our furniture to be comfortable and long-lasting. Not to mention, the furniture items available here are comfortable, reliable, and authentically crafted. In addition, the manufacturers offer a money-back guarantee which means you can send it back to the retailer if you get a faulty item.

Download: Overstock — Furniture & Decor | Android | iOS

  1. Zara Home
    app for buying furniture, online furniture app

If you love Zara, a Spanish clothing retailer, you would love shopping for furniture from this online shopping app. You will discover a ton of home decorations and furniture here. Zara Home is a cutting-edge and snappy online shopping application that uses 3D sample images to show the item. You can also check each detail about the product in the description. If you find any difficulty using this app, then feel free to contact their dedicated customer service.

The application’s extra signature highlights are creative voice search and contactless installment, which unquestionably make it different from other furniture shopping applications.

Download: Zara Home | Android | iOS

  1. Westwing Home & Living
    furniture shopping app, online furniture shopping app
    This fantastic online furniture app allows users to shop their favorite furniture and home decor stuff from the ease of their home. In addition, this leading shopping club is the only app that offers up to a 70% discount on a large variety of home decor items every day.

The handpicked furniture and home decoration items in the app are from high-end brands and top designers. So what are you waiting for? Your dreamy sofa is waiting for you. Compliment your living room bed with an antique design sofa, and make your house a home. Download this app now; the deals are for a limited time.

Download: Westwing Home & Living | Android | iOS

  1. Urban Ladder – Furniture Store
    furniture store app, furniture app
    Are you done with a home makeover? Furnish your home from scratch by purchasing high-quality and unique home decor stuff from Urban Ladder Furniture. Furniture shopping had never been this easy. This app has all the home decorations for your kitchen, bedroom, dining room, and even study space. In addition, they have a proper catalog of all items to help you decide between the two.

You can examine the item closely using the zoom-in feature. Are you still confused about the quality of the item? Please go through the customer reviews from the review section and get a chance to know their experience. In addition, the app notifies you whenever there’s a discount on some items.

Furniture application

  1. Pepperly
    Pepperly App for Online Shopping

Available on Google Play and App Store

The app offers about 95K products of more than 37 brands. It is well-structured and organized. Thus, a buyer can browse such categories as Furniture, Living, Bedroom, Kids Room, Mattresses and Bedding as well as find separate items from Decor, Lighting, Homeware and Interior Design.

A design geek will definitely love the sections on what’s popular and cool in furniture, featured collections, shopping by style and other goodies. But the icing on the cake is the 3D View feature. When choosing it, the buyer gets a 3D model of the product allowing to examine it from all the angles in slow motion.

Moreover, one can see any selected item in the context of their own room interior. By enabling the cam of the phone, the app allows its live integration into one’s living space. A customer can drag the object to move it around, pitch it, customize the size, and alter the colors.

2. Wayfair

Wayfair Apps for Gadgets

Available on App Store

Wayfair Inc. is a giant e-commerce company selling more than 7M products across 5 websites. In the Instagram era with “visually spoilt viewers’, the company has emerged as a leader among its peers. It has offered colossal selections for home decor via online furniture stores and a Wayfair app.

The application contains a revolutionary 3D View in Room feature to select and compare the items. So, a customer can view real-sized versions of products incorporated into a certain room’s design and decide on a purchase straight away.

Buyers can also shop entire looks provided by go-to designers or use a Room Planner tool to arrange furniture and create a perfect space to their own taste.

3. IKEA Place

Ikea Place AR App

Available on App Store

IKEA is the largest furniture company in the world selling affordable household items through 400 stores around the world. When surfing the interior designs on the site, one might want to live in that reality. Little do they know that the company uses 3D renders, which is as photorealistic as real photos, to cover 75% of the products presentation.

Moreover, IKEA went further with 3D and created an augmented reality Place app. So, a user can handpick a few items or make a room set and virtually place their scalable 3D models in their abode at once. For example, with this technology it’s clearer if the combination with a lounge couch and a torchiere fits into a specific living room design.

Also, if a user creates a profile and has a history of viewed objects in AR, the app offers personalized collections, new products, and interior suggestions in a “For You” feed.

4. Overstock

Furniture Retail Platform Overstock

Available on Google Play, Inc. is one of the biggest online retailers in the USA and worldwide. The company sells furniture, home decor items, and handcrafted art pieces via its websites and the app. There are also other non-furniture-related directions.

The app allows buyers to use AR modeling to see how furniture and decor elements will blend in the entire home design. Photorealistic 3D models convey the exact texture, size, and functionality of the products.

Like many furniture shopping apps, this one also provides a unique in-app experience – exclusive coupons and offers, shopping recommendations, Club O account-related perks, access with Touch ID, and so on.

5. Zara Home

Zara Home App for Online Shopping

Available on Google Play

Good news for Zara fans – they can also buy furniture and home decorations from a favorite brand. What strikes in the app is super easy and enjoyable navigation. It’s literally impossible to get confused when surveying the sections.

The company uses 3D product models to demonstrate the products and the context of their daily use. For example, a prospect can see a three-leg pot stand independently and full of flowers next to the same color tiled wall. Herewith, the antique effect of the stand is well kept thanks to the 3D technology.

Also, each item comes with an individual, interesting description. Additional signature features of the app are innovative voice search and contactless payment which definitely make it unique amongst furniture shopping apps.


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