Best Apps For Roku

Roku is one of the best streaming services on the market today. It’s easy to use and has a massive collection of channels that offer plenty of content. However, there are so many channels available that it can be hard to decide which ones you want to use.

In this guide we’ll go over the best apps for roku and provide you with some useful tips for picking out the ones that will work best for you. Roku apps are divided into three categories: streaming media players like Netflix or Hulu Plus; social networking apps like Facebook or Twitter; and games such as Angry Birds or Candy Crush Saga.

Best Roku channels 2022 | Tom's Guide

Best Apps For Roku

How to find the best Roku channels, free and paid, for movies, TV shows, music or kids’ programming

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Best Roku channels
(Image credit: Roku)
The best Roku channels make it easy so stream blockbuster movies and popular TV shows. Even better, many of them are free! Not only that, Roku is constantly adding more new channels. The service recently added the new CNN Plus, as well as 25 linear channels, including Supermarket Sweep, Project Runway, This Old House Makers Channel and Total Crime. Plus, platform is making it easier to access live TV channels, as users can now pin the guide to their home screen.

With one of the best Roku devices, you can check out a ton of Roku channels, both free and paid (some of the latter will offer a free trial for new members). That includes power players like Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock and HBO Max.

But the list of best Roku channels doesn’t stop with the big-name streaming services. Try PBS Kids for children’s programming, CuriosityStream for science content or Twitch for free streaming of video gamers playing games. There’s even a Peloton channel on Roku.

The Roku Live TV Guide is a great way to “channel surf.” The grid-like feature allows users to browse free TV channels that are linear and live (linear means pre-programmed). It is similar to the lineup you’d seen on a cable guide, with a list of channels down the side and the time slots across the top. It’s an easy way to check out all the free live programming that Roku has to offer in addition to on-demand content.

The best Roku channels to add right now
Peacock (free and subscription)

(Image credit: NBCUniversal)
Peacock is finally taking flight on Roku. NBCUniversal streaming platform launched in July on most major devices, excluding Roku. The companies have come to an agreement, though, and now Peacock is available as a Roku channel. Peacock comes in two tiers, Free (ad supported) and Premium. Both offer thousands of hours of movies and television shows drawn from NBCUniversal’s iconic brands. Watch 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Battlestar Galactica and more with Peacock Free. If you want Peacock originals, you’ll have to sign up for Premium ($4.99 with ads, $9.99 without).

Amazon Video (subscription and a la carte)
Best Roku channels: Amazon Prime Video

(Image credit: Roku)
Whether or not you subscribe to Amazon Prime, the Amazon Video channel is a worthwhile addition to your Roku. Those who dish out the $99-per-year membership fee for Prime can stream a large selection of movies and TV shows. Amazon Video also offers a la carte purchases and rentals, as well as a growing number of original programs, including the acclaimed Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle. For those who don’t want a full Amazon Prime subscription, you can subscribe to Amazon Video only for $9 per month. Tom’s Guide has also compiled an updated list of what to watch on Amazon Video, in case you’re looking for recommendations.

Amazon Prime Video – Free Trial
Amazon Prime – Yearly
Amazon Prime – Monthly
at Amazon Prime
Crackle (free)
Best Roku channels: Crackle

(Image credit: Roku)
Crackle is one of the best Roku channels for watching free big-budget movies, provided you don’t mind sitting through a few commercials. If you cut the cord on your cable subscription but still miss zoning out in front of cheesy action comedies, this app is for you. The selection at Crackle rotates frequently, but there are usually some memorable films, like Gattaca.

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Netflix (subscription)
Best Roku channels: Netflix

(Image credit: Roku)
Netflix pioneered the art of the marathon TV watching session, which earns it an easy inclusion in our list of best Roku channels. Whether you want to watch newer hits like Black Mirror, or classics like The A-Team, Netflix has something to suit your tastes. Netflix also boasts some of the best-made and well-received original programming, from Marvel tie-ins Daredevil and Jessica Jones, to revivals of popular nostalgic shows like Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and Fuller House. Check out our guide to the best Netflix shows for a comprehensive view on the best of big red.

