Best Apps For Stop Motion

Stop motion, or frame-by-frame animation, is a technique that animators have been using for decades. It’s a process that allows for the creation of complex animations, even when you don’t have access to high-end CGI software.

It can be a lot of fun to create your own stop motion film, and it can be rewarding to put together an animation that’s truly unique. But sometimes it can be hard to know where to start.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of apps that will make your stop motion creations easier than ever before!

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Best Apps For Stop Motion

Stop-motion animation is a very slow process that requires patience and precision. As a result, it was once only reserved for the most dedicated animators with expensive cameras and rigging devices – and lots of time on their hands.

In recent years, stop-motion has become so popular and accessible that the market is flooded with apps dedicated to the craft. This article will explore the 10 best stop-motion apps and answer all your stop-motion questions.

Best Apps for Making Stop-Motion
Stop Motion Studio
Clayframes – Stop-Motion
Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker
PicPac Stop Motion and TimeLapse
I Can Animate
Stop Motion Maker
Best Stop-Motion App Free Download
Stop-Motion App FAQs
What Is Stop-Motion?
How Do I Make a Stop-Motion Video?
How Long Does It Take To Make a Stop-Motion Video?
How Many Photos Does It Take to Make a 1-Minute Stop-Motion?
What Is the Best Stop-Motion Software on Windows and Mac?
What Features Should I Look For in a Stop-Motion Video Editor?
Best Apps for Making Stop-Motion

  1. PowerDirector
    PowerDirector App Logo
    Compatible with iOS and Android.

With the PowerDirector app, you can upload photos taken with your smartphone and use the video editing app to create a stop-motion masterpiece. You can reorder, delete, duplicate, and edit individual frames and adjust the frame rate precisely.

You can add titles, backgrounds, filters, animated graphics, and special effects to make your stop-motion video a cinematic work of art. PowerDirector also has an extensive royalty-free stock library of music and sound effects, plus audio tools to mix a killer soundtrack.

The app is surprisingly easy to use. It’s organized so you can scroll through hundreds of effects in seconds. Download it for free.

Learn More
Free Download
For Android and iOS devices
Need the desktop version for Windows and macOS? Get your Free Download here.

  1. Stop Motion Studio
    Stop Motion Studio
    Compatible with iOS and Android.

The Stop Motion Studio app allows you to film with the app, import photos from your camera roll, and then edit your stop-motion videos.

There are manual and automatic settings for white balance, ISO, exposure, and shutter speed. Pair your Apple Watch and use it as a remote shutter release, or pair with a DSLR camera using Wi-Fi.

While filming, turn on the Grid Lines to help give your characters fluid motion.

Stop Motion Studio comes with different background options, filters, soundtrack creation, and titles. In addition, it offers visual effects like green screen, rotoscoping, and even adding animated faces to your objects.

  1. Clayframes – Stop Motion
    Clayframes – Stop Motion Logo
    Compatible with Android devices.

With Clayframes, you can capture stop-motion video or import photos taken with a camera. Set a timed shutter release to go off without touching your phone, or set it to take a photo each time you clap your hands.

You can review the movie as you shoot it or edit it later. The eraser tool lets you eliminate accidental hand shots or rigging setups used to make characters fly.

Clayframes allows you to preview your film at different frame rates, choose the resolution, and upload it directly to YouTube and Facebook.

  1. iMotion
    iMotion Logo
    Compatible with iOS.

Use your phone’s front or rear camera to capture stop-motion video with iMotion. Manually lock in focus, exposure, and white balance to ensure the look of your photos will not change during extended shoots.

Shoot in landscape or portrait mode, and adjust speed up to 15 frames per second. The Onion Skin or Grid allows you to smooth transitions between photos. You can save in 4K resolution to your device or upload directly to YouTube.

Plus, there is a film gallery where you can watch stop-motion films made on the app by others.

  1. Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker
    Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker Logo
    Compatible with iOS and Android.

Shoot, edit or upload photos with Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker. The app comes with an interval timer and manual exposure, white balance, and focus lock, so there’s never a need to touch your camera while shooting.

The editing tools include adjustable frame rates, a royalty-free stock library, color correction, and a VFX-like ghosted image overlay.

Life Lapse also comes with tutorials and samples of other people’s work.

