Best Apps For Toddlers No Wifi

So you’ve got a toddler, and they want to play with your phone. Sucks, right?

We’ve got some good news: there are tons of apps out there that are fun for toddlers and don’t require wifi.

These apps will keep your little one entertained while you’re on the go, and they’re all free!

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The Best Offline No-Wifi Apps for Toddlers on the iPhone

Best Apps For Toddlers No Wifi

People concerned about Wifi Radiation try to find games that will entertain their children that do not need WiFi. Since the younger our children are, the more susceptible they are to the harmful health effects caused by this non-ionizing form of electromagnetic radiation, this is very important.

Our top picks for the 10 Best Free No WiFi Games for Kids are 1. Toca Boca, 2. Highlights Shapes App, 3. Daniel Tiger, 4. Toddler Puzzle Games for Kids, 5. Endless ABC, 6. Phonics – ABC Tracing for Kids, 7. Endless 123, 8. Fiete Math, 9. Sago Mini Games, and 10. ABC Animal Toddler Adventures.

So to save you the research here are our top 10 picks for games your kids can play on their tablets and cellphones that do not use WiFi. The list below are also links to the part of the article that talks about each of the games. To get to that section just click the corresponding link. Then to return to this list just click the back button on your internet browser. Alright, let’s get going!

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Table of Contents:

Click on each game on the list below to link to that section of the article. Just hit that back button to return to this list.

Toca Boca
Highlights Shapes App
Daniel Tiger
Toddler Puzzle Games for Kids
Endless ABC
Phonics – ABC Tracing for Kids
Endless 123
Fiete Math
Sago Mini Games
ABC Animal Toddler Adventures

  1. Toca Boca
    Toca Boca Childrens Game
    Toca Boca Childrens Game
    Toca Boca is a children’s game created by a Slovenian owned Swedish game development studio. They focus on children friendly applications for smartphones and tablets. There goal is to make games that inspire kids to use their imagination.

They make colorful interactive games that kids can play on their cellphones and tablets without having to use WiFi. Their games are typically made for children from three to eight years old.

Check Out Their Game Prices Here On Amazon.

  1. Highlights Shapes App
    Highlights Shapes App
    Highlights Shapes App
    Preschoolers ages 3 and up will have an awesome time finishing an enchanting fox this universe of great kids’ hues and shapes. In straightforward however intentional undertakings, kids contact and drag strong hued shapes into the coordinating void spots. Each right match changes into another and energizing liveliness that joys youthful youngsters. They won’t most likely hold on to perceive what comes straightaway!

Highlights Shapes application advances fun, significant learning by joining geometric, arranging and coordinating aptitudes that are urgent for preschoolers to get a handle on. As youngsters accurately match and sort, they’ll create inventive reasoning and basic critical thinking aptitudes, both basic for the beginning of formal tutoring. Highlights Shapes games targets kids ages 3 years old and up!

Check Out Their Game Prices Here On Amazon.

  1. Daniel Tiger Play At Home App
    Daniel Tiger Electronic Game App
    Daniel Tiger Electronic Game App
    Meet Daniel Tiger, PBS’s most up to date neighbor. Playing is learning as you investigate sleep time, music, bath-time and play imagine specialist at Daniel’s home.

With this application kids get the opportunity to play about a portion of Daniel’s ordinary encounters – encounters that may be a great deal like theirs. What’s more, as they play, youthful youngsters will become familiar with somewhat increasingly about their place on the planet. You’ll be adapting as well – about your tyke – when you talk, tune in and play together. Daniel Tiger App games targets kids ages 3 to 5 years old!

Doctor: Play Doctor Daniel with the instruments that specialists use. At the point when youngsters play about being the specialist, they’re in control. That can make it simpler to oversee when they must be the patient.
Bedtime: Help Daniel prepare to rest – and your kids can be pondering their own sleep time schedules and the things that help them at sleep time.
In Daniel’s Bathroom: Wash, brush and flush with Daniel and play about and practice washroom schedules.
Sticker Book: Youngsters can have some good times making up their own accounts as they play with many stickers in Daniel’s home and Neighborhood.
Check Out Their Game Prices Here On Amazon.

  1. Toddler Puzzle Games for Kids
    Toddler Puzzle Games for Kids
    Toddler Puzzle Games for Kids
    Inventive and instructive game for youngsters that will enable your tyke to invest energy with an electronic gadget adequately. Give your child a chance to feel like a genuine craftsman and create rationale aptitudes simultaneously.

