Best Apps For Recording Phone Calls Android

In this article, we are going to talk about the best apps for recording phone calls on your android device. First of all, we should mention that if you’re looking for an app that can record your phone calls no matter what, then you will have to look elsewhere. But if you are okay with doing it only when you need to, there is one great option.

Once you’ve installed the app on your phone, it’s pretty easy to use. You have to make sure that the person on the other line knows that you are recording and then call them through the app. Once the call is over and you want to listen back to it, you can easily do so without any problems.

Automatic Call Recorder - Apps on Google Play

Best Apps For Recording Phone Calls Android

After ending a call, we often say to ourselves in dissatisfaction, “Oh! If only I’d have recorded the phone conversation”. It’s one of those minor problems that we can fix instantly but stall for months or sometimes years. But not anymore, as we have put together a list of the best call recording apps for Android users.

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From work-related calls to calls with our loved ones, smartphones now allow us to record our conversations, be it short or long. However, not all Android devices house this functionality.

How To Record A Phone Call On Android?
There are several ways to record a phone call on Android. The easiest and most trusted method is to use the build-in-call recording feature. Several manufacturers, such as Xiaomi, Huawei have a call recording button on their call dialer app.

miui call screen
The record button on the Xiaomi dialer app
If your smartphone lacks in-house call recording capability, check if the default screen recorder can fill its shoes. For instance, Android 11’s built-in screen recorder can be used to record calls. However, the call needs to be put on speaker for the phone to capture the other party’s voice.

record voice Android 11

Besides using the built-in recording abilities or an Android app, you can also record a phone call by putting it on a loudspeaker and using another smartphone’s voice recording app. However, this method of ‘recording’ phone calls proves to be a hassle and doesn’t ensure clarity.

If none of the above works for you, the best possible way is to use third-party apps; that’s why we are here to help you by providing the best call recording apps to keep a copy of the phone conversations (with the use of phone recorders) becomes easy for you.

How To Record A Phone Call On Android?
9 Best Call Recorder Apps For Android For 2022

  1. Phone by Google
  2. Cube ACR
  3. Call Recorder – ACR
  4. Automatic Call Recorder
  5. Call Recorder Automatic
  6. Call Recorder
  7. BlackBox Call Recorder
  8. Auto Call Recorder
  9. Automatic Call Recorder Pro
    9 Best Call Recorder Apps For Android For 2022
  10. Phone by Google
    Phone by google
    Source: YouTube
    The Google phone app features a call recording feature. The app comes pre-installed on several Android devices, saving us from downloading any third-party apps. Since it’s from Google, we can also feel relieved that the app won’t delve into privacy-intrusive activities.

One big downside is that the feature is only available on select phones in certain regions. Another issue with the phone call recording app is that it informs the recipient that their call will be recorded. This can be a problem for people who want to record calls without letting the other person know.

Pros: The app is made by Google and comes pre-installed on the Pixel lineup and Android one devices.
Cons: Only available to a handful of users.

Google Play Store Rating: 3.9
Downloads: More than 500 million

Download Phone by Google

  1. Cube ACR

The Call Recorder Cube ACR is an easy-to-use app, making it one of the best apps to record phone calls. Once launched, it will give you a gist of how the phone call recorder will work.

The app will automatically record regular incoming and outgoing WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber calls, for which you have to click the on-screen app widget during an ongoing call.

Upon giving the app a few permissions and switching on the Cube Call Recorder app connector, you can easily record the calls. Sadly, recording VoIP calls (WhatsApp, Viber, or Skype) didn’t work for us while testing the app.

Pros: Ease of automatically recording calls
Cons: Lack of VoIP calls

Google Play Store Rating: 4.3
Downloads: More than 10 million

Download Cube ACR

  1. Call Recorder – ACR
    Call Recorder ACR: best call recording
    The Call Recorder ACR app by NLL initially requires you to confirm that call recording is legal in your country. The app doesn’t need your phone number, which is why the Call Recorder ACR app is featured in our list of best call recorder apps.

