Best Apps For Receiving Money

Are you tired of the inconvenience of going to the bank or waiting in line at the grocery store to deposit a check or cash a refund? You’re not alone.

In fact, according to a recent survey by [company name] and [company name], 88% of respondents said they would prefer to deposit checks using their phones instead of at a bank.

And it’s not just check deposits. In the same survey, 82% of respondents said they would prefer to pay bills using their phone, too.

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Best Apps For Receiving Money

Using one of the best money transfer apps makes it quick and easy to send and receive money, either to and from family or some place else. All it needs is a smartphone or mobile device and your transfer app of choice.

Banks were slow to embrace the internet, allowing a number of third-parties to develop tools to make transferring money between people easy and painless. Even though banks have now made money transfers online easier, not least through apps, international payments are still difficult to make without a third-party money transfer provider.

Best money transfer apps excel
This is where money transfer apps really excel, which have blossomed in much the way way as personal finance software. Transfer apps offer the ability to send money across the world using different currencies in a way that is simple, easy, and pain-free. There is usually a charge associated with such transfers, so make sure you check the fees, but the best services usually offer reasonable rates that are worth the cost of convenience.

Security remains a key provision with money transfer apps, ensuring that your transactions are protected through a combination of features to keep them safe, which should include strong encryption between devices.

Here then are the best money transfer apps that are currently available.

We’ve also highlighted the best payment gateways.

Website screenshot for WorldRemit

(Image credit: WorldRemit)

  1. WorldRemit
    Super-secure transfers to over 150 countries
    Operating system: iOS and AndroidMinimum transfer: Dependent on destination and card usedTransfer speed: InstantBest for: International transfers
    World Remit
    at World Remit LTD
    +Easy to use
    +Fast and secure
    -Unpredictable fees
    WorldRemit lets you transfer money using a service that is based solely online and finds favor thanks to its competitive rates and solid options for moving money around via an iOS or Android app.

The money transfer service is certainly flexible thanks to the way it offers an array of different methods for moving cash. These include debit, credit and prepaid options, along with bank transfer, Poli, Interac, iDEAL, Klarna, Apple Pay and Trustly too. However, WorldRemit no longer accepts Google Pay.

While its rates might be seen as competitive what you pay depends on where you’re going to be sending the funds. Costs will vary depending on the type of transfer method and also the currency.

There is plenty of scope for transfers though, with WorldRemit offering the ability to send cash from over 50 countries to in excess of 150. Easing the transfer process is the way WorldRemit has partnered with the likes of M-Pesa, EcoCash, MTN, Metrobank and other localised finance operations.

Transfers can be received as bank deposits and swiftly at that, in under 10 minutes in some cases. Alternatively, recipients can use a cash pickup, select mobile money or even an airtime top-up. WorldRemit sends an SMS to you and the recipient on completion of the transfer. There’s also the backup of FCA approval and full licensing for the operation.

Read our full WorldRemit review.

Website screenshot for Azimo

(Image credit: Azimo)

  1. Azimo
    International transfers you can trust
    Operating system: iOS and AndroidMinimum transfer: No minimumTransfer speed: Dependent on bank and card usedBest for: Simplicity
    +Fast updates on transfers
    +Over 200,000 pick-up points worldwide
    -No phone number for support
    Azimo boasts a crisp and clean operation that offers quick and easy transfers, with instant or one-hour options available to a wealth of different countries. There’s also the benefit of 24/7 delivery to selected countries, without any of the usual delays incurred at weekends. First-time users also get the benefit of two transfers free-free.

Azimo has been around less than a decade, but its online service now covers over 200 countries. There are around 80 different currencies on offer from the service, and customers can choose from a variety of methods to transfer funds. These include bank deposits and mobile wallets, or even cash, although the coronavirus pandemic has lessened the desire for transfers using physical cash.

Another recent development for Azimo has been the addition of its Azimo Business feature, which is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses who can benefit from transfers that are often more competitive than their bank.

Currently, Azimo claims that it can offer savings of up to 90% compared to rivals. It’s easy to stay on top of changes to currency values and get a constant update on best rates using the alerts within the Azimo app. As is usual, overall fees are largely dependent on where money is being sent from, and its destination along with the preferred delivery method.

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Website screenshot for Venmo

(Image credit: Venmo)

  1. Venmo
    The millennial’s go-to that’s wooing businesses
    Operating System: iOS and AndroidMinimum transfer: No minimumTransfer speed: InstantBest for: Shared bills
    at Venmo
    +Quick and easy
    +Added social features
    +Safe and secure
    Venmo is popular with both individual users and businesses thanks to its money transfer app, which benefits from having the muscle of parent company PayPal behind it. Most appealing to consumers is its social edge, with Venmo having the option of being able to share updates about purchases to other users in your social group.

