Best Apps For Script Writing

Script writing is a complex process, and it can be difficult to find the right apps to help you with your script. Here are some of our favorites!

The first thing that you have to remember when writing a script is that you need to keep it simple. You don’t want your audience getting lost in the details. So start by focusing on how you want your characters to act and speak, and then figure out how they’ll get from point A to point B.

Scriptwriting is also about creating conflict—and not just in the sense of “two people disagreeing.” You want to create tension between characters, between characters and their environment, and even within each character themselves. This will make your story more interesting for viewers who are reading or watching it unfold onscreen—because there’s no greater conflict than one inside oneself!

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Finally, remember that there’s no such thing as perfect! Everyone has different tastes when it comes down to what they like most about a movie (or play or book) so don’t get discouraged if someone doesn’t like what you’ve written—just keep working at it until they do!

11 Best Screenwriting Software of 2022 (Free and Paid)

Best Apps For Script Writing

Want to mock you. No matter if you’re an emerging screenwriter or a big shot Hollywood writer, we’ve all been there. When you’re working on that big project, you want every tool in your arsenal to keep you motivated and organized so you can do what you have to do: write. Here are the best apps for screenwriters in 2022, ranked.


  1. Arc Studio Pro
    With all the features of those other screenwriting softwares, Arc Studio Pro offers even more with real-time collaboration, automatic revision-tracking with cloud backup, and an impressive outlining plot board with dynamic elements that can link to the elements in the script. Plus, its sleek modern design aesthetic gets rid of all the clutter and allows you to focus on writing. It’s truly the future for screenwriting software.

Price: Free


  1. Scriptation
    There are many, many options for apps to write your screenplay in, but what about all the editing that comes next? Scriptation is Emmy® award winning app for marking up scripts, used by thousands of Hollywood productions worldwide, and the best part is you can get it free in the App Store.

Scriptation allows you to read and make notes on your script with a wide range of customizable annotation tools. It’s also the best way to receive notes on your draft from your screenwriting friends, allowing you to view multiple sets of readers’ notes on the same PDF. Pretty cool!

Professional screenwriters use the production app to share notes, highlight lines, bookmark scenes, and separate annotations conveniently into layers.

Also, it’s a a great way to read professional scripts. Currently, you can download and read all of the 2021 Oscar Nominated screenplays right in Scriptation. There’s even a Reader Mode for reading scripts on your mobile device.

As one App Store reviewer advised emerging filmmakers: “I guarantee this app becomes standard on set.” So be prepared to use it on your next big production.

Try out Scriptation’s free script annotation app and see for yourself.

Price: Free


  1. Final Draft Mobile
    Everyone knows Final Draft. It’s the #1-selling screenwriting software in the world. But did you know you can edit your .FDX files right from your iPhone or iPad? You can also work between your desktop and mobile via cloud syncing. All the features of Final Draft, available right on your mobile device.

Price: $9.99


  1. Studiobinder
    Okay, so this is kind of a bonus because it’s not technically an app, but it is a web-based app and very mobile friendly. The screenwriting software allows you to either import a previous script, or write directly in the app. If you’re not into production, then just stick to writing. Share your work in real-time with those that do care about the production side of things, or just share the project with other writers to get some feedback.

Price: Free


  1. Storyist
    Storyist is a rich text editor that lets you work on your manuscripts and screenplays, wherever inspiration strikes. The app has built-in manuscript and screenplay templates, an index card tool, the ability to collaborate with others, review version history, and sync with your favorite cloud storage service.

Price: Free (with In-App Purchases available)


  1. ScriptBuilder
    ScriptBuilder is an app for writers who have an idea for a script, but maybe not much else. The app helps flesh out ideas by asking specific questions to help you get to the meat and potatoes of your story. These questions are designed to better structure your story’s three act structure, facilitate new ideas for upcoming scenes, and give you the stepping stones to keep building up your story.

ScriptBuilder also has the Character Builder and Scene Builder tools (for an additional in-app purchase), which asks similar questions to help you get to know your characters better and move your scenes forward.