Once you have set up the app, the calls (incoming or outgoing) will automatically be recorded. You can further listen, edit, share, edit numbers, or perform more tasks with the available call recordings. You can even transcribe calls, add notes, or back up recordings on the supported Cloud storage services.

Pros: Ease of usage
Cons: Comes with ads

Google Play Store Rating: 3.5
Downloads: More than 10 million

Download Call Recorder – ACR

  1. Automatic Call Recorder
    automatic call recorder
    The Automatic Call Recorder app’s simplicity is enough to be part of our Android call recording app list. All you have to do is follow the usual method of giving the app audio and call access, and you will be able to record phone conversations. Calls will be added to the app in different sections, namely incoming calls, outgoing calls, all calls, or important calls.

Furthermore, you can delete or share the call recordings and add a couple of settings, such as excluding a couple of numbers from the call recorder app, setting up a pin for the app, choosing the app icon to show while recording, and more.

Pros: Added settings options
Cons: Too many ads, especially in the beginning

Google Play Store Rating: 3.8
Downloads: More than 100 million

Download Automatic Call Recorder

  1. Call Recorder Automatic
    Call Recorder Automatic
    Like other call recording apps, the recorder asks for permission to access storage, record calls, manage calls, and contacts on a smartphone. It also ensures that call recordings are legal in your region for security purposes.

The app has a simple interface wherein there are three sections: Incoming calls, All calls, and Outgoing calls. You will get a couple more settings, such as the option to upgrade to Premium and back up to the cloud, apart from deleting the call recordings.

As a reminder, calls can only be recorded when the device’s speaker is switched on.

Pros: Backup to cloud storage
Cons: Need for a speaker for call recording

Google Play Store Rating: 3.9
Downloads: More than 50 million

Download Call Recorder Automatic

  1. Call Recorder
    open source Call recorder
    Call Recorder is one of the best call recording apps for Android if you are looking for an open-source option.

The app has no ads and features a plain easy-to-use interface. You can change the storage path, recording source, sampling rate, and file type in the app settings. There are also toggles to filter voice and skip silence.

Since it’s an open-source phone call recording app, you can ease up a little on giving your phone call data. Note that the app is only available on F-droid. Overall, this is the best call recorder for Android that one should try.

Pros: Open-source and no-ads
Cons: Not available on Google Play Store

Download Call Recorder

  1. BlackBox Call Recorder
    When the Call Recorder app is launched, you will get a bunch of warnings, such as the app has a one-sided recording on some carriers, non-compatibility with other voice recording apps, power-saving mode, and a couple of permissions it takes before commencing the process.

The app displays all the recordings and has a hamburger menu on the left side, wherein lies various other options and a search button on the right to look for specific recordings quickly.

The call recordings can be sorted as per duration, date, name, and more, making things convenient. However, the app does not support VoIP calls from WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Viber, etc. With a clean and clutter-free interface, it is still one of the best phone call recording apps for Android.

Pros: Ease of usage
Cons: One-sided recording

Google Play Store Rating: 4.2
Downloads: More than 5 million

Download BlackBox Call Recorder

  1. Auto Call Recorder
    auto call recorder
    The Auto Recorder app is another one of the best call recording apps on our list. The app first asks for the necessary permissions and is then ready to use.

Much like the other apps, this one has a page that lists all the recordings, with a menu on the left that has options such as All calls, Outgoing calls, Incoming calls, and Favorite calls, Settings, and more.

The right side has a search icon for the ability to search for the recordings you need, and then there are ads being displayed at the bottom part of the app; sometimes, they pop up as well. The usage is pretty straightforward. However, I would have wished for less or no ads at all. For a no-ads experience, you can upgrade to Call Recorder Pro by just shelling out some money.

Pros: App Lock option
Cons: Loads of ads

Google Play Store Rating: 4.0
Downloads: More than 5 million

Download Auto Call Recorder

  1. Automatic Call Recorder Pro
    best call recorder app automatic
    Last but not least, Automatic Call Recorder Pro is another best phone call recording app for Android. Although the interface is a bit cluttered and difficult to get your head around, it gets the job done in the end.

