Best Apps For Tech News

As technology continues to advance in the world, it’s important that we keep up with the latest developments.

But how do you make sure you’re getting the most accurate information on all things tech?

Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! Here are our favorite apps for keeping up with tech news.

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5 Tech news apps you need to download now » Gadget Flow

Best Apps For Tech News

With changing times, technology has also evolved, and it undergoes rapid transitions every day. Technology has made everyone’s life utter easy as you must be hearing about innovations every single day. Now, it has become easy to remain updated with the new gadgets, technologies, etc., in the tech world. Moreover, nowadays, you don’t even have to wait for newspapers to know what’s happening in the world. With a single click, you can get all the updates, and it is not that troublesome to remain updated as it was before. New inventions have paved entirely easy paths for all of us.

That time of listening to radio, television, and waiting for the news in front of the television has gone. Modern time is the time of technology where you have advancements, and you can enjoy it in the form of wi-fi and cellular internet. Technological advancements in the news world have let individuals enjoy fast-track news. Moreover, you can easily access the top news updates of your area and other areas with a single click. Now, you know how beneficial technology is, let’s have a look at some famous new apps for android smartphones in 2021.

Top Tech News Apps for Android

There are numerous apps in the play store that claims to be the best news apps. Maybe you have different expectations from a news app like relevance, efficiency, etc. Do you know whether they fulfill it or not? You can go through the list to save your time to know the ultimate and best news apps for Android.

  1. In Shorts
    The most unique news application is the same as its name. Yes, it is unique because it serves you with top-class news in 60 words. Whether you want to get national or international updates, this application always keeps you updated with the trending news in 60 words. Nowadays, where technology has become such an indispensable part of our lives, it’s necessary to remain about the same. Inshorts can fulfill all your expectations online within no time by selecting the trending and latest news from trustworthy sources. Moreover, you can get the updates as per your language understanding in Hindi or English.

Key Features

Trending, summed-up news with headlines.
Can display specific news according to location and political updates.
The news updates are based on trusted sources and media houses.

  1. Tech Viral
    It has been 8 years since Tech viral news application is on the market. This is an informational portal spreading national and international news. The founder of this Tech viral Application is Manpreet Singh, and this application serves you with the needed information. You can get all the amazing and quirky facts that will increase your knowledge and also keeps you updated. So, if you are looking for an application that can provide you all the latest updates, you can rely on it.
  2. Feedly

Feedly shows you the news as per your preferences. You can subscribe to the tech blogs of your own choice, and Feedly is a trusted platform. You can manage news and other tech blogs according to your choice, and that’s why users admire it a lot. Moreover, if you have subscribed to some specific blogs, you can get its updates too. If you like a particular news blog, it will bring their information too, as you don’t have to visit the website. Isn’t it cool, you get the information and latest updates from the blogs you follow?

Key Features

No need to open your favorite tech and news blogs manually
Shares trending information from all the trusted sources
Allows all the users to read and publishers to publish.
Easy to read news format and other information.
It has got dark mode and reader mode for you.

  1. Google News
    Not only for Android users, but Google News is for IOS users too. The most famous of all the news applications is Google news, as it provides you all the updates in an organized way. You can get all the updates on different types of news related to sports, media, Bollywood, Hollywood, etc. Due to its algorithm, it will also show you the relevant suggestions as per your reading habits. You can read news related to all the categories and you can choose the top 5 topics of your choice.

Key Features

Easy download from Google play store
Get brief updates of all the chosen topics
Get headlines of the famous articles and stories
Get all the recent development updates

  1. Cruncher

Tech Crunch is also a famous android application that keeps the latest information regarding tech, Capital funding, investments, etc. You can see the topics as it allows customization. If you have a few favorite websites from where you read articles, it syncs those websites with itself. So that you can get the new articles as soon as they are published.

Features of Tech Crunch

Easily downloadable with free access to news
Ads are free, you can even read the articles offline after loading them.
Information from trusted sources, and brief about each informational article.
It is combined with Crunchbase.
6 Daily Hunt
Daily Hunt is a famous financial news application and serves you with a cluster of information. In this application, you can freely choose from a list of categories. You can choose what to read and whatnot. With the formation of news applications, you don’t have to wait to get back home and switch on your TV. This application is easily accessible, and its headquarters are in Bangalore. It is an Indian news application serving millions of people. The smart machine learning technology suggests you some recommendations based on your interest.

Features of the financial news Application

Enjoy ad-free access to news
Curate yourself by seeing different perspectives of news stories
Cheap subscription fee to get you through amazing publishers
You will be free from any third-party feed
Choose the news as per your interest
With one subscription, you can enjoy reading articles from top publishers and without ads.

  1. Financial Times
    You can use this famous application to sync with current affairs. It keeps you updated with the financial news in the market. Keep yourself aware of the trending financial updates. It shares updates regarding the stock market, trading, and new things.

If you wish to evaluate the stock and famous financial updates, you can rely on this news application.

Key Features

Get news updates of global and international business, news, stock, and many other topics
Combine security features in your watchlist
Live Television option available
Customize your home feed as per your interest.

