Best Apps For Personal Assistants To Use

Personal assistants are an essential part of many people’s lives, and if you manage to land one of these coveted positions, you’ll be expected to jump through hoops to ensure your boss is happy.

Ever wonder what tools make this career possible? What apps do personal assistants use to keep things running smoothly? We’ve compiled a list of must-have apps for personal assistants everywhere.

The best personal assistant apps for Android - Android Authority

Best Apps For Personal Assistants To Use

If you’re not a personal assistant—or even if you are—you could probably use one for yourself. It’s hard enough to function at your job and in your life without also struggling to keep your resolutions to be super organized this year. But what if you could have help?

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Did you know you can get a virtual assistant of your very own? Straight to your phone. They’re called SVPAs. You’ll still have to run your own errands, but you can get a little help with the other stuff—and you can yell at this assistant all you want.

Here are some of the best.

  1. Google Now
    Called “the intelligent personal assistant,” Google Now is available for iOS, Android, and your desktop. It stays with you around the clock and organizes everything into customizable cards—weather, traffic, sports scores, favorite websites, etc. You’ll never see your life the same way again once you see it in all these neat packages.
  2. 24Me
    This one functions kind of like a second brain. Set yourself reminders for paying bills or other important deadlines and meetings. Sync all your to-do lists, notes, and calendar into one convenient app. It’s free, and currently one of the top 10 productivity apps on the App store.
  3. Quip
    The best endorsement for this one might be that Mark Zuckerberg himself uses it. It’s just like the virtual office Facebook, Quora, and Instagram use, and allows users to collaborate, create, upload, and share documents—even edit them—as a team.
  4. Wunderlist
    If you’re a list person, this app is right up your alley. Make all the lists you want, then lump them all together in one sleek package and enjoy. You can even share your lists with family members or pals when you need to plan vacation packing lists or bucket lists.
  5. Speaktoit
    If you’d rather speak to your SVPA, like you do to Siri, then this app is for you. Speaktoit is like Siri, only it’s the the CEO version. You can make calls, search the internet for puppy photos, or find the closest dry cleaners. Just give it commands, and the app will remember your preferences for you. It can even answer questions about how best to sort your day.
  6. Hootsuite
    This one is free, too, with paid subscription options available. It’s a desktop/phone tool that helps you update all of your social media platforms from one place. One app, multiple posts. You can even tailor which posts go to which media as you prefer.
  7. Evernote
    Also free! This app ends up on most people’s favorites lists. Capture, manage, store, and remember everything you need to. Evernote is also good search and sync capabilities.
  8. Call Please
    HBO producer Gregg Feinberg created this free app to be able to streamline the call log process, making one list for all team members. Never let any calls slip between the cracks again. And your manager will always know exactly what’s going on—and what calls they most urgently need to make.
  9. IFTTT
    “If This Then That” lets you make customized recipes based on what you have—and better yet, keeps them simple. Never be stuck without an idea of what to make for dinner again with this free app.
  10. TinyScan
    Scan any document at any time anywhere and send it to your own email as a PDF. You’ll never have to go to Staples again for your document management.
  11. Dropbox
    Often undersung, this cloud storage program syncs between your computer and your phone. Your documents are securely backed up and accessible no matter where you are. Never be at a loss again in an off-site meeting when asked the location of a specific document.
  12. LogMeIn
    This app lets you have full access to your work computer—remotely. Open documents, launch applications… basically, do anything you need to do.

personal assistant app for iphone

I’m quite excited about the personal assistant apps and the market in general because that’s where cutting-edge artificial intelligence turns into practical stuff that can be used in normal life. To that extent, we’ve got a ton of personal assistant apps for the iPhone/iOS devices out there. Siri really fulfills everything when it comes to smart assistance. However, we do know that there are alternatives and depending on your liking and requirement, they could be smarter than Siri.

  1. Amazon Alexa
    Amazon Alexa
    Powered by Alexa, this app is quite popular on iOS. It’s designed to work with Amazon Echo devices. Using the app, you can not only manage Alexa-enabled devices but also play music, listen to the radio, create shopping lists, get news updates, and control smart home devices.

