Best Apps For Property Management

In the modern age, people don’t want to rely on calendars and notebooks to keep track of their important business tasks. Property managers are no exception.

Property management software makes it easy to stay on top of key tasks and events. You can use these tools to schedule important tasks, such as cleaning or maintenance, and even manage documents. These apps can also help you manage rent payments, making sure that you receive them on time without having to chase down tenants.

The right property management software can improve your efficiency, helping you get more done with less effort.

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5 Best Free Apps for Property Managers in 2021 - Simple Vacation Rental  Management Software

Best Apps For Property Management

You can’t run a successful small business these days without the right technology. Whether we like it or not, rental property management apps are an integral part of a landlord’s toolbelt. Knowing which tools to keep, and which ones to leave at home, is a constant balance between practicality and efficiency.

There are many top-rated rental property management apps that landlords should consider adding to their toolbox. These tools include tenant management, financial dashboard, listing, and screening apps. All of these tech tools help us be better and more efficient business owners. And as landlords, we are certainly small business owners.

Here are the top apps all landlords should consider using.

  1. Stessa (5 stars / 1,300 reviews)
    Stessa is a digital platform for property investors to manage, monitor, and communicate the performance of real estate assets. Created by real estate investors, Stessa allows users to easily keep track of property performance, finances, and the paper trail that comes with real estate investing—in one central place.

Stessa will track income, expenses, and provide investors with dozens of critical investing metrics and tax-ready documentation.


Simplify your rental property reporting

Beyond the fact that it’s free, Stessa also offers a number of innovative solutions for landlords who want a tool that moves beyond simple accounting inputs and outputs. For instance, Stessa recently added real-time receipt scanning with automatic tax-ready real estate categorization to the Stessa mobile apps for iOS and Android.
All receipts and invoices that are scanned with the Stessa app are also available on the online platform and vice-versa, so you always have a complete picture of your property expenses. Stessa’s machine learning and OCR technologies parse all the details and then organizes the information. All transaction details are stored in the cloud with the industry’s best security, so everything is always accessible and available during tax time or for audit purposes.

Further, Stessa has a document storage feature that allows landlords and investors to capture all of their critical financial and accounting documents in one centralized database.

Other cool features from the Stessa accounting software app includes rental reports and a mortgage portal for those looking to explore their financing options.


Stessa lets you know exactly how much money your rentals are making you in real time
Stessa automates 90% of the bookkeeping and accounting work so you can spend your time on what matters
Stessa makes tax time a breeze with tax-ready reports

Stessa focuses on getting the financials perfect, so the property management features you may need like tenant management and rent collection aren’t included. Stessa does integrate seamlessly with popular property management apps like Appfolio and Propertyware, however, so you can have the best of both worlds.

  1. Landlordy (5 stars / 1,200 reviews)
    Landlordy is a companion app for landlords and property managers. This app is built for the smartphone world and integrates with the iPhone/iPad camera, email, and messaging features. Some of the key features of Landlordy include full and partial rent payment tracking, expense log, receipt scanner and PDF storage, a photo library, and safety and maintenance checklists.
  2. Landlord Studio (5 stars / 288 reviews)
    Landlord Studio is a property management app built by landlords. It can help you keep track of rent payments and expenses, generate reports for accounting, automate reminders, and invoice tenants.

Through the Landlord Studio dashboard, you can also get an overview of your investing metrics such as cash flow and expenses, as well as store critical documents with their cloud storage service. This app also supports tenant screening, which is becoming much more important these days.

  1. Zillow Rental Manager (4.5 stars / 9,200 reviews)
    Zillow Rental Manager is all about filing vacancy. This rental property management app is less about the overall management and more about finding renters for and leasing your vacant properties. Once you find a renter, Zillow Rental Manager can help you screen them and collect rent.

Other key features include pricing, rental photos, rent inquiry notifications, rental application tracking and submission, income and credit verification tools, and online rental collections.

  1. Buildium (4.5 stars / 664 reviews)
    Buildium is a powerful full-service software for property managers. It has an impressive amount of features, and is therefore expensive and built for investors with larger portfolios.

Buildium does offer some cool features such as an app, payment tracking, robust accounting, and more. Buildium also includes some in-app calculators and an e-filing tool when it comes to tax time.

Bottom line
Keep in mind that an overloaded toolbelt will weigh you down. Test out the above tools, see if they work for your business, and keep them if they do. We are moving more and more toward technology-driven real estate investing, so the quicker you get accustomed to the current top rental property management apps, the better.

best rental property app

When you start looking for a new apartment, chances are you have a finite amount of time before you need to move.

