Best Apps For Toddlers Iphone

You know your toddler is going to be glued to their phone, and it’s up to you to decide what they’re looking at. Here are the best apps for toddlers on iPhone.

Toddlers love looking at pictures and videos of themselves and their friends—you might even notice them pointing out the familiar faces in group photos. Apps like iMom, Baby Selfie and Picture Puzzle let your toddler view pictures that they’ve taken or been in.

Another fun way for toddlers to use their iPhones is by playing games with family members. For example, iMessage allows kids as young as four years old to play hide-and-seek or other games with their parents using just a few taps on their screen.

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Best Apps For Toddlers Iphone

Children in today’s digital world are naturally inclined toward smart gadgets. As parents, you can take full advantage of this to help your little one learn and develop fundamental skills while having fun. Of course, it’s crucial to limit your kid’s screen time and access to technology, but the right tools can positively shape their development. To help you out, we have shortlisted some of the best toddler apps for iPad and iPhone.

Toddler Learning Game – EduKitty
Kids Academy
Baby Shark Best Kids Songs
Papumba First Words for Baby and Toddlers
Math Kids
Farm Animals and Animal Sounds
Baby Flash Cards
Animals for Toddlers
Fun Animal Games for Kids
Tozzle Lite

  1. Toddler Learning Game – EduKitty
    toddler learning game iphone and ipad app screenshot
    EduKitty is an adorable virtual cat that can teach your tods everything from shapes and colors to alphabets, numbers, alphabet sounds, and more. There are 13 fun learning games with a professional instruction voice.

Further, there are three different skill levels, packed with colorful HD graphics, groovy music, voice-over, and sound effects. On the whole, it provides a lot of fun to kids and supports 12 different languages such as English, Farsi, Arabic, Spanish, French, etc.

Price: Free (Unlock all games and remove ads – $4.99)


  1. Kids Academy
    kids academy iphone and ipad app screenshot
    Kids Academy is a notable educational app for early learners. It helps you to prepare your child for success in preschool. It consists of more than 1300 educational games, videos, and printables.

The app features math, writing, phonics, and reading games. Animated flashcards and mazes bring a lot of fun into the play. Your baby will learn a lot by sorting, classifying, and matching games.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $2.99)


  1. Baby Shark Best Kids Songs
    baby shark best kids songs iphone and ipad app screenshot
    Introduce your baby to fun-filled song and dance with this adorable app. It’s packed full of the best and newest nursery rhymes and dance videos featuring the cute Pinkfong Baby Shark. Children are bound to love the bright graphics and sounds.

Further, you can play offline songs to learn ABC Phonics, Numbers, Shapes, Animals, and more. Exclusive new content is added every week for preschool toddlers and kids to keep expanding their learning.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $3.99)


  1. Papumba First Words for Baby and Toddlers
    papumba first words for baby and toddlers iphone and ipad app screenshot
    This educational app is beneficial in making your child learn everyday vocabulary. It lets young learners discover a world of fun and colorful characters. There are over a hundred words to learn, such as colors, animals, body parts, numbers, and more.

Further, there are tons of games that make the learning experience fun. Impressive graphics, coupled with the easy-to-use features, make this app suitable for children between the ages of 1 and 5. Best of all, it’s available in more than 15 languages.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $0.99)


  1. Math Kids
    math kids iphone and ipad app screenshot
    Here’s a math app that is beautifully designed to make your child quickly pick up numbers and counting skills. It’s ideal for preschoolers and kindergartners to start learning addition and subtraction.

It features a lot of fun mini-games that will capture the curiosity of children and cultivate math skills. Further, there are several features to help parents monitor and observe their child’s progress.

Price: Free


  1. Farm Animals and Animal Sounds
    farm animals and animal sounds iphone and ipad app screenshot
    This app features a variety of jigsaw puzzles, animal sounds, and memory games that will keep your child entertained. The puzzle pieces are large and easy to move around on-screen.

