Best Apps For Tracking Family Members

Family is the most important thing in the world. Family is what keeps us grounded, it’s what keeps us together, and it’s the thing we remember most fondly when we’re older.

But how do you keep track of your family members? If you have a large family and you’re trying to coordinate events with them (like weddings or funerals), keeping track of each other can be a real hassle.

Luckily, there are apps for that! The following are some of our favorite apps for tracking family members:

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Best Apps For Tracking Family Members

The following blog describes the best family tracking apps for Android and iOS mobile phones.

We keep extreme caution when it comes to our family’s safety. Gone are those days, parents used to call us every time to know our whereabouts. And the time is not far when we take a step ahead and let technology do the caretaking. Thanks to the family locator apps to make this possible.

So, let’s read about what these apps are and how they work.

How Does A Family Tracker App Work
Family locator apps work by finding some other phone using a virtual map. They have an easy-to-use interface and come with GPS technology. Using this technology, people can navigate around, get notifications, speed alerts, and their family’s whereabouts. These apps are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You only need to make sure that the phone has GPS functionality, and is turned on when you need to track.

Just install it on your device, sign up, and then install it on your family’s device, to enable the tracking.

What To Look For When Looking For The Best Tracking Apps
Before you choose the best family locator app, read what functions these apps should have.

Location Backup Details- identifies the phone’s location on the virtual map and shows what activities are taking place there, images, and videos, etc.
Virtual Geographical Range- lets you track people who are nearby, i.e. within