Best Apps For Timepass

The best apps for timepass are the ones that can help you to kill time. These are games, apps and websites that have been designed to be time-wasters. Some of them are more addictive than others, but all of them are made to help you pass time by doing something fun instead of just sitting around waiting for something to happen.

It can be hard to find good apps for passing the time when there are so many out there so we’ve put together this list of the best ones based on our own experiences with them as well as user reviews.

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Best Apps For Timepass

How many times in a day do we find ourselves waiting for one thing or the other, jumping from one queue to the other, or waiting to reach our destination from one end to the other? Almost all the time, right? And there is only so much social media that we can browse before we start getting bored.

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Don’t you worry because we have a list of cool apps that can help you pass your time while you’re bored commuting or waiting for that friend of yours who is always late. Here they are:

  1. Flow Free

This app is all about exercising your bored mind when you’re trying to kill time. All you have to do is connect matching colours with pipes to create a ‘flow’. Cover the board and you cross the level. But it ain’t so easy! Pipes will break if they cross or overlap. How about you give it a try?

Source: YouTube

  1. 2048

This is the best way to give your brain a much needed workout. Keep elementary math in mind, keep swiping the tiles to reach the number 2048 and try not to get out of the game.

Source: Taylor Holmes Inc.

  1. OpenTalk

Like we said earlier, talking is one of the best ways to pass the time. And this app lets you do just that, and not just with your friends. OpenTalk lets you connect with people from all over the globe. Imagine that, a world without boundaries.


Source: iTunes

  1. Paperama

An app for all those who loved paper folding games as kids, Paperama takes you into the world of origami. With its cool 3D effect and over 70 puzzles to solve, it’ll bring back the child in you.

Source: YouTube

  1. Bubble Wrap

Yes, the app world has finally blessed all those with a crazy obsession with popping bubble wrap. Just pop ’em air-filled pockets! The app offers you different ways to pop them. You’re welcome, my fellow anxious homo sapiens.

Source: Google Play

  1. StumbleUpon

If you love discovering new content in your free time, you’ll get addicted to this app. Photos, videos, entertaining articles, quotes, news, art, memes, travel tips and much more from around the web will be served to you just in one click.

Source: Absolute Geeks

  1. QuizUp

We all love random information being thrown at us and that really explains the reason why so many people love this app. Take multiple quizzes, go for a multi-player and keep the trivia community alive.

Source: Vulcan Post

  1. AnonyChat

At times, the best way to kill time is conversation. And what better than talking to someone absolutely random? Talk to anonymous strangers, send them photos and more with this app.

Source: Google Play

  1. Sand Draw Sketch

Isn’t drawing on the sand the exact definition of fun? Well, you can’t be on the beach all the time but this app allows you to have the sand as your canvas in a virtual space. Go be creative!

Source: Google Play

  1. Duo Lingo

Ever wanted to learn a new language? If the answer is yes, then go ahead and download this app right away. Pick from Spanish, French, German, English and 20 more languages. Regular exercises and competitive lessons will help you improve and you’ll learn something while killing time. How cool is that?

Source: Prensalibre

  1. Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover

How many ladies have spent hours wondering which hair cut suits them the best? Well, here’s an app where you can upload a photo of yourself and try out different hair colours, eye shades and lip shades!

Source: 9androidapps

  1. Meme Generator Free

Ours is the meme generation. But we’ve seen enough of them. So it’s time to make your own now! Make the funniest memes with different fonts and photos with this cool app. Go ahead and share them with your friends!

Source: Google Play

  1. Tender

Imagine a world where foodies from all over the world could interact to give each other gastronomical pleasure. This app makes that a possibility. Look at the beautiful photos and if you like it, swipe-to-save and know the recipe. Like Tinder, but better!

apps to use when bored in class

You are waiting at the doctor’s office, or even for your bus. There’s nothing to do but stare at the people around you – all waiting. You’re boredom antsy and start to fidget. Before you cave in to that gnawing sense of boredom, grab your phone and check out some of these cool apps. They’ll not only alleviate some of that boredom, but also stretch your brain in the process.

Luminosity – Brain Training
11 Apps to Kill Boredom While Upgrading Yourself at the Same Time
4.5 star, 4+ app by Lumos Labs Inc. Challenging your brain against the clock with match, odd one out, spatial awareness and memory type fun games. Makes you think fast and gain agility in your quest to beat the timer. Free version only allows you to play three games a day, which isn’t so bad in retrospect, if you tend to get addicted to playing on your phone! In-app purchases available.

