Best Apps For To Do List Iphone

When you’re trying to keep track of your daily tasks, it can be hard to know where to start. Are you more of a paper-and-pen person? An app person? Or maybe you’re somewhere in between.

Whatever your preferred method for tracking your tasks and deadlines, there are plenty of options out there. Here are some of our favorites:

10 Best to-do list apps for iPhone - Manage your time like a Pro!

Best Apps For To Do List Iphone

The iPhone is the single best place for a To Do list, because you are nearly always close to it. Here are the best task management apps for it, or your iPad.

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Just as with calendars, and email, and weather apps, you already have a To Do app on your iPhone. Apple’s own Reminders app is typical of the company in that it’s quite clearly simple to use, quite obviously free, but it also hides how powerful it can be.

Reminders is really a kind of mid-level To Do app. There are ones that are much more basic, there are others that are mid-range. And then there are just a couple that are so powerful that they can handle anything you need to throw at them, anything you need to stay on top of.

You could just go to the App Store, search for “To Do,” and pick the first of the thousands of apps you see. Any To Do app is better than no to do app, unless you’re someone who doesn’t have to juggle many or any tasks. In which case, we pause to envy you.

There is the issue that the more powerful To Do apps take time to learn, and they can even be difficult to get fully into. But then the thousands of available To Do apps also include ones that are only extremely easy to use because they do so little.

Depending on your needs, the following are the apps you need to consider first.

Apple Reminders
Apple Reminders
Reminders has been seen as a very basic To Do app, but it introduced a feature that every top-range To Do app immediately copied. That’s location reminders.

Tell Reminders you need to pay your credit card bill when you get home, and just about the moment you open your front door, it will remind you. Reminders ties in very well with Siri, too, such that wherever you are right now, you can say, “Hey, Siri, remind me to buy milk when I leave here.”

Then when you walk away from wherever you were when you said that, Reminders will remind you.

It’s an extraordinarily useful feature, and by itself is one reason why a To Do app is better than a list on a piece of paper.

Todoist actually straddles the line between a mid-range and top-range To Do app, because it comes in two versions. There’s a free version which works the same way as the paid subscription one, but with limitations that are generous. You may not need to move to the paid one, and if you do, you will already know how to use it from the free one.

Chief among the differences is that the free edition of Todoist restricts you to five projects. But that’s not much different to limiting you to five folders on your Mac, you can still put anything you like in each one.

Yet it’s when you need more than a basic To Do app that you start benefiting from thinking about projects. A project is anything where there’s more than one related task, so preparing for your next vacation is a project.

Equally, running your local chess club is a project. Buying milk is not a project.

Todoist is strong on helping you split your tasks up into projects, and so then manage them all better. When you need more than the free version, Todoist costs from $3 per month.

Things is the To Do app from Cultured Code which has perhaps the best design, and certainly the best name, of any task manager. You’ve got things to do, and now you can have Things to help you do it all.

One unusual feature, and very welcome, is that your To Do project can include a description at the top. It’s just a straightforward text description that you write, but somehow it does help you focus. Rather than each project being a potentially endless list of tasks, there is always the reason for the project right there in front of you.

Adding tasks is so simple that it’s practically enjoyable, and Things is good at surfacing what you need to do today.

It’s less strong on helping you keep on top of everything. You can end up with a lot of tasks in Things where it’s up to you to make sure you regularly go back over, or review, all of them.

Things costs $9.99 for iPhone on the App Store. Note that it is a separate $19.99 purchase for iPad, as well as $49.99 for Mac.

OmniFocus has the edge on Things for features and power. At this level, though, a key differentiator is the feel of an app. You can simply find that either Things or OmniFocus just suits you better, fits you better.

Nonetheless, OmniFocus is the strongest and if you can get very attached to a To Do app, we are super-glued to this one. Whatever you’re doing, you can use your nearest Apple device to add a quick thought or a detailed plan right into OmniFocus.

Then as well as being a To Do app that does tell you what you must do today, it’s also a Can Do one. Should you ever finish your list for the day, or just need a break from that one, you can have OmniFocus slice through all your tasks, all your projects, to find things you can do quickly.

So maybe you’re juggling your Pet Rescue Shelter before work this morning, you’re meeting with clients all day, and you’re working on the local newspaper this evening. At any point, if you want it to, OmniFocus will list the six phone calls or the eight emails you want to send — regardless of which project they’re part of.

OmniFocus for iPhone and iPad costs $49.99 on the App Store. There is also a subscription option that gets you OmniFocus for Mac and the web as well as iOS.

One more thing
These are the best To Do apps available for you on the iPhone. However, we do very specifically mean you. Each of these apps is excellent for you as an individual, but To Do apps tend to be weaker about delegating tasks or other people.

Consequently, if you are juggling lots of people as well as tasks, maybe you don’t need a To Do app. You might need a project management one instead, and that’s a different can of worms.

Comments (8)
Forum User rjackb2 rjackb2 said about 5 months ago
I use Microsoft’s ToDo. It puts Reminders to shame.

Forum User boboq boboq said about 5 months ago
BusyCal integrates Reminders into the Calendar app. More convenient that using two separate apps.

