Best Apps For Jailbreak Iphone

Iphone jailbreaking is a release by Apple, which enables users to remove annoying restrictions built into the operating system, and use third-party software, such as games or ringtones. The Jailbreaking is therefore undergoing a process where you need an Iphone, the relevant software and the Iphone must be unlocked. Only in the latter case, some functions are excluded after the whole procedure and should be taken into account before you start. In this article we provide you with a useful guide on how to use the jailbreak on Iphone 4S/4/3GS/3g with IPad 2/1/mini.

Best 25 Free iOS 12.4 Jailbreak Tweaks

Best Apps For Jailbreak Iphone

  1. Shuffle
    2 Images
    Screenshot of the tweak in use
    Screenshot of inside the tweak’s menu
    The Shuffle tweak adds the settings for apps and tweaks to the top of the Settings app, rather than the bottom where they’re usually found. This is a handy tweak for anyone that regularly heads into Settings to adjust apps or tweaks.

While it may seem minor, it brings some added convenience when you’re dealing with many tweaks on your jailbroken iPhone.

Download: Shuffle (Free)

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  1. Flame
    2 Images
    Screenshot of the Flame tweak
    Screenshot of the Flame tweak settings
    Flame allows you to customize the look of some of Cydia’s features. Cydia is essentially the App Store for tweaks, but its design hasn’t changed much since iOS 7 when it was last updated. Many wish to give it an updated style to match newer iOS versions.

For those of you that like a clean and modern look to all your phone apps, this is the tweak for you.

Download: Flame (Free)

  1. Cylinder Reborn
    2 Images
    Screenshot of Cylinder Reborn tweak settings
    Screenshot of Cylinder Reborn Tweak in use
    Cylinder Reborn is the newest release of the classic Cylinder tweak. This tweak adds new exciting page animations for when you swipe between pages on your iPhone’s Home screen. Not only can you add funky animations to bring a bit of fun to mundane tasks on your phone, but you can also remove them entirely for a crisper feel.

While this tweak isn’t essential for changing your iPhone experience, it’s a good entry point to customization on a jailbroken iPhone. This is just the beginning of what you can do.

Download: Cylinder Reborn (Free)

  1. BarMoji
    Screenshot of keyboard using Barmoji
    If you use emoji all the time, you might have created emoji keyboard shortcuts so you can type your favorites more easily. Barmoji is an even better option; it les you pin frequently used emojis to the empty space below the keyboard. That way, they’re easily accessible without having to open the emoji keyboard.

Download: Barmoji (Free)

  1. Snowboard
    2 Images
    Screenshot of Snowboard tweak settings
    Screenshot of Snowboard tweak in use
    The Snowboard tweak allows you to customize your iPhone’s Home screen with new icon themes, change the layout of icons, and more. Although adding custom iPhone icons is now possible with iOS 14, it isn’t the smoothest procedure.

With the tweak, you can instantly change your icons without needing to use the Shortcuts app and images. You can also change the layout of app icons, bringing much more flexibility like you’d see on an Android device.

This tweak is a must-have for anyone who want to take the customization of your iPhone to the next level.

Download: Snowboard (Free)

  1. QuitAll
    2 Images
    Screenshot showing QuitAll tweak in use
    Screenshot showing QuitAll tweak settings
    QuitAll is a tweak that does exactly what it says. It adds a “quit all” button to the multitasking screen so you can close all open apps at once. This is a feature the Overview screen on many Android devices has had for years.

You can also tweak the settings to ensure your music apps stay open. If you accidentally swipe Spotify closed and interrupt your listening, try this option to avoid that.

QuitAll is a simple tweak, but you’ll soon wonder how you lived without it.

Download: QuitAll (Free)

  1. Power Module
    2 Images
    Screenshot showing the Power Module tweak control center
    Screenshot showing the Power Module tweak detailed menu
    PowerModule is another simple yet useful tweak. This tweak adds respring and restart options to the power menu and Control Center, if you wish. It’s a handy addition to the iOS UI, as you’ll frequently need to respring your iPhone after installing new tweaks or changing tweak settings.

If you like messing with jailbreak options, this one will save you a lot of time.

Download: PowerModule (Free)

  1. AutoFaceUnlock
    Screenshot showing the AutoFaceUnlock tweak in use
    Face ID is a secure and convenient feature, but it’s not perfect. A common pain point is that you still need to swipe up before you can open your device. You never had to do this with Touch ID, so it can be an annoyance for some. AutoFaceUnlock lets you unlock your iPhone using Face ID without needing to swipe up first.

Aside from convenience, this can be a useful accessibility option.

Download: AutoFaceUnlock (Free)

  1. Jellyfish
    2 Images
    Screenshot of the Jellyfish tweak in use
    Screenshot of the Jellyfish tweak in use
    Jellyfish is a tweak that allows you to customize your lockscreen, a feature that hasn’t been possible before. With this tweak, you can change elements of the lockscreen, move them around, and bring a more modern style to your device.

This tweak brings customization options that even most Android phones don’t offer, so it can’t be missed if you’re looking to change-up your iPhone.