  1. PicPac Stop Motion & TimeLapse
    PicPac Stop Motion & TimeLapse Logo
    Compatible with Android devices.

With PicPac Stop Motion & TimeLapse, you can upload photos from your camera roll, shoot pictures with the app, or choose images from the app’s photo stock library to make your stop-motion video.

The app will take a photo every time you clap or make a loud noise, allowing you plenty of time to manipulate your characters and get out of frame. In addition, you can record VO or add music from your device or PicPac’s music library.

Add titles, adjust video speed and use the drawing tool to add expressions to your moving objects. PicPac Stop Motion is easy for beginners, but the lack of editing options makes it a terrible choice for pros or serious stop-motion hobbyists.

  1. I Can Animate
    I Can Animate Logo
    Compatible with iOS.

Capture frames with a camera or iOS device or record with I Can Animate. Use auto or manual settings for exposure, white balance, and focus, then use onion skinning to see where the previous photo was taken. You can edit and watch with I Can Animate while your camera is still capturing frames.

The app allows you to copy and paste sequences, delete, and reorder frames. There are also undo and redo buttons to fix any editing mistakes.

Add in sound effects with the audio library or create your own. You can even change backgrounds with the green screen function. Then, adjust playback speed and export directly to YouTube, Dropbox, or Facebook.

  1. Stop Motion Maker
    Stop Motion Maker Logo
    Compatible with iOS.

Stop Motion Maker is a straightforward app. Simply tap on Create, press the camera button to capture a frame, hit Done, and preview your film before export.

This is a simple, no-frills app that’s easy enough for kids to use on their own. However, there are no editing functions, and films will be silent unless imported into a video editing software.

  1. iStopMotion
    iStopMotion Logo
    Compatible with iOS.

Use the iStopMotion app to capture frames and turn them into a stop-motion film. You can get the iStopMotion Remote Camera app for free to act as a remote trigger and use the onion skin or camera overlay options for precise movements.

Once you’ve captured your frames, iStopMotion allows you to turn them into a flipbook, gif, image sequence, or movie. Unfortunately, there are no editing options besides adding a soundtrack. You can’t even rearrange frames, and there is no undo button.

  1. Frameographer
    Frameographer Logo
    Compatible with iOS.

Capturing frames is easy with Frameographer – just set up your phone with either the front or back camera and hit the shutter button. There are manual and automatic shutter settings plus exposure and focus lock. The simple interface offers onion skin or a grid to help you make fluid movements and pick up where you left off if you need to stop for the day.

The speed slider lets you preview your stop-motion video in 1fps to 120 fps. You can review each frame, delete any errors, then import music from your library and save it to your camera roll in full HD.

Frameographer does not have advanced editing tools but is a good fit for beginners and kids.

Best Stop-Motion App Free Download
With PowerDirector, you have everything a stop-motion video editor should have – the ability to rearrange, delete, copy and edit individual frames, color correct, and add visual effects. There’s also precision control over playback speed.

Adding sound to a stop-motion video is critical, and PowerDirector has you covered from every angle. You can import your music or sound effects or browse the sizeable royalty-free music library. Then, add in VO and mix your soundtrack with simple audio tools.

PowerDirector is available on iOS and Android and works well for those at the beginner or advanced level of stop-motion movie-making.

best apps for making stop motion

Over the course of the last decade, the quality of the images Smartphone cameras can produce has been improving steadily. As a result, almost any camera you can find on an iOS or Android device can be used to create a stop motion video.

However, besides taking photos you will also need a stop motion app that will enable you to arrange and animate the pictures you take with your phone. A quick search on Google Play or App Store will reveal hundreds of stop motion apps, which makes it difficult to decide which app you should choose. That’s why we’ve selected the ten best stop motion apps for iOS and Android devices that enable you to create awesome stop motion animations.

Best Stop Motion Apps for Android and iOS Devices
There are a lot of different types of stop motion animations, and you must make sure that the stop motion app you install on your Smartphone has all the tools you need to make the video you want. Moreover, you should consider getting the accessories for your Smartphone that will make shooting a stop motion video easier. Let’s take a look at the best stop motion apps for iOS and Android devices.