Forum User iOS_Guy80 iOS_Guy80 said about 5 months ago
Could hit 3 T in ‘21

Forum User rchg rchg said about 5 months ago
I found the Due app (for iOS & MacOS) to be most fitting my needs. It misses some bells-and-whistles of other “power apps”, but it has all the features I expect from a solid todo app (sans location-based reminders). One thing I like most is how quickly a reminder can be created. With most other apps, including Apple’s Reminders by the time I forced through all the necessary tick-boxes, I almost forgot what’s that I wanted to be reminded of. With Due it’s dead simple – tap “new”, type in your reminder, set date/time (some useful pre-defined options like “+10 min”, “+1 hour” etc are also available) and voila! Reminder set.

Forum User evolut evolut said about 5 months ago
Too bad there’s not a word on privacy issues ! No app review is complete without discussing the privacy issues, how data is synced, where it’s stored…

I checked Things on App Store and I see that “User content” is linked to my identity. What does that mean exactly? That sounds bad to me!
Todoist collects even more, Omnifocus looks much better.
I hate when I can’t use an app without first creating an account with the company… no mention of this in the review.
When syncing between devices, I only want to use iCloud sharing… I only trust Apple these days!

best to do list apps for iphone and mac

All people have one common issue: Forgetting. Isn’t it true, right? Some people overlook the most important meetings, gatherings, and so on. Sometimes, it may turn into a tragedy. So scheduling our work and setting a reminder is a good idea during this time. Because we live in a fast-paced world. So, for you guys, I’ve included popular To-Do list apps for the iPhone in this article. Let’s see.

6 Best To-Do list apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac

Table of Contents

  1. Todoist (Available on iPhone, iPad, macOS, Windows, Android, Web)
  2. Tick Tick (Available on iPhone, iPad, macOS, Windows, Android, Web)
  3. Microsoft To-Do (Available on iPhone, iPad macOS, Windows, Android, Web)
  4. Things 3 (Available on iPhone, iPad, macOS)
  5. OmniFocus 3 (Available for iPhone, iPad, and macOS)
  6. Google Tasks (Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android, Web)
  7. Todoist (Available on iPhone, iPad, macOS, Windows, Android, Web)
    Todoist is one of the most popular apps amongst millions of people. Why? Which includes great features like enhancing productivity, organizing tasks, and setting schedules as well as deadlines. Todoist offers superior sharing and collaboration features and project management functions compared to rivals. Adding a new task was very easy.


You can create new tasks in your Inbox and then allocate them to appropriate projects.
you can also set due dates.
Paid users can make their filters and labels, and there are some basic collaboration tools.
App Compatibility requires iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with 13.0 or later version.

Todoist Price: Free and for Premium $3.99 per month.

Todoist App

  1. Tick Tick (Available on iPhone, iPad, macOS, Windows, Android, Web)
    Tick Tick is a simple and powerful task management tool for students. Almost both Todoist and Tick Tick apps have the same features except for one thing. That is Tick Tick App only allows simple folders.


The app has a built-in Pomodoro timer for starting a 25-minute work session on any of your tasks.
And it integrates with a variety of third-party calendars, allowing you to see all of your tasks and appointments in one place and even do some time blocking.
App compatibility requires iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with 10.0 or later version.

Tick Tick Price: Free and for Premium less than $2.99 per month.

Tick Tick App

  1. Microsoft To-Do (Available on iPhone, iPad macOS, Windows, Android, Web)
    Many users praise Microsoft To-Do as a fantastic app. Microsoft To-Do is divided into three sections: list, task, and subtask. Each list has its task and subtask that will help you in keeping track of your tasks and completing the project. In my opinion, this is the most visually attractive to-do list app on the market.


You can set custom background images for each of your lists, allowing you to tell which list you’re looking at at a glance.
Task prioritization.
Document storage.
And file sharing.
App compatibility requires iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with 13.0 or later version.

Microsoft To-Do Price: Free.

Microsoft To Do App

  1. Things 3 (Available on iPhone, iPad, macOS)
    Things 3 is also one of the task management tools. Moreover, Things 3 is that in 2017, Apple created an award-winning app for organizing your life that is both simple and robust. It has three main features: Collect, Organize and Schedule and some additional features. Things 3 has a better UI & due to the one-time payment option, it’s cheaper than Todoist in the long run.


you can integrate your task with the calendar so you can see your appointments while planning your day.
Intuitive keyboard shortcuts.
Reminders with native notifications.
App compatibility requires iPhone, iPod touch with 12.1 or later version.

Things 3 Price: $6.99

Things 3 App

  1. OmniFocus 3 (Available for iPhone, iPad, and macOS)
    OmniFocus 3 also functions like a task manager. In my opinion, OmniFocus is better than Thing 3 if you have a large number of projects or if you want to capture your projects very accurately and with a high level of detail.


OmniFocus has a feature that you can organize your tasks pretty much however you want.
If your plan changed, you can easily re-schedule it.

App compatibility requires iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with 13.0 or later version.

OmniFocus 3 Price: 2-weeks free trial and subscription $9.99 per month.

OmniFocus 3 App

  1. Google Tasks (Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android, Web)
    Google Tasks is also a task management tool. But it was unique from other apps. Why I am saying this means, you can create a new task and edit it from any device because it’s just accessible across Google Workspace. Apps have a simple structure and are very easy to use.


you can convert an email into a task by dragging it to Google Tasks.
You can also view your tasks on your Google Calendar if you prefer.
we can plan our day with forecast.
App compatibility requires iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with 12.0 or later version.

Google Tasks Price: Free

Google Tasks App

I hope this article helped locate the best To-Do-list app. If you use any of the apps listed above, share your thoughts in the comments. Thank you for continuing to support


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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