Further, animal images are adorable and designed to make kids happy. There’s also a parental gate to prevent children from navigating out of the app or accidentally making purchases. It’s free to try, but additional puzzle packs come at a small fee.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $1.99)


  1. Baby Flash Cards
    baby flash cards iphone and ipad toddler app screenshot
    Here’s an interactive game for toddlers that helps them learn the names of animals, foods, objects, letters, and numbers. It is a highly interactive app with audio and video sounds of animals.

The free app is available in 13 different languages. You can upgrade and have the paid app with nine additional languages. Further, it has large icons, buttons, words, and letters. So, it is easy to use for toddlers.

Price: Free (Baby Flash Cards Ad-Free – $4.99)


  1. Animals for Toddlers
    animals for toddlers iphone and ipad app screenshot
    This engaging game has six sceneries that feature animals and surprises. The eye-catching graphics make it very exciting to play. Kids will tap animals to interact with them and hear their sounds.

It is creative and fun for young children. At the same time, it teaches them about animals. So it’s especially useful for preschoolers and kindergartners. The developer is continually adding new features to further improve the app.

Price: Free (Unlock full version – $2.99)


  1. Fun Animal Games for Kids
    fun animal games for kids iphone and ipad app screenshot
    Kids Animal Puzzles boasts a vast collection of puzzles and activities. It has more than 40 great animal puzzles in four categories, such as farm, forest animals, insects, and tropical fish.

Further, the interface consists of a beautiful playground with a bouncy castle and a swing. There’s also a game where children can feed a colorful phoenix bird and crack Easter eggs. The fun sounds and graphics are sure to engage your baby.

Price: Free (Unlock All Content – $2.99)


  1. Tozzle Lite
    tozzle lite iphone and ipad app screenshot
    This app helps develop children’s motor skills and shapes recognition. It has more than 40 puzzle pictures that you can choose from. Moreover, the app has been tested by toddlers, and improvements have been made to ensure it’s fun and easy for young learners.

To play, your child has to simply tap the Play button and then drag and drop the puzzle pieces. There’s also an arrow that appears to help children complete the puzzle if they get stuck. It is especially appealing for children aged two and up.

Price: Free


Summing Up!

Do you like using apps and games on your iPhone or iPad to help your child learn? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.

best children’s learning apps for iphone

hile having open access to technology and the internet can be scary for parents, it can be a beneficial tool when you know where to look! Whether you are getting ready for summer, a homeschool parent, or just want something educational for your kids to play in their downtime, there are also many great educational apps to use for all ages.

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering any of these apps. First, you’ll want to check the description to make sure the device you’re using is supported by the app. The iPad Air 5 is a more affordable option with all the benefits of performance of an Apple product. Second, while many of these apps are free to download, a few of them will require you to purchase a membership to access all the activities.

Best educational games for kids on iOS/iPadOS
PBS Kids Games
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Khan Academy
MentalUP Educational Games
Tappity: K-5 Science for Kids
Coding For Kids: Learn To Code
Abcmouse Iphone Screenshot
Source: Age of Learning, Inc.

If you have a child aged five or under, ABCmouse is a good educational program that keeps track of how your kids do from session to session. There are more than 10,000 activities to choose from so your little ones won’t get bored doing the same ones over and over. While it’s free to download the app, to access the lessons you will need to purchase a membership.

Abc Mouse App
ABCmouse — iOS
ABCmouse will keep your kids entertained for hours on end!

Free at App Store
Pbs Kids Games Iphone Screenshot
Source: PBS KIDS

If your kids love the shows on PBS KIDS, they’re sure to love this app too! Users will find new games every week that feature characters they will recognize like Cat in the Hat, Daniel Tiger, Curious George, and others. These games focus on helping kids learn STEM, routines, creativity, and more.

Pbs Kids Games App
Featuring characters your kids know and love, PBS KIDS Games is super fun.

Free at App Store
The Very Hungry Caterpillar ~ Play & Explore
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Iphone Screenshot
Source: StoryToys

Eric Carle fans will love the 3D storybook effect these games have. Enjoy various learning activities with all of Eric Carle’s best characters from Brown Bear and the Mixed Chameleon to the Very Hungry Caterpillar himself. To have access to everything you will have to pay $5 in the app.

