Best Apps For Reverse Phone Lookup

In today’s world, there are many reasons why you might want to track down a phone number. Maybe you keep getting calls from a number you don’t recognize, or you hear that your friend got a new number and need to give them a call. Whatever the case may be, it’s never been easier to look up someone’s phone number through an app.

The “reverse” in “reverse phone lookup” refers to looking up someone’s personal information by giving the app their phone number. This can help you find out who is behind that unknown caller, or get important information about your friend.

It’s worth noting that reverse phone lookup is slightly different from the process of doing a “normal” phone lookup, where you start with someone’s name and try to find their contact information. Reverse phone lookup is also not the same as using a so-called “people search engine,” which is a tool for finding out general information about people online, rather than specific contact details like their phone number.

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Here are some of the best apps for reverse phone lookup:

Best Apps For Reverse Phone Lookup

A nuisance call or a phone number on a piece of paper with no name attached to it can be a source of headache for many people. But, with the current technological capabilities, the solution is an easy one. All you need is a reverse phone lookup. However, with so many reverse phone lookup sites offering the service, finding the best company to obtain a membership with might be challenging.

Our article simplifies this situation by identifying the best reverse phone lookup providers on the market. We have thoroughly researched each company and reviewed them, including the positives and negatives, to make the selection process that much easier. Now all you need to do is read and click to find that phone number that’s annoying you.

3 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites
Intelius – Editor’s Choice
PeopleFinders – Runner Up
Spokeo – Worthy Mention
What Factors Did We Consider to Choose These 3 Sites?
To ensure we presented our readers with the three best reverse phone lookup providers, we have carefully scrutinized important factors influencing a user’s journey while utilizing the service. The factors we have chosen are as follows.

Information Type – We know that every reverse phone lookup service is not the same. Individuals searching for specific forms of information can often find themselves disappointed when the type of data they are looking for isn’t available in the results they receive. To minimize these cases of disappointment, we have included only phone number search providers who provide their client base with a wide range of data. In addition, we have provided a brief snapshot of the type of data each provider offers, further simplifying our reader’s decision.
Cost – The reasons behind the need for a reverse phone number lookup might vary from benign in the case of a call from a friend’s new number, to grave in the case of fraudulent representatives trying to take advantage of the elderly. The urgency of the request will affect how much an individual is willing to pay for a reverse phone lookup service. Unfortunately, unscrupulous reverse phone lookup services are aware of this and are more than willing to take advantage of someone’s need. To combat this approach, we have carefully scrutinized the prices of all the providers we have recommended. We have also tried to include only service providers willing to provide savings opportunities.
Database Size – We know that the accuracy and speed of a reverse phone lookup depends heavily on a provider’s ability to obtain records. We also know that not every provider is willing to exert the effort or the time to maintain an appropriate database, further complicating a consumer’s journey. To combat this issue, we have included only reverse phone lookup services with extensive databases. We have also tested the databases of the providers we have recommended as the best reverse phone lookup services to ensure that the information they provide is as accurate as possible.
User Experience – We are aware that member experience recollections provide a wealth of information and are good indicators of a well-rounded reverse phone lookup provider. As such, we have trawled through numerous reviews, finding rating averages and including user recollections that we have judged as necessary, whether negative or positive.
3 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Service Providers – Reviews

  1. Intelius – Editor’s Choice


Unlimited searches
Easy-to-use site
Searching anonymity
Fast Pass feature
Affordable prices
Why Use Intelius’ Services?