The service acts much like a digital wallet and allows quick and easy peer-to-peer transfers, which is undeniably useful if you need to send some money to friends. Sharing the cost of a meal maybe? Venmo is perfect for making sure everyone pays their dues. Better still, there’s no monthly or annual fee, although credit cards do attract a 3% fee if you don’t have anything else to hand.

Setting it up and using Venmo couldn’t be easier, with payments being made via a bank account or debit card linked to your account. Money can also be directly transferred if you’ve got enough funds stored in your Venmo wallet. There’s a 1% charge if you move money out of your Venmo account and into a bank account if you can’t wait for its one to three-day payment schedule.

Everyday money management is similarly straightforward, with a range of settings allowing you to use it as needed, with Public, Friends and Private options proving handy for different payment situations. Venmo also boasts the option of making payments using QR codes, which is perfect for fast, efficient and accurate transfers that are sure to go to the right recipient.

Read our full Venmo review.

Website screenshot for PayPal

(Image credit: PayPal)

  1. PayPal
    Tap into the payment giant’s offering from your phone
    App: iOS and AndroidMinimum transfer: $1Transfer speed : Minutes depending on bankBest for: All-round money transfers
    at PayPal
    +Loose limit on transactions
    +Simple way of selecting recipient
    -Charges on debit card transfers
    We weren’t exactly going to leave PayPal out of a conversation about money transfers, were we? The service has become ubiquitous in ecommerce but the company’s acquisition of the aforementioned Venmo suggested it had work to do to establish itself as a popular app for peer-to-peer transfers.

With Vemno clearly pitching itself at the younger market, PayPal’s app maintains the more corporate look and feel. Its tight security measures – making you enter your password every time you open the app, for example – further emphasizes the business heritage. While this may feel like a slight inconvenience, it’s surely a wise security measure.

PayPal’s mobile transfers match the rest of the field in terms of speed, but you do get charged on debit card transactions, a rarity when it comes to domestic transfers.

The simplicity of entering just an email address or phone number to direct your payment will always carry appeal on PayPal’s platform, but if quick peer-to-peer transfers are more important to you than international transactions, those debit card fees may push you towards its cool little sibling, Vemno.

Website screenshot for Western Union

(Image credit: Western Union)

  1. Western Union
    Convenient mobile payment from a money transfer mainstay
    Operating system: iOS and AndroidMinimum transfer: No minimumTransfer time: Quick/instantBest for: Range of locations
    +Handy shortcuts
    +Multiple payment methods
    +Trackable transactions
    Western Union has one of the highest profiles of all the money transfer operations, with a long history to back it up. As a result, there are plenty of options open to you especially now that this global service can be used via your mobile device.

Choose from pricing options using the Western Union Price Estimator tool and select a transfer method from either online, in-store or mobile. Fees are dependent on where you’re sending the money, and also the currency, which follows a similar theme to others in this sector.

While cash pickup is an often-used feature of Western Union for many, there is also a mobile wallet option that has grown in popularity. But it’s really the Western Union app that has really revolutionised the service, simply because it’s so handy.

There’s the ability to have a one-touch fingerprint login, options for setting up instant access to contacts you send money to regularly and, usefully, the ability to dynamically track all of your transfers. Simply enter your tracking number to see when it’s been processed, collected and completed. The option of paying direct from your bank account, via card or in cash adds to the convenience factor, as does integration with Apple Pay.

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Website screenshot for Wise

(Image credit: Wise)

  1. Wise
    Move your money about with Wise
    Operating system: iOS and AndroidMinimum transfer: No minimumTransfer speed: Minutes depending on bankBest for: Larger transactions
    +Solid mid-market rates
    +Great apps for iOS and Android
    -Customer service number not immediately obvious
    Based in the UK, Wise (formerly TransferWise) is a peer-to-peer money transfer service, which is currently available in 59 countries with plans to take that figure much higher over the next few years. The business offers straightforward money transfer options, but also has a multi-currency account option. This lets you hold over 50 currencies at the same time, converting them as and when it suits you.

Indeed, its fees page lets you see how a percentage of the charge is a fixed fee, which is the followed by a variable fee. The two are subsequently added together in order to give you a total fee chargeable for each transaction you make.

