Best Apps For Making Rap Beats

Beatmaking has evolved and so has the industry. Information is easily accessible on the internet and new techniques of making beats can be executed with an array of mobile apps. These five apps will inspire you. Moreover, we believe that anyone can learn to make beats from a professional level, even if you have no musical knowledge or any musical experience.  

Best Apps For Making Rap Beats

  1. Creator
    creator beat making app

Creator is the free beat-making app for LANDR Samples.

It makes it possible to layer up to eight loops from LANDR Samples’ extensive sample library and hear them together.

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Creator will automatically time stretch and pitch shift any sample to fit any key and tempo.

That means you can hear how any batch of samples sounds together without worrying about their individual key or tempo.

It works super well in any phone browser and with so many inspiring (and free!) sample packs to peruse through, you’re certain to find and create beats entirely unique to you.

Definitely give Creator a try, it’s free to use and I think you’ll love it.

Give Creator a try, it’s free to use and I think you’ll love it.

  1. iMaschine 2

Maschine from Native Instruments is a well-respected name in the beat-making world.

So it’s no surprise that their iMaschine 2 app is a go-to tool for on-the-go beat makers.

You’ll have to pay for it–and you only get access to so many samples.

But the meticulously designed interface, sample editor and unique workflow make the iMaschine worth the price.

  1. iElectribe

KORG’s Electribe is a well-loved hardware sampler and synth. Somehow the app version translates nicely into a capable beat-making app.

The iElectribe is both a sequencer, a sampler and a synth. So, you can get a ton of functionality out of it.

It’s a great tool for learning about hardware synths without having to purchase a physical one.

For an interesting app to play around with unique sound design capabilities, this is definitely a great option.

  1. GarageBand

The desktop version of GarageBand is easily one of the best free DAWs available right now.

So it’s no surprise that its free iOS version is equally as excellent as its legendary desktop cousin.

GarageBand is equally as excellent as its legendary desktop cousin.
The GarageBand app is essentially a DAW in mobile format. You get a timeline editor, a selection of instruments, recording capabilities, effects, mixing tools and much more.

It’s best suited for iPad users, given how much functionality it has. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not a viable option on iPhone.

Highly recommended as a free starting point for mobile production. The only downside really is that it’s only available for Apple users.

  1. iMPC

The MPC is the groove box sampler that started it all.

Now, the legendary workflow is available in a mobile app format that’s perfect for MPC-style beat-making.

Looking at the app it seems to pay homage to the original interface of the classic MPC 2000 layout.

The iMPC comes with 1,200 samples, 50 editable programs, and 80 editable sequences. Plus, a mixer, effects section and a sampler that uses the built-in iPad mic.

There couldn’t be a better option if you’re looking for an authentic MPC experience on a budget.

There couldn’t be a better option if you’re looking for an authentic MPC experience.

  1. FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile is a mobile DAW that functions very similarly to GarageBand or even iMaschine.

Except, this DAW is of course based on the well-known FL Studio DAW.

It comes with a timeline editor, a handful of effects and instruments, a mixing section and more.

The best part is that it’s available for all devices, meaning Android users can get in on the action.

It’s a great app with a familiar workflow from a well-respected DAW developer.

  1. Beatmaker 3

Beatmaker 3 is a well-developed beat-making app that focuses on re-creating the workflow of hardware groove boxes within the tablet format.

It comes with all the standard sequencers, finger pads, sound bank and effects section you’d expect from an app like this.

Its strongest feature is its sample chopping and editing section that makes it super easy to chop up sounds and assign them to pads and sequences.

Beatmaker 3 is well suited for live performance given its strong sequencer and fully-fledged mixer with individual channels for each pad and up to eight effects sends.

  1. Beatsnap

Beatwave is a free beat-making app with a handful of in-app subscription options that open up access to more sound packs.

While most beat-making apps are best suited for tablets, Beatsnap is optimized best for use on smartphones, making it a great option for truly mobile beat-making.

