Best Apps For Stylus Android

The stylus is a dying breed. It’s hard to find a device that doesn’t have a touchscreen in 2019, and even harder to find one with a stylus. But there are still a few devices out there that need an old-fashioned pen, and you want to be able to use them with ease.

If you’re looking for apps for stylus android, then this is the article for you! In this list, we’ll talk about some of our favorite apps for stylus android so that you can find the right one for your needs.

Best Apps For Stylus Android

With the advent of Galaxy Note 9, the S Pen has become more fashionable than ever. It is true that it never completely disappeared, but the prominence it has gained with this new edition (due to its functionalities) means that we now have it more in our mouths than other times. Either because you are going to get this Samsung phablet or because you already have one Android tablet with stylus, surely you are interested in knowing all these apps to take advantage of them. Ahead.

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1 1. INKredible – Handwriting Note
2 2. LectureNotes
3 3.AutoDesk SketchBook
4 4. DocuSign
5 5. Draw Something Classic

  1. INKredible – Handwriting Note
    INKredible screenshot
    This app is designed for you to draw and take notes without nothing distracts you. And it is that one of its attractions is that all its options can be hidden so that only then you can focus on the panel and create content of any kind. It also comes with the so-called “automatic rejection” with the palm and wrist, thus making it appear that you are actually using a pencil and paper.
  2. Lecture Notes
    Very oriented for use at a professional level or educationalWith this app, you can easily take notes, import images and even manage PDFs, among other functions. The application “in full” is paid but has a free version so you can try its main features before deciding on your purchase.
  3. AutoDesk Sketch Book

La sketching It is more than guaranteed with the tools that you will find in this application (available for both Android and iOS). It is one of the most popular solutions within the options for drawing with a stylus on your device, so it will surely convince you.

  1. DocuSign
    A whole classic. And it is that, how many times have you needed sign a document received on your phone or tablet and you didn’t know how? If you’ve seen yourself in that position, know that with DocuSign you have everything you need at hand. Another similar app that is also very popular is Adobe Fill & Sign, so that if one does not convince you, you have another equally good alternative at hand.
  2. Draw Something Classic
    Not everything is going to be writing or drawing, right? With the stylus we can also play to titles like “Draw Something Classic”, in which you have to draw something with the pencil (much better than with your finger, don’t you think?) and others guess what it is about. In case you want another recommendation, remember that you also have “Fruit Ninja”, another great classic to which the stylus works great for cutting fruit!

best handwriting app for android tablet

Being able to write on your android phone with a stylus has been around for a while now. It’s prominent amongst the Samsung Note series. I find it truly fascinating and, although the note app on the Samsung Note gets the job done, there’s room for more exploration.

There are apps that tend to improve this. These apps are great for students who want to take notes, teachers who love to keep track of classroom activity, and those who just love handwritten notes.

10 best handwriting apps for taking notes with stylus on android include:
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft OneNote ON 10 Best Handwriting Apps To Take Notes With Stylus On Android
Microsoft OneNote is a free note-taking app that works wonderfully with the S Pen and can be synchronized across almost all platforms. Unlike Microsoft’s other Office apps, you don’t need a subscription here. You can create a variety of notebooks, type computer text, and write handwritten text with the S Pen. In a note, you can also use both pictures and drawings but also add voice notes.

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Write on 10 Best Handwriting Apps To Take Notes With Stylus On Android
Write is an intuitive handwriting-note app that serves as a note, task list, notepad, and diary – all at the push of a button. Never lose significant ideas or let a questionable autocorrection delay you. This is my personal best Android handwritten note-taking app.

Squid (formerly papyrus)

Squid is another good natural handwriting note-taking app that takes notes. Make notes that you can use paper, but with the flexibility and advantages of modern technology. With Squid, you can go beyond paper!


FiiWrite is an easy-to-use application that allows you to paint or handwrite. This app is a lite version of the app called FiiNote. In some cases, if you want to use the keyboard and type, the only way to do it is by downloading FiiNote.

LectureNotes is a note-taking application for Android. You can write notes on the screen by using S-pen. It’s simple and easy to use and doesn’t require an internet connection. The app enables smooth writing, zooming, scrolling, and typing. The app costs $ 3.75.


Nebo is one of my favorite apps right now. The app is not free but costs around 10 euros, but it has a lot of functions and works with iPad, Android, Chrome OS, and Windows. The most exciting feature of Nebo is that the app can convert handwritten text into typed text. And that works really well. You can then edit your notes with your pen and fingers using gestures. So you can mark a section, write something in bold, add list items, and much more. You can also insert diagrams and drawings. Nebo is really well implemented and if you prefer to have computer text in your note, you should take a look at the app.

Best Handwriting Apps
Another great app on the list of the best Android handwritten note-taking apps is INKredible. It’s a beautiful app, simple, and most importantly, useful. Using this app makes writing on your Android device feel great. It’s a perfect option for drawing and jotting down.

DioNote is a handwritten note-taking application that allows you to write memos with your own handwriting. You can easily create memos with your own handwriting and freehand drawings. When you choose this app, you will be greeted with flexible options and creativity.

This is a great application that will turn any handwritten picture or note into text. You have to enter all the words by drawing letters on top of each other. You can also save your word in the custom dictionary. Any words you type that are not in the dictionary are automatically added to your dictionary when you touch the word in the help panel. This app also has a spell checker that can help prevent mistakes. Get this app now!


RoWrite App empowers you to rapidly change what you wrote into editable content, share across numerous channels including WhatsApp, OneDrive, Facebook, Instagram or email. You may likewise store your notes in the cloud, which permits you to chip away at various gadgets and stages.

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