Netflix Standard
at Netflix
Disney Plus (subscription)
Best Roku channels: Disney Plus

(Image credit: Disney)
Disney Plus brings Disney’s massive library of content to the streaming scene. You’ve got animated princess movies, original Star Wars series, a good chunk of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a whole lot of weird mid-budget live-action movies that you half-remember from your childhood. The service costs only $7 per month, which makes it a fair bit cheaper than other streaming services, too. Of course, if you prefer not to give Disney any more of your money or attention, that’s fair, too; it’s become a bit hegemonic in recent years.

Disney+ Monthly
Disney+ Yearly
at Disney+
YouTube (free and a la carte)
Best Roku channels: YouTube

(Image credit: Roku)
YouTube is not a TV or movie channel in the strictest sense, but in terms of the raw amount of video it offers, this service is unsurpassed. You’ll find a little bit of everything: original web shows, small clips from popular movies and TV shows, music videos, narrated playthroughs of popular video games and just about everything else, from paid movie rentals to much racier fare.

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HBO Max (subscription)
HBO Max is one of the best Roku channels

(Image credit: HBO)
HBO Max, the new version of HBO Go and HBO Now, has been great for more than just streaming past and current seasons of popular HBO shows, such as Succession, Euphoria and Game of Thrones. On top of those series, and comedy specials and hit movies, HBO Max spent 2021 streaming big movies on their first day in theaters. Unfortunately, that’s gone, but HBO Max keeps adding big titles such as the Harry Potter Reunion to make up for it.

HBO Max with Ads
HBO Max Ad-Free
at HBOMax
Hulu (subscription)
Best Roku channels: Hulu

(Image credit: Roku)
Hulu is one of the best Roku channels thanks to deals with major networks, including Fox, NBC, The CW and ABC, and it uploads new episodes shortly after they air. The service has past seasons of popular shows on tap, and even hosts the entire runs of nostalgic series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Daria. A handful of decent Hulu originals, like Difficult People and Casual, sweeten the deal. Check out our guide to the best Hulu movies, shows and more.

Hulu (No Ads)
at Hulu
FandangoNOW (a la carte)
Best Roku channels: FandangoNow

(Image credit: Roku)
At first blush, FandangoNOW is extremely similar to Amazon Video. Roku’s default movie and TV show streaming service is exactly what it claims to be: a way to buy and rent movies that’s pre-installed on every Roku device. While the selection isn’t drastically different from competing services, there’s no reason not to try it, especially since it now provides a small selection of 4K films.

Apple TV
Best Roku channels: Apple TV

(Image credit: Apple)
Apple TV Plus brings a bevy of original content for $5 per month — even if it’s not all that good. Viewers will be able to tune into shows like Dickinson, See and The Morning Show, starring actors such as Hailee Steinfeld, Jason Momoa and Jennifer Aniston, respectively. And if the shows aren’t to your taste (they very well may not be), the Apple TV app also lets you access TV shows and movies they’ve purchased through iTunes.

Apple TV+ Free Trial
Apple TV+ – Monthly
at Apple TV+
Showtime (subscription)
Best Roku channels: Showtime

(Image credit: Roku)
Showtime has produced some of the most unusual and beloved shows on TV, including Shameless, Homeland, Billions and The Affair. If you get the channel as part of your cable or satellite package, Showtime Anytime allows you to watch the channel’s TV shows, comedy specials, sports events and movies. Alternatively, you can subscribe to Showtime as a stand-alone service, with access to all of the same content.

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Peloton Roku channel

(Image credit: Peloton)
Peloton fanatics don’t need an actual Peloton bike to access the popular instructor-led classes; they can just download the app to their mobile device. Now, they can also fire up the Peloton Roku channel and select one of the cycling workouts to stream on a big-screen TV. There are also floor-based workouts available, including strength, yoga, HIIT, dance, and meditation.

If you already have a Peloton account, you can sign into the channel with your credentials. New users can take advantage of a 30-day free trial; after that, the app-only membership is $12.99 per month. (You can sign up on your TV with Roku Pay.)

Sky News (free)
Best Roku channels: Sky News

(Image credit: Roku)
Sky News provides live broadcasts for the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Although the organization originated in the U.K., it shares news that the whole English-speaking world can use, and it doesn’t cost a dime. In addition to live reports, Sky News also offers cached feeds, allowing users to watch news highlights when it best suits their schedules. The channel provides live, 24/7 coverage.