Very Hungry Caterpillar App
The Very Hungry Caterpillar ~ Play & Explore
The popular kids’ book has turned into a game — play through various learning activities.

Free at App Store
Yousician Gameplay
Source: Yousician

If your kids want to get into music, Yousician can help teach guitar, bass, or singing. You can start a free trial and go through the games and step-by-step videos that give you real feedback on how you’re doing. As you play, the app listens to how you do and keeps track of your progress.

Yousician App
Is your child musically gifted? Let them reach their full potential with this app.

Free at App Store
Khan Academy
Khan Academy Kids Gameplay
Source: Khan Academy

Practice for the SATs or ACTS or simply expand on your knowledge of topics of your choice. This app is completely free, made for kids from kindergarten up through high school, and can even be a way to learn some new things as an adult. The app keeps track of where you’re at with your learning and helps to recommend the next lessons, skills, and videos to help your progress.

Khan Academy App
Khan Academy
Learn new skills and lessons with a variety of activities and videos spanning multiple categories.

Free at App Store
Mathtango Iphone Screenshot
Source: Originator Inc.

If your K-5th grade kid loves math or maybe needs a little extra help, MathTango teaches kids math through a combination of puzzles and “world-building” activities. But note that the game uses the Common Core approach, which may be difficult for parents to help with if they are unfamiliar with this newer style of teaching math.

Mathtango App
Math can be difficult for some, but MathTango makes it easier with fun games to power through.

Free at App Store
Duolingo – Language Lessons
Duolingo On Iphone Se
Source: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore

Good for kids and adults alike to learn a new language! There is a paid membership option but the free membership has plenty to offer as well. You can learn one language at a time or multiple languages at once. Right now there are more than 35 languages available on the app with more added all the time. There are quick lessons, pairing words with images, and switching between your primary language and your learning language to help you pick it up quickly.

Duolingo App
Duolingo – Language Lessons
Everyone loves Duo, and now your child will too!

Free at App Store
MentalUP Educational Games
Mentalup Educational Games
Source: MentalUP LTD

If you don’t want to have to go through a bunch of set-up, this is the one for you. This app was developed by scientists to help kids build their cognitive skills, improve focus and memory, and learn how to problem-solve and apply logic. Unlike many educational apps built for a wide range of ages, this one is easy to just download and play and it will apply to all.

Mentalup App
MentalUP Educational Games
Scientifically built to help your child flex that mental muscle!

Free at App Store
Tappity: K-5 Science for Kids
Tappity K 5 Science For Kids
Source: Tappity, Inc.

Science lessons, activities, videos, and discussion questions to help you get involved! Tappity is a science app that covers it all from space to life on earth and even physics. This is a completely interactive experience for children and even includes a science journal for your kids to keep track of their questions, discoveries, and progress.

Tappity App
Tappity: K-5 Science for Kids
Is your kid a science wiz? If yes, then they will surely love this brainy app.

Free at App Store
Coding For Kids: Learn To Code
Kidlo Coding Iphone Screenshot
Source: IDZ Digital Private Limited

With technology changing and becoming more of a part of our daily lives, some kids get very interested in how it all works behind the scenes. With Coding For Kids, players will learn programming including sequences, loops, functions, debugging, arrays, coordination, and advanced skills all in a way that is broken down and simple and fun for kids to understand. To get all the content you will have to pay $5/month or $40/year but this gives you access to more than 1000 coding activities.

Coding For Kids App
Coding For Kids: Learn To Code
Start them off young with a handy skill by getting them into coding.

Free at App Store
Using tech for good
One of the benefits of having access to so much technology and having a large number of options is there’s a seemingly endless number of activities your child can do to learn and grow while they play, sneaking learning time into screen time. Among the best games on iPhone are also great learning tools. For younger kids, ABCmouse is a great way to offer an all-around curriculum for them to play with. If you have kids who are preparing for those important college tests, Khan Academy is a completely free app to help anyone of any age with special lessons for testing. From younger to older, to special interests, there are tons of options for free or inexpensive ways to learn through apps. If you want to learn it, there’s probably an app for that.


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