Its most useful feature is definitely its MIDI-style timeline editor, which makes it easy to tap in drum sequences and sample triggers.

Best rap recording app for android

AutoRap by Smule
AutoRap is an amazing rap voice transformer app. Even if you don’t have any serious intentions, you will still like this app! The app has two modes – talk mode and rap mode. In the talk mode, you gotta just say something in your phone’s mic and the app will transform your words into something really cool! You should definitely try that!

The other mode is simpler – it’s just for rapping to some beat. There are over a hundred beats, but, unfortunately, only two of them are free. The other ones that are from such famous figures as Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Drake, and so on and so forth require payment.

When you’re done with recording, no matter whether it’s talking or rapping, you got two options to choose from. You can either share your track with friends via a text message or take part in a rap battle. And there is also a leaderboard, so you can check how other users are doing. I literally couldn’t put my phone down! So good this app is. Get it now and have fun!

autorap app

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Music Maker JAM
Music Maker JAM is not just for making rap – it is for making all kinds of music (including hip hop). The app will let you make your own beats, combine different styles of music, and a lot more. There are prepared samples (most of which are not free, of course) that you can change in the way you like.

It takes some time in order to get used to this app, but when you got used to it, you see lots of possibilities opening up for you. Get the app right now and start making your own authentic tracks!

music maker jam app

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KEARR is a specific music network that mainly includes Hip-Hop fans, rappers, and beatmakers. And even though it can happen that you’ve never heard about it, this network has around 100000 artists.

Thus, it is a cool community for rappers to find inspiration, make collabs, find friends, and just be in their zone. KEAKR has one very convenient feature – you can just choose an instrumental beat that you will find in the app and record your track in the same place.



Rap to Beats (Android app)
This one has the same functionality as the app above, one of the few differences is that is is for Android. There are lots of beats of high quality. The app is almost free – without paying, you can’t use any microphone other than your phone’s and have to view ads all the time. Apart from that, a really good one this one! Get it now and sharpen your rapping skills!

rap to beats android app

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Battle Me – Hip Hop Studio. Record rap freestyle

Battle Me is a perfect rap app in case you wanna get famous or win people’s respect. Like other apps, this one offers you lots of good beats to pick from. If you need help with rhymes, you can use the app’s rhyme search helper.

The most amazing part of the app is that you can take part in tournaments and earn money. The app is used by over 800 thousand people! You have a real chance to get noticed by promoters, famous personalities and even record labels. There are lots of ways in which you can use this app. Get it now and choose what you prefer most!

battle me rap studio app

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Rap Wars Free
Today battle rap is one of the most popular sub-genres in hip-hop. It is a great way to show off your skills, meet other rappers, and hear what they got to say. The app offers quite a lot of beats – some of them are free, others are not.

If you don’t want to be involved in a battle, you can just record a solo or rate other raps. This is a great way to find like-minded people and raise one’s skills to a new level!

rap wars app

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Rapchat: Social Rap Maker & Recording Studio
The last one on our list is Rapchat. Rapchat is a great app for recording rap and sharing it either with a wide auditory or just with friends. The number of beats the app offers is over one hundred.

Besides recording rap, you can listen to other rappers and rate their work. All in all, this app is a great helper for everyone who is interested in rap music. Download it today and share your best rhymes with people or maybe even look for something to listen to!

rapchat app

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Voloco allows users to record professional tracks, remove background noise, and fine-tune voice settings.Once you have launched the app, you will be instantly transferred to the homepage containing an extended number of music genres and sound effects.

If you want to record a rap, select its section and you will gain access to the assorted beats. Scroll down the screen to check all of them.

After that, tap on the favored one and start recording rap. For this, you just need to press the red round button on the bottom of the screen. Here you can also adjust various controls or add the lyrics.

As for the additional features there, users can also apply special effects to the rap tracks, select an appropriate amount of beats per minute, choose a musical key, etc.


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