CBS All Access (subscription)
Best Roku channels: CBS All Access

(Image credit: Roku)
CBS All Access gives users access to CBS programming in real time, as well as an on-demand library of more than 2,000 titles, from NCIS to Supergirl to The Twilight Zone. The main draw of the service, however, is Star Trek: Discovery, which is the first new serial adventure in the series since 2005. It’s an excellent show, and at present, there’s no other way to watch it in the United States. Thanks to the new Twilight Zone reboot also available on the service, CBS All Access merits a mention as one of the best Roku channels.

Sling TV (subscription)
Best Roku channels: Sling

(Image credit: Roku)
Sling TV provides more than 20 beloved broadcast and cable channels, including ESPN, Cartoon Network, TBS and CNN. For those who want additional packages, from Spanish-language channels to additional kids’ programming, Sling TV offers supplements a la carte. Sling TV is cheaper than a cable subscription and easy to access on a variety of devices, letting you watch your favorite shows in real time.

Sling Blue
Sling Orange
Sling Orange + Blue
at Sling TV
MLB.TV (subscription)
Best Roku channels: MLB TV

(Image credit: Roku)
With games almost every night and 30 teams to follow, baseball is not a sport for the noncommittal. If you want to watch recorded home games, live away games, live broadcasts, replays and more stats than you can shake a bat at, MLB.TV delivers. MLB.TV is Major League Baseball’s official streaming app, and will allow you to watch almost every regular season game from every team.

NBA (subscription)
Best Roku channels: NBA Game Time

(Image credit: Roku)
NBA Game Time for the NBA app streams live basketball games for subscribers, but also has a little something for more casual courtside warriors. Through this app, fans can access live scores, team and player stats, game recaps, video highlights and up-to-the-minute information on league standings. However, be warned that the app generally can’t stream local games, due to media company broadcasting restrictions.

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WatchESPN (subscription)
Best Roku channels: Watch ESPN

(Image credit: Roku)
If you can’t pick just one sport to follow, WatchESPN has you covered. Although WatchESPN requires a cable or satellite subscription, you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck. The channel allows you to access ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, ESPNU, ESPNews and ESPN Deportes live, 24/7. You’ll also be able to stream recorded games from professional football, baseball, basketball, tennis and more.

NFL (subscription)
Best Roku channels: NFL

(Image credit: Roku)
If you have both a Roku device and an obsession with American football, the NFL app is one of the best Roku channels for you. By default, the channel can play a number of free game highlights. With a Game Pass subscription and the NFL app, sports fans can watch every game from every team, all season long, right on their Rokus, from the opening skirmishes right up to the Super Bowl.

Pandora (free or subscription)
Best Roku channels: Pandora

(Image credit: Roku)
You’ve almost certainly used Pandora before. Whether you want background music for your household tasks or the soundtrack for a party, Pandora delivers. The concept is simple: enter a bunch of artists or songs that you like, then Pandora will analyze their commonalities and create a radio channel that suits your taste. You can even create multiple stations to suit various moods, tastes and events.

Spotify (subscription)
Best Roku channels: Spotify

(Image credit: Roku)
Spotify is fun way to listen to songs or entire albums from almost every major musical act of the last 100 years, from Mississippi John Hurt to the Rolling Stones to Katy Perry. Whether your tastes skew to classical, blues, rock, pop, punk, techno or show tunes, Spotify probably has what you’re looking for. You can even supplement it with music from your own collection.

Spotify Student
Spotify Premium
Spotify Family
at Spotify
Disney Channel (subscription)
Best Roku channels: Disney Channel

(Image credit: Roku)
Roku’s Disney Channel won’t do you much good unless you already have a cable or satellite subscription, but if you do, it’s one of the best Roku channels for kids. Disney Channel offers both live programming and prerecorded shows, ranging from Elena of Avalor to Girl Meets World. The channel also provides original made-for-TV movies, such as Descendants. There’s not much for adults, though.

PBS Kids (free)
Best Roku channels: PBS for Kids

(Image credit: Roku)
PBS has always prided itself on supplying quality programming without advertisements or cable subscriptions, and PBS Kids is no exception. The shows on the PBS Kids Roku app definitely skew toward a younger audience, with titles like Curious George and Sesame Street. Parents may be pleased to discover that classic shows they grew up with, such as Arthur and The Electric Company, are also present and accounted for.