Intelius boasts access to more than 20 billion public records, allowing the company to produce some of the most detailed results for reverse phone lookups put through their system. With the valuable experience that comes from being in business since 2003, Intelius provides information that clients can use to reconnect with old friends or research potential partners using cell phone numbers and landline numbers. One of the first advantages that members will experience is the company’s easy-to-use website. New visitors to the site are presented with a search bar for the number of their choice. Then, after entering the number and clicking search, users are presented with the opportunity to gather information about the phone number owner, including:

Social media profiles
A full search takes less than a minute to complete, and users can access their results after entering their name and an email address. People looking for near immediate results can also take advantage of Intelius’ Fast Pass opportunity, allowing them to skip the line and get right to their reverse lookup. In addition, Intelius promises members that by using its encryption program, its reverse phone lookup service is entirely anonymous. The company also offers unlimited phone number search opportunities, including cell phones, and a dedicated, helpful service team who are more than willing to deal with any consumer query. The company is so assured of its services that it offers a 30-day refund policy, where in the unlikely case that a customer isn’t satisfied, a refund can be arranged via email.

Are Intelius’ Services Worth The Price?

Along with its accurate and fast phone lookup results, Intelius also offers several savings opportunities for visitors to take advantage of when using the site. For example, those individuals who are unsure whether they would like to bond themselves into a monthly contract with Intelius can take advantage of the company’s 5-day trial available at only a fraction of a total membership price. In addition, readers seeking to run a single report or unlock a report instantly can do so under the company’s special offer plan. Finally, clients looking for unlimited access to Intelius’ reverse phone lookup services will pay monthly, with the opportunity to cancel their contract at any time.

What Do Customers Think Of Intelius’ Services?

Intelius currently holds an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. In addition, the company has a 3.6-star average on TrustPilot with numerous raving consumer reviews. Past and current members have commended the company for the accessibility of cancellation when customers no longer need the service. Regular users have also praised the company’s service team for being patient, kind, and helpful regardless of the problems presented. Finally, consumers have praised the accuracy of the company’s searches, accrediting the extensive database for the reunions of family and friends.

Final Thoughts

Intelius has made its mark as the overall best reverse phone lookup service on our list through a combination of speed, accuracy, and affordable price packages. These factors added to high customer ratings, and the attentive nature of the company’s service team has more than earned Intelius a place as the Editor’s Choice on our list.

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  1. PeopleFinders – Runner Up


Large database
Highly rated service
Introductory offer
Multiple devices supported

Limited payment options
Why Use PeopleFinders’ Services?

PeopleFinders assures potential clients that the company’s reverse phone lookup services have access to information on over 250 million adults in the United States. The company also boasts that the results provided by its reverse phone lookup searches are both accurate and thorough. In addition, with PeopleFinders’ multiple devices platforms, readers can conduct a reverse cell phone lookup or search for a landline number from the comfort of their home or while on the move. PeopleFinders presents its regular users with reports that include:

Email addresses
Criminal records
Reverse phone lookup searches conducted using PeopleFinders’ extensive database take less than three minutes to complete after a 10-digit number is entered into the company’s search bar. The company also offers a wealth of information about the ins and outs of the people search industry that new and existing clients can browse by accessing the company’s blog. In addition, the company offers an in-depth look at the processes behind as well as the reasons why customers should use reverse phone lookup services.

Are PeopleFinders’ Services Worth The Price?

PeopleFinders offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, assuring potential clients that whatever payment plan they decide on will be secure in the unlikely case they are displeased with the service. Unfortunately, you can only pay by card, but this is barely an issue with the company’s discount offers. New visitors to the site can take advantage of the company’s introductory offer, wherein they will receive a whole month’s service for less than half the cost of a complete membership plan. Those looking for a full membership plan can choose between the company’s standard program or a PeopleFinders’ premium membership.

What Do Customers Think of PeopleFinders’ Services?

PeopleFinders has achieved an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, where it boasts more than 30 years of service. The company has also earned a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot, earned from almost 1,600 reviews. Past users have praised the company’s service team for their quick response time and ability to resolve payment issues. In addition, members have noted the accuracy and thoroughness of the reports received as reasons why they will continue their membership with PeopleFinders.

Final Thoughts

While perhaps not quite as impressive as Intelius’ unlimited reverse phone lookup opportunities, the discounts and database offered by PeopleFinders have earned it a solid place as Runner Up. These factors, combined with the company’s high ratings and satisfaction guarantee, have more than earned PeopleFinders a spot on our best reverse phone lookup list and made the company one to watch for in the future.

