Best Apps For Galaxy Note 10

The Galaxy Note 10 series is here and it’s better than ever. The Galaxy Note 10 series is Samsung’s flagship device, so it is always packed with the latest and greatest features, making it one of the best devices to use for mobile gaming.

In this article, we will go over some of the best apps for Galaxy Note 10 that you can download from Google Play Store to enhance your experience with the device. These apps can help you get the most out of your device, whether it be through a new UI, improved performance, or just some fun games!

7 Top Apps for Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+

Best Apps For Galaxy Note 10

    Whether it’s the wide-angle shots or the detailed HDR photos, it goes without doubt that the Galaxy Note 10 can capture amazing photos. But as we all know, a photo isn’t complete without a generous bit of post-processing.

Snapseed is one of the best apps to do justice to Note 10’s camera. From adding drama (or grunge) to editing RAW images, this app is capable of doing it all. The tool-set is vast, and it doesn’t take long to transform a photo.

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Top 10 Must Have Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 10 13Top 10 Must Have Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 10 14
One of the best tools of Snapseed is Selective. Using it, you can modify the brightness, contrast, or saturation of a particular area of the image.

Top 10 Must Have Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 10 15
More importantly, if you happen to shot in the RAW mode, it’ll automatically detect it and suggest the appropriate tools. In a nutshell, if you haven’t tried Snapseed before, now is the best time to try its many filters and settings!

Download Snapseed

    The default Samsung keyboard is great. It’s smooth and gets the work done. Plus, the fluid animations are the cherry on top. But, the strength of a keyboard is determined by its ability to predict words and phrases correctly.

If you are looking for a smarter keyboard with autocorrect, gesture typing, and accurate predictions for faster input, SwiftKey is the app for you. It has plenty of features like GIF Search, Clipboard, Location Sharing, among others. Plus, you can also add multiple languages to the keyboard, thus making it great for bilingual folks.

Top 10 Must Have Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 10 16Top 10 Must Have Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 10 17
If you’re not aware, the Samsung keyboard displays a handwriting pad as soon as you pull out the stylus. And the best thing is that the keyboard is quite good in converting your handwriting into text.

If the above is a feature which you do not use often, Swiftkey is one of the apt replacement for the Samsung keyboard.

Download SwiftKey

    Looking for a replacement for the stock media player? If yes, you must certainly give the KM Player a shot. It supports almost all the popular media formats – something that is usually not supported by stock players. Plus, it lets you play 4K HDR videos without any hiccups.

Best Must Have Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 10 1
Apart from that, it supports videos and subtitles in almost all formats. From speed control and the option to stream form Network to playing offline music, it hides plenty of tricks in it sleeves. In short, it’s a one-stop destination for all your high-resolution media consumption needs.

Download KM Player

    How do you transfer files between phones? Sure, there’s a built-in method for transferring files and folders. However, it’s too much of a hassle. Plus, it won’t function without a SIM card.

If you’re looking for a simple file transfer app, you can give a shot to the ShareMe app by Xiaomi. The remarkable thing about it is that it’s ad-free.

Top 10 Must Have Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 10 1Top 10 Must Have Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 10 2
Apart from that, the interface is clean and straightforward. All you have to do is tap on Send or Receive, and then select the files.

With ShareMe, you can share files directly to computers as well. It works by establishing an FTP connection, and you can select the type of connection (private or public). Overall, it’s a good app to have if you are someone who shares files and documents frequently.

Download ShareMe

    So you captured some amazing wide-angle shots. You think of posting them on Instagram, and that’s when you realize that the default Instagram frame won’t do much justice to the ultra-wide shot. Bummer?

Well, we beg to differ. With apps like PanoramaCrop, you can slice your wide-angle shots into many sizes, without breaking the photo structure. That way, your followers get to see the whole picture without missing out on much. The good thing about this app is that not much of your photo is wasted.

Top 10 Must Have Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 10 3Top 10 Must Have Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 10 4
Apart from the Swipeable Post, you can also explore the NoCrop Post feature and the Grid Post feature to give your feed a diverse theme.

best apps for note 10 plus s pen

SketchBook Express
The S Pen, at its heart, is a drawing and writing tool, and some of the best apps are in this category.

SketchBook Express is a powerful and popular drawing app capable of handling quick doodles or professional quality artwork. The greater precision you get from the S Pen makes it a far more useful tool than a standard capacitve stylus.

The interface is easy to follow, and you can upload you finished masterworks to DeviantArt in a second.


INKredible — Handwriting Note
With its near six-inch display the Note 4 is almost at the point where it can be used in place of an old fashioned notepad and pen.

With INKredible this comes a step further. With its distraction-free interface—there’s no controls on screen most of the time—you are free to write and sketch away.

Everything you produce is converted into a vector graphic, which makes it easy to enlarge, and is able to be printed at the highest quality, should you find you need a paper copy of your notes after all.S Pen Launcher is an app that automatically assigns functions to your S Pen.

Pul the stylus from its housing in the bottom corner of your Galaxy Note and S Pen Launcher will pop up a little window containing shortcuts to your favourite apps. Or, if you find you use the same app all the time, you can set that app to launch whenever you grab the pen.

Pop the S Pen back in its holder, and it’ll close down once again.

Scribble racer

Scribble Racer
There aren’t many games that make use of the S Pen specifically, but Scribble Racer is fun enough to keep kids (and a few adults) entertained on long car journeys.

This simple racing game requires you to hold the S Pen on the screen and guide it through the course as it scrolls down. With a attractive hand-drawn style, it’s fun and packed with charm.

There’s plenty of gameplay too, with several difficulty levels and dozens of achievements to unlock.

Gmd spen

GMD SPen Control ★ root
For more advanced users—your Note needs to be rooted—GMD is a highly configurable app that turns your S Pen into a handy app launcher.

The idea is simple. You can assign gestures to the S Pen that launch apps or perform tasks whenever you do them. These gestures may be things you draw onscreen—draw a circle to launch Google Maps, for example—or things associated with the pen itself, such as removing it from its housing or pressing a button.

For power users, SPen Control can completely overhaul your system, significantly reducing the number of screen taps and button presses you need to perform common tasks and launch your favourite apps.


Microsoft’s OneNote is one of the best note-taking apps for Android. It includes an excellent drawing feature that enables you to integrate sketches into your typed notes.

This is where the S Pen really excels, and helps you create professional looking documents directly on your phone.

Snapseed is one of the leading image editing apps for Android, and though it’s not an obvious one for the S Pen, it does benefit from the accuracy of the pen’s input.

Snapseed provides the full range of editing functions, and they can be used on entire images or specific parts of a shot. In the latter instance you pick the spot you want to edit and move the sliders to adjust things like colour and contrast.

With the S Pen you get greater precision over picking colours or specific areas of an image, giving you the kind of control you’d normally only get on a desktop.


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