Best Apps For Selling Locally

If you’ve been trying to sell your items locally, you may have noticed that the process can be complicated and frustrating. Your options are limited to Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace, which all have their own issues.

In this article, we’ll run through some of the best apps for selling locally—apps that will make your life easier and help you make more money from your unwanted items.

14 Best Android Apps to Sell Your Used Stuff Locally (2022)

Best Apps For Selling Locally

Do you have a bunch of things you don’t use anymore? Here you’ll find the best apps to sell stuff online and locally. And if you hang around, you’ll discover my top tips for using apps to sell your stuff for a nice profit.

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I can see you are trying to clear some clutter in your home. But some of the stuff you want to get rid of looks brand new. You’re not sure what you were thinking when you bought it, and now, you need to get rid of it.

Let me share a little secret with you.

woman looking at clothes to sell online

We’ve all been there. You couldn’t resist that shiny little jacket. Or do you remember that time you really wanted to learn to play the electric guitar? Yep, the excitement lasted for a month, before it started to collect dust in the garage.

As much as we should stop buying what we don’t need to , we all have things that we don’t use anymore, ready to find a new home.

And you know what’s great?

Buried deep amongst that pile of old stuff is an easy opportunity to . Plus, giving your unwanted items a second chance is a great way to upcycle things that might otherwise end up in a landfill. Double win!

But where should you start?

There are dozens, even hundreds, of resale apps to choose from. How can you choose the best mobile app for selling stuff?

That’s why I am here! Below, I will share the best apps to sell stuff both online and locally in your community. I’ll even give you some tips to make extra money using them!

Let’s get into it!

And if you want to know what can make you the most money, check out this list of .

Best Apps to Sell Stuff Online
eBay Tradesy
Decluttr ThredUp
Swappa Etsy
Poshmark Amazon
Instagram Checkout
Best Selling Apps To Sell Locally
CPlus for Craigslist Nextdoor
Facebook Marketplace 5Miles
Although all the apps on this list have a reason to be here, my top picks are these:

Best hands-off apps:
Best for clothes:
Best for high-value items:
Best to sell locally:

ebay logo

PERFECT FOR: Electronics, clothes, accessories, toys and action figures, sports cards, musical instruments…pretty much anything.

As The Guardian put it, is “the first for those shifting their excess stuff.” If we’re talking about the best apps to sell stuff, we might as well start at the beginning.

Incredibly, eBay is already over 25 years old – it’s probably older than some of you reading this – and boasts a massive community of nearly 200 million buyers and well over one billion product listings.

With a potential customer base like that, there’s pretty much nothing you can’t sell on eBay.

Almost as impressive, the eBay app has been around since 2008! When it was launched, apps were so new that eBay, by that point a company, had only working on it.

Simply download the app and post the item you want to sell. When it does, eBay will take 10% of the final sales price in commission. They will also take 2.9% if the transaction uses PayPal and charge a $ 0.35′ insertion fee’ for each listing over your first 50 (which are free).

declutter logo

PERFECT FOR: Electronics (especially old cell phones), video games, LEGO, books.

Did you know that Americans have worth of unused electronics in their homes? I bet, you are one of them!

If you can’t be bothered to take photos of your items, write descriptions, and deal with people, I have the perfect app for you. is one of the best online selling apps for your electronics and media. But you can also sell LEGO by weight and books in good conditions.

Here’s how Decluttr works: , select the make, model, and condition of your device – you can even use the app to scan barcodes on media you want to sell – and they’ll make you an offer instantly!

If you accept the offer, they’ll send you a prepaid shipping label so you can send your item to them for free. Once they receive it, they’ll pay you immediately through PayPal or direct deposit.

It really is that easy.

How much do they pay? Well, USA Today that Decluttr “routinely offers more than other similar sites, especially on higher-priced items.”

Pro tip: make sure to describe the condition of your items correctly. Decluttr can and will reject your item if it’s in worse condition than you described.

swappa logo

PERFECT FOR: Electronics.

Of course, you will probably not make as much money selling through a buyback service like Decluttr as you might selling your items yourself. Time vs. money – if the latter is more important to you, check out !

It’s kind of like eBay but tailored specifically towards your old electronics and technology. According to Wired, “this is where you’ll get the most money for your .”