PlayOn (subscription)
Best Roku channels: PlayOn

(Image credit: Roku)
PlayOn uses your computer as a media server, and lets your Roku access more than 60 channels through it, including broadcast TV websites, such as ABC, Fox and CBS. This allows you to watch free primetime shows on your TV just a few days after they first air. PlayOn also lets you record videos online for later. Follow the link to install; it’s a private channel.

Plex (subscription)
Best Roku channels: Plex

(Image credit: Roku)
If you’d rather watch your own content than the highly curated fare on the other best Roku channels, Plex is one of the simplest and prettiest ways to do it. Plex will organize all of your content and stream it to your Roku, complete with seasons, cover art, episode descriptions and even a snippet of the theme song for TV shows. The app makes watching your own content just as visually appealing as watching Netflix.

Best Roku channels: Twitch

(Image credit: Roku)
Twitch (free)
If you prefer watching video games to playing them, Twitch is the channel for you. The popular network is the Internet’s first stop for live streams of video games, and you’ll see everything from Overwatch to Dark Souls to Pokémon. Whether you want Let’s Plays, tips and tricks or competitive play, Twitch has a streamer to appeal to both your skill level and your taste in personality.

Starz (subscription)
Best Roku channels: Starz

(Image credit: Roku)
While perhaps not as popular as HBO or Showtime, Starz still has a lot to offer. Whether you subscribe to it as a stand-alone service or activate it through your cable or subscription, you can access hit shows like Blunt Talk and Ash vs. Evil Dead. The biggest advantage of Starz, though, is that it’s often the first service to get hit movies like Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

CuriosityStream (subscription)
Best Roku channels: CuriosityStream

(Image credit: Roku)
Imagine the informative, scientific entertainment of the Discovery Channel or National Geographic in their heydays; now imagine it in 4K. That’s what CuriosityStream is, and it’s absolutely worth the subscription cost. Whether you want to learn about nature, chemistry, geology or astrophysics, CuriosityStream has something to expand your mind. Deep Time History, which combines astronomy with world history, is particularly worth checking out.

The Weather Network (free)
Best Roku channels: Weather Network

(Image credit: Roku)
While you’re probably not going to get immersed in The Weather Network and watch it for hours on end, it’s still pretty useful to know exactly what the weather is in your neighborhood, and how it’s going to change over the course of the next few hours or days. The Weather Network is a free channel that shows you local weather, as well as conditions all around the world. You can check in with numerical information displayed up top, or watch full videos from meteorologists.

Vudu (a la carte)
Best Roku channels: Vudu

(Image credit: Roku)
Vudu may seem like just another a-la-carte service, selling you movies and TV shows that you can either rent or keep at premium prices. However, Vudu has a few major advantages that makes it one of the best channels on Roku. First of all, if you’ve bought any Blu-rays within the past few years, you may have redeemed your digital copies on Vudu, giving you a pretty respectable library to start with. Furthermore, the service offers 4K HDR content — something that not many other video streaming services do just yet.

The Roku Channel (free)
Best Roku channels: The Roku Channel

(Image credit: Roku)
No discussion of the best Roku channels would be complete without the titular one. The Roku Channel may not have the largest selection of movies and TV shows — but said movies and TV shows won’t cost you a penny, which seems like a fair trade-off. This channel offers a rotating selection of media, including popular films like Legally Blonde and Drunken Master, supported by periodic ads, as though you were watching a movie on basic cable. Roku has also added a Kids and Family section to the channel, providing friendlier fare for a younger crowd.

Oh, and a new Roku upgrade directed at cord-cutters is all about promoting The Roku Channel’s free live linear TV content (as well as some of the best cable TV alternatives).

Google Play TV and Movies (a la carte)
Best Roku channels: Google Play TV and Movies

(Image credit: Roku)
If you have an Android phone or tablet, there’s a good chance that you’ve bought some media on Google Play TV and Movies. (Even if you haven’t, Google may have given you a few titles for free; it’s worth checking out.) Google Play TV and Movies lets you buy or rent a la carte films and TV episodes, and in that respect, it’s a lot like Amazon, Vudu and some other entries on this list. However, Google Play’s big advantage is that it syncs extremely well with the Movies Anywhere program. This lets you access titles you’ve purchased from a variety of sources, including iTunes — which, of course, does not have a Roku app, and probably never will. You can also access titles you purchase here on any Android device, which is helpful if you want to take your content with you.