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  1. Spokeo – Worthy Mention


Wealth of information
Featured services
Area code directory
Numerous data types

Website can be overwhelming
Why Use Spokeo’s Services?

One of the first advantages of Spokeo’s approach to reverse phone lookup searches is the sheer amount of information that the company provides for its regular users and visitors. Spokeo provides concise instructions on how to conduct a reverse phone lookup using either a cell phone number or a landline. The company also offers advice regarding the limitations and expectations of the service. Spokeo even gives visitors a chance to run a free reverse phone lookup on the site. Using this free reverse phone lookup, visitors can also leave comments that may help other customers.

Spokeo boasts access to more than 12 billion public records, and a search conducted through the company’s site can provide users with information including:

Location history
Birth year
Email addresses
In addition, Spokeo assures users that privacy is one of its main features. Any search conducted through the site will be kept entirely private, and the subject of your search will not be notified. Spokeo also operates with a satisfaction guarantee, allowing dissatisfied consumers to contact their representative team, who are available seven days a week and can be reached by phone or email. Spokeo also provides updates on past reports, allowing past users to gain any information their first search might have missed.

Are Spokeo’s Services Worth The Price?

While Spokeo does offer a free service, the information received will be limited; this is because the maintenance of the company’s database does require upkeep, and this is expensive. However, the company does offer other free services, including its Telemarketers and Area Code databases that users can browse freely. In addition, Spokeo provides a three-month membership trial at a reduced price. Visitors looking for full membership can further save by taking advantage of Spokeo’s sitewide discount.

What Do Customers Think Of Spokeo’s Services?

Spokeo has been featured on CNN, ABC, and CBS. The company has achieved an A rating on the Better Business Bureau and has fifteen years in the people search industry. In addition, the company has gained a 3.1-star rating on the site, calculated from more than 800 customer reviews. Clients have noted that the reverse phone lookup offered by Spokeo is easy to use and that results are obtained promptly. Users have also noted the ease with which Spokeo’s representative team was able to address and rectify issues brought to the company’s attention.

Final Thoughts

Spokeo fully deserves its position on our list, a fact proven by the company’s popularity and approach to members’ needs. When combined with Spokeo’s extensive database, speedy search results, and affordable prices, it should come as no surprise that we have chosen the company as one of our best reverse phone lookup services.

Learn more at

What Is Reverse Phone Lookup?
In simple terms, a reverse phone lookup refers to the practice of obtaining information linked to a particular landline number or cell phone number. Before current technology, the ability to look up phone numbers was limited to old-fashioned paper phone books or rudimentary online phone searches. Worried homeowners also had access to reverse phone directories published by specific companies and directory assistance. However, the accuracy of such information was constantly in flux due to changing numbers and no opportunity for searchers to update their records. This frustrating experience continued for years until the emergence of reverse phone lookup sites.

By creating an extensive collection of public records material, these providers were able to simplify and speed up the process of linking a cell phone number or a landline to a person. Though the procedure might seem simple on the surface, reverse phone lookup providers must first create a fully functioning database of cell phone numbers and landlines to ensure that reports are received promptly. In addition, these databases require regular upkeep so that clients are assured that the information they are receiving is as accurate as possible.

Reverse phone lookup providers such as Intelius that boast extensive databases obtain their material from numerous public record sources. The information used on these sites is obtained from public records and can include the owner’s name, relatives, occupation, education history, location history, phone carrier, and even the type of machine being used along with its carrier.

Public and archival data may also produce much more sensitive information, such as criminal records that can be obtained from courts and records of bankruptcy. Some companies even go the extra mile, gathering free, legal information from sources like the dark web. In truth, there are few records in the public domain that reverse phone lookup services cannot access. At present, the only sources of information that a reverse phone lookup cannot share are:

Records that are part of any open police investigation.
Records that could affect national security.
Records containing sensitive information about individuals who have not broken any law.
While it might seem like trying a reverse phone lookup for yourself should be easy due to the law providing access to these records, the truth is that the information collection process is a challenging and often financially draining one. Specific government agencies and companies can, if not stop a curious searcher from obtaining the information they require, then delay it until the quest is no longer financially viable.

