Best Apps For Time Lapse

Time lapse videos are a great way to show the passage of time in a short amount of time. They can be used for virtually anything, but are most commonly used to capture the growth of plants, flowers, and other living things.

But they can also be used to capture the construction of buildings or even just the daily life of an office building. If you’re interested in making your own time-lapse video, here are some apps that will help you get started:

The 8 Best Time-Lapse Camera Apps for Android

Best Apps For Time Lapse

A time lapse video offers an accelerated view of the world. Video is captured at a lower frame rate than you view it, making it appear much faster.

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Newer versions of iOS and Android come with time lapse features in the camera app, but the features are limited and only allow you to create time lapse in specific ways. With a third-party time lapse app you will have more control and be able to edit your footage exactly the way you want.

In this article, you will learn the 5 best apps for creating beautiful time lapse videos on your phone.

Top 5 Time Lapse Apps on iOS and Android
Lapse It Pro
Hyperlapse from Instagram
Time Spirit
Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile
How to Make a Time Lapse on iOS and Android
Best Time Lapse App Free Download
Time Lapse Apps FAQs
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What are the best time lapse softwares on Windows and Mac?
How do I make a time lapse on Windows and Mac?
How do I make a time lapse with DSLR?
Top 5 Time Lapse Apps on iOS and Android

  1. PowerDirector
    Youtube Video Thumbnail
    PowerDirector has all the tools needed for professional time lapse videographers, but is easy enough for a beginner to use. Pros can make precision edits to each frame of their time lapse video and choose an exact playback speed. Novices can choose from a variety of templates to make the editing process simpler.

There are countless effects options like chroma key, animated titles, motion graphics, keyframe controls, blending modes, and more. You can color correct by independently adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, and white balance. Even fix shaky handheld footage with video stabilization.

Choose between hundreds of options to smooth out the transitions between sped-up and normal video speeds. Finish your video by adding free music from the built-in royalty-free stock library.

When you are done with your cut you can export in 4K resolution or upload directly to Facebook or YouTube.

PowerDirector is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Learn More
Free Download
For Android and iOS devices
Need the desktop version for Windows and macOS? Get your Free Download here.

  1. Lapse It Pro
    Lapse It Pro Logo
    Lapse It Pro is a video editing app specializing in the creation of time lapse and stop motion videos.

The Lapse It Pro camera has manual controls for exposure, focus, ISO, white balance, and more. You can also schedule a time for the capture to start and stop based on either time or the number of frames.

Import videos and images from other sources and use Lapse It Pro to edit them into a time lapse, choosing the speed of your video down to the millisecond.

Finish your time lapse with one of 50 stunning filters and add an audio track from your phone’s music library. Then quickly export into stunning 4K and share directly to social media.

You might need to brush up on your time lapse terminology in order to use Lapse It Pro. It can be confusing with all the manual options.

Lapse It Pro is available on both iOS and Android.

  1. Hyperlapse from Instagram
    Hyperlapse from Instagram Logo
    The Hyperlapse app is for making time lapse videos while the camera is moving.

It creates stabilization for shaky hand-held videos taken while running, jumping or riding on a motorcycle.

The simple interface shows you how long you’ve been recording and how long your video will be (if sped up to the default 6x). You have the option to speed up to 12x, or down to 1x (normal speed). Then, upload directly to Instagram or Facebook, or save to your camera roll.

Hyperlapse from Instagram is a great choice for creating moving time lapses, but not ideal for traditional, static time lapse videos. The lack of customization options is easy for beginners to use, but not a good fit for professionals. Also, there are no video editing features, or the ability to speed up pre-existing video.

Hyperlapse from Instagram is only available on iOS.

  1. Time Spirit
    Time Spirit Logo
    In a traditional time lapse, hundreds of stills are taken in succession and put together into a seamless video. Time Spirit (also known as Time Lapse Camera) offers Photo Lapse, a progression of photos to show change. In Photo Lapse, you take one shot of the same thing every few days or months (such as documenting a pregnancy or a flower growing).

Time Spirit also has Video Lapse (the app’s name for traditional time lapse) and Night Lapse, which shoots at high shutter speed for nighttime shoots.