DC Universe (subscription)
Best Roku channels: DC Universe

(Image credit: Roku)
DC Universe is worth checking out, if only because it offers something unique. At first blush, DC’s streaming service is simply a way to showcase a few original video titles, such as Titans and Harley Quinn. Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll find that it’s also a grand repository of beloved DC movies and TV shows, from Christopher Reeve’s Superman to Batman: The Animated Series. What really sets DC Universe apart, though, is that it doesn’t restrict itself to video; it also offers comic books. From nostalgic single issues of Wonder Woman to postmodern deconstructions like The Dark Knight Returns, DC Universe offers fans a way to see what inspired its new shows firsthand.

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hidden roku channels

Roku is one of the best ways to transform your traditional television into a smart TV. These devices are available in different models with varying specifications and let you add channels to watch the content you want.

While the Roku Channel Store offers an exhaustive selection of paid and free channels for your viewing pleasure, there’s another way to access even more content. That’s right! We’re talking about Roku hidden channels.

In this article, you’ll find our recommendations for the best hidden channels you should install now. But before we get to that, let’s first take a look at how you can add private channels to Roku.

How to Add Hidden Roku Channels
You can access the hidden channels on all Roku devices, whether you have a Roku Ultra, Roku Express, or Roku Streaming Stick Plus. Here’s what you need to do:

Visit on your mobile phone or computer.
Sign in to your Roku account.
Under the Manage account section, click or tap Add channel with a code.
Enter your desired channel access code and select the Add Channel button.
A popup warning will appear. Tap or click OK to proceed.
Select “Yes, Add Channel” and you’re done!
The channel won’t immediately appear in your Roku channels list. If you want to access it right away, go to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now on your Roku device.

Hidden Roku Channels
Here are the Best Roku Hidden Channels in 2022
Some of the private channels below are unavailable in certain regions or countries due to geographical restrictions. If you want to access them from anywhere, you’ll need to use a VPN on your Roku device. You can learn how to set up VPN for Roku from here.

  1. The Space Opera Channel
    Access Code: (soctv)

If sci-fi series and indie fan films are your thing, the Space Opera Channel is a must-have. This hidden channel gives you access to both on-demand and live content across a wide range of categories. Also, you can watch iconic titles such as Flash Gordon, Space Angel, and Captain Z-Ro.

  1. Nowhere TV
    Access Code: (NMJS5)

NowhereTV is one of the oldest hidden channels on Roku, where you’ll find a broad array of content from networks like PBC, ABC, NBC, BBC, and HBO. There’s also plenty of sports content such as the NFL, MLB, and more.

  1. El Cartel TV
    Access Code: (chibchombiatv)

El Cartel TV provides access to dozens of South American live TV channels, particularly those originating in Colombia. Some of the more popular channels available include Canal Uno, Canal Capital, and TeleSUR.

  1. iTunes Podcasts
    Access Code: (ITPC)

iTunes podcasts enables you to listen to free iTunes podcasts. You don’t have to install iTunes on your computer as this private channel doesn’t require an iTunes account to run, and it streams podcasts straight from iTunes’ library of podcasts.

  1. Unofficial Twitch.TV
    Access Code: (TwitchTV)

If you’re an avid gamer, Unofficial Twitch.TV is well worth checking out. Even though it’s an unofficial Roku channel, you’ll be able to use a variety of features and access all of Twitch’s without limitations of any kind.

  1. EuroRoku
    Access Code: (296XJKP)

This paid hidden Roku channel lets you access live streams of popular European TV stations. EuroRoku has up to 300 channels, which includes networks from Belgium, France, Holland, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, and Moldova.

  1. Wilderness Channel
    Access Code: (FL82109)

If you’re interested in nature and wildlife-related content, the Wilderness Channel is for you. It offers both on-demand content and live broadcasts of shows like America’s Wilderness, Alone in the Wilderness, and Secrets of Stealth Camping.

Hidden Roku Channels

  1. AOL On
    Access Code: (aol)

With AOL On, you get access to content from TV networks like HGTV, BBC News, Food Network, Cooking Channel, ET Online, and DIY Channel. It used to be available in the Roku Channel Store, but now can only be added as a hidden channel.