Operating under the Freedom of Information Act, reverse phone lookup sites can preempt these issues by requesting and gathering information long before a potential client needs it. For example, individuals using Intelius’ reverse phone lookup search engines can gain knowledge from more than 20 billion public records simply by inputting a single number. The company’s systems will run this number through its extensive database, collecting all the linked public records and compiling them into an easy-to-use report in minutes. When compared with the hours of research and cross-checking of information you would have to do on your own, it should come as no surprise why reverse phone lookup services are so popular.

When To Use Reverse Phone Lookup Services?
The number of reasons why and when worried clients should use a reverse phone number lookup is almost impossible to quantify. So instead, we have identified the most popular occasions when reverse lookups can provide a user with peace of mind and, in some cases, safety.

Vulnerable People – We have all heard horror stories of the elderly and other vulnerable people being targeted by unscrupulous individuals. Whether it is the case of scam artists looking to make a quick buck or pushy telemarketers who are unwilling to take ‘no’ for an answer, protecting loved ones can be difficult. With these fraudulent characters switching area codes and numbers often, it is easy for a vulnerable person to be fooled by a missed call from an area they don’t know or one they believe might belong to family or friends. However, by using the services on our list, such as those provided by Intelius or PeopleFinder, you can quickly identify the location and identity of that missed call. This knowledge allows users to block the number, preventing the chances of it ringing in the future.
Harassment – Unfortunately, most homeowners and tenants have experienced harassment in one form or another. One of the most prevalent forms of harassment for adults and children is by phone, especially using an unknown number. The perpetrators of this offense are often secure in the knowledge that most people would not be able to track them down. But this is not the case for users of a reverse lookup service. By using one of the three services we have recommended, you can have all the information you need to confront your harasser or take the matter further if required.
Reunions – Losing touch with a relative or friend due to relocation or a new number can be a challenging situation for anyone. This separation is especially complicated if you cannot reach out via social media. However, using information such as that provided by quality reverse phone lookup sites, users can gain full access to locations and new numbers or even emails just by using the phone number they have.
New Person Check – Meeting someone new can be exciting and daunting in equal measure. When a quick search of social media turns up nothing about your new friend or potential partner, then this is when it is time to turn to a reverse phone lookup. With the ability to access criminal records and even details about family and friends, the services can tell you whether to keep the relationship going or allow it to fizzle out to keep yourself safe.
Infidelity – The ringing of your partner’s phone late at night with an unknown number displayed is something that can ruin anyone’s day. However, with confrontation possibly leading to hurt feelings, potential clients can bypass this step and get the information they need with the click of a button.
Address Lookup – Sometimes, phone lookups can be used for more superficial matters, such as tracking down the address of the new take-out food restaurant that doesn’t have a website. By entering the number on the paper menu you used, you can head on over in only a few minutes.
Employer Verification – Seeking a new job can be stressful and leave readers running for the phone each time it rings. Missed calls might seem like the end of the world, especially when unsure who contacted you. Using a phone number lookup can put your mind at ease by quickly identifying your caller and letting you know if you should ring back or ignore the caller.
What Information Can You Get From Reverse Phone Lookup?
Reverse phone number lookup services provide users with a wide variety of information gathered from numerous public records and government agency sources. While there are limitations to the reports provided, the data collected is usually more than enough to meet most queries. Some of the types of information supplied by the providers on our list are listed below.

Past and Current Location – By linking a number to a particular person or business, service providers can create detailed reports that include areas individuals had lived in prior and where they are now. This information can often be verified by social media accounts and property records attached to the individual in question.