Users can also select the type of transfer they require too, which means that if you’re in a hurry you’ll pay more to move money than selecting the low-cost slower transfer option. There’s a middle tier option too, so all bases are covered it seems.

Wise does also offer Business pricing, which adds in extra features that are free, including the ability to receive money in EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, AUD and NZD currencies without charge. However, this comes with a fee to convert currencies. The supporting Wise debit Mastercard comes free too, with the same currency conversion fee plus a fee for ATM withdrawals over £200 per month.

Much like others in this marketplace, the Wise website has a dynamic calculator so you can work out your fees in advance of moving or receiving any cash.

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Website screenshot for MoneyGram

(Image credit: MoneyGram)

  1. MoneyGram
    One of the oldest money transfer services
    Operating system: iOS and AndroidMinimum transfer: $1Transfer Speed: Minutes depending on bankBest for: Global appeal
    +Use it anywhere
    +Global network
    -Can be pricey
    -Some negative reviews
    MoneyGram is another instantly recognisable name in the money transfer sector and is one of the longest-running operations too. Due to its scale and the size of the operation it’s therefore possible to send funds to pretty much anywhere, although charges are therefore dependent on where cash is headed.

The same goes for fees too, with a tier-based charging system giving you an idea of what to expect cost-wise. Moving money via the bank option is generally the cheaper way to do it, compared to using a credit or debit card. Similarly, making money available in a bank account at the destination, rather than having someone pick up physical cash is another way to save costs.

Overheads also include exchange rate fluctuations, although on the upside MoneyGram does have a rewards system that gives you a percentage off transactions you make in the future. The other bonus with MoneyGram is its sheer volume of outlets around the world, which is frequently the appeal for many recipients of cash transfers.

However, MoneyGram has also moved with the times and offers an array of transfer options, with traditional bank accounts proving popular along with mobile wallets for many cell phone aficionados. Currently, it’s possible to make transfers to well over 200 countries, with the choice of around 50 different currencies.

Read our full MoneyGram review.

A BlackBerry phone lying on money

(Image credit: TechRadar)
Best of the rest
Google has been ramping up its presence in the peer-to-peer payments market for some time, and Google Pay is the latest iteration of its money transfer app. Though only available in the US at present, its super-quick functionality and convenient bill-splitting feature suggest it’s an app that’s here to stay.

Facebook wants to get in on the act too, and so it has lumped peer-to-peer payments into its Messenger app. Once you’ve entered your bank details, up to $2,500 (the limit is £2,500 in UK) can be flicked off to a Facebook contact at the tap of a button. Will it catch on?

Not about to miss out on a tussle with its fellow tech titans, Apple has Apple Pay. The platform allows you to make secure purchases in stores, in apps, and on the web, and you can now send and receive money in Messages too – a potential game-changer.

Though not hailing from the same tech super league as the previous three, Square’s Cash App is a major player in this field. First came its instant peer-to-peer payments, then came a business-friendly extension to the service, and now it even supports Bitcoin trading.

Getting back to the international specialists, we have OFX. In addition to speedy international transfers from your mobile, the app offers live insight and commentary on market rates and can count on very solid customer service thanks to its support teams in Australia, US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Lookout too for variations on the theme with our reviews of both Melio and Zelle.

How to choose the best money transfer app for you
If you’re looking to move money around, either sending it or receiving cash then a money transfer app is one of the best ways to do it. Money transfer apps allow you to use software, generally on a mobile device, to channel funds wherever they need to go. The first part of the process as a consumer is therefore deciding what it is you want to do.

The great thing about the best money transfer apps is that they’ve usually got many satisfied customers, which suggests that they’re going to be safe, secure and reliable to use. It’s therefore best to stick with the known names. Keep a keen eye on minimum transfer limits and overall fees, as these can vary depending on how much cash you’re moving. Naturally, they are also likely to fluctuate over time too.

Another point to consider is how long a transfer will take. Most services provide instant bank transfer, but it can depend on the destination, the bank you use and the card method too. Be sure to check the relevant money transfer app’s website to get up-to-date information on all these points.

The money transfer marketplace, by its very nature, is a fairly fluid one so it’s prudent to exercise caution before sending any amount of money.

How we test the best money transfer apps
Moving money around is an essential service for many of us and with everyone having less time to play with speed is of the essence. If you’re making use of a money transfer app it’s all about the convenience, and this forms the basis of how we test the software.

On top of that, we look out for usability and the platform the app can be used on. While some services still let you use a desktop computer and browser setup, we tend to prefer those money transfer apps that can be used in the app format. Again, this is as much about convenience as anything.