The best part about Swappa? You don’t have to pay a fee when you make a sale! In fact, sellers do not pay any commission to Swappa at all, meaning you’ll keep more of your cash than you would on marketplaces like eBay or Amazon.

Instead of a sales commission, Swappa adds a to each of your listings paid by the customer. Fees are on a graduated scale depending on the cost of what you’re selling – for example, for an item under $50, there is no fee, whereas, for items over $6000, the fee is $250.

As a bonus, when you create a post, Swappa will tell you the recent prices that similar items have sold for. This is useful if you aren’t sure of the value of your item or if you want to undercut competitors.

poshmark logo

PERFECT FOR: Clothes, shoes, handbags, and fashion accessories.

If most of your unwanted items are in your closet, is the premier platform for fashion and one of the best places to sell your clothes for money.

In fact, the company that an astounding 1 in 100 fashion items purchased in the US is resold on Poshmark.

Use the Poshmark app to sell your clothes, shoes, handbags, and fashion accessories – they’ve even recently added new categories for jewelry, beauty products, and even pet accessories!

Like other platforms, simply list items you want to sell on Poshmark. When each item sells, Poshmark takes $2.95 for anything under $15 and 20% for anything over $15.

Crucially, Poshmark is not just an e-commerce marketplace but a . Poshmark sellers don’t just sell. They build and socialize with a community of followers and share things with their network.

If you want to know the ins and outs of selling clothes online, check out my guide to .

tradesy logo

PERFECT FOR: High-end clothes, shoes, handbags, fashion accessories, wedding dresses.

If you’re looking to sell more high-end fashion items, a great app to check out is .

The setup is the same as Poshmark – you post an ad for the item you’re looking to sell to their community – and the cost is similar – a $7.50 flat fee for items sold for less than $50; 19.8% for those sold for over $50.

However, Tradesy boasts that it is only for high-quality, 100% authentic designer fashion. For sellers, this means a higher-end clientele looking and expecting to spend more.

Bonus: Tradesy will give you a suggested price for your listing based on the brand, condition, and what similar things have sold for. The app will even tell you how long your item is likely to take to sell based on different price points!

tredup logo

PERFECT FOR: Less expensive fashion items to be sold by weight.

If you have less expensive fashion items to sell or are simply looking to clear some space and don’t have the time to deal with listings and customers, the best app for selling stuff might be .

They don’t buy back your items like Decluttr – they sell them for you!

Here’s how it works: they’ll send you a cleanout kit which you fill with your old clothing, shoes, handbags, or other fashion accessories. Once you’ve filled your kit, send it back to them – shipping is paid for – and they’ll decide what they can sell.

Before you send, the thredUP app will provide payout estimates on how much you could make from certain items. What they do take, they will photograph and place for sale, then handle buyers, payment, and shipping.

Important to note, however, is that thredUP will be compensated well for their work. For items under $20, they’ll take 85-95% of the sale (wow!). The number reduces as the sale price goes up – for $200 or more, they’ll take 20%.

Yes, it’s a lot, but you’re paying for the fact that you don’t have to do anything. It’s a good option if you want to be hands-off and still make some money.

Bonus tip: thredUP is particularly good for kid’s clothes and maternity gear, but, sorry guys, they only deal with women’s and kid’s fashion.

etsy logo

PERFECT FOR: Handmade and vintage items.

If you are looking for the best app to sell stuff that you’ve made yourself or have a vintage feel, check out .

It’s the 6th largest online marketplace in the world, a community of over 80 million buyers looking specifically for unique handmade items.

Note that there are three separate fees you will pay when selling on Etsy. On every sale, Etsy will take a 5% commission. When customers pay through Etsy Payments, Etsy takes an additional 3%. As well, there is a $0.20 fee for every listing you post in your Etsy shop, which must be paid regardless of if the item sells.

If you are interested in knowing more about Etsy, a great place to start is my in-depth guide to . And if you want some ideas of what you can sell here are .

amazon logo

PERFECT FOR: New items like electronics, board games, or used books.

Amazon is by far the largest e-commerce site in the world. In the US alone, Amazon receives over – more than two-thirds the population of the entire country! In fact, Amazon accounts for of the total e-commerce sales in the US.

A large part of the advantage of selling on Amazon is the brand name – everybody knows Amazon, and listing your products there allows you to appropriate this built-in recognition.