Price: Free (with In-App Purchases available)


  1. Danger Notes
    Don’t stop typing. If you do, all your work will disappear and be gone forever. This is Danger Notes – the insane writing tool that aims to help fight writer’s block and get words on the page. By creating pressure for you to keep writing, you’re forced to get into the flow of writing, whether you like it or not.

Price: Free (with In-App Purchases available)


  1. Celtx
    Celtx has long been praised as the free screenwriting tool for aspiring screenwriters. This app allows you to write scripts on your mobile app, complete with automatic formatting for screenplays, stageplays, A/V, and comic books. With a Celtx account, you can autosync all your scripts so they can be backed up to your online studio.

Price: Free


  1. Weekend Read
    Weekend Read promises that “you’ll never squint-and-pinch to read a script again.” This app optimizes scripts for mobile reading by giving the reader a choice of fonts, sizes, and Dark Mode for night reading.

Price: Free


  1. Contour
    Contour is an app for writers that streamlines the process of turning your movie ideas from the first spark of an idea to a full outline right from your phone.

Created by Emmy Award-nominated screenwriter, Contour asks you simple questions to help shape your story’s overall structure. Think of it like a digital beat sheet that is shaped through a conversation with Contour. By following this template, the beats of our screenplay are laid out seamlessly and soon you have a roadmap to writing your actual script.

Price: $12.99


  1. Scrivener
    Typewriter. Ring-binder. Scrapbook. Scrivener combines a myriad of writing tools to take you from the brainstorming stage to the drafting stage to the writing stage.

Created for manuscripts, Scrivener allows you to compose in small sections and grow your story, idea by idea. This method allows you to outline your story in pieces and organize them by simply dragging and dropping. Scrivener also has a cork board for index card notes, binders to organize reference materials, and many customizable text styles.

Price: $19.99


  1. WriterDuet
    WriterDuet is an industry-standard screenwriting software. WriterDuet’s cloud-based word processing allows for real-time collaboration between users and devices.
    Price: Free


  1. Index Card
    Index Card is exactly what you might think it is… a corkboard app that helps you capture and organize your ideas. But it’s more than that. With the ability to format text, add images, and Storyboard Mode, Index Card expands upon the traditional index card tool and brings it into the digital age.

Price: $4.99

script writing apps free

A script plays a major role in the video. You need to write a script first before recording your video. Today, there are several scripts writing software available in the market and mostly all are pretty expensive. Here are 11 free script writing software for both MAC and Windows to make your screenwriting experience easy and smooth.

Part 1: Free Script Writing Software for Mac
Part 2: Free Screenwriting Software for Windows
Part 1: Free Script Writing Software for Mac

  1. Write a script with Causality
    Casuality is a unique free script writing software for MAC that has a different approach than its counterparts. Developing stories with Casuality software gives you the freedom to visualize even the most complex stories. When you can visualize a structure, you can easily direct whatever is in your mind into the video. Writing novels and screenplays is just a matter of your creativity when it comes to the free screenwriting software, Casuality. The features of Casuality are-

Allows you to plot timelines and key moments to visualise
Causality has both a free and a paid version
In free version, space for writing script is limited
Based on 3 components- script, story logic, and timeline
Just move your beats and script automatically rearranges
Analyzes all the events in your story, finds your plot problems, and comes up with the most logical sequence
Run well on anything from laptops to multi-monitor setups
Character development, layers, and translation

  1. Write a script via Celtx
    Celtx is a blueprint for writing as screenplay is for a film. This free script writing software can keep an eye on your budget and help in structuring and planning. You just need to download this free screen writing software for MAC and get going. The features of Celtx are-

Comprehensive plan, create, and manage tool
Get the story started with index cards
Navigate & arrange scenes with drag & drop ease
Breakdown your script to capture what you need
Compatible with iPhones and tablets and offering real time collaboration options
Cloud-based pre-production suite

  1. Write a Script by Story Touch
    If you want to give a dramatic development to your story board easily, Story Touch free script writing software is one of your best choices. For creating something unique, Story Touch lets you use color pallets and graphs for offering a veritable X-ray of your script. The features of this software are-

