Best Apps For Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy technicians provide an integral service, and it’s important to remember that this job requires a lot more than just knowing how to count pills. In addition to assisting customers at the counter, pharmacy technicians are also responsible for managing inventory.

From checking in shipments and restocking shelves to managing expirations and recalls, there is a lot of work that goes into keeping the pharmacy running smoothly.

Being able to do your job well requires a broad understanding of pharmacy operations. Even though a lot of the information will be learned through on-the-job training, there are some resources that can help you bring your A game on day one—and throughout your career.

Many apps have been developed specifically for pharmacy technicians to help you manage your workflow and get access to the information you need quickly.

Below are some apps that can help you be successful at work!

The 11 Best Mobile Apps for Pharmacy Technician Students | UEI College

Best Apps For Pharmacy Technicians 2022

As any pharmacy technician knows, it’s important to have access to critical, up-to-date information on the latest prescription drugs, their interactions, side effects, and uses.

Fortunately, pharmacy technician apps can produce this data, so that critical decisions can be made in a safe and informed way. Here is a list of the best pharmacy technician apps for Android and iOS.


This is a free, informative mobile app for pharmacy technicians. It gives health professionals and pharmacy technician students alike information about drug shortages in an efficient way.

The information in the app comes straight from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists as well as the FDA, and lists current shortages, resolved shortages, and drugs that are no longer available.

Android/ Apple


The LexiComp app is an extremely efficient app for pharmacy technician students. It offers comprehensive drug information that’s available at the exact moment it’s required.

Includes drug administration information, potential interactions, possible side effects, and contraindications for both pediatric and adult patients.

Android/ Apple


Epocrates provides up-to-date drug information for pharmacy technicians to refer to when necessary. The app features drug safety information, drug interactions, and insurance information in relation to specific drugs, as well as complex calculations so that the correct dosages can be formulated.

Android/ Apple


This pharmacy resource app allows pharmacy technicians to search for drugs and products by ingredients or brand name.

The app has over 12,000 brand images, as well as 6,000 drug types and 1 million prices! With iPharmacy, you can check out the latest drug trends, shortages, and pricing with ease.



Using this app, you can easily search for drugs using their brand or generic name in order to find out their individual properties and pricing.

New drug summaries are added every month, including dosage information, interactions, precautions, strength recommendations, and side effects.

You can even filter the drugs by popularity and effectiveness, ensuring that you’re confident about the best ways to treat an illness.


The Pharmacy Lab Values app features over a 150 lab values that are regularly used by medical professionals and pharmacy technicians. The app provides up to date information on drug policies and general pharmaceutical news.

Each update is a quick summary rather than extensive text, making it easy to read, and allows you to filter commonly used values by category.



This highly detailed app can be used in a variety of ways. It contains the details of over 4,300 Rx and OTC products, which are categorised so that they reflect the corresponding conditions and diseases.

There’s a quick search function that allows you to look up a drug by its generic or brand name, and the app includes automatic, real-time updates that give the pharmacy technician everything they need to know about the latest drug news.

Furthermore, what really makes this app stand out is its 150 medical calculators, assisting pharmacy technician students with their studies.



The Skyscape Medical Library app features a large library of medical resources for pharmacy technicians.

It includes general and specific drug information, calculators to determine dosages, clinical information, algorithms, flowcharts, and 850 medical topics to read about. The app is updated regularly, and is free to download.

Android/ Apple


Medscape is a comprehensive drug referencing pharmacy technician app. It allows the user to search for specific drugs (with 8,000 brands to choose from), as well as OTC drugs, herbal supplements and alternative medicines.

The Drug Interaction Checker is a built-in feature that can deter mild to severe interactions, ensuring patient safety and accurate recording. There’s also a disease reference feature which contains information about over 4,000 diseases and clinical conditions.

These can be cross referenced with the appropriate drugs. The app also contains the latest policies and procedures and medical news.

Android/ Apple


iTriage is a quick and efficient medical app which allows any pharmacy technician to access vital healthcare information at the click of a button.

Reviewed by the Harvard Medical School, all of the app content is precise and up-to-date, with symptom checkers, disease information, and drug policy data.



Microemedex Drug Information is a highly comprehensive database of drug, disease, and policy information for pharmacy technicians.

It includes precautions and contradictions, dosages, latest drug news, and pregnancy and breastfeeding information, as well as a database of thousands of drugs and medical conditions.

Pharmacy technicians and pharmacy technician students can benefit from an efficient app to refer to for those all-important answers.

It is now possible to complete dosage calculations, check drug interactions, and keep up with essential pharmacy-related news from your mobile phone and make important pharmaceutical decisions within seconds.

Best Apps for Pharmacists

As technology and artificial intelligence has evolved significantly over the past decade, so has the way we consume information in our daily lives whether it’s at work or at home.

As professionals and as patient’s we are using technology more and more intuitively to help support us in all aspects of life.

I firmly believe to provide the best service to your patients, you need to have the most up-to-date knowledge base and there are many apps that can help you with this.

The best clinical pharmacy apps I feel that you should be using in 2022 to ensure you have the latest and most relevant information to deliver the best possible care are:

The BNF App

This is a must-have app as a pharmacist. Admittedly the old version was pretty poor. It was slow, required you to pay and login via open Athens. However, this new version is a lot more refined and responsive.

It is logically presented, with hyperlinks in the text to help guide you through the content. The interaction checker is really helpful and is a quick way to check drug interaction without having to flick through the pages from the book.

Available on: Apple and Google Play

Micromedex Free Drug Reference

Micromedex Drug Reference is a great drug information app. It includes useful information on IV compatibility, drug interactions, and off-label indications.

Available on: Apple and Google Play

SIGN Guidelines

SIGN Guidelines Clinical Pharmacy Apps

Contains all the latest guidelines for you on the move. It also allows you to send the guidelines to yourself as a PDF document.

The iPad version even has the split screen feature, really useful if you need type and read. NICE too had an app however, they have recently withdrawn it from the app store.

Available on: Google Play


Medscape Clinical Pharmacy App

Amazing app! Definitely one of my personal favourite of all the clinical pharmacy apps out there! It is a great app for all healthcare professionals.

It offers the latest medical news, expert-opinions, point-of-care drug and disease information and relevant professional education. It also has many more reference materials, online calculators, formularies, etc. Plenty of CPD’s can be done from this app alone!

Available on: Apple and Google Play

MD Calc

MD Calc Clinical Pharmacy App

Ever been stuck looking for medical calculator? It contains all the calculator/scoring tool that you will ever need! A really useful app for Independent Prescribers!

Available on: Apple and Google Play

Patient Access

One stop shop for patients and professionals! Patients can use this app to make appointments with their GP’s and repeat prescription service. For professionals, there are featured articles, medical tools, and resources available for their development.

Available on: Apple and Google Play


Have you felt confused by the number of inhalers that are now available in the market? Gone are the days of just a ‘blue’ and a ‘brown’ inhaler. So many combinations of molecules and devices are now available, it’s difficult to know where to begin from.

This is a fantastic app to supplement your counselling on inhalers. It has information for all the inhalers available in the market and video tutorials for each of them. For healthcare professionals, they have made available treatment pathways for Asthma and COPD recommended by BTS, SIGN and NICE.

Available on: Apple and Google Play

So there you have it. The best free clinical pharmacy apps of 2022. I hope you find these apps useful. Technology is here to make your life easier, so harness it at work and deliver better care to your patients.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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