The application incorporates shading which is amicable to the youngest and puzzle solving assignments with an educational component. Additionally, the application contains pictures on various themes which will engage your tyke with captivating sounds and clever characters. This app offers the following:

8 theme packages with 96 puzzles;
Easy shading for kids;
Educational riddles;
Cute liveliness toward the finish of each task.
The application is intended for your little ones of preschool age and is appropriate for young men and young ladies 2-5 years of age. Every one of the exercises were created with support of specialists in the field of kids instruction and incorporate such instructive components as developing of fine motor skills and logic. Have a ton of fun!

Check Out Their Game Prices Here On Apple App Store.

  1. Endless Alphabet Children’s App
    Endless ABC Children’s Ap
    Endless ABC Children’s Ap
    Winner of Apple’s App Store Best of 2013 award!

Set up for perusing accomplishment with this wonderfully intelligent instructive application. Children will have a ton of fun learning their ABC’s and building vocabulary with the cute Endless beasts. Each word includes an intelligent riddle game with talking letters and a short activity representing the definition. Before you know it, your youngster will utilize words like enormous and collaborate!


More than 70 words to learn and play with
Magnificent activities show kids the meanings of the words in a fun and connecting way
Word game instructs youngsters letters
Perpetual Alphabet was planned in view of your youngsters – there are no high scores, disappointments, points of confinement or stress. Your kids can associate with the application at their own pace.
Check Out Their Game Prices Here On Amazon.

  1. ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics
    Phonics – ABC Tracing for Kids
    ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics
    Searching for a fun, free, and basic instructive application to enable your little child to learn phonics and follow letters of the letter set? Look no more distant than ABC Kids.

ABC Kids is a free phonics and letter set instructing application that makes learning a good time for youngsters, from little children right to preschoolers and kindergartners. It includes a progression of following amusements to help children perceive letter shapes, partner them with phonic sounds, and put their letters in order information to use for the sake of entertainment coordinating activities. Any baby, kindergartner or preschool age youngster can learn English and the English letters in order just by following the bolts with their finger. They can even gather stickers and toys as they complete following amusements!

ABC Kids is something other than a child well disposed instructive application, it was structured in light of grown-up investment, as well. The interface keeps little children concentrated on letters in order perusing and composing, hiding menu directions from moving fingers. Grown-ups can without much of a stretch access settings to connect with Teacher Mode, see report cards, or switch following and phonics recreations to more readily encourage learning.

The best part is that ABC Kids is full-highlighted and free from in-application buys and outsider promotions. Little children and grown-ups can appreciate adapting together without interference.


Brilliant early training application that enables kids to gain proficiency with the English letter set.
Includes ABC following diversions, phonics blending, letter coordinating, and the sky is the limit from there.
Uppercase and lowercase letters to follow, tune in to, and coordinate.
Smart interface enables children to concentrate on phonics and letters without coincidentally leaving the game.
No outsider promotions, no in-application buys, no traps. Simply unadulterated instructive fun!
Check Out Their Game Prices Here On Amazon.

  1. Endless 123
    Endless 123 Children’s Game
    Endless 123 Children’s Game
    As a follow-up to Endless Alphabet, set up for early numeracy learning with Endless Numbers! Children will have an awesome time learning number acknowledgment, groupings, amount, numerical examples, and straightforward expansion with the lovable Endless beasts. Each number highlights intelligent arrangements and condition perplexes with numbers that wake up, and a short liveliness that gives setting and significance to each number.


5 numbers are allowed to attempt with numbers in Number Packs accessible for procurement.
Delightful liveliness fortify number acknowledgment, amount, and tallying.
Interactive number riddles strengthen fundamental numeracy aptitudes.
Endless Numbers was planned in view of your youngsters. There are no high scores, disappointments, cutoff points or stress. Your youngsters can connect with the application at their own pace.
Check Out Their Game Prices Here On Amazon.

  1. Fiete Math
    Fiete Math Children’s Ap
    Fiete Math Children’s Ap
    Fiete Math causes checking simple for children to get it. In this application, numbers are touchable articles that your youngster can gathering, join and cut up. Your kid can find the connections among sums and numbers and build up their trust in managing them. This makes math’s fun.

Isolating and joining numbers are significant establishments to create computation methodologies. Indeed, even an extraordinary investigation of number frameworks and mathematics methodologies during an ordinary school day is frequently insufficient. Understudies who need additional time can without much of a stretch fall behind. Any issues in math are regularly left to be managed by an after-school guide.”

How This App Helps Kids Learn:

Fiete Math creates comprehension of the number framework, makes 5 and 10 structures usable and demonstrates computation techniques.
The application gives your kid a chance to play with numbers like structure squares. Theoretical numbers are made into items.
There are no time limits. Your tyke can finish the errands at his or her very own speed and assemble significant learning.”
This App isn’t only an advanced duplicate of a math’s book. It creatively utilizes the open doors offered by touchscreen gadgets to make number frameworks progressively justifiable.

Check Out Their Game Prices Here On Amazon.