  1. Arirang TV and Radio
    Access Code: (ArirangTV)

Arirang TV and radio is one of the go-to channels for South Korean TV and radio programming. This private Roku channel offers access to documentaries, cultural features, and more.

  1. Space Time
    Access Code: (CN6MRTG)

Are you into astronomy? Space Time is a hidden Roku channel with publicly available content from Space Agencies worldwide, especially NASA due to their high-resolution footage.

  1. Video Games
    Access Code: (T6PH2V)

If you like to watch video game walkthroughs, Video Games is a must-add. It offers full playthroughs of classic games like Super Metroid, Super Mario Bros. 3, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

  1. RokuMovies
    Access Code: (zb34ac)

RokuMovies features outlandish and strange low-budget films, which you should give a try if you’re into kung-fu and giant monster flicks.

  1. MultiLive
    Access Code: (DNLMPK)

Want to stream European TV channels? MultiLive won’t disappoint as it comes with dozens of channels from Berlin, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, and Cyprus.

  1. Weather Radar
    Access Code: (radar)

Weather Radar gives you access to everything weather-related you can think of. Since the information is sourced from the US National Weather Service, you can be sure it’s up-to-date and reliable.

  1. DISHWorld
    Access Code: (DISHWorld)

You won’t find a better live international TV service than DISHWorld, owned by Sling. It offers over 170 channels in 15 different languages, meaning there’s plenty of options for everyone.

Hidden Roku Channels

  1. RokuCast
    Access Code: (CL9D5D)

With RokuCast, you can watch HTML5 videos from your computer’s Chrome browser to your Roku device. However, there’s an experimental Chrome extension that you need to install first.

  1. StreamNowTV
    Access Code: (sntvdemo)

Fan of indie flicks? StreamNowTV’s beta version offers movies from independent contributors across various genres like horror, action, drama, and comedy.

  1. Silent Movies
    Access Code: (RLQXKG)

The era of silent films is long gone, but you can still enjoy watching the likes of Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and Harold Lloyd. All you need is the Silent Movies channel!

  1. 5ik.TV
    Access Code: (5ikTV)

With 5ik.TV, you’re able to stream live TV channels from the Far East countries like South Korea, Japan, and China. However, the interface of this private Roku channel isn’t in English.

  1. Pro Guitar Lessons
    Access Code: (ProGuitar)

If you want to learn how to play the guitar, Pro Guitar Lessons is one of the best paid hidden Roku channels for this purpose.

  1. Happy Kids TV
    Access Code: (HappyKids)

Happy Kids TV has a wide variety of kids programming like music, activity guides, and more. You also get access to some popular movies and TV shows for kids.

  1. Food Matters TV
    Access Code: (foodmatterstv)

Food Matters TV is an essential private Roku channel for foodies. It offers plenty of content related to diets, recipes, and healthy eating.

By using a VPN on your Roku device, you can keep your streaming activities private and unlock movies and TV shows.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Are Roku Private Channels Safe?
Yes, they’re safe for the most part. However, you should still exercise caution about the kind of content you access. Roku doesn’t verify private channels, and some of them provide access to copyrighted content, which can lead to takedowns that will affect your viewing of the channel. As far as getting hacked or infected by malware is concerned, you have nothing to worry about as Roku private channels are sandboxed.

Are Roku Private Channels Legal?
Absolutely. If they were illegal, Roku wouldn’t support their use in the first place. Therefore, using these channels will not land you in any legal trouble.

How Do I Remove a Hidden Roku Channel?
If you want to remove a private Roku channel, the process is the same as any other channel. Just follow these steps:

Press the Home button on your Roku remote.
Select the channel you want to get rid of.
On your remote, hit the Star button.
Select the Remove Channel option.
Your desired channel will now be removed.
What is the Roku Secret Menu?
Not many know there’s a secret menu on their Roku streaming devices. It can be really useful in case you face any issues with your Roku. Basically, the secret menu on Roku involves different screens, each serving a particular purpose.

By accessing these screens, you can do things like find out details about your Roku’s network, factory reset your device, or modify some settings. For this, you’ll have to enter different Roku remote codes using your remote control.


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