With the support for almost all the leading music-streaming services including Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, and more, it ensures you have more flexibility to stream your favorite music streaming app.

What’s more, you can also enable recommended skills for a more personalized experience.

Not just that, the app can let you even call or send a quick message to supported devices to stay in touch with your friends and loved ones.

Price: Free

  1. 24me
    24me Personal Assistant iPhone App Screenshot
    24me, rated as one of the top 10 productivity apps on App Store, is a clear-cut way to manage your day. It doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles, but it sure knows its way. 24Me works great for reminders, data and sending messages and micro gifts to your friends on their birthdays and anniversaries.

Price: Free

  1. Google Assistant
    ‎Google Personal Assistant iPhone and iPad App Screenshot
    Google Assistant is a popular voice assistant primarily used on Android phones. But its usefulness has been appreciated by iOS users as well. One of the best things Google Assistant offer is location services. People rely on quick information like weather and news shared by Google Assistant.

One of the glaring features of Google Assistant is its integration into Siri Shortcuts. Simply open Google Assistant and tap on ‘Add to Siri’ button; next, record voice ‘Ok Google’ and go ahead.

Price: Free

  1. ChatterBoss

This app offers you not just a personal assistant but, rather, an entire team of virtual assistants who can help you get things done. It’s the perfect solution to lighten the load for busy individuals who don’t have the time to look after each tiny detail of their lives.

For instance, the app offers a seamless experience for email and calendar management, personal shopping, travel planning, project management, and a whole lot more. Look no further for personal, hands-on human help with your day-to-day stuff.

Price: $49.99 for an hour of help

  1. HOUND Voice Search & Assistant
    HOUND Voice Search & Assistant iPhone App Screenshot
    Are you looking for a smart personal assistant that can provide fast responses to your questions? HOUND can be a viable option to get your job done comfortably. Whether you want to play any latest or top song, get the most recent news, make phone calls, send a text message or browse the web, it can let you do all those things and much more perfectly.

With this virtual assistant, you can speak naturally as it is smart enough to understand your particular accent and what you are after. Depending on your need, you can filter, sort and even add more information to make the assistant more intelligent to have a better result.

Price: Free

  1. DataBot
    DataBot Personal Assistant iPhone App Screenshot
    DataBot is a terrific personal assistant that has been designed to stand up to your task. The virtual talking robot quickly answers your queries. It’s able to create a customized multi-media presentation using voice, text as well as images.

The virtual assistant can even let you share your answer using SMS, email and social networks. Based on your preference, you can customize the assistant’s language, voice, name, and even behavior. The assistant gets better over time as it learns you and your preference. DataBot is available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.

Price: Free

  1. Butleroy
    Butleroy iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

When you chase tight schedules in a day, a smart personal assistant like Butleroy is essential. This can take care of your to-do list, restaurants near your locations, and events listed in your calendars. The artificial intelligence of Butleroy can efficiently manage everything on your behalf.

This personal assistant will find parking near your appointments and help you with Uber or Lyft. Before you set out for your appointment, the city mapper shows you the best way.

Price: Free

  1. Voice Answer
    Voice Answer iPhone and iPad App Screenshot
    Voice Answer brings information from Wolfram Alpha, which is a computational knowledge engine. You can ask questions and the app will give you detailed answers. Its 3D robot will chat with you and guide you.

Apart from answering your questions, the app works as your personal assistant to call your contacts, send text messages and email on your behalf.

Price: $3.99

  1. My Personal Secretary
    My Personal Secretary iPhone App Screenshot
    My Personal Secretary is very competent and does the task of a responsible voice assistant who handles your typing job with ease. To be more precise, it allows you to type fast using your voice. Simply start speaking, and words will instantly convert into text.

With the use of the error-correction algorithm and a language model, it types your words correctly and with the desired speed. Better still, it supports 23 languages. You can share your text via Facebook, email, Twitter and other mediums. If you no longer want to type while replying to any question, texting or socializing with friends on social networks, this personal assistant is the right option for you.

Price: Free


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