  1. BBC News
    You must have heard the name, and this is the best application that you can have on your phone. BBC news is worth using to keep yourself updated related to every single thing. Reorder what you want to read or see in your home feed. The best part of this news channel and application is that they deliver in-depth breaking news. It is the most trusted news application as it deeply analyses the story before showing it.

With this application, you can get crisp and simple, but all over information on the topic. If you are watching something interesting, it will update you regarding the breaking news via push notifications.

Features of the Famous Android News App

Updates you within no time, as the story enters the newsroom
Push notifications so that you don’t miss anything
You can even view some BBC video footages
Among thousands of topics, select a few to customize your feed.

  1. Smart News- The daily Newspaper
    Isn’t it fun if you get daily updates, actually the whole newspaper on your fingertips? If you are the one who eagerly wants to know what’s happening in the world, you can download this application. You can download it from the Google Play store, and you have the easiest facility to swipe either left or right. Once you download the application, you can get different news articles, headlines according to areas. It is up to the reader to smartly scroll and choose from where to read.


Free and easy available News application
Available for both Android and IOS
High-quality and trustworthy news application
After downloading it, you will get push notifications regarding headlines
Free access to the other news
You can browse easily through the trending news.

  1. Flipboard
    This is the best android news application because it serves you as per your preferred topics. You can get all the relevant information regarding national and international happenings. What attracts the users is the appealing UI of this application. Along with that, it is popular for updating the users with current affairs and other news. This can be your best choice as it is filled with a plethora of informative articles and blogs. You can easily install this application to keep yourself up to date.

Key Features

Updated with the latest happenings
You can customize your feeds as per your choice
Enjoy daily news updates
Become the curator
You can customize the magazines and categories as per your choice.
You can see everyone is spellbound by Mobile phones, and the future era is of mobile news. We have become so dependent on our smartphones that we don’t want to wait for newspapers or walk a step for them. People need everything from getting tech updates, national and international updates on fingertips. There are other famous applications too like CNN, DIG, etc., and these offer an assortment of informational articles and news.

After seeing such dependency of people on electronics, and smart gadgets, tech geeks did a few innovations. Among those innovations, news applications are one of the most wanted things. Many newspapers have created their applications after realizing their worth. In many of these news applications mentioned above, you can save your favorite articles for reading later.

best app for science and technology news

There’s a set of applications installed on a technology geek’s phone, the useful apps, apps that would add value to a geek’s daily life, the ones that keep him/her up to date with the latest happenings and many more. The most important of all are the ones with the latest tech news.

Keeping oneself informed about the latest tech happenings in the world is important for a geek. So, we will take a look at the best tech news apps that are available on the Google Play Store that you can install on your phone.

1- Flipboard
Flipboard App Cover
Flipboard is one of the leading News apps on Google Play. It has interest-based stories, notifications, the ability to share content on your profile, follow others, and much more features packed. Other than these, even if you are not a geek, you will have a flipgasm from flipping animation while using Flipboard. Flipboard is also in our best news apps list.

You can get Flipboard on Google Play.

2- Microsoft News
Microsoft News App Cover
Microsoft News is also a great app to keep on your phone. If you want to get the latest news not only from the technology world, but from politics, and other interests, this is for you. When you install the app, it will ask your interests and then you will see interest-based stories.

It has a dark mode, location-based news integration, and you can also save your favorite stories.

You can get Microsoft News from Google Play.

3- TechEngage
Techengage App Screenshots, Latest Technology News App
If you admire both UI design and the latest tech news, then TechEngage’s Android app is your pick. The app has an intuitive UI and comes with many other features like dark mode. You can like stories and also share them with your friends via social media apps. And if you sign in to the app, you can keep your likes and get personalized content.

TechEngage app covers the latest tech news, gadget reviews, how-to guides, science-related stories, and roundups. With the first version released, the TechEngage Android app is on its way to becoming the best tech news app on Google Play.

You can get TechEngage on Google Play.

Cnet Android App Featured
If you are a geek who loves reading the latest tech updates and gadgets reviews, you must be aware of CNET. It is one of the leading tech news sources online and has been keeping us up to date for a long time. CNET covers the latest tech news, gadget reviews, and more.

You can get CNET’s Android app on Google Play.

5- TechCrunch
Techcrunch Android App Featured
TechCrunch is the biggest place for stories related to tech startups. The app covers the latest startup news and technology world. You can get up to date information related to the fast-growing startups from the world of tech.

You can get TechCrunch’s Android app on Google Play.

6- Beebom
Beebom Android App Featured
Beebom app has a variety of features as well. From the latest news to gadget news and tech stories from around the world, it is a quite interesting app to have on your phone if you are a geek. The video section of the app is quite engaging with informational stories from the Beebom team. Being based in India, the app also offers a wide range of content related to the country as well.

You can get Beebom’s Android app on Google Play.

So, these were the best tech news apps that a geek can have on his/her phone. If you’re looking for a news app in general, you should check out our list of best news apps for Android and iOS.

This post was orginally published on: November 25, 2019 and was updated on: July 25, 2020.
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