Best Apps For Long Distance Relationships

When we talk about the Best Apps to Help you Thrive in a Long Distance Relationship, things can get very personal. In a blog post such as this, I like to use first-person writing and speak directly to my audience about the common challenges the relationship might be facing so I feel that using “I” instead of “we” works best.

11 Must-Download Apps For Long Distance Relationships — Elephant On The Road

Best Apps For Long Distance Relationships

  1. Couple Game
    best long distance apps for couples

Ever wanted to find out how well your partner truly knows you? Download this app to access couples quizzes ranging in topics from favorite food, holidays, hobbies, films, music, romance, intimacy, kissing, and more. Whether you’re a new couple or you’ve been together for a while, this easy version of the Newlywed Game will def keep you both entertained.

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Download for IOS and ANDROID

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  1. Between
    best couples app for long distance relationships
    This highly rated, popular app is both a messenger service and a calendar in one. You can chat with one another, store cute photos together, save important dates in here like anniversaries or when you’ll see each other next, and also call one another with its free calling feature. You can upgrade for an ad-free experience and even more special features as well.

Download for IOS and ANDROID

  1. Love Nudge
    best apps for long distance couples

Stan the five love languages? This app is perfect for you. It’s based on the idea of love languages and takes it to the next level by suggesting goals for your partner that you can also customize. Maybe your partner knows that your love language is words of affirmation but could use a light “nudge” (hence the name wink) to remember to act accordingly. Instead of nagging your partner with “Why don’t you ever compliment me when I’m down?” (guilty), Love Nudge sort of game-ifies it to make it fun for both of you to show your care for one another in each of your preferred love languages. The App Store version also has Apple Watch compatibility.

Download for IOS and ANDROID

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  1. Gottman Card Decks
    best long distance apps for couples
    When it comes to deepening your relationship as a couple, there are few experts as widely respected as the Gottmans. The Gottman Institute (started by husband and wife team Drs. John and Julie Gottman) uses research-based findings as the basis of their several best-selling self-help and relationship books, and their app is just as legit too. The free app gives you access to 14 card decks with more than 1,000 flash cards, activities like Love Maps to better know your partner, ideas for date night, and Salsa cards for improving your intimacy. The app is sleek and easy to navigate (instructions like “how to use this deck” are included), and it’s got a 4.8-star rating over 564 reviews, which speaks for itself.

Download for IOS and ANDROID

  1. Without
    best apps for long distance relationships

This messaging app is designed with LDRs in mind and aims to make the distance between you and your boo more manageable by keeping them top of mind for you with localized updates and a way to see your partner’s photo. You can send selfie notes and other messages, and it gives you updates on their local weather and time in case you are far away and wanna make sure they put on sunscreen for an unusually sunny afternoon or something. Without connects you with only one other person, so there’s no worry that your boo is Without’ing other people on you. This app is also cute because you can add it to your Today View so that when you pull down your notifications, you can see a picture of your partner at a glance.

Download for IOS

  1. Honi
    best long distance relationship apps
    For couples looking to spice things up sex-wise, Honi has gotchu. Like many of the other apps in this list, it works using card decks that include dares, fantasies, would you rathers, tips, positions, and quizzes to better know each other. There’s also a feature where you can quite literally try to bring your relationship to the “next level” by improving scores in areas like romanticism, sexuality, and communication.

App games for long distance couples

  1. Couple Game
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    couple game homescreen screenshot
    couple game cards screenshot
    couple game coupons screenshot
    The Couple Game app lets you communicate with your partner in ways beyond just texting. While you can use the app to chat with your partner, you can also take part in quizzes to test your knowledge about your partner while learning more about them simultaneously.

You can also check out Couple Game’s “Cards” section, where you can find some fun conversation starters, check out some tips and tricks for keeping your relationship happy and healthy, and take a look at some fun couples’ bucket list ideas for your future.

In the app’s “Convos” section, you’ll find some interesting discussion topics that span over a wide range of topics, like your memories together, your ideal date, or your love languages. This is a great way to delve deeper into your partner’s likes and dislikes and have a chuckle over the past.

The app also lets you send cute little personalized coupons for dinners, adventurous dates, and even household chores to your partner.

While Couple Game offers plenty of features for free, the premium version costs $7.99 a month. So, make sure you’ll be making use of the premium features before signing up.

Download: Couple Game for Android | iOS (Free, premium version available)

  1. Tinkovu
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    tinkovu homescreen screenshot
    tinkovu friend request screenshot
    tinkovu goals screenshot
    Tinkovu lets you communicate with your partner with nothing more than a tap on the screen. You can do this by pressing the central white and pink button on Tinkovu’s home screen, which sends your partner a notification to let them know you’re thinking of them. A small gesture like this can make a big difference in a long-distance relationship.

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Of course, you can send your partner a message using the Tiknovu app if you need to, but you can do more in the “Goals” section, where you can find fun quizzes to take with your partner.

Tinkovu also has a premium version, but this is mostly just for removing all the ads you’ll see while using the standard version. The app claims to give premium users early access to free content, but there’s no knowing how often they arrive. So keep this in mind before signing up for premium.

Download: Tinkovu for Android | iOS (Free, premium version available)

  1. Paired
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    paired homescreen screenshot
    paired explore screen screenshot
    paired communication section screenshot
    The Paired app offers several useful features that can help you keep your relationship fun and lively. You can take part in many quizzes and tests on this app, including relationship checkups, “would you rather?” games, and quizzes on your favorite things. This is a great way to learn more about your significant other.

On top of this, Paired lets you keep an activity streak and allows you to chat to your partner after you add them on the app using your pairing codes. The app makes this process quick and easy so that you can get started with your partner in no time.

Paired also has a premium version, which adds extra quizzes and activities. However, this will set you back at $12.99 monthly, though the app offers discounted pricing for annual subscriptions, too.

Download: Paired for Android | iOS (Free, premium version available)

  1. Love Nudge
    3 Images
    love nudge initial quiz screenshot
    love nudge goal section screenshot
    love nudge new goal screenshot
    Love Nudge is an excellent resource for both keeping your long-distance relationship lively and improving on specific areas of your partnership from near or far. Like Tinkovu, Love Nudge lets you send nudges to your partner so that they know they’re on your mind.

You can learn about the different love languages using the Love Nudge app or set goals to improve any aspect of your relationship. The app recommends a range of unique goals, from dates and communication to gift-giving, but you can also make your own goal if you have something specific in mind.

The app can also send you notifications to remind you to keep these goals in mind and act on them, helping you take your long-distance relationship to the next level.

Download: Love Nudge for Android | iOS (Free)

  1. Lovebox
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    love box options screenshot
    lovebox postcard edit screenshot
    lovebox postcard edit screenshot
    If you want to send your loved one something special, Lovebox is the app for you. Instead of just sending them a text, you can use Lovebox to send them personalized e-postcards. You can choose from a range of adorable templates offered by the app, or you can start from scratch and make an entirely new e-postcard yourself.


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