Marriage Records and Family Details – Due to the fact that marriage records are regarded as a form of a public document, phone number search providers can quickly obtain this information for their databases. The data can also be cross-referenced with data gathered from accounts on social media and through genealogy records, which can provide further insight via birth and death records.

Type of Call – Some reverse number search providers can identify the type of machine that the caller used with only the phone number. These companies can differentiate between a mobile number, a landline, and even a business number. Companies can also provide information about the carrier of the number.

Photos – By trawling social media accounts and online resources such as yearbooks, service providers can even offer a visual representation of the owner of a number. These photos are beneficial in cases of harassment where the reader might know the person in question and simply need confirmation.

Name of Owner – The name of the person behind an unknown number is just one piece of information that a phone number lookup can easily find and verify using public records. Reports might also contain aliases, previous names, and changed names due to marriage where required.

Education Records – Some of the more manageable pieces of public records to obtain once the potential owner of a number has been identified, is the person’s education history. While these records might not seem important when simply trying to identify an unknown number, they can prove beneficial when users are trying to verify the descriptions of a lost friend or family member.

Emails and Other Contact Information – By creating a report that links a number to a person providing contact information such as emails or other numbers, service providers allow their users to do some digging of their own. In some cases where an unknown number is simply the updated information of a friend or colleague, this added data can make the search for the right person easier by being able to check past communication records.

Criminal Records – Due to public access, court proceedings and records make up a large part of the databases of service providers. This information is particularly beneficial when users meet potential partners or when they are worried about the behavior of someone they thought they knew. While users can access some of the records available from service providers by themselves, some of the information available might not be correct due to dismissals and acquittals. In such cases, using a provider with an updating database is the best way to obtain accurate representations of those around you.

Social Media Accounts – One of the best places to find a wealth of information about a person is using the social media accounts that have become so popular in our technologically progressive era. However, these accounts are also easy to duplicate and create using fake information. The databases of phone number search providers can link these accounts together, providing customers with all the pieces of the puzzle to help them verify if the person identified is the one they are looking to find.

Employment Records – Using a phone number to verify the employment history of a potential partner or friend is a quick job using the extensive databases created by phone number lookup providers. Not only can this data protect readers in the case of scammers, but it can also help you find lost colleagues and relatives.

Is There A Way To Look Up A Phone Number For Free?
It is possible to get a report from a free reverse phone lookup. However, the quality of the information will often not be as reliable as it would be if a reader were paying for the service. Companies such as Spokeo even offer a free reverse phone lookup opportunity that runs alongside its standard paid services. However, users should be aware that the information they are able to obtain will be a fraction of what could be acquired in a full report. To better explain this issue, we have identified the ways in which free reverse phone lookup search systems and regular searches differ and the reasons behind each factor.

Database Maintenance – While the vast majority of information obtained with a free reverse phone lookup does come from the same public records as the services that clients pay for, there are numerous ways that a free service will not be up to the standard of a paid one. For example, free services cannot access the funds necessary to fight government and business rejections of requests for information. This lack of funding often leads to smaller databases and less accurate reports. In addition, the maintenance of a free site’s database is not always possible due to a lack of funding and employees. This poor maintenance and updating can often lead to missed information or the use of previously correct but now obsolete records and data that might not solve a client’s query.
Client Anonymity – In cases that involve reader safety, the anonymity of a number lookup search is essential. Paid services ensure the privacy of their clients through the use of encryption programs, as seen in the services offered by Intelius. However, free sites often make no promise of anonymity as they once again usually do not have the staff or funding to support the maintenance of encryption programs. This issue is particularly dangerous for users facing harassment and stalking, as having the subject of your search be notified is the last thing anyone would want in that situation.
Report Production Speed – Database maintenance can also have an immense effect on the speed with which a report is produced. When compared to the services of Intelius, PeopleFinders, and Spokeo, which can navigate their extensive collection of records in minutes, free searches are usually lackluster in their approach. In some cases, these delayed results might still not be accurate, meaning the investigation was a waste of time.
Spam Promotion – Sometimes, the free number lookup sites that are easy to find are simply fronts for other organizations and potential virus carriers, so readers must be careful about what website they use. It is usually best to avoid free sites with numerous ads and popup requests at all costs. Similarly, any site that requests that a client download files that security systems have flagged should not be trusted.
Frequently Asked Questions
Are phone lookup searches legal?
The legality of reverse phone lookup searches depends entirely on what the information gathered from the search is being used to do. As outlined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), customers cannot use the data collected from a phone lookup search for cases of credit, employment, and insurance matters. However, for issues such as tracking down old friends, checking who has called your phone, or researching a new acquaintance, reverse phone lookup services are entirely legal.