Elevate – Brain Training and Games
11 Apps to Kill Boredom While Upgrading Yourself at the Same Time
This 4+, 4.5 star rated app by Elevate Inc., for Apple & Android, offers beat the clock games in math, reading comprehension, speed reading, memory and writing. You’ll need audio for some sections of this game. The free version again offers only three games a day, and if any game offered seems too daunting after a long day at the office, they will switch it out for another choice. They do offer a pro-version of this game for a fee.

Powerful Brain- Brain Teasers, Funny Jokes and How Things Work
11 Apps to Kill Boredom While Upgrading Yourself at the Same Time
5 star, 4+ rated app by Lin Haun for iPhones. 300 brain teasers and clever jokes for kids and adults to kickstart your brain. Good for chilling, having a laugh and learning all in one. Available for on iTunes.

Clockwork Brain Training- Memory & Attention Game
11 Apps to Kill Boredom While Upgrading Yourself at the Same Time
This 4+ star app created by Total Eclipse P.C. was voted one of the best 500 apps in the world by the Sunday Times, this Victorian Steam Punk styled app runs you through fun and challenging games to expand your memory, reasoning, attention, language & dexterity skills. Free version and also ad-free paid version available. Available for Apple, Android & download.

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Knowledge Trainer – Warm Up Edition
11 Apps to Kill Boredom While Upgrading Yourself at the Same Time
Good for Trivial Pursuit fans, this 4+, 4.5 star rated app by the binary family tests your knowledge of events, people, places, sports, science, history, and more. You never know what information lurks in the back of your brain until you play a game like this! When you get the answer right, you move on. Like it? Upgrade to the paid version. Available for download or through iTunes.

Block! Hexa Puzzle
11 Apps to Kill Boredom While Upgrading Yourself at the Same Time
Created by BitMango, this 4+ , 4.5 star rated app is a puzzle game. Complete the given shape with the hex a-blocks provided to reach the next level. Compatible with for Apple products and Android. Relax with a puzzle while stretching your brain.

11 Apps to Kill Boredom While Upgrading Yourself at the Same Time
Rated 4+ and created by Mindsnacks, in this award winning app, you can learn a new language like Italian, French, Portuguese or even Chinese, or brush up on your own through a series of fun, interactive games like keeping a penguin on ice, popping balloons and stopping birds from flying away. Race the clock to the finish and climb to the next level. In-app purchases allow you to unlock higher levels and more games. 7 languages, kids vocabulary and SAT words.

Flow Free
11 Apps to Kill Boredom While Upgrading Yourself at the Same Time
This puzzle game will keep you entertained and expand your mind as you attempt to connect matching pipe colors to make a flow and solve the challenging puzzles. Created by Big Duck Games LLC, this 4+ rated game has received 4.5 star reviews. Free Flow is available for Apple and Android products.

11 Apps to Kill Boredom While Upgrading Yourself at the Same Time
5 star rated app by Finger Arts is everybody’s favorite challenging number puzzle at the touch of the screen. Thousands of puzzles. Integrated system allows you to rank and compare your scores with friends or strangers. Good for flexing those brain muscles. Did we mention that it’s free? Available for Apple, Android and download.

Can You Escape
11 Apps to Kill Boredom While Upgrading Yourself at the Same Time
If you like Escape Rooms, this puzzle teasing game created by Kaarel Kirsipuu is for you. Just like in the escape rooms, you must solve a puzzle to make it into the next room and so on until you can break out. In app purchases to open new rooms. Escape Room received a 4.5 star rating and rated 4+. Kaarel Kirsipuu has also created several more Escape Room games and even Escape the Titanic, for Escape Room fans.

Move the Block Slide Puzzle
11 Apps to Kill Boredom While Upgrading Yourself at the Same Time
From the makers of Roll the Ball and Word Crush, two more brain stretching-worthy apps, BitMango has also created Move the Block Slide Puzzle, a game where you have to get the red block to the end by sliding the other blocks. A 4+ rated game and brain teaser. Available for Apple and Android products.

So next time you find yourself getting bored, download one of these apps to entertain you while exercising your mind.


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