Of course, you will pay for the privilege. Amazon takes between 8-15% of the final sales price, depending on what you sell. You will also have to choose between an individual seller’s account, which adds a flat fee of $0.99 per sale, or a professional account, which eliminates the fee, but costs you $39.99 per month.

I wouldn’t recommend Amazon to beginners. But if you want to turn your hobby of selling things online into something more, Amazon could be a great choice.

is a new app that lets people buy directly from your Instagram photos, videos, and stories. That’s right, it turns your Instagram feed into a digital, sharable catalog of the items you want to sell.

The best part is that it will only cost you a 5% selling fee to use.

And though it’s new, it’s already kind of a big deal. More than people are clicking a shoppable Instagram post every month.

offerup logo

PERFECT FOR: Not much.

Chances are, if you’re looking for the best apps to sell stuff, you’ve heard about OfferUp.

It is a popular and often advertised free app for selling just about anything and has been called .

So what’s the problem?

Well, OfferUp currently has a customer rating of just 1.2 stars out of 5 on Trust Pilot, classified succinctly as . Through the Better Business Bureau, it’s even worse – 1.12 out of 5 stars – with the BBB itself giving OfferUp a rock bottom F rating. In fact, the BBB has recognized a “” regarding OfferUp, including accusations that sellers did not receive their funds, that their app is glitchy, and that their customer service is poor or non-existent.

So, while OfferUp may be a major player in online selling apps, I could not in good conscience recommend a platform with such shockingly poor reviews and ratings.

If you are trying to sell stuff in your local area, a yard sale or garage sales are things of the past. Start by checking these best apps to sell stuff locally.

cplus craiglist logo

With all the newer and more flashy selling apps out there, Craigslist may seem a little outdated. Its interface has remained unchanged since the 90s, and its text-based website lacks modern features and conveniences.

And yet, Craigslist still regularly rates among the top 20 most visited websites on the internet and remains a go-to for millions trying to sell their stuff locally.

Here’s the secret, though: if you’re going to sell on Craigslist, you’ve got to check out the app.

It’s a third-party app licensed by Craigslist, which brings the platform out of the stone age with new features, accessories, and visuals.

CPlus allows Craigslist searches across multiple cities at once – a good way to check what other sellers are listing items similar to yours for, as well as a way to find buyers you could ship to. It also offers advanced search filtering systems, and the ability to save postings and view results on a map.

Oh yeah, and it’s totally free!

Facebook marketplace logo

Another great way to capitalize on a well-established brand when selling your items locally is by using . All you’ll need is a Facebook account, and you’re set to go.

Facebook Marketplace is used in .

In fact, an incredible of US citizens use Facebook to find new products.

In short, Facebook Marketplace makes sharing an ad for an item you want to sell as easy as, well, making a post to Facebook! And, like Facebook, it’s free to use.

The best part about using Facebook Marketplace is that it automatically targets buyers for you. Facebook’s algorithm will put your ad in front of people specifically in your area, so they’ll see it automatically while scrolling through their feed.

Another bonus, when compared with other resale apps, is that dealing with customers is less sketchy. Those who have used platforms like Craigslist to sell in the past will know that you basically don’t know anything about the buyer, which can sometimes be uncomfortable. With Facebook Marketplace, you are still within the Facebook universe, meaning you can just sneak at the profile of potential buyers and see who they are.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget about Facebook Buy and Sell groups. They are great for targeting interested buyers for what you are trying to sell. And the number of different “buy and sell” groups is , meaning there is probably one for what you are trying to sell!

Even better, when you use Facebook Marketplace, you will have the option to automatically post your listing to buy and sell groups in your area.

nexdoor logo

is not just one of the best apps to sell items in your local area. It is a full-blown community hub and one of the social media sites in the world.

It’s a place where neighbors and neighborhoods communicate about everything from community events and road closures to job listings and rental spaces to lost dogs and, yes, to items to buy and sell.

It’s been “a virtual town hall or coffee shop where people meet to gab about local topics.” And it’s totally free to use!

When you sign up for Nextdoor, you’ll have to prove where you live through your phone or a postcard – they really do want to keep things between neighbors!

From there, you can post your item for sale directly into your neighbor’s feeds and into their lives.