Are reverse phone lookup searches accurate?
Whether or not the search you have conducted is accurate depends on your provider and their database. In some cases, inaccuracy can be caused by out-of-date information or indicate that the provider you are using is less than honorable. In addition, as the data used in some forms of public records may cost money to obtain and keep updated, some providers might try to slip incorrect information under a customer’s radar. Therefore, it is essential that customers carefully research the providers they use, much as we have done with those on our list.

Can I use a reverse phone lookup on a cell phone number?
While it is more likely that information on cell phones might be sparse due to the ability to purchase prepaid devices, providers can still use cell phone numbers for reverse phone lookups. In fact, cell phones linked to social media accounts and specific addresses upon registration can be a source of a wealth of information for reverse lookup providers.

Will the person I’m searching for know?
Due to advances in technology that allow for encryption while searches are being conducted, it is doubtful that the subject of your search will ever know of your intentions. However, this reverse lookup anonymity does still depend on your provider, and as such, you must select one that ensures your privacy, such as Intelius.

Can I use data from a phone number lookup if I’m a landlord and need tenant information?
Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. You cannot. A tenant’s information is protected under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This act means that providers of a phone lookup service cannot legally provide consumer reports as outlined by federal law. All three of our best reverse phone lookup sites will warn visitors of this legal restriction, and any service that does not make users aware of this should be avoided.

How can a reverse number lookup protect my data?
Many providers of phone number lookup services utilize the dark web. This practice is less to gather information and more to indicate if a member’s information is being sold on the platform. By running a search on your own number, you might unearth misuse of your information.

Can I get a refund if I don’t think the service is up to par?
One of the best ways to know if a service provider has its clientele at the forefront of its service is whether or not they have a refund policy. Companies like Intelius understand that while their information is accurate, they might not be able to provide everything a customer is looking for due to restrictions. As such, the company offers an open refund policy. Conversely, fraudulent companies that claim to find any information requested present potential members with a red flag when they avoid accountability by omitting a refund policy.

With such a wide variety of reverse phone lookup search providers available on today’s market, choosing the right one for you might be difficult. However, using our brief, unbiased review, you can quickly select the provider for you. Not only do you have the capabilities of these providers at your fingertips, but you also know what it will cost you for a bit of peace of mind the next time your phone rings. With nothing to do but read and click, the solution is at your fingertips.

best free phone number lookup app

Many people around the world receive calls from unknown numbers. These calls can stay in their minds, and most of them would want to track down the number called them. In the past, whenever someone needed to track an unknown number, they would go to the local authorities and proceed through the long and time-consuming process.

However, those days are long gone! Since now, there are several free phone number lookup services available that can help track down and pinning these unknown number calls, putting an end to the mystery.

So this article will introduce the 10 platforms, including the 4 best phone numbers lookup tools one can use to identify unknown numbers.

For some readers, time is of the essence! It is why we have arranged for an overview of the top 4 phone numbers lookup facilities in the list below:

TruthFinder – The top platform with various background check features.
CocoFinder – A safe and private service to check phone records.
Instant Checkmate – Provides a person’s accurate work history.
Intelius – Best for checking every phone number detail.
Part 1: TruthFinder
TruthFinder’s name almost always comes up whenever someone is on the lookout for a reverse phone number service that simply works. Its database is massive, and nearly all of it comes from publicly available records, as discussed in the TruthFinder review. It’s true since it’s publicly available data, a person can access it from other sources. However, it won’t be in an organized shape or a single place.

