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Best iPad Apps for Students in 2020 | by Bruno Wegelius | Mac O'Clock |  Medium

Best Apps For Ipad

Adobe Illustrator Image
Adobe Illustrator
Illustrator on the iPad is Adobe’s only dedicated vector graphics app available for Apple’s tablet. When Adobe first launched Photoshop for the iPad, some felt it lacked too many features to be truly useful. With the new Illustrator on the iPad, Adobe didn’t want a repeat of the critiques that greeted Photoshop’s iPad release. After addressing more than 1,200 requests from beta testers, Adobe released Illustrator for iPad chock full of features that let you masterfully design on the go.

Per Month, Starts at $9.99
$20.99 Per Month
at Adobe
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Adobe Illustrator on the iPad Review

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Adobe Lightroom Image
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Lightroom is the go-to digital photo workflow and editing application for many of today’s professional photographers. That said, there are times when you might prefer to edit photos sitting on a sofa or a train seat rather than at a desk. The Lightroom iPad app lets you do just this, and work directly with raw camera files, perform local adjustments, and use lens-profile corrections. Lightroom has evolved into a powerhouse among mobile photo-editing apps.

MSRP $9.99
$19.99 Per Month
at Adobe
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Adobe Lightroom Review
Adobe Photoshop Mix Image
Adobe Photoshop Mix
Adobe has numerous photo-related apps in the iTunes app store, but Photoshop Mix is especially interesting. It brings some of Photoshop’s most powerful tools into an easy-to-use iPad app. Photoshop Mix appeals to a broad cross-section of users, from those who simply want to create collages to hardcore Photoshoppers who want to add iPads into their workflows.

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Adobe Photoshop Mix (for iPad) Review

Apple GarageBand Image
Apple GarageBand
The iPad became a legitimate music composition tool thanks in large part to its own version of GarageBand, Apple’s seminal, entry-level digital audio editing app. GarageBand contains many professional-level features, including piano roll-style note editing, an expanded sound palette, and additional recording tools. You can even record and edit audio from third-party instrument apps using GarageBand.

MSRP $4.99
at Apple App Store
See It
Apple GarageBand (for iPad) Review
Apple iMovie Image
Apple iMovie
If you’re going to edit video on a tablet, it’s hard to overlook Apple’s own iMovie app. The affordably priced iPad app lets you create trailers, whip up studio logos, save video in 4K resolution, and transfer projects between your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch using AirDrop or iCloud Drive.

Best apps for ipad pencil

  1. Nebo: Take notes
    Nebo: take notes iPad Pro app

(Image credit: Nebo)
Requirements: iOS 13.0 or later
Double-tap support: Yes
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download Nebo: Take Notes from the App Store
Nebo is the go-to app for digital note-taking as it’s praised highly for its handwriting recognition. Nebo has the ability to understand a whopping 66 languages and can even translate your handwritten notes into a format that can be sent as an email – how nifty is that? Using your Apple pencil, you can also create a range of shapes and sketches, making your digital notes feel just like the real thing.

On Nebo, you can also insert images and diagrams, and also annotate external media. Then once you’ve finished all your hard work, you can save/export your notes as HTML, PDF and text formats that are compatible with Microsoft or Powerpoint and iCloud. This means that you have so much flexibility with the Nebo app, but if you ever find yourself stuck or need some guidance, there’s a whole community of Nebo users ready to help you over on the Nebo tips and tricks videos.

  1. Noteshelf
    Best iPad Pro apps: Noteshelf

Noteshelf is a great notetaking app that’s improved on its original functionality
Requirements: iOS 13.0 or later
Double-tap support: Yes
Price: $9.99/£8.99
Download Noteshelf from the App Store
Noteshelf is jam-packed with features like pressure sensitivity, double-tap support and integrated Siri to make sure it’s the best note-taking app it can be. With Noteshelf, you can record audio notes, mark up PDFs or images as well as accurate handwriting recognition and autoshapes.

  1. Notability
    Best iPad Pro app: Notability

Notability is so good you might want to ditch the Moleskine
Requirements: iOS 14.0 or later
Double-tap support: Yes
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download Notability from the App Store
Notability is so much more than a note-taking app with its combination of handwriting, photos, typing and drawing tools. Meaning that you don’t have to hop to a totally separate app to get your sketch on. One of the coolest features of the Notability app is the palm rejection feature. This means you can rest your hand on the screen without having to worry about it affecting your work. Notability will also straighten any lines you’d like to be ruled, so all your notes will look as neat as neat can be.

  1. Evernote
    Best iPad Pro apps: Evernote

Evernote is a rich, capable iPad Pro app
Requirements: iOS 13.2 or later
Double-tap support: Yes
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download Evernote from the App Store

Evernote is a notetaking iPad Pro app but it’s a little like marmite because some people love it and others, well, not so much. It’s a great app for collecting sketches, notes, to-do lists and websites, but some users find it a little difficult to navigate.

One of the cool things about Evernote is that you can record audio while sketching, meaning that you can work as you listen. But the fun doesn’t stop there, the Evernote app also offers automatic palm rejection, as well as pressure sensitivity, meaning that you can really fill your notes with expressive lines strokes.

  1. LiquidText
    Best iPad Pro apps: LiquidText for iPad

This PDF document reader enables you to annotate and excerpt texts
Requirements: iOS 14.1 or later
Double-tap support: Yes
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download LiquidText from the App Store
LiquidText is the perfect app for reading and annotating. The app allows users to annotate PDFs, Word or Powerpoint documents and even web pages. LiquidText prides itself on its ability to support active reading, which means that you can highlight sections of what you’re reading to come back to later, or collapse parts and sections of the document so you can refer to different parts at once.

Again, having the Apple Pencil will benefit you greatly when it comes to using these iPad Pro apps. The Apple Pencil will make it faster to use the app with its pressure and tilt sensitivity features, making LiquidText feel similar to the real thing. And if you’ve bagged yourself the Apple Pencil 2 then you can also use LiquidText’s adjustable double-tap compatibility.


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