5Miles logo

Like Nextdoor, is focused on buying and selling between neighbors, those within, as the name suggests, five miles of each other.

Once you’ve completed their robust triple verification process – phone, email, and social media –you’ll be able to quickly and easily post your items for sale. Then, when somebody in your area searches for something in the category of what you’re selling, 5Miles puts your ad in front of them.

It’s a great way to reach local buyers fast, and it’s free to use!

Note: 5Miles has tried to build its brand around a by recognizing the concerns that can arise when selling to strangers. In addition to their triple verification process, they offer a “safe exchange area locator,” and even, unlike other selling apps, allow payments to be made between buyer and seller directly through the app.

If you’re looking for the best selling apps for a very specific item, don’t worry, I’ve got you!

If you’ve got high-end furniture, check out .
To sell your antiques, try .
Want to get rid of your old books? .
Bicycles are a hot seller right now. Sells yours on .
Looking for someone to buy your musical instruments? Go with .
If you’ve got some cool kicks or other designer shoes, is the app you want.
And for designer watches, try .

  1. Check the price for similar items
    Looking to get an idea of how much you should sell your stuff for?

Start by manually scrolling through listings for similar products on eBay or other platforms. Some apps, like Swappa and Tradesy, will give you a suggested price when you post your item and tell you what others are selling for. Some product categories have their own price calculator (for example, check out this ).

  1. Make your item stand out
    Make sure to use high-quality photographs, showing your product from different angles and in lifestyle shots. Something like of online shoppers think product photography is “very” or “extremely” important.

Also, make sure to include all details about your item that the customer might need to know – measurements, details, brand, etc. If they have to ask, it might already be too late.

  1. Use keyword-rich titles and descriptions
    No matter how good your listing is, you need to get it in front of people if you’re going to sell. The secret? Load your titles and descriptions with relevant keywords. Make sure to spell brands names correctly, and always think about what search terms people will use.
  2. Meet in a public space
    Meet buyers during the day in a public space. The best place is a bank, where the customer can get money immediately if they need it, and you can deposit your funds directly after the sale. Many police and fire stations also offer an area to make sales.

Also, try not to meet buyers at your home – this is a favorite way for criminals to case your house. If you have to, such as when selling a piece of furniture, try to move the item into your garage or entryway.

  1. Choose the best payment method
    This one is simple – don’t accept a payment other than cash. Many fraudsters will run scams with cashier’s checks, personal checks, wire services, or credit cards.
  2. Do not hand over the item until you’ve been paid
    Do not accept partial payments and promises to pay later. Cash for goods; that’s it.

Check out my definitive guide to the .

In short, jewelry and designer fashion are always big sellers, as are home décor and furniture. Specifically right now? Try fitness equipment or your bike, both in high demand due to COVID shortages. And if you have some old Pokémon cards in good condition…congratulations, my friend, !

Some are free of charge to use, some charge flat rates or take a commission – usually between 5-20% – on your sales. Some pay you directly for your stuff and allow you to ship it to them for free.

Whichever selling app you choose, make sure you know the costs before you sell!

First, consider what you are selling; different apps are better for different things.

Second, think about how you want to sell and how much money you want to make. Platforms that do more of the work for you usually take more of the money.

Look around your house, select a few items you are happy to depart from, pick one of the apps to sell stuff, and start uploading details. I swear, it’s addictive! As soon as your first item goes, someone will have to stop you or you’ll end up selling the whole house!

And if there is something still useful you aren’t able to sell, donate it to charity!

If you want more app inspiration, check out the right now.

selling apps with no fees

Selling apps offer all the profits of a yard sale with none of the hassle. Find out how popular sales apps compare, plus which have zero fees.

Have you ever hung on to something you don’t use, just because it was a gift?

Or maybe an expensive collectible?

Fortunately, selling apps offer an easy way to make some extra cash and unclutter your place at the same time.

List your item within seconds so local or distant buyers (or even the apps themselves) can purchase it from you directly and quickly.

Learn the best apps for selling every kind of item, which apps have no listing fees, and how to avoid getting ripped off.

Here are the best apps to sell stuff:
Poshmark for cashing in clothes and accessories
eBay to sell with a reliable mainstay
LetGo for selling to people near you
Tradesy to sell fashion (free shipping)
OfferUp to connect with local buyers
Mercari to reach a wide audience
ThredUP for contact-free selling
Craigslist to sell just about anything
Decluttr for old tech, DVDs and more
Vinted to cash in your fashion
Facebook Marketplace to sell to family and friends
Etsy for selling crafts and collectibles
Depop to earn for trendy streetwear
VarageSale for a virtual garage sale
Gumtree for no-frills selling
Chairish for selling vintage furniture
5miles for selling with no hassle
Wallapop for a virtual flea market

Are your dresser drawers too stuffed to fully close? Poshmark can help you make some room. Poshmark is one of the most popular apps made specifically for those who want to sell (and buy) clothes, accessories, shoes, jewelry, and similar items.

Simply upload photos of your items, set your sale price, and wait for interested buyers to contact you. Best of all, it takes hardly any time to get your item listed, and you can easily create an account. When your items sell, you can even get paid via direct deposit.

How to make more on Poshmark: The app hosts 4 daily virtual shopping events called Posh Parties. These parties are centered around a specific product theme (like plus-size clothing or summer accessories) and give sellers the opportunity to boost the visibility of their items.
Best for: Clothes, shoes, accessories, handbags, jewelry, and unopened cosmetics
Fees: 20% for sales above $15, flat rate of $2.95 for sales under $15
Works on: iPhone, Android

Poshmark: $10 Sign Up Bonus
Sign up using your friend’s username as referral code. New accounts created with a referral must be associated with a unique identity in order to be eligible for credits.

Click Here to Get Deal

eBay has been the online marketplace to buy and sell just about anything for at least two decades. With millions of visitors each month, there’s a good chance that if someone is looking to buy a specific item, they’ll start their search there.

List unused clothes, tech items, sporting goods, and other clutter for a fast buck. Don’t forget to add a detailed description and high-quality photos to make your items stand out.

Best for: Reaching a huge audience
Fees: 8.75% for sales of $50 or less (for sales greater than that, you pay 8.75% for the initial $50 and 4% of the remaining amount)
Works on: iPhone, Android

Want the profit of a yard sale without all the hassle? LetGo helps you sell items to people near your zip code. No permits, posters, or petty cash required. LetGo is perfect for selling just about anything lying around your house.

Where it really shines is for big items like furniture; you can have buyers come to you to pick it up, instead of shipping it.

Best for: Selling stuff online that you don’t want to ship
Fees: None!
Works on: iPhone, Android

Is LetGo safe?
LetGo itself is a secure platform that offers private messaging and protection of your personal info. When it comes to the buyers, the majority of them are legitimate and honest. However, there is always a risk when selling online. Use your gut and avoid communicating with anyone who makes you feel unsafe.
Tradesy says the average woman has $1,000 worth of resale value in her closet. Ready to start cashing in? As a competitor to Poshmark, Tradesy can help you sell your goods seamlessly.

Add details and photos to your listing, set your price, and when it comes time to ship, you can even request Tradesy’s all-inclusive shipping kit—free of charge.

Best for: Shipping your fashion goods for free
Fees: 19.8%, or a flat fee of $7.50 for sales less than $50
Works on: iPhone, Android

OfferUp claims that they’re the largest mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers, featuring a more social media-esque interface. You can sell your items locally or ship them, and even earn rewards for getting repeat buyers.

Selling on OfferUp is completely free, though you can “bump up” your listing for a small fee. This moves your listing toward the top to attract more potential buyers.

Best for: Its “bump listing” feature (perfect for items that are tough to sell)
Fees: 7.9%
Works on: iPhone, Android

On OfferUp, you can also sell damaged items for parts, making it a good option for getting rid of clutter and making a fast buck.
Mercari might not be a household name (yet), but its community of 40 million users give you the best chance of finding a buyer for your used items.

List your item for free, add photos and a description, and wait for buyers to send you an offer. Once someone purchases your item, you have 3 days to ship it out.

Best for: Selling almost anything to a wide audience
Fees: 10%
Works on: iPhone, Android

ThredUP sounds pretty enticing: just ship your unwanted clothes to the app directly and get cash as soon as they receive it. What happens to your clothes after that, you ask? ThredUP lists it on their site for buyers to browse and purchase.

ThredUP sends you their “closet cleanout kit” free of charge to make the process even easier. While you won’t know exactly how much your items will sell for, ThredUP features a handy estimate calculator on their site to give you an idea. You can also opt for payment via gift card if you prefer.

Best for: Contact-free selling
Fees: 20% – 95% of the listing price (more expensive items will have lower fees)
Works on: iPhone, Android

Selling Apps with No Fees

Craigslist has been around so long for a reason: if you take a minute to Google “weirdest stuff people sell on Craigslist,” you’ll understand what that reason is…

Even the strangest and most niche items can find a buyer. If people can sell their used CPR dummies and pet reptiles, you can find someone to buy your collection of board games or baby items.

Best for: Selling strange or unpopular items
Fees: None, though there are fees for cars and furniture in specific locations
Works on: iPhone, Android


Almost everyone has stuff they don’t use anymore—small appliances, game consoles, video games, DVDs. Decluttr is the perfect way to unload these items and earn a decent rainy-day fund.

How much can you get for your stuff? Decluttr claims to buy your items for up to 33% more than other resale apps. Just ship your items (they provide the shipping label) and Decluttr will pay you within 24 hours of receiving them.

Best for: Selling used electronics and small appliances
Fees: None!
Sell Your Stuff
Click Here to Sell Your Stuff
Works on: iPhone, Android

Vinted is a Lithuania-based app made for selling “pre-loved” fashion (available internationally, not just to Lithuanians). With over 25 million people using the Vinted app, it’s a perfect way to find a new home for your gently used threads.

One thing that makes Vinted stand out is the complete lack of fees. Seriously: no fees at all. (Unless you’re a buyer, in which case you’re charged a Buyer Protection Fee).

Otherwise, what you sell your item for is what ends up in your pocket. Even better, they provide you with a pre-paid shipping label to send your items off.

Best for: Selling used fashion with no fees
Fees: None!
Works on: iPhone, Android

Selling your old fashion is a great way to make a fast buck. But the opportunities don’t stop there. Find out which apps reward you for adding new items to your wardrobe.
It’s easy to see why Facebook Marketplace is a great app for selling your items. Most people already have an account, so you’re meeting potential buyers where they already are.

Even better, your existing Facebook friends will be alerted when you post an item for sale. If you happen to sell to someone you don’t know, you can still check out their Facebook profile to make sure they look legit. Overall, Facebook Marketplace is easy to use and great for reaching your entire personal network.

Best for: Selling items locally or to those you already know
Fees: 5%, or a flat fee of $0.40 for sales $8 or less
Works on: iPhone, Android

Most people think of Etsy as an app to buy and sell items like handmade soap and knitted scarves, but those people would be selling Etsy short. Many people use the popular app to sell items like used books, collectibles and craft supplies.

You can choose to sell internationally, nationally, or just locally, and potential buyers contact you directly. The main downside to Etsy is the fee required to list an item. You must pay 20 cents to list something, whether or not it sells.

Best for: Selling décor, craft supplies, and collectibles
Fees: 5% (additional 3% + $0.25 fee if processed through Etsy Payments)
Works on: iPhone, Android


Think of Depop as a trendier Poshmark—perfect for “pre-loved” designer fashion, vintage finds, and streetwear. Their global community of buyers is always on the hunt for the next best find, giving you the best chance to get a sale.

It’s completely free to list your items. Post up to four photos and add a creative, detailed description. When a buyer pays for your item, you’ll get the payment pretty quickly.

Best for: Selling streetwear and sneakers
Fees: 10%
Works on: iPhone, Android

The RealReal: Cash for Luxury Goods
If you have any designer goods, including clothing and accessories, your best bet for selling them is The RealReal. They make it easy to sell your items with shipping or a home pick-up option; sellers receive 25% – 45% of the sale price.

If you couldn’t already tell by the name, VarageSale is simply a virtual garage sale. Basically, you can use it to sell almost anything.

The founder of VarageSale wanted to make the transaction process as safe as possible, so all buyers and sellers must be verified to use the platform. You can do this easily by signing up through your Facebook account.

Best for: Safe transactions with verified buyers
Fees: None!
Works on: iPhone, Android

You may not have heard of Gumtree before, but they’ve been around (as a website first) since 2000. Now owned by eBay, Gumtree allows you to sell and post ads for just about anything (even jobs or apartments!).

Just post your ad (with details and photos) and wait for interested buyers to reach out.

Best for: Selling items and services
Fees: None!
Works on: iPhone, Android

As you might have guessed, Chairish focuses on selling furniture (not just chairs, though). It’s perfect for older, vintage items that you may have inherited from family or scored at an estate sale.

Think of Chairish as a virtual consignment store, meaning they’re a little more involved in the selling process. Even with their higher commission rate, you can still list your stuff for free, though they will assist with pricing and facilitate the shipping of your item.

Best for: Selling vintage furniture, home décor, heirlooms, and various household items
Fees: 30% for standard “consignors,” 20% for professional and elite sellers
Works on: iPhone

5miles promises to simplify the process of selling and buying things online. Although the 5miles app doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles of some other apps, it features an unfussy interface and pre-verified buyers to ensure a safe transaction.

Their Community feature gives you the ability to post about pet adoptions, yard sales, and even advertise helpful services to your neighbors.

Best for: A simple interface and pool of verified buyers
Fees: 10%
Works on: iPhone, Android

Like the idea of selling to those in your area? Consider Nextdoor. It’s actually a neighborhood-specific social media app, but many use it to advertise items and services for sale to their neighbors.
Wallapop claims to be the virtual flea market (in fact, they used to be called “Fleapster”). The goal is simple: connect sellers to nearby buyers and facilitate a seamless transaction.

And it’s something Wallapop does pretty well. Just list your item, specify your price, and set your location so nearby shoppers can find you.

Best for: Quick, local exchanges
Fees: None!
Works on: iPhone, Android


There’s no shortage of selling apps on the market today. If you’ve exhausted the more well-known options, try out the following apps to earn extra cash.

Similar to Craigslist, Recycler is a minimalist-style selling website that allows you to list anything from cars to furniture to real estate. Even better, they’ve been around for quite a while, meaning they’ve gained a decent following. Just create a listing and wait for interested buyers to reach out.

Being very photo-forward, Shpock is a great option if you’re selling items that are visually appealing. Just upload a quality photo, write a description and shoppers can see your item photos on a map of your area.

Blinker is the perfect app for selling your car. Even better, they make the process simple: just snap a photo of your car, enter the license plate and all auto details are filled in automatically, including estimated value. Plus, you sell directly to the buyer – no middle-men and no fees.

You can’t help but get excited when you see that first notification: Someone wants to buy your item! Before long, you’ll have a nice chunk of change in your pocket.

But there are some essential tips you should remember to ensure your safety and avoid scams. Here’s what you can do:

Avoid accepting money orders or checks. Someone paying with a check or money order isn’t necessarily sketchy, but it’s always safer to go with plain cash or a secure card payment.
Never share personal information. This seems obvious, but it’s crucial. Information like bank account numbers, Social Security number, your address, or full name should not be shared with anyone you don’t know. For extra protection, consider using a secondary email address when contacting buyers.
Look for apps that verify their buyers. Some apps, like VarageSale, require verification of the buyer’s identity before they can buy anything. Other apps, like eBay, even let sellers rate the buyers based on the quality of their transaction.
Meet in public (or bring a friend). If your sale involves meeting the buyer in person, be sure to agree to a public meeting place with lots of passersby. Even better, bring a friend you trust to accompany you to the transaction.
Opt for certified mail when shipping. A popular scam among buyers is pretending they never received the package. One way to avoid this is to ship with USPS Certified Mail, which requires a signature from the recipient to complete the delivery.
As part of our series on selling apps and resale culture, CreditDonkey asked a panel of industry experts to answer some of readers’ most pressing questions:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying secondhand items?
Does buying clothes secondhand reduce your environmental impact?
Here’s what they had to say:

One of the best things about the prevalence of smartphones is how easy it is to sell anything. No matter what you’re selling, you can likely find a buyer, whether it’s a scratched DVD of “The Mummy” (1999), a bedazzled jean jacket, or first-edition hardcover literary classic.

Remember to take the appropriate precautions when using any selling app. Unfortunately, scams are everywhere, and apps are no exception. Accept secure online payments or cash, always meet in public, and never share personal info.

Above all, be an honest seller. Always disclose any damage and be willing to negotiate a fair price.


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