Best Apps For Personality Development

Personality development is essential for your professional and personal growth. Your personality development can help you become more confident and successful in all areas of your life. Good personality development requires you to be presentable, positive, and to communicate well with others.

The first step towards improving yourself is to learn about the different aspects of personality development. To do that, we’ve put together a list of the best apps for you to get started on the path towards developing a better personality.

Best Apps For Personality Development

Successful business people like entrepreneurs have usually undertaken a lot of positive personal development to achieve the state of mind that keeps them focused and motivated. For some people, this attitude comes more naturally than for others, but it is also a skill that can be learned and mastered with regular practice.

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There are also many great entrepreneurs who applied some self help philosophy in order to achieve their goals, and plenty of others who like to keep doing so even after they have achieved success. So if you feel that you could do with help in this area then you are in good company.

Self-improvement needs constant and consistent effort, and one of the best ways to ensure you don’t lose your motivation is with a self-improvement app that keeps you on track.

10 Self Improvement Apps to Help You Succeed in Business
If you want to succeed and improve in your business, it’s important to choose the app that is right for you. These are our top picks for mobile and software apps that can help you be smarter and happier in your entrepreneurial journey:

How happy are you? And is there anything you can do to improve your mood? The Happier app treats happiness as a skill you can learn with practice. It has the aim of helping you not only enjoy everyday moments but also handle the difficult times with resilience, a very useful skill for business owners! Use self care apps like Happier to develop a more positive outlook, practice mindfulness and gratitude with a community of people who share the same common goal.

Happier is a free app and available through iTunes and for Android.

    Sometimes the best way to improve is with the help of a coach. If you want to boost your personal development, build your career, get in shape or learn a new skill, then the app could be the perfect tool to achieve your goals. You can use it to form a new habit with the habit tracking feature, support from the community and personalized coaching.

The habit tracker part of the app is free while the personalized coaching starts from $25 a week. Get it on iOS or Android. You’ll have a personal coach all your own that’s as close as your mobile device.

  1. Day One
    Lots of activities can help with that entrepreneurial journey. Count keeping a journal of your progress among them. The Day One app is a journaling tool that lets you keep a daily diary, gratitude journal and workout log all in one easy-to-use place using powerful text formatting with markdown. You can also keep image and sound files, and save inspirational quotes to refer to whenever you need a little motivation.

Day One is available on Android but is heavily marketed towards iOS, where you can use the app on an iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

  1. Remente
    The greatest challenge facing most entrepreneurs is to figure out their direction — and stick with it. The purpose of the powerful Remente app is to help you understand exactly what in life you should be focusing on. The app lets you set goals and offers lessons in how to feel good, overcome bad habits, be productive and stay motivated. Use it to keep track of your mood and develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your emotions.

There is also a special Remente Business app that aims to improve company performance, engagement and results, while providing employees with the tools and insights to influence their productivity and well being. Available on both iOS, Android and multiple browsers.

  1. Youper
    What do you do when the pressures of running a business are getting to you? Business can be stressful even at the best of times. So if anxiety and depression are hindering your success, then the Youper selfcare app could be exactly what you need. It works like an AI therapist in your pocket that will evaluate your mood every day with some relevant questions, then prescribe the right course of action to overcome your negative state of mind.

So how much will all of this cost you? As a matter of fact, it costs nothing at all. Available for free on either iOS or Android, the Youper self care app can becalm your mind and protect your emotional health.

  1. Make me Better
    You may have heard that entrepreneurs require a certain temperament. Make Me Better is an app that provides a steady stream of personality development articles, self help tips, productivity ideas, motivational quotes and life hacks to help you improve and enhance your personality. The articles are short and summarized, making them easy to remember and put into practice in your daily life.

One important improvement may be in the field of communications. So much business is determined by your ability to get your ideas across to others and the relationships you establish with them. The Make Me Better personality development app can be extremely useful for ambitious entrepreneurs. And it’s available on either iOS or Android.

