Best Apps For Ipad For 3 Year Olds

The “Best apps for under 3’s” list in the heading is the most important section of the post. Perhaps you’ve been here looking for this information, it seems to be missing from other blogs. Saying that, I really hope you don’t skip over the rest of this post and base your decision on this one part as a result. This will probably be a long read and also slightly biased but I hope it covers every angle.

19 Best Toddler Apps for 2- and 3-Year-Olds

Best Apps For Ipad For 3 Year Olds

Eye hand coordination is something toddlers need to develop. Fine motor skills are the more scientific name for it. In layman’s terms, it’s the ability to see something and replicate it using one’s hands. That’s what this app helps children do with 3D puzzles and 100 visually engaging levels. For instance, a child might have to put a round orange slice into a hole. From there the app gets more difficult. The app is $3 and is recommended as a great distraction for kids during travel, say on a plane or in a car.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

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There are many apps that hone in on a single skill, for instance, the aforementioned Busy Shapes 2 that’s all about spatial awareness. However, Monkey Preschool Lunchbox combines multiple skills — like colors, shapes, and counting — into one fun game. Milo the Monkey leads the way and celebrates with your kiddo each time they get a task right. As an added incentive, when a level is completed, a child receives a “sticker” they can add to their collection.

Toca Doctor

For $4 you can help your curious child (ages 3 and up) start to explore and learn about the body with Toca Doctor. This app lets kids see what it’s like to be a doctor without the need for a voluntary patient (ahem, you!). They can apply bandages, erase scratches, and even squirt eye drops into their eyes. Basically, it’s a MD degree without the student debt, and a great way to get your child interested in biology and anatomy from a young age.

Peekaboo Barn Life

First thing to know about Peekaboo Barn? It’s free! Second thing to know? If your child is super into it, you can upgrade to the official Peekaboo Barn app for $1.99. Your child is likely already obsessed with farm animals, now they can work on learning their names and sounds by playing this sweet game as they tap to find out what an animal is called. With darling animation and super easy to navigate format, even the youngest users can take on this app on their own.

Storybook Rhymes Volume 1

There’s a reason teachers use rhymes so much in class. Rhymes help people learn! And this couldn’t be more true than with children. Your child can start working on their rhymes with free Fisher-Price Storybook Rhymes Volume 1. Featuring two rhyme stories, “One Two Buckle My Shoe” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” they can sing-a-long while they play with this free app. And a bonus? There’s a sing to me and read to me option, so you can pick and choose the best mode for your child.

ABC Mouse

Designed for children ages two to eight, ABC Mouse is a free tool endorsed by many teachers so you can feel confident letting your child log in. Kids create their own kid avatar and then explore the ABC Mouse classroom. If they complete certain games, they can earn points to go shopping. Based on personal experience, it’s especially good for increasing reading skills.

Bingo ABC
Bingo ABC is a song-based game app that uses music to teach and entertain kids for free. That means your child will learn phonics while singing along to classic nursery rhymes and playing games on a colorful animated farm.

PBS Parents Play and Learn

We love the concept behind this PBS free app. Rather than just hand your child the iPad, PBS has designed their Parent Play and Learn as a way for kids and their folks to work together. Featuring “a dozen games parents can play with their kids, each themed around a familiar location – including the garden, the grocery store, a restaurant, the kitchen, and many more,” you can help your child fly a kite, make patterns, or even sail a boat.

Animal Sounds!
With more than 100 animal sounds, this completely free app should give you at least a few minutes to finish writing an email. And you can write it guilt-free, knowing your kid isn’t just mooing at a screen, but really learning about animals (critters are divided into farm, Savannah/desert, jungle, insects, ocean, forest, mountain, city/countryside and dinosaurs sections).

Balloon Pop

The concept of Balloon Pop is mind-numbling simple: Pop the floating balloons on the screen. But you might be surprised to find yourself stealing the iPad away from your 3-year-old so you can have a go on the free app. Regardless of your age, this game is wonderfully mesmerizing.

Best educational apps for 3 year olds

Best Overall App for Kids:
best apps for kids abcmousecom
This pick is an overwhelming favorite among all of our testers. is available both as an app and a website. It uses fun storyline-based videos, quizzes, and activities — there’s even a virtual map outlining your child’s learning path to keep kids and toddlers engaged. Our parent testers said they loved even before we started testing the best apps for kids!

