Best Apps For Thrift Shopping

Thrift shopping is a great way to save money and find unique items. But it can also be a bit daunting if you’re not sure where to start looking.

We’ve got you covered! Here’s our list of the best apps for thrifting, so you can get browsing right away.

Best Thrifting Apps for Clothes | Sustainable Fashion Worldwide

Best Apps For Thrift Shopping

My idea of a perfect date is strolling the aisles of the thrift store. Or taking long morning walks at a community yard sale. Thrifting is almost literally my love language.

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But since Robert loves picking through “old junk” right along with me, I know I’ve found my soul mate in that aspect (among many others).

Now that we’re in the baby phase though, getting out and about to thrift store hop isn’t quiiiiite as easy as say… scrolling through online listings right from our couch to browse all of the secondhand goodies instead.

8 Apps to Up Your Thrifting Game | A list of the best apps to browse secondhand items online as alternatives to Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for finding thrifty deals.

Then last weekend, while I was sharing some yard sale shopping tips on my Instagram Stories, a couple of y’all mentioned to me some of your favorite yard sale navigating apps.

And it sent me down this glorious rabbit hole of ALL of the thrifting apps that make shopping yard sales, estate sales, and online secondhand listings a MILLION times easier. Honestly, this could be really dangerous for me. Haha!

But if you love the thrill of the chase to find all of the used decor and castoff furniture out there just waiting for a paint job or a second chance, I’ve done tons of research on reviews to round up all of the best apps for thrift browsing right from home as alternatives to Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

Some of them I’ve used quite a bit (and scored some great deals from); some are really new to me. But all of them are highly rated and will vary in listing volume depending on their popularity in your city.

  1. Yard Sale Treasure Map
    (Google Play version here)

Use this app before the weekend to scout out your best routes at the best yard sales in your area. It is a paid app ($4.99), but if you like to scout out yard sales regularly, the app helps you optimize your shopping day to save time and gas, which can pay for itself.

Tip: The app pulls information from Craigslist ads though, so it’s still somewhat limited if yard sellers list on other platforms like Facebook to advertise their yard sales instead.

8 Apps to Up Your Thrifting Game | A list of the best apps to browse secondhand items online as alternatives to Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for finding thrifty deals.

    (Google Play version here)

Similarly to Yard Sale Treasure Map, this app helps you navigate all of the estate sales, moving sales, and auctions in your area to plan your perfect route. And it’s free!

Tip: Some users have reported an app glitch that causes it to crash sometimes. Make sure your phone is updated to optimize it.

  1. OfferUp

(Google Play version here)

I’ve used this app as an alternative to Craigslist lately and love it!

I find it’s much easier to message and negotiate with sellers than it is through Craigslist, and you can save items to folders, if you want to keep an eye on them or come back to them later. You can give buyers/sellers you work with a star-system rating, based on your experience, so people are held accountable for being on time, communicative, friendly, and reliable in the selling/buying of an item.

I’ve scored our vintage bentwood chairs and breakfast nook chandelier so far and had a great experience with both.

Tip: The downside is there are ads mingled in with the listings, so that can be distracting, but since the app is free, I’m not complaining at all.

8 Apps to Up Your Thrifting Game | A list of the best apps to browse secondhand items online as alternatives to Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for finding thrifty deals.

  1. LetGo
    (Google Play version here)

This one is really similar to OfferUp, but I like that the photos are larger when scrolling on the marketplace, and you can “favorite” items with one click instead of having to click through individual listings. I do wish prices were visible on the first screen though to make browsing through listings even faster.

Tip: Just like with any buy/sell site, beware of scammers. The “free items” category is apparently risky in that aspect.

  1. 5Miles
    (Google Play version here)

This app is like if LetGo and eBay had a baby. It allows you to search local classifieds to buy items like you would on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. But it also has a “Dash” feature and Lightning Deals that allow you to bid on new items at a deep discount.

Tip: If you’re a seller, beware that you have to pay to boost items you post. To me, the auction type feature of this app is overwhelming, but it’s still rather new to me, so maybe that just takes some getting used to.

  1. VarageSale
    (Google Play version here)

Every feature on this app is free, unlike some of the others that have extra bells and whistles you have to upgrade to use. It’s a virtual garage sale app that allows people to buy and sell items within their communities. Everyone goes through a review process before being allowed to buy or list items to help cut down on scammers.

Tip: Ads run on this app, which can be somewhat distracting. But if it’s a totally free app, I get it. They have to make their money from somewhere to keep it running. (There are ads on my own blog to keep things running, after all.)

8 Apps to Up Your Thrifting Game | A list of the best apps to browse secondhand items online as alternatives to Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for finding thrifty deals.

