Best Apps For River Levels

The best apps for river levels can be a lifesaver during the spring and fall months when rivers are prone to flooding. It’s always a good idea to have an idea of what the river levels are, whether you’re trying to do outdoor recreation or simply walk home from work.

It’s also important to know which apps are the best tools to use when it comes to river level information. Some apps may be more accurate than others, so it’s important that you take this into consideration before you download them onto your device.

One way to find out if an app is reliable or not is by checking reviews on Google Play and iTunes, as this will give you a good idea of how well the app has been received by other users. The more positive reviews an app has, the better it is likely to be at providing accurate information about water levels in a given area.

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RiverFlows - Apps on Google Play

Best Apps For River Levels

Description: Rivercast™ puts the river level data you need at your fingertips with its intuitive and interactive maps and graphs. Rivercast™ Features Include: • Official Flood Warnings & other alerts from the National Weather Service • River stage height in Feet • River flow rate in CFS (when available) • Indications that a river is at or approaching flood stage • Current observations and recent history • …
Rated: 4/5 from 5030 votes || Price: Free || Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad ||
alternatives to Fishing Calendar Pro
Fishing Calendar Pro
Description: Fishing Calendar is an advanced Solunar prediction calendar that will help you find the best fishing locations. We know that the best bite times are when the fish are feeding, typically at dusk and dawn. But there are other factors to consider. This app will show you the best fishing times for any location at any time using Weather forecast, Tide prediction and much more to help you increase your catch! This powerful applicati…
Rated: 4/5 from 4421 votes || Price: $10.99 || Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad ||
alternatives to WSLS 10 Weather
WSLS 10 Weather
Description: Your Local Weather Authority delivers dependable forecasts direct to your device. Choose the location that matters to you and your family. Track rain and storms that could affect your family’s plans and clearly see what’s ahead. Customize your radar for the location that is most important to you and get custom alerts anywhere you are….
Rated: 4/5 from 2099 votes || Price: Free || Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad ||
alternatives to Fishing Deluxe – Best Fishing Times Calendar
Fishing Deluxe – Best Fishing Times Calendar
Description: SALE 30% OFF! The app gives you the best fishing times for your location, so you can plan fishing trips much better! What people say: …For years I’ve owned hundreds of dollar worth apps but not many of them are staying long in the home screen. But not this one, it’s a mainstay, it’s one of my most favorite app, it’s a fish killer! A well designed app and a best friend for outdoorsman. How does it work? Best fishing times…
Rated: 4/5 from 1095 votes || Price: $2.99 || Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad ||
alternatives to RiverApp – River levels
RiverApp – River levels
Description: RiverApp is a must have to check river conditions! RiverApp is the ideal application for kayakers, water sports enthusiasts, fishermen and anyone with river-related activities. Features: For free: -> Water levels of 15,000 rivers in the USA and around the world -> Map view of runnable kayaking routes and gauges -> Water level and flow forecasts of the hydrological institutes -> Custom river level alert by Push notification…
Rated: 4/5 from 117 votes || Price: Free || Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad ||
alternatives to FloodWatch
Description: FloodWatch allows users to monitor rivers and streams throughout the United States. Add USGS gages to your favorites for quick monitoring of current gauge height, precipitation, and flood stage. By leveraging data from the US Geological Survey and National Weather Service, FloodWatch presents the most recent and historical river heights, precipitation totals, discharge, and flood stage data. Graphs are available to help you…
Rated: 4/5 from 66 votes || Price: Free || Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad ||
alternatives to River Data
River Data
Description: Supports iPhone and iPad in the same app! The ultimate river monitoring app for the US. Trusted by fisherman, kayakers, scientists, and other river enthusiasts that need the fastest available information from USGS water monitoring sites. * 14,000+ sites listed from map or text search * All river gauges are present, not just a subset * Full featured graphical view of gauge data from 1 to 119 days * View yearly historical peak…
Rated: 4/5 from 59 votes || Price: $0.99 || Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad ||
alternatives to River Scout – River levels for the USA
River Scout – River levels for the USA
Description: River Scout is a must have app for any outdoorsman. It provides realtime data on current river conditions in the United States. River Scout has data on all rivers, creeks and streams covered by the USGS. Whether you are a going fishing, boating, kayaking, white water rafting or just interested in river conditions, then this is the app for you. Features: Real time data on river levels and river flow Historical data on river le…
Rated: 4/5 from 42 votes || Price: $1.99 || Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad ||
alternatives to Freestone Outdoors
Freestone Outdoors
Description: KNOW BEFORE YOU GO Freestone is your resource for real time river flows, tide charts and weather. Track up to the minute changes, plan your next trip with confidence or research new waters you want to explore. Search waterways and coastal regions to track current as well as historical conditions. Integrated map navigation and quick preview results lists Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly conditions as well as 3 year comp…
Rated: 4/5 from 9 votes || Price: Free || Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad ||
alternatives to Portland Weather App
Portland Weather App
Description: brings you daily weather forecasts for the Portland, Oregon metro area. Forecasts are updated daily for the Oregon Coast, Mt. Hood for skiers and the Columbia River. We cover the entire Pacific Northwest with • live cameras • current temperatures • daily forecasts • live radar • live satellite images Track storm fronts in real time with our live radar and satellite images! Get the weekend coast…
Rated: 5/5 from 9 votes || Price: Free || Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad ||
alternatives to River Data Lite
River Data Lite
Description: Supports iPhone and iPad in the same app! The ultimate river monitoring app for the US. Trusted by fisherman, kayakers, scientists, and other river enthusiasts that need the fastest available information from USGS water monitoring sites. * 14,000+ sites listed from map or text search * All river gauges are present, not just a subset * Store you favorite sites for quick access * Connect gauge data with friends with built-in …
Rated: 4/5 from 5 votes || Price: Free || Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad ||
alternatives to King County Flood Warning
King County Flood Warning
Description: The King County Flood Warning app helps safeguard people and property by providing real-time flooding info for the Skykomish, Snoqualmie, Tolt, Raging, Cedar, Green and White rivers, and Issaquah Creek. If you live, work, go to school or regularly travel in or through these areas of King County download this app to track flood conditions. The app shows current river flows, flood stage data and forecasts plus real-time flood ph…
Rated: 2/5 from 5 votes || Price: Free || Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad ||