Time Spirit has all the custom settings you need, like exposure control, custom interval times, and the ability to add your favorite music. With Video Lapse, you can choose how long to shoot (up to 12 hours), and the screen will automatically darken to save battery life.

Users have complained, however, that the app stopped recording mid-way through a time lapse, and Photo Lapse puts photos out of order.

Time Spirit is available only on Android.

  1. Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile
    Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile Logo
    This is Microsoft’s answer to the iOS-only Hyperlapse from Instagram. Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile also uses stabilization technology to smooth bumpy video recorded on the go. But with this app, in addition to recording, you can also import existing videos to turn into a time lapse.

Hyperlapse Mobile has facial recognition and the ability to trim at the beginning or end of a clip. Choose speeds from 1x to 32x and resolution of 720p or 1080p, then export directly to social media.

The Record function chooses lighting modes and ISO automatically, which is a good option for beginners, but a bad choice for pros who want manual options. The editing features are also limited to changing playback speed and trimming.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile is available on Android devices only.

How to Make a Time Lapse on iOS and Android
Let’s take a look at how to speed up a video on your phone with our top choice PowerDirector.

Once you have downloaded and installed the app for free follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open the PowerDirector app and tap “Create New Project.”

Step 2: Select your video from your phone’s library and add it to the video timeline. With the video selected open the Edit menu.

Step 3: Choose “Speed,” then drag the control slider up in order to speed up the video. If going from normal speed to fast speed in the same clip, tap “Ease in” or “Ease Out” at the beginning and end of your time lapse to create fluidity between the two speeds.

You can also shoot a video in the Time Lapse mode found in the Camera app of your newer iPhone or Android device.

On an iPhone:

Step 1: Open your Camera app and scroll through the options above the shutter button until you see “Time-Lapse.”

Step 2: Tap the red record button and hit it again when you’re done. Your time lapse video will be saved in your Photos app.

On Android:

Step 1: Open the Camera and switch to Video Mode by hitting “Video.”

Step 2: Find the Time Lapse button. Based on the model of your phone, it could be under “More,” “Video Resolution,” or “Manual.”

Step 3: Tap the Record button and tap again when you are done.

For a more in-depth look at shooting and editing time lapse on your phone, visit How to Make a Time Lapse Video.

Best Time Lapse App Free Download
PowerDirector is the best choice for making beautiful time lapse videos. It’s a great choice for all skill levels and extremely user-friendly.

Whether you’re wanting to turn a regular video shot on your phone’s built-in camera, or make edits to a hyperlapse video, PowerDirector is the best option for editing time lapse videos. You can alter playback speed with precision, customize color, stabilize shaky video, and add cool effects or music.

You can download PowerDirector for free from the Apple App or Google Play Store.

face time lapse app

Facelapse makes it easy to create professional looking timelapse videos of your life over time. Watch yourself, your family, or your bundle of joy grow, laugh, and love day after day with a simple-to-use selfie interface that everyone is going to love.

If you want a memory book that comes to life, providing you with the most affectionate videos you have ever seen, Facelapse is ready to be your familys selfie app. Use Facelapse to:

  • Take a selfie a day
  • Watch yourself grow a beard/get a tan
  • Watch yourself lose weight
  • Take selfies over the course of an event to make a summary
  • Make a video of your baby growing up

Weve created an app that is completely ad-free with no paid content, so you can enjoy your selfie-to-video tool without any disruptions. We have also included a clean, simple, and incredibly intuitive interface with an uncluttered UI.

How Does It Work?

Add as many photos as you want to the app. The app will detect your face.

Animate the photos to create a timelapse video with the eyes aligned.

Do it over and over again to create media to share with your family!

Watch Your Life or Baby Grow

Those magical first months of having a baby can seem to slip through your fingertips. If you want to make sure you dont miss out on a single memory, log your babys happiness, development, and maturity inside our Facelapse app. We want you to be able to celebrate with your family.

Future Updates

In the future, we are planning to release customization updates for all sharing mediums, Facebook, Instagram Stories and TikTok, as well as custom content to enhance the created video. We will also include notifications and backup/restore capabilities.

Moving Memories

Its time to start capturing the world around you before it slips through your fingertips.

Your Data: Secured & Private

All image processing is done on your device so your photos are always your own.

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