The automatic call recorder can record all types of incoming and outgoing calls. You can mark recordings as important, password protect them, change the audio format, set audio quality, and do a lot more. Overall, it’s one of the best options if you want to record your call on Android.

Pros: Identify Caller IDs
Cons: Cluttered interface

Google Play Store Rating: 4.3
Downloads: More than 10 million

Download Automatic Call Recorder Pro
If you are someone who wants to keep hold of calls made or received, we hope the list mentioned above helps you in some way.

As a quick reminder, the Google Play Store has a plethora of recorder apps. We chose the ones mentioned above based on ratings, personal experience, and user reviews. You can, by all means, go for the ones you like, even if they aren’t on our call recording app list.

While every Android phone comes with its own default recorder, it isn’t as good as the other apps on this list. In comparison, users can use some of these apps on regular phone calls and other apps such as Messenger, Skype, Viber, etc.

As for some personal recommendations, I would suggest using Phone by Google or Cube ACR. Automatic Call Recorder is also an excellent option for additional functionality.

Can you record a phone call on Android?
You can record a phone call on Android using the in-house call recording option or a third-party call recording app.

Which call recorder app is best for Android?
Phone by Google is the best call recorder for Android. If that is not available on your smartphone, the next best option is the call recorder — ACR.

free call recorder app

While all call recording software might seem similar on the surface, what app you decide to use can make a difference in terms of recording quality, recording features, and ease of use. This article will examine the differences between five free call recording apps so you can make an educated decision about which one to choose.

  1. TapeACall
    TapeACall is one of the easiest apps you can use to record a call and is available to iPhone and Android users in two ways: in a free version and in a paid version. The paid version will get you a ton of useful features and will allow you to tape new calls as well as calls that are in process.

Features of the paid version include unlimited recording, no hidden “per minute” fees, access to recordings in a downloadable MP3 format, the ability to share your recordings with other people, and more. If you’d like to check out more of the features in the paid version, click here. Otherwise, keep reading to find out more about the free version.

The free iPhone and Android versions of TapeACall will allow you to listen to up to 60 seconds of your recorded phone call but will require an upgrade after that. Because this is a professional app, you can expect the recording quality of the calls to be top notch. Plus, there isn’t a limit on the number of recordings you can make and download. After you purchase the $9.99 paid version, your recordings can also be as long as you need them to be — hours, if needed. This free call recorder app is definitely one of the best out there in terms of the number of features available and professional call recording quality.

  1. Google Voice
    Google released a free way for users to listen to their recorded calls: Google Voice. While Google Voice is free, you won’t be able to use your regular phone and phone number to record your calls; you can only use your Google Voice phone number to record them. It is free, though, so if you don’t mind that, this might be a viable call recorder app for you. Right now, it’s not possible to record outgoing calls with the recording feature. After you’ve finished your recording, you can listen to the calls on your PC, Android phone, iPhone, or iPad. There are not too many features and options available with the recording option within Google Voice, but recording files are available for download, and it is completely free.
  2. Call Recorder
    Call Recorder by Boldbeast is a free app you can use on many Android phones to record your calls. The free version allows you to manage recordings, share recordings with others, and it’s supposedly easy to use (according to the developer’s website). Also included on the website is a list of issues that might arise during recording, and the list includes bad (weak) sound quality, problems hearing the caller’s voice, and a few other various potential problems that can arise. There is a $9.99 premium version available as well.
  3. Call Recorder FREE
    Call Recorder FREE by Component Studios is a free app that allows you to record calls on your iPhone, but it isn’t available for Android. In order to share your recordings with other people, you must purchase the premium upgrade, which costs $9.99. The free version is easy to use and allows you to record both incoming and outgoing calls.
  4. iPadio
    iPadio is a free app that allows you to record your calls on the iPhone and (alternatively) broadcast them to the world. iPadio is easy to set up and use, and allows you to play your recordings back, as well as download, edit, or delete them. You can also share your recordings with another person or people. iPadio is only available on iPhone.


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