Inputting a number in the user-friendly interface of TruthFinder will return any information available to the target person. It can include things like physical addresses, email addresses, criminal record information, other related phone numbers, and much more. The amount of information available can make it extremely easy to pinpoint the person looking for during the activity.

Additionally, TruthFinder is a reliable service to look for a lost relative or someone met at a dating site with no way to contact them back. The user also gets self-monitoring tools and the option to remove their public information from the platform so others cannot access it.


Detailed background reports

Criminal and public records readily available

Efficient self-monitoring tools


Occasional outdated or inaccurate data

Click here to know more on TruthFinder’s various features.

Part 2: CocoFinder
CocoFinder is among the most renowned names in the world of free phone number lookup tools. The user only has to put a single name, phone number, or small piece of information on the target person. After that, CocoFinder will present its record of the person from its extensive database.

Moreover, the interface is simple and looks like any other search engine, making it convenient to use for people not well acquainted with tech. One only has to enter any available information in the simple search bar, and then CocoFinder will work its magic, presenting other important information about the target person.

Similar to most other phone number lookup services, it also gets its information from publicly available databases. It means the user can access the records with the peace of mind that the available data has not been compiled through improper means.

Additionally, CocoFinder is wholly safe and remains under the law in collecting information, which is also discussed in detail in this review. It points out that whatever information the user is searching for, it won’t get them in legal trouble. However, the laws vary from state to state, so caution is necessary whenever someone uses these records.

Furthermore, accuracy is also something CocoFinder prides itself upon. Although not all the records searched are accurate, there is a degree of precision that is better than most phone number lookup services.

The method to enable CocoFinder’s reverse phone lookup is simple. The user only has to access the official site. From there, they can click on the Phone Lookup tab before entering the phone number in the search bar. The last step is hitting the Start Search button, which will provide the results after a while.


Accurate records

Little information required to do a search

Databases are regularly updated


The search time can be longer than anticipated

Check CocoFinder’s accurate results by visiting the official website.

Part 3: Instant Checkmate
Instant Checkmate is another great reverse phone number lookup tool that provides an extensive and detailed report on any individual. The report can include data such as a local address, email address, phone numbers, criminal history, contact information, and entire work history.

One can utilize the tool’s data, especially if they are looking to hire someone, since it can provide insight into a potential employee’s professional background. Other than the reverse phone lookup, the user can track down anyone using their First name, last name, city, or location. This review has discussed every feature thoroughly.

Moreover, Instinct Checkmate drives its data from public databases, but it doesn’t stop there. The Instant Checkmate data comes from social media websites, data from private companies, and other public locations. Since the data is coming from many sources, Instant Checkmate rarely fails to provide information on someone.

So it’s great for anyone looking for a lost friend or getting familiar with the people in their neighborhood. This reverse phone lookup service also comes with a dedicated app for both Android and iPhone(iOS), further increasing convenience.


Accurate criminal records with detailed reports

Excellent customer service

Mobile apps for both Android and iOS


Pricing should be more transparent

Click here to know why Instant Checkmate is the top tool

Part 4: Intelius
Intelius is a phone lookup service that allows the user to search up records about any person using their name, phone, or address. It then returns an extensive record on the person, including addresses, other phone numbers, personal information, and criminal records.

Most reverse phone lookup services take their information from only public databases, which can cause their data to be outdated or explicitly inaccurate. However, Intelius includes publicly available information in its databases and takes data from federal, local, and state government agencies. Learn more about the reverse phone lookup platform in this review.

Private companies also supply data to Intelius. These many sources make Intelius a reliable platform to search for the target person since much information is available from several different sources. The prices are lower than most other reverse phone lookup services such as Instant Checkmate. All in all, Intelius is a quality service that comes under an affordable price tag.