Download: Jellyfish ($1.99)

  1. DigitalBattery13
    Screenshot of the BatteryPercent13 tweak
    DigitalBattery13 is another fairly simple tweak. It adds the current power percentage to the battery icon in the status bar—information that hasn’t been on the bar since the release of the iPhone X.

Free jailbreak apps for iphone

  1. ReachApp
    ReachApp has a simple premise: It allows you to create a splitscreen on your iPhone, a feature than many other platforms have but that iOS has never really embraced. ReachApp solves the problem by letting users select specific apps and bring two of them up at the same time on your iPhone 6 screen. It also provides scaling rotation support for going into landscape mode while still keeping your split screen apps in proper ratios. The potential behind this app is obvious, but it is a surprisingly new option, with the beta becoming available only in early 2015. For all you iPhone users that love your privacy, take a glimpse at these 5 iPhone apps that keep your text messages private from govt officials snooping parents and spouses.

You can learn how to download Reachapp here

  1. Activator
    Activator remains the top jailbreak app for customization with its widespread shortcut management. It allows you to program gestures and events so that your iPhone will behave exactly how you want it to. Program actions for when your battery gets low, turn double-clicking on the home button with your own commands, make the volume buttons into skip track buttons, start emails with a flick…and just so much more. It’s the easist way to personalize your iPhone. Also on personalization, take a look at our review of these 15 eye enticing parallax wallpapers for the iPhone 5s.

You can download Activator here

  1. Auxo 3
    Auxo is an iPhone jailbreak app that allows you to add even more multitasking features to your iPhone. This version offers three specific abilities. First, you can use the multi-center to access both apps and general phone controls from the same spot, saving a lot of management time. Second, you can use quick switcher to bounce between apps with a quick up-swipe motion that can help cut phone time even more. Third, hot corners can help you program your screen corners to immediately take you to locations like the home screen. And if you like to have weather reports on your iPad, read our review on 6 free weather apps for iPad.

You can download Auxo 3 here

  1. UntetheredHeySiri
    The latest iPhones allow you to say “Hey Siri” and access Siri voice command services hands free…but only when your phone is plugged into a power source. This didn’t make any sense to anyone, so the UntetheredHeySiri feature was a welcome addition to the BigBoss collection of jailbroken capabilities. This app simple allows you to use the “Hey Siri” command at any time, no matter if your phone is plugged in or not. It’s an easy fix that pinpoints the advantages of using Cydia apps. This will make your best iPhone even more convenient to use day to day.

You can download the UntetheredHeySiri feature here

  1. BioLockdown
    TouchID capabilities add some new security features to the iPhone, but there’s a lot more the TouchID sensor can do, with a little work. BioLockdown is one of the best examples, with its addition of widespread security locks using the biometric fingerprint scanner. With this app you can lock specific apps, settings, and major controls, limiting interference on multiple levels. The apps also comes with a master on/off switch so you can turn off these security additions whenever you want, then turn them back on when you are in a more vulnerable environment. Other security apps that are free can be found on our review on 10 of the best free Mac apps.

You can download BioLockdown here

  1. Barrel
    So far most of these jailbreak apps for iPhone are designed for greater utility, so let’s look at one of the cool jailbreak apps: Barrel remains a great animation animation app for iPhone 6, allowing you to quickly add transition and animation effects across your home screen and icons. Cubes, slides, curls…just think of it as applying what PowerPoint effects you want to all your iPhone actions. It’s a lot of fun.

You can download Barrel here

  1. FolderEnhancer
    The original version of FolderEnhancer allowed you to create detailed folders and subfolders in iOS for managing your docs and apps in a more natural way. The latest iOS 8 version of the software allows for more bug-free nested folders, bigger folders with customization for setting the number of rows and columns, and various other additions to make using the app a smoother experience. If you juggle a lot of apps or appreciate folder organization, this app is for you.

You can download FolderEnhancer here

  1. Flex 2
    And there was great rejoicing when Flex 2 was updated for iOS 8 compatibility. This is a jailbreak app for your other apps, allowing you to change the way that apps respond and tailor them to your own preferences. You can adjust all different kinds of features, expanding specific limits that you don’t like or changing the size of the app window. Flex has a community of developers working to continually add more ways to tweak your apps, too, so it’s worth doing a little research when you start using it. But you won’t need any research to make a decision when purchasing iPad apps because we have reviewed 10 of the best iPad apps available today, just for you.

You can download Flex 2 here

  1. Springtomize 3
    Springtomize is like a far, far more advanced version of Barrel for those who really want to tweak their animations, and Sprintomize 3 is designed specifically to work with the latest iPhones. Change the way your lock screen, icons, folders, control center commands, and apps behave when you open or close them to make your phone as interesting and unique as you want it to be. You can also stick with simply altering the traditional animations iOS uses. If you travel a lot and you are looking for apps that can simplify your communication with family, take a look at our suggestions in the best messenger apps guide.

You can download Springtomize 3 here

  1. NoteCreator
    If you love to make quick notes on your iPhone, then consider downloading NoteCreator. Sure, iOS comes with a Notes app, but NoteCreator expands the function and adds note creation to a gesture of your choice. This allows you to immediately bring up Notes, no matter what you are doing on your phone, and jot something down within moments. Just don’t make the gesture too common, or you may accidentally bring up Notes all the time.


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