  1. ThinkUp
    When running a business, keeping your spirits up is critical. But sometimes you need some help. Feel good and motivate yourself with the positive reinforcement and affirmation app, ThinkUp. It provides you with personalized affirmations and inspirations every day and lets you build your own self-improvement program using the tools and data collected by the app.

And don’t worry about the cost. It won’t be a problem. The app is free, though some features are only available as in-app purchases. Download the ThinkUp app on iOS or Android. And start lifting your spirits today.

  1. Smarter Time
    Is the work of running your own business becoming a bit too much to handle alone? You may not be able to afford a flesh and blood assistant. But thanks to technology, that may not be a problem anymore. The Smarter Time app acts as your personal assistant using artificial intelligence to measure, analyze and improve your time use and habits. It’s designed to learn your habits automatically from your location data and its sensors, as well as from your input. The powerful analytics give you a precise breakdown of your time use, divided into customizable categories.

Getting your own personal assistant has never been as affordable. The Smarter Time app is available on Android for free, though certain features are only unlocked via in-app purchases.

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  1. 7 Minute Workout
    One of the best ways to make yourself feel good and improve your life experience is to be fit and healthy. But finding the time to exercise regularly can be difficult when you are running a business. Now that’s not a problem anymore. With over one thousand exercise variations, the 7 Minute Workout app aims to solve this problem by scheduling just seven minutes of beneficial exercise a day.

The app also has a Smart Workout feature which gauges your fitness and motivation levels to keep you performing at your best. You can download this app for iOS or Android.

  1. My Affirmations
    The My Affirmations app helps you change the way you look at life by feeding you constant reminders of the values you want to instil in your mind. It can really help entrepreneurs stay focused on their goals and keep pushing forward with their careers by reminding them of what they really want out of life.

You can make different types of affirmations from a variety of categories appear, showing up as notifications at the time you specify. Download for free on Android, though there are adverts and in-app purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions
People often have questions about how an app, software or tools can help you focus. We’ve collected a few of the most common questions.

Why is Self Improvement Important?
Self improvement is important because it helps you increase your strengths and decrease your weaknesses. Meditation and learning of any kind can come to your aid here. But technology can assist your other mental efforts. Apps play a role by helping you to grow your life skills and enhance your self-awareness.

Is there a way to improve self confidence?
If you want to improve your self confidence over time, begin by improving your life skills and making progress towards your goals. Apps like the ones listed above can remind you to focus on developing these positive habits until eventually they become your naturally instinctive behavior. To access the right app for you, try looking for an interactive tool that improves as you do.

Do Self Improvement Apps Cost a Lot?
Most of the personal development apps have a basic version which is free to use, though more advanced features are sometimes locked behind a pay wall. In-app purchases are not usually expensive. And you can always read the customer reviews for each app on the Apple or Google Play stores to see how much value previous users place on the purchases. But remember, the important thing is to find an app that works best for you.

Great entrepreneurs often credit their business success to their perseverance and single-minded focus on their goals. These are excellent habits to develop in the business world and these apps can help you take great strides along your journey of self development.

self discovery apps

When many people hear ‘self help’, they might think of books or hypnosis tapes. But the self improvement industry has come a long way in the 21st century. It was worth $9.9 bn in the US a few years ago.

Mixing sound psychology with technology resulted in a plethora of self improvement apps. They’re aimed at different results, whether that’s quitting smoking, staying active, or learning a new language.

Read on to learn which self improvement apps can get you back on top – and keep you there.

  1. Daylio
    It can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint why you’re feeling low. And you don’t always want to keep a physical diary to log your moods.

Enter Daylio. This simple app lets you track your moods, and log what you were doing at the time.

You might suspect your job is making you feel terrible. But seeing it on screen as part of a graph within the app makes it easier to understand.

Tracking your moods as they’re associated with activities lets you see what activities pick you up and what puts you down. Daylio is easy to use and its helpful reminders mean you won’t miss tracking your mood.