• Ages: 2-8
• Cost: One-month free trial, then $10/month subscription
• Get it for: iOS, Android, or on the Amazon App Store

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Best for All Ages: Khan Academy
best apps for kids
Teachers, parents, and kids are all a fan of the Khan Academy app that features thousands of free resources on everything from early math to art history. From preschool to high school, children of all ages can enjoy and learn on this non-profit’s platform. All of its programming is entirely free, so you don’t have to worry about subscription fees. Parents of our testers say that the videos helped each kid learn at their own pace. For those with kids under 4, check out their child-friendly counterpart, Khan Academy Kids on iOS or Android, which features a lot of the great elements of the older app at an age appropriate level.

• Ages: 4+
• Cost: Free
• Get it for: iOS or Android

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Best Reading App for Kids: Epic!
Best Apps for Kids- Epic!
Epic! is an app for kids with an e-book library that contains over 35,000 children’s books (and it includes a read-to-me feature for little ones who are still learning to read). One of our parent testers says it’s “a great app to have when the kids want screen time, but you don’t!” This app is a perfect way to take reading wherever your device goes, and it’s great for families with kids of various ages.

• Ages: 2-12
• Cost: one-month free trial, then $8/month
• Get it for: iOS or Android

Best App for Kids in Preschool: Nick Jr.
Best Apps for Kids- Nick Jr.
Nick Jr.’s app offers parents the chance to let their kids enjoy their favorite shows on the go — no TV required! The app has videos from all of Nick Jr.’s shows and a collection of games (both educational and not-so educational) based on Nick Jr. shows that feature your kids’ favorite characters.

To unlock some parts of the app, you’ll need to enter your cable provider’s information. Even without it, your kid will still be able to use the features they’ll be most excited about: full episodes and lots of games!

• Ages: 2-7
• Cost: free, some content requires cable provider information
• Get it for: iOS, Android, or on the Amazon App Store

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Best App for Kids in Elementary School: Quick Math Jr.
Best Apps for Kids- Quick Math Jr.
Kids know that math can be boring, but this app transforms numbers into something more creative and interactive. Quick Math Jr. is an app for kids with 12 different math games that feature fundamental math skills and concepts. It has unique graphics and buildable characters to keep kids engaged, and all answers are handwritten or drawn on the screen so kids can also practice handwriting.

• Ages: 4-8
• Cost: Free
• Get it for: iOS

Best App for Kids in High School: Duolingo
Best Apps for Kids- Duolingo
The Duolingo Owl (the app’s mascot and icon) has been popping up as a meme all over social media in recent months, so chances are your high schooler knows what Duolingo is. Encourage them to take it one step further and download the app so they can learn a different language.

They can practice through audio, word identification, and oral exercises for over 30 languages — it’s a great way for your child to keep their language-learning skills sharp over the summer. P.S.: Parents can use this app, too!

• Ages: 10+
• Cost: Free, optional ad-free Duolingo Plus is $6.99/month
• Get it for: iOS or Android

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Best App for Kids Learning the Alphabet: Starfall ABCs
Best Apps for Kids- Starfall ABCs
This app gives kids a fun, animated introduction to learning letters, vowels, and words. It also includes the sign language alphabet. If you upgrade to the paid version of Starfall ABCs, you’ll get some extra perks like lessons on math and social skills — but the free version is still pretty impressive!

• Ages: 2-5
• Cost: Free, option to upgrade for $35/year
• Get it for: iOS or Android

Best App for Multiple Kids: Homer Learn & Grow
best app for multiple kids homer learn grow
Homer Learn & Grow is great for families with lots of littles, since you can add up to four kid profiles on your account and not have to worry about messing up your customization. Testers love how personalized the learning experience is — while onboarding, you’ll fill out a series of questions about your child’s task performance skills. They also enjoy the cool features like the “record your voice” option in phonics. Kids get to learn thoughtfully about numbers, letters and social skills. Note, the free trial can be difficult to cancel if you’re not interested in paying for the subscription.

• Ages: 2-8
• Cost: $7.99/month
• Get it for: iOS or Android


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