Accurate results

Variety of sources

Affordable subscription


The trial version does not offer full features

Click here to find the solution with Intelius!

Part 5: Search Quarry
One of the oldest background check websites working at its full pace within the industry is Search Quarry. The user only has to provide the user’s phone number to enable the reverse phone lookup utility.

The company mainly works to compile and gather vast information from different public and individual sources. Moreover, their references include a massive collection of civil, criminal, military, and even traffic records to bring their user accurate and valid results as per their requirement.

Another interesting thing about Search Quarry is that it supports full background checks on the website. Not only that, but it also provides instant records and searches with multiple advanced features. In order to gain access to different public records, the user has to become a member of Search Quarry. After, they are free to go through previous addresses, job history, and references of anyone they want.


Different methods to learn intimate details of a person

Bulk of records


Accuracy is often doubted

Part 6: ZabaSearch
ZabaSearch has grown to be among a few reputable companies that claim to provide their customers with the best search capabilities. One of its top utilities is the reverse phone lookup that provides relevant details upon entering just the targeted person or entity’s phone number.

The user can search almost anything from address to searching criminal past and even personal details through this application. Not only that, but ZabaSearch can also dig into social security search to help users run a basic background check on their tenants or employees, absolutely free of cost. Moreover, the service is secure and guarantees user privacy.


Multiple search options

Reverse number check

Extensive sources with high-end database


Some tools may cause some issue working at the beginning

Part 7: AnyWho
AnyWho is known as the ideal platform offering people a vast searching database. It gives its clients the freedom to search for almost anything about anyone. This is helpful for businesses when hiring new employees or the real estate for checking their tenants. AnyWho is a free to use website which is suitable for every operating system or device.

Besides, the search database running at the backend of AnyWho is from Intelius, its parent company. The user will be directed to Intelius once they search for any information on the tool. The database picks the information from public records, yellow, and white pages, keeping both offline and online records for their users.


Stack of directories

Accurate results

Device friendly


Slow search response

Part 8: SpyDialer
Many different businesses are searching for an online service that offers a detailed lookup without any additional charge. For such companies, SpyDialer is a reliable option. It is entirely free of cost and accessible to users worldwide.

There is an unfortunate history behind users receiving prank calls and messages that could occur at an odd hour. Moreover, there was no way in knowing the individual behind such activities. However, services like SpyDialer offer a much-needed cure for the said issue. A user can receive all the necessary information on the prankster using the phone number such as email, residential addresses, and more.

Furthermore, the data available from the tool is available publicly from sources such as yellow pages. Besides, one can not fully rely on such facilities, so it scans accounts from social media platforms to gather private info.


Authentic and accurate

Free of cost

Ideal for businesses


Restricted information

Part 9: Spokeo
Spokeo lets you find people by searching the target’s phone number. The information provided by the database is authentic. People usually run away from subscriptions; however, for long term search results, a subscription to Spokeo is a must-have.

Besides, Spokeo has a strict privacy policy following which the user can not completely rely on the provided information for significant decisions, including employment or rental services. The services offered include contact, marital, criminal, and bank information. It gathers its data from more than 60 sources, making it extra accurate every time.


Simple to use

User data is private


Searches are outdated

Crime records are limited

Part 10: Spytox
As the company claims, Spytox is one of the most extensive search engines. It has a high-end reverse lookup database providing their user with the opportunity to look up not only people but also their phone numbers. Its detailed database extracts information from public and individual records without compromising a bit on results’ accuracy.

Moreover, it is free, which provides a complete background check without any trace. The results provided here are incredibly transparent and completely legit without getting anything from an illegal source.


Free callbacks


Can not search addresses of the targeted user/entity

Phone number lookup applications are an essential part of our lifestyle these days. Whether it is the case of hiring someone or finding a long lost relative, all these applications and websites can help the user get their desired information in no time.

Sure, some of these have major flaws or doubts in results. However, the top 4 mentioned in the list are entirely accessible, free of cost, and offer exceptional services.


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