  1. EBTH (Everything But The House)
    I LOVE this app for all kinds of vintage/antique finds that you normally wouldn’t find in such great condition on other secondhand sites. It’s like an online auction-style estate consignment sale. You can bid on items similarly to eBay.

Tip: Beware that shipping can be pricey, depending on the item and your location, since EBTH acts as a third-party seller in various cities that may not be local to you.

  1. Nextdoor

(Google Play version here)

We use this app mainly for announcements within our neighborhood, but it’s a great place to search for yard sales and curb alerts in your own community. And bonus: you can get to know some of your neighbors better.

Tip: This app has a lot going on, so I wouldn’t use it as my only source for finding yard sales / estate sales. But it’s great to take advantage of secondhand shopping as close to home as possible.

Now that we’re nearing a new declutter season with back-to-school in full swing and everyone gearing up to get their homes ready before the holidays, now is the perfect time to dive into them to find the good stuff.

I hope it helps make your treasure hunting search even more fun!

second hand clothes app uk

Planning to join the wave of fashionistas selling clothes online? We’ve compiled some of the best websites and apps to help get you started.

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Selling second-hand clothes soars in popularity
The second-hand market has grown in popularity in recent years as consumers increasingly look to shop sustainably. This trend was accelerated during the coronavirus pandemic, with eBay reporting a 30 per cent rise in sales of second-hand goods between March and June 2020.

Top clothes selling apps
If you’re looking to make a side hustle out of selling clothes online, whether that’s second-hand, vintage, or your own designs – here’s seven of the best apps and websites you can try.

  1. Depop
    Buying and selling clothes on Depop is a fast-moving trend for Gen Z. The second-hand fashion app was recently bought by Etsy for 1.6bn dollars and boasts over 30 million users – 90 per cent of whom are under the age of 26.

The app is free to use and is designed to feel a lot like Instagram. You upload pictures with a description and buyers can curate their homepage by liking pictures. It has a personal feel as sellers model their own clothes and accessories.

Sellers are charged a 10 per cent fee from Depop, plus 2.9 per cent + 30p transaction fee.

  1. eBay
    When it comes to selling clothes on eBay, you’ll be entering a marketplace with more than 24 million active buyers in the UK.

As a professional seller, you have to pay an ‘insertion fee’ to list an item. This is normally 35p. Then when an item sells, you have to pay 10 per cent of the final sale price, including postage. There’s also a transaction fee if the buyer uses PayPal, which usually takes 2.9 per cent of the total sale price, plus 30p per transaction.

  1. Instagram
    Selling clothes on Instagram is a great choice if you’re an established brand or have a wide range of products to sell. You need to create a shop and then catalogue your products, either using Facebook or another commerce site like Shopify or Big Commerce.

It’s free to use the app as a seller, but you’ll need a good following to reach customers. The selling fee is five per cent per shipment, or a flat fee of USD 0.40 for shipments of USD 8.00 or less. You might also want to pay to promote your posts.

For more, read our guide on how to create your own shop on Instagram.

  1. Etsy
    Thinking of selling handmade clothes on Etsy? While it was traditionally a marketplace for everything from art, craft, and homemade candle businesses, now you can use the website to sell second-hand or homemade clothing too.

You’ll need to create your own creative shop to list your items. Charges start with a 15p listing fee, a five per cent transaction fee, and a four per cent plus 20p payment processing fee.

  1. Vinted
    Similar to Depop, Vinted is simple and free to use if you’re looking to sell men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. You just need to upload a photo of your clothing, describe it, and your listing is live.

It says there are no selling fees (these are added to the price for the buyer) and there are millions of active users buying, selling, and even swapping clothes.

Phone displaying Vinted clothing app

  1. Asos Marketplace
    More established sellers might choose to set up a boutique on Asos Marketplace for anything from vintage and 90s clothing to your own designs.

It operates a subscription model, so you’ll need to fork out £20 a month to become a seller, but you’ll have unlimited listings and access to an account manager. It’s free to list but Asos takes 20 per cent commission on every sale. It’s worth bearing in mind that sellers need to list a minimum of five items and follow strict photography guidelines. You also need a Business PayPal account.

  1. Hardly Ever Worn It
    Hardly Ever Worn It (HEWI) is another place where you can buy or sell new and used clothing. It’s designed for luxury fashion so it’s a great option if you’re planning on selling designer clothes.

There’s no charge for registration and listing but you’ll be charged 18 per cent of the final sale price (plus VAT on the commission). If you’re already an established business then you might be able to operate as a professional seller with your own boutique, however this is only available by invitation. You can find out more by reading HEWI’s FAQs.

Consider getting insurance
Even if you’re just starting small and selling clothing from your bedroom, it’s important to protect your business venture from the start. Public liability insurance is designed to protect you if someone is injured or their property is damaged as a result of one of your products. You could also consider stock cover if you’ll be storing a large amount of stock.


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