best app to improve general knowledge

In this article, I will discuss the 15 best general knowledge apps that you can consider.

Being well informed about issues going on across the world is very important.

To get more enlightened it is mandatory to learn more new things.

You will agree that being well informed is really an essential aspect in human lives for example in job interviews there are always questions testing the general knowledge of the applicant.

Hence, applications with general knowledge are of great significance.

  1. Wikipedia
    Official Website

Wikipedia general knowledge apps
It is the most popular information storage site which contains almost all the basic information about anything when you conduct a search.

It has many articles with a variety of topics and facts.
Different language versions
Can be used offline
It’s free and open-source
It’s a great app for students and learners.
Lack of confidentiality
Difficult to regulate user access rights
Open to spam if not properly managed.

  1. QuizUp
    Official Website

Another useful general knowledge app includes quiz games. One easily accesses information or searches for answers to any general knowledge-based questions instantly.

Variety of subjects to choose from.
It’s like a medium to meet and communicate with new people.
One gets motivated because of the gaming option
You can play with and compete with millions of players.
Very interesting
The ranking system rewards you for questions answered rather than a win/loss ratio.
Frequent disconnections and error messages while playing.

  1. TED
    Official Website

TED Talks
It gathers millions of talks from different corners of this world on different topics, like science, education, history, philosophy, psychology, and so on.

Depicted in over 100 languages.
You can listen to podcasts and videos.
You can download videos and audios to listen when offline.
You can bookmark.
The talks are so short hence, the information presented isn’t very comprehensive.

  1. Curiosity
    Official Website

It is a great application for continuous self-improvement by learning new things every day. It provides various ways to learn new things and more comprehensible digital sources.

It is easy to explore and provides instant results for much useful information.
You can enjoy different essays, short notes, and articles with ease.
It provides millions of educational videos of any topic to learn from
Customizable with personal preferences
simple and accessible system for users of all ages.
lack of confidentiality

  1. WolframAlpha
    Official Website

It is a valuable go-to math help type general knowledge app built from the research of great mathematicians.