  1. Sago Mini Games
    Sago Mini Games
    Sago Mini Games
    Go on a play date with your preferred Sago Mini companions! Go for a stroll to a companion’s home and let the fun start. Help Robin the flying creature fix a perch room, play spruce up with Jinja the feline or appreciate a nibble with Harvey the canine. With five companions and in excess of ten exercises, there’s a great deal to investigate.

Play time with companions is such a significant piece of youngsters’ lives. Created with adoration, Sago Mini Friends welcomes children to lead the play. Some portion of the honor winning suite of Sago Mini applications, the application will carry grins to you and your youngsters.


Promotes sympathy, sharing, and innovation through imaginary play
Fun exercises from bite time to cleaning up
Silly reactions and responses
Perfect for playing with loved ones
Make up stories to go with the activities
Recommended for little children ages 2-4
Play without WiFi or web
No in-application buys or outsider publicizing, so you and your youngster are allowed to find without interference!
Check Out Their Game Prices Here On Amazon.

  1. ABC Animal Toddler Adventures
    ABC Animal Toddler Adventures
    ABC Animal Toddler Adventures
    ABC Animal Adventures endeavors to reinforce your kid’s intellectual aptitudes, focus and memory. It’s intuitive and vivified illustrations will keep the children connected with and bring them back for additional!

The kids are granted with stickers for accurately playing the riddles and recreations. The sticker prizes will undoubtedly urge the children and to keep them locked in.

ABC Animal Adventures incorporates the accompanying instructive exercises which have been attentively intended for an instinctive game play understanding for little kids:

Following Letters – utilizing the regular center standard textual style
Spelling, A-Z of Animals
Checking Numbers, Join the Dots
Jigsaw Puzzles
Letters in order Flash Cards
Pet Doctor
Recognize the Difference
Pet Salon
Feed The Animals
Your baby will truly appreciate making this showing as each and every activity has been keenly intended for an easy game play.

ABC Animal Adventures is a simple, fun and basic game which is revered by children around the world. The application attempts to be agreeable and instructive simultaneously. It has been tried by a few kiddos to guarantee an easy and smooth game play without the youngster getting disappointed by befuddling pop ups and menus.

Check Out Their Game Prices Here On Amazon.

Final Thoughts
Thank you for reading this article. I hope that you have found it helpful in finding some good apps that you can get for your children to play that do not require the WiFi to be on during their playing with it. If this article was helpful please share it on your various social media accounts. We really appreciate it when our readers do this. It really helps us get the word out!

app to watch cartoons without wifi

To watch a show, you just need pick the picture of the main character in the show on the opening page. This will take you to the show’s page. Each show has about 6-10 episodes. You can pick an episode to download onto your device. You need Wi-Fi connection when you download the episodes, but once they are loaded on your device, you can watch them anytime anywhere, even when you are not connected to Wi-Fi. This makes it a handy app for travel.

There are 21 popular kids shows in the app: Alex, Ben & Holly, Bo on the Go, Boom and Reds, Caillou, Daniel Tiger, Dinosaur Train, Eebee’s, Fishtronaut, Franny’s Feet, Gazoon, Glumpers, Heroes of the City, Jungle Beat, Monster Math Squad, Musti, Poko, Rob the Robot, Super Why, Telmo and Tula, Van Dogh.

Parents can select shows that kids are allowed to watch in the controlled setting area. Parents can also manage the shows in the setting area. They can delete loaded episodes, they can set the screen to be locked while the video is playing, they can also choose the videos’ quality. Higher quality offers better viewing experience, but takes longer time to load and takes more space on the device.

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In addition to the TV shows, there are several groups of mini games in the playground area: coloring pages, learn to draw activities, matching games, memory games, and music games.

There are 4 books in the apps. They are not interactive books, but all are fun to read with narrations.

There is also a lullaby section with 7 songs. Parents can pick the songs to play and set the time they want the songs to play. While the lullabies playing, the screen is blank with no pictures – a feature I like a lot.

The only catch of the app, it is free for 7 days, then it auto renews and charges for subscriptions. The feature I don’t like is the auto renewal. If you don’t do anything by the end of 7 days, the app will automatically renew your account and charge the monthly fee to your account.

I suggest you disable the auto renewal right after you download the app. Here is how:

Go to App store on your device, then Featured. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, tap on Apple ID which should be your email. Then tab on View Apple ID. Scroll down, and tab on Manage App Subscriptions. Tap on the subscription you want to change, in this case is PlayKids, and toggle switch to Off.

PlayKids is available on iPhone, iPod and iPad. It is free to download with 7 days free subscription. It then will automatically renew and charge your account. If you don’t like auto renewal, I suggest you turn it off. It is also available for Android on Google Play.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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