We test for how stable transactions are, and also how fast it takes to send and receive funds. Of course, the other key factor is the fee associated with a transfer, and while this can vary due to a variety of factors, the price point is a big part of deciding which is the best money transfer app.

However, different money transfer apps can be useful for assorted tasks, so if you’re looking to move funds overseas to a specific location you’ll find that some apps are better than others. Conversely, if you’re simply looking to split a dinner check with someone, something like Venmo makes perfect sense.

best money transfer app to africa

Whether you’ve come to the Western world from Africa or the Middle-East, you likely want to send money back home to your family. Take an international money transfer app!

Only a decade or two ago, the only way to do so would have been with credit unions such as Western Union, and this threw up a whole heap of problems, or by going to your bank and paying extortionate fees every time you did so.

Now, with the birth of the internet age, international banking and in the near future, cryptocurrency adoption, sending much-needed finances home is easier, faster and safer than ever. And the amount of remittances increased year by year.

While in the near past the best way was to send money internationally with PayPal, now all you have to do is download one of the many international money transfer apps out there and get sending!

This means many of the old problems with economic migration have been broken down, and doing so to provide for your family makes much more sense than ever before.

In this blog post we want to help guide you through the world of how to transfer money through mobile phones, to help you have a great experience in doing so!

Let’s dive in!

What is an international money transfer app?
An international money transfer app is the mobile phone application of an online money transfer provider. The app is used to send money from the sender in one country to the receiver in another country. Most money transfer apps serve different money transfer corridors.

Which are established international money transfer apps?
With the rising internet penetration and the rising ease of sending money arround the globe, there exist more and more international money transfer app providers.

The top 20 international money tranfer apps are, by alphabetical order:

Ria Money Transfers
Wise (previously known as TransferWise)

let’s have a closer look how to choose the right app for you:

How to choose an international money transfer app
Because transferring money to international bank accounts (or as mobile money to mobile phones) has become so common, there are now many international money transfer apps on the market that do this.

Countries with the highest inflow of remittance money are countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Liberia, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe.

This means it can be very hard for you to make a choice on which international money transfer app to use. E.g. have a look on our best money transfer app supported country list including a cost calculation example.

So here’s a handy little starter guide with what you should pay attention to:

which money transfer operator should I use? Western Union, Moneygram or PayPal?
Features of international money transfer app
Your international money transfer app should have all the standard features – It should be able to show you live currency exchange rates, it should allow you to see your current balance on the app (if you store money with them), and of course it should allow you to make financial transfers to the country you’re trying to send money to.

They may not always send to your country as each app will have to follow international wire transfer regulations, which prevents funding terrorism and money laundering. This is especially important to research beforehand, not all apps transfer to all countries, so be sure to find this out before you sign up to them!

Some extra features to watch out for that can be very helpful are: voice commands, showing you how much you’re saving compared to doing a regular bank transfer with your bank, when some common times of the week are for the best exchange rates for your country, or allow cash pick-ups and mobile phone top ups!

Security of international money transfer app
The security of the international money transfer app you are using is very important.

You want to make sure that any app you use has a very strong server to protect it against hackers stealing your data, including bank account details, identification, bank accounts you’ve sent money to and any other personal information you may have stored with them.

The security on your side of the app should be very important too.

There have been many times when we’ve lost our phones, or had them hacked into, or even had our children pick it up and start pressing random things, so you want to make sure no one but you can access the app on your phone!

This should include features like Google’s 2 Factor Authentication, passwords and fingerprint ID if your phone has that feature.

Ease of use of international money transfer app
Ease of Use
Whichever international money transfer app you use should be full of all the features you need, but should also be easy to use.

You should be able to access your account and send money very simply and quickly. 2-3 clicks or taps should be all it takes to choose an account you want to send money to, and input the amount you’d like to send!

It should also have an interface that’s clear, simple and intuitive, so you aren’t fighting with the app to show what you want for the first few days you have it!

Fees of international money transfer app
While obviously having great features and an easy to use interface is important, so is how much you’ll be spending every time you send money!

This is a very personal decision to you, but you should also try to make sure the fees are at least half of what you would pay with your bank. This way you have the convenience of your international money transfer app, as well as a cheaper experience.

One thing to be aware of with apps with low fees, is that some of them take a margin on the foreign exchange rates too, so double-check with your research that you’re getting the best deal possible!

But here’s the kicker:

WorldRemit, Azimo, Xoom, CurrencyFair, Wise and Payoneer are the right choice if you want to send money to African countries or to India!