It provides a vast amount of problem-solving patterns and lots of algorithms with answers.
This app includes examples and questions of statistics.
Covers Vast area of different subjects
It has a subscription fee
copying answers without an understanding of concepts
the time consuming distractions

  1. Quora
    Official Website
It is one of the most reliable quiz answering apps you can enjoy improving your brain activity and potential.

It responds very quickly
you can find answers to questions from any subject
First-hand Knowledge available
Easy information of information with other persons
Information and articles are categorized by relevant topics.
Time consuming

  1. General knowledge Trivia Quiz
    Official Website
It has two sections, one gathers information while the one is a quiz section. There you can play quiz games to justify your skill.

Tons of general knowledge information is arranged into categories.
Reading mode is available to bring a calm reading environment.
Quiz games of both easy and hard modes are available.
Lots of unlocked stages are there to lock.
Internet related costs

  1. Wikids: Talking Encyclopedia for Curious Kids
    Official Website

Wikids, general knowledge apps for Android general knowledge apps
It is a talking encyclopedia kids-friendly general know app developed for the kids from 3 to 7 years old that helps your kids to be smarter and knowledgeable.

There are various kinds of topics for kids with an unlimited number of audio-visual articles.
Over 192 common topics for kids
Talks on over 200 languages of the world hence it can improve their language skills.
Pause and Play buttons are available
Very good quality narration
They use lots of imagery to improve your child’s imaginative power.
Age limiting
Researcher: More than 15,000 Academic Journals
Official Website

It is an app that shows the latest innovations and research works.

Free to download
Works well in most Android phones and tablets
comes with a spectacular user interface
It offers research works and journals from different areas of knowledge.
bookmarking and organizing bookmarked papers with different reference managers.
Reading open access papers and sharing with colleagues can be done while remaining in the app with ease.
Time consuming.
It lack of confidentiality

  1. Brilliant
    Official Website

It is an app for users who have keen interest in science and technology and individuals who want to stay updated on matters of science and mathematics.

Widely accessible to any user
It has lots of fun lessons
It helps to nurture the logical and quantitative skills of the brain
It offers lots of problem-solving lessons and active learning frameworks.
It provides regular updates and
Has challenging quizzes on many subject matters.
Limited subjects

  1. Daily Hunt
    Official Website

This is an app that provides daily news and current affairs to its users.

Supports many different languages.
Provides e-books, daily news on a regular basis.
One user can also select many different languages.
It requires Android 2.0 and higher versions

  1. General Knowledge World GK
    Official Website

General-Knowledge general knowledge apps
A best app where you can get current affairs updates and valuable general Knowledge.

Has a user-friendly user interface
It supports most of the popular languages and translations hence better understanding
It is provided with multiple-choice questions
It is helpful for competitive exams
It covers a lot of subjects and study areas for better support in one place.
regular updates
Time consuming

  1. Aptitude test and preparation
    Official Website

It is one of the best educational apps for Android that fulfils a user’s need for exam preparations and aptitude tests.

It helps you to work on your skills hence you become competent in different areas
It provides a lot of different test examples with solutions so that you can train your brain in the best way possible.
provides a variety of tricks and tips for making confident in the job-related exams and interviews.
It provides valuable information and practice grounds
Ease access
Costly to administer and develop.
Each job requires different skills.

  1. General Knowledge Quiz: World GK Quiz App
    Official Website

This app prepares you for any competition and aptitude test at any time. It is filled with numerous subject-based knowledge and current general affairs information.

It provides useful questions that are common in maximum competitive exams
comes with easy answers for self-correction.
It helps one prepare to compete in any challenging IQ test.
It is equipped with social media integration so that you can enjoy your study time with friends; it also supports social sharing options.
It is entirely free to access provides knowledge about the world from almost all the essential sources.

  1. Current Affairs – General Knowledge Quiz
    Official Website

general knowledge apps
If your intention is both to gather more knowledge for self-satisfaction then this is an app that should not be missed on your phone. In India, this is the favorite app for following all current affairs for Civil service, MBA exams, bank, Hindi and English.


The vast amount of general knowledge information.
Specific general knowledge is available
You can use it offline.
Completely free to use
You can participate in tons of quiz tests
Availability of Written news, article, audio, and video

From the above-listed general knowledge apps, I would suggest you try one of the above and get the best out of them.

And if you have ever used any of the above-mentioned applications kindly share your experience in the comment section.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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