  1. JourneyCloud
    Journaling has existed in some form for centuries, whether it’s as a private diary or an online blog. And you might be wondering why a journal app appears in a list of self development apps.

Keeping a journal helps people work through depression, anxiety, and stress. It’s also a great way to track your progress in learning an instrument or a language.

You may not want to blast your personal thoughts all over the internet. And physical notebooks might not suit your lifestyle.

JourneyCloud lets you access the benefits of journaling and the joys of technology at once. Simply type your entries on your phone or tablet, secure in the knowledge they’re safe in the cloud.

  1. SuperBetter
    As far as personal development games go, they don’t come more fun than SuperBetter. In a persuasive TED talk, creator Jane McGonigal claims playing it can give you ten extra years of life.

It uses the concept of gamification to turn self development into a series of quests. Start by choosing your goal – weight loss, overcoming anxiety, or becoming more active are popular choices.

Perform three ‘quests’ every day and use ‘power ups’ for an instant boost when you need it. Earn points every time you use the app.

You can also buddy up with other users for support. It’s completely free and also syncs with the desktop browser version.

This is the app recommended by university professors and mental health care professionals. Use it to become the best version of yourself.

  1. Calm
    The mindfulness craze didn’t slow down once people understood how beneficial the practice was. Even a single session can help reduce anxiety.

It can be difficult to train yourself to practice mindful meditation without some kind of help. The Calm app, like many others, provides guidance to get you started.

A range of soothing natural sounds, like rainfall or water lapping at a beach, create a backdrop to your meditation. Narrators guide you through each meditation, which start at three minutes long.

The app really comes into its own when you buy a subscription, granting access to meditation programs. But it’s one of the best self improvement apps.

Check out our ultimate guide to mindfulness.

  1. Loop
    Loop is an app dedicated to habit tracking. Some people use habit trackers to check habits they want to break. But Loop helps you build a steady positive habit using reminders.

Select a habit, such as writing or reading. And choose a time for notifications.

Its calendar lets you check you’re keeping up with your new habits. It’s a great way to follow your progress and build a new ‘you’ in the process.

  1. Elevate Brain Training
    Not all self improvement apps are about meditation or gratitude. Elevate Brain Training instead aims to help you improve your cognitive skills.

Work on your memory, math skills, focus, or speaking skills, among others. The app contains over 40 games and creates personalized daily workouts to help boost your cognitive performance.

The skills help with mental arithmetic and spelling, among other things. So they’re useful skills to improve.

  1. Moodspace
    Moodspace is a good all-rounder. It prompts you to note three positive things that happened during your day.

It also asks you to note things you’re grateful for, helping you to see the more positive things in life.

Moodspace has a ‘thought diary’ section if you want somewhere to keep track of your thoughts throughout the day.

It’s not intended as a replacement for medical treatment for depression. But it’s a good supplement to keep you going on what can be a difficult path.

  1. 7 Minute Workout
    You’ve given your mood a workout – what about your body? Exercise is crucial to your self development. It helps beat laziness and boost your productivity.

But we’re also busy people and 7 Minute Workout recognizes that. Everyone can find seven minutes in their day to do a workout, even at home with no equipment.

It uses the principles of HICT (high intensity circuit training) so you can maximize the short duration of each workout. There are videos for each exercise so you know you’re performing them right.

And for the calorie counters among you, it’ll let you track how many calories you’ve burned.

Use These Self Improvement Apps Every Day
Many of these apps work well together. You might use 7 Minute Workout as part of your morning routine. Then track your daily gratitude with Moodspace before bed.

Fit in one of Calm’s commuter meditations on the way to work. And rack up points with SuperBetter quests during lunch.

Any, or all, of these apps can help you meet your self development goals and become a better version of you.

Each app may not suit your lifestyle, so try out these self improvement apps and see which works best for you.

And why not check out our other self improvement articles and plan your New You now?


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