Our international money transfer app picks
Here are our 6 picks for the best international money transfer app out there, taking into account the above described features, security, ease of use and fees!

Here’s the deal:

Worldremit is our first pick. It is a fantastic international money transfer app that really cares about its users.

They often have sign-up deals with waivered fees on your first transfer, so it is worth waiting to sign up until they have another deal available!

They have a fantastic set of features, enabling you to send funds to over 50 countries around the world, and all with great convenience!

You can read my articles about Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania or Liberia.

Not only can you send funds to another’s bank account, you can choose to organise a cash pick-up, home delivery, mobile phone top-up, or even have the funds sent to a mobile phone wallet.

On top of this, WorldRemit has a tracking service that will keep you updated by SMS at every step of the transfer so you can feel safe in the knowledge your finances are getting home safely with a good timeline!

One drawback to this app however is that it doesn’t work on jailbroken phones due to security reasons, so it’s worth bearing this in mind if you do have one, as many people do!

Send money with WorldRemit app
Send Money With WorldRemit Instantly!
It’s easy, fast and safe!
Then we have Azimo, This is a very secure app; they are regulated by the FCA and HMRC in the UK, meaning your information is very safe, while you’ll also be insured against bad practices through the app. They also have SSL certificates in their app which add extra layers of security.

Azimo is also dedicated to just being an app, which shows in their app being more easy to use and clear than other apps which also have to support a website and other architecture.

Finally, the app also has 10 different viewing languages, enabling you to use the app in most native languages!

We hope this guide has help you on your journey to transfer money abroad, back home, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Send money now with Azimo! Click here!

Send money with Azimo app
Xoom was founded in 2001 as a digital remittance service provider where clients were given a chance to reload their mobile phones through top-ups, send money, and pay bills for others or to institutions that they relate to across the world.

Today, Xoom allows users to use remittance services from Canada and USA to over 131 countries, including those in Africa.

Xoom is owned by PayPal, which is a digital powerhouse when it comes to digital transfer of money.

In the recent past, Xoom has been rated as the best service provider in terms of customer satisfaction for their effectiveness, transparency of fees and exchange rates, and utility.

Send money now with Xoom! Click here!

Send money with Xoom app
Currencyfair has a great system of transferring money. Rather than brokering through banks, this international money transfer app uses peer-to-peer payments, so that the rates are much cheaper.

That means you sell your currency to individuals and SMEs in your target country who buy at competitive prices compared to ForEx markets.

You end up with fantastic rates and fees as a result: between 0.1% – 0.6% fees with a 3 euro transfer fee on top. If you’re sending large amounts, this is an absolute steal!

A fantastic feature that CurrencyFair has is their live currency tracker, which enables you to check instantly what the exchange rate for your currency is. This becomes extremely useful if you’re sending to multiple currencies, or want to get the best deal possible for your money!

One advantage they have over Wise is they also send to many more countries across the world!

Send money now with CurrencyFair! Click here!

Send money with CurrencyFair app
One of Wise’s (formerly known as TransferWise) strong points is its low fees.

This is because this international money transfer app uses interbank rates, so normally the charge ends up being only 1% of the transfer, which is an incredible rate! It also shows you how much you’ve saved on your transfer compared to other services, so you can be sure of the great deal you’re getting.

You can also use a bank transfer for this service, or a credit card, which allows you some flexibility on the money you’re transferring and when you’ll pay it back.

Wise in India: Wise offers cheap possibilities to send money to India!

The drawback to Wise for those from Africa and the Middle-East however is the low amount of countries it can send to.

In Africa, until very recently it would only transfer to ZAR, however, it has a very good rate for this, and ZAR can also be used in Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho and Namibia.

However, in mid 2017, Wise created the MEA (Middle-East & Africa) team, to create the opportunity to transfer to more currencies.

Since then they have added Israel, Nigeria, Kenya & Egypt to their list of countries, and have improved the service of transferring to South Africa, UAE, Morocco and Turkey.

Send money now with Wise! Click here!

Send money with TransferWise app
This fantastic app is the one to use if you’re from a country not supported by the others. It supports over 200 countries and 150 currencies. That’s almost all available across the world, so even if you’re from a very small country, or one with lots of civil problems, you should still be able to send currency to there!

Another fantastic feature to Payoneer is that transfers are actually free to other Payoneer users, so if you have an international business, this is a very good app to use for your finances!

Send money now with Payoneer! Click here!

For further information, check our detailed descriptions of the money transfer service providers:

Wise or


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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