Check your screenplay in timeline and use tools to for dramatic analysis
Set the important of the characters in each scene
Create a track to follow any group of scenes in your story
Set levels for dramatic units by enabling graphs, rhythm, and tone
See all items in scree which makes it easy to compare
Story Touch

  1. Write a Script through Kit Scenarist
    One open-source, versatile, and free script writing software, Kit Scenarist is available for Mac, PC and Linux operating systems. The mobile version of Kit Scenarist allows you to work on it on the go. The features of this software are-

Index cards, statistics and a research module designed to help you organize your research materials
Write and update your script on-the-go
Simple and powerful application for creating screenplays
Download and use it for free
Full-featured studio for creating stories from the birth of the idea to production
Statistics module to get detailed reports
Kit Scenarist

  1. Screenwriting software like Fade In
    The Fade In has both paid version and free script writing version. It is one of the best and most affordable free screenwriting software for MAC that you may try out before purchasing the paid version. The features of Fade In are-

Basic writing, editing and viewing functionality to meet your screenwriting needs
Available for Mac, Windows and Linux users
Complete application for writing motion picture screenplays
Tools for outlining, organizing, and navigating
Universal state of the art interface
Automatically transitioning from scene headings to action to dialogue
Real-time collaboration capabilities
Fade In

  1. Highland 2 For Screenwriters
    Highland is a free script writing software program and carries a tagline, “More Power. Less Distraction” It has several features and is designed amazingly. The features of Highland are-

Indent characters, parentheticals and dialogue as you type
Organize your screenplay by acts and sequences rather than slug lines
Auto plain-text backups
Custom Theme Builder and built-in editor themes
Gender analysis
Amazingly designed interface
Highland 2

  1. Use Drama Queen to wirite a script
    Drama Queen for Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems is both paid as well as free screenwriting software. Whether you wish to export or import, Drama Queen is a great choice and compatible with Final Draft. The features of Drama Queen are-

Structure a story into “Steps,” auto-formatting, an ideas panel
Drag and drop navigator
Format your script either individually or exactly
Free export into all popular file formats
The ideas panel in DramaQueen allows collecting and editing all ideas and researching material for a story
Make best use of screen space as it enables distraction-free, absolute focus on writing a synopsis, treatment or script, outlining or collecting ideas
Drama Queen

Part 2: Free Screenwriting Software for Windows

  1. Trelby
    An open source and free screenwriting software, Trelby is easy to download and recommended by many. It is only available for Windows and Linux. It is a good choice when you search for free software for script writing. The features of this tool are-

Fast and simple
Import and export most file types
Full documentation available to fully understand Trelby
Install the Courier 10 pitch font for best screenplay rendering
2-minute getting started guide

  1. Page 2 Stage
    Page 2 Stage is basic scriptwriting free software available in thirty languages. Whether you are British, Turkish or Australian, Page 2 Stage’s language capability comes in as a handy option. The features of Page 2 Stage are-

Fastest and most modern screenwriting word processor
Easy to use
Page 2 Stage

  1. WriterDuet
    WriterDuet is one of the best free screenwriting software options that allow real-time collective work. In the free version of the software, you can upload 3 scripts without any limits on page, time, or export-import. In order to upload more scripts, you need to try the paid version of this free script writing software. The features of this tool are-

It makes your writing simple
Free 3 scripts upload
All 3 scripts in free version have no page limit, time limit, or export and import quotas

  1. StudioBinder
    StudioBinder is a completely free screen writing software that helps you to create as many scripts you like with no restrictions on page limit. The features of StudioBinder are-

Guides you through the writing process and teaches you the industry standard format
Comprehensive tools to manage your entire production
Develop and write your content, sync your script, breakdown the scene requirements
Shortlist storyboard, schedule your shoot days, manage locations, add cast and crew, and send out call sheets within the app
Real-time collaboration with your writing partners

As a screenwriter, it would be helpful to find easy-to-use and free scripting software. Now that you are aware of the 12 free screen writing software for MAC and Windows, use it that suits your need and make your writing process easy and flawless.

While, if you want to get closer to the final effect of your script, you may be interested in Filmora, Which can realize your imagination on the screen.


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