How to Combat Neighborhood Displacement
Fight being forced from your community by becoming a more active member in it.
Devon ThorsbyNov. 14, 2018

Sunrise scene over residential zone of Saga City, Kyushu, Japan – July 2018
It can be tough to find the right place to call your next home, and finding it before it gets snapped up by another renter can be even tougher. In a competitive market, available apartments come and go in a moment’s notice, and a rental open house can feel more like a face-off with other renters than a tour of the space.

Fortunately, there are quite a few apps to help you on your apartment hunt.

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The online apartment listing industry is competing to provide more accurate availabilities and better search options, which benefits renters as more useful information becomes available with a tap of a finger. As rental apps evolve, they are not only making it easier to find available apartments, but they’re also providing renters’ financial information to potential landlords and allowing tenants to pay rent once a lease has been signed.

Here are 10 popular rental apps you can use to find your next apartment available on both iOS and Android:

Zillow Rentals.
Trulia Rentals.
Apartment List.
Apartments by Apartment Guide.
Apartment Finder.

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Zillow Rentals
Best for Comparing Rental Rates

The Zillow Rentals app (Apple, Android) gives users access to spaces for rent throughout the country. You have the ability to personalize a search with specific features such as pet policy, in-unit laundry or on-site parking, and then save the searches that interest you the most. Zillow applies its Zestimate technology, best recognized to estimate the market value of a home, to show Rent Zestimates, making it easier for renters to compare an asking rent with others in the local area.

Trulia Rentals
Best for Scoping Out the Neighborhood

Trulia Rentals (Apple, Android) helps streamline inquiries with its one-click feature, which puts interested renters in direct contact with the property manager, without having to fill out an inquiry form for every apartment they’re interested in or search for a phone number. The Trulia Neighborhoods feature allows renters to learn important details about the area a rental is in, with surveyed opinions from local residents on safety and walkability, photos of the area and whether local laws protect gender identity and sexual orientation in housing, employment and public accommodations.

Apartment List
Best for Curated Apartment Options

Apartment List (Apple, Android) initially opens to ask you a series of questions about your next rental – location, budget, how you prioritize those details and what amenities are most important to you. Once you’ve answered the questions, Apartment List presents you with categorized groups of rental listings that match everything you want or are a bit kinder on your budget, among other options. When going through the listings, you can create a short list of favorites by approving or rejecting your options like you would on a dating app.
Best for Real-Time Availability’s app (Apple, Android) provides real-time availability on a map-based app, with a focus on including details of the amenities apartment communities offer and additional fees renters can expect. Filters make it easy to search within your own parameters, from school information to commute to work or other spots you frequent. also verifies its listings to cut down on the possibility of scam listings or dated information.

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Best for Major City Searches

HotPads (Apple, Android) is best known for its apartment listings in major cities, but the app displays inventory throughout the country. Features include neighborhood details, such as nearby schools and a walk score, to help you get a feel for the area around the apartment you’re considering. If you find a listing that you think would be a great fit for a friend or family member, the share button allows you to send the information with a couple simple clicks.

Best for Completing the Renting Process

Zumper (Apple, Android) offers instant alerts as rental listings that meet your needs come online. Zumper also partners with TransUnion to provide you with your credit report so you can submit a rental application to a landlord securely through the app. Renters can take advantage of features such as booking tours, prequalifying for an apartment, making an offer on a rental and in some markets even paying rent once you’ve signed a lease.

Best for When You’re Out and About

Homesnap (Apple, Android) doesn’t offer a rental app separate from its sale listings app, but you have the ability to filter to only looking at properties for rent. The app’s signature feature still works, allowing you to take a photo of a home with a “for rent” sign and the app will find the active listing for you to check out the details. On the map feature, you can also view recently rented properties to compare an asking rent to what current tenants are paying in the area.

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Best for Boundary Search Options’s app (Apple, Android) allows you to find available visit times and book a tour for the apartments you’re interested in. You can narrow down your search based on certified residents’ reviews, which are obtained by a survey of residents. makes its boundary search, which is common in other apps, even more useful by being able to focus on more than one area that may not be connected.

Apartments by Apartment Guide
Best for Providing Landlords With Info

Apartment Guide (Apple, Android) provides high-definition photos and floor plans for a deeper look at available spaces. The app lets you save listings and send interesting ones to a friend for a second opinion. With the ability to contact property managers and landlords directly from the app, you’re also able to provide information they’ll want to know to approve your application, like income, credit score, needed move-in date and if you have any pets.

Apartment Finder
Best for Meeting Your Budget Needs

Apartment Finder (Apple, Android) caters to new renters and budget-conscious tenants. The app offers filters that help apartment hunters find the best deal based on their budget, including properties that accept housing vouchers, are offering specials and whether utilities are included in the rent. As you reach out to property managers and landlords, you can keep track of your communications in the Apartment Finder app as well


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