Stop Motion Studio

  1. Stop Motion Studio
    (Android, iPhone, iPad)

Stop Motion Studio is one of the best stop motion apps for Android and iOS users. This cross-platform app is equipped with a versatile set of stop motion animation tools that grant you complete control over all camera settings. You can adjust the white balance, ISO, and exposure manually, while this stop motion app also allows you to choose if you want to use manual or auto focus. Furthermore, Stop Motion Studio offers animation guides that enable its users to move the objects in the shot with more precision, while the app’s timeline makes it easy to navigate through large numbers of frames.

Stop Motion Studio lets you create stop motion animated movies instantly and anywhere on your mobile phone with no computer required. Changing backgrounds, applying visual effects or creating soundtracks are just a few among numerous options Stop Motion Studio offers. Even though installing Stop Motion Studio on an iPhone, iPad or an Android Smartphone won’t cost you anything, you must make in-app purchases if you want to export your projects in 4K resolution or import images into the app.

Devices: Android, iPad and iPhone

Download Stop Motion Studio

Clayframes – stop motion

  1. Clayframes – stop motion

Despite the fact that Clayframes wasn’t updated in years, it is still one of the best stop motion apps for Android Smartphones. You can either capture new footage or import the images you want to use in your stop motion video, and arrange them in any way you want. The app’s erase tool allows you to remove rigs and all other objects you don’t want to keep in the shot. Clayframes is equipped with timed shutter release options that enable you to choose how frequently this stop motion app is going to take photos. Optionally, you can draw over the photos you take with Clayframes, and preview your footage at different frame rates without having to export it. Once you’re done making a stop motion animation, you can choose the resolution in which the video is going to be exported and decide if you want to share the video you created to Facebook or YouTube directly from the app.

Devices: Android

Download Clayframes – stop motion


  1. iMotion
    (iPhone, iPad)

iPhone and iPad users who would like to create stop motion videos and time lapse videos from the same app can try using iMotion. This stop motion animation app has Time-Lapse, Manual, WiFi Remote and Photo Library Import modes, and you can easily choose the one that best meets the demands of your project. What’s more, iMotion lets you decide if you want to capture footage with a front or rear camera and it allows you to control focus, exposure or white balance manually. The maximum duration of a stop motion movie is not limited, and you can also preview your projects at different frame rates.

All projects you create with iMotion can be exported in 4K, 1080p or 720p resolutions, although shooting in 4K is only possible on newer versions of iPhones and iPads. The free version of iMotion offers only a limited range of options, and you must purchase the full version of this stop motion animation app if you want to use all the tools it has to offer.

Devices: iPad and iPhone

Download iMotion

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Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker

  1. Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker
    (Android, iPhone, iPad)

Life Lapse is probably one of the best stop motion apps ever created because it offers all the tools you need to shoot and edit a stop motion animation. Focus, white balance and exposure lock, ghosted image overlay or interval timers are just a few among countless options you can use while shooting a stop motion video. Optionally, you can import photos and use the app’s video editing tools to adjust frame rates, apply visual effects or create soundtracks from royalty-free songs.

Life Lapse grants you access to color correction tools, which enables you to set saturation, brightness, contrast or white balance values manually for each frame you include in the stop motion video you are making. You must upgrade to the app’s pro version if you want to record footage in 4K resolution, import audio files to your projects or export videos without a watermark making it one of the best stop motion animation apps available.

Devices: Android, iPad and iPhone

Download Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker

I Can Animate

  1. I Can Animate
    (Android, iPhone, iPad)

Making a stop motion video with this stop motion animation app is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few easy steps. After you launch this stop motion app and tap on the Create button, the device’s camera will open and you just have to press the camera button each time you want to make a new frame. You can create stunning and exciting animation movies quickly and easily. With I Can Animate you can bring the art of creating stop-frame animations to your iOS devices and then share them for all to see.

Devices: Android

Download I Can Animate

PicPac Stop Motion & TimeLapse

  1. PicPac Stop Motion & TimeLapse

PicPac Stop Motion and Time Lapse is another best stop motion apps used widely for stop motion animation. Further, this stop motion animation app also lets you post the videos directly to your YouTube channel, for free. Although you will require to make an account and sign in for uploading videos over YouTube. You can use pictures and videos from your gallery or shoot them, take time-lapses and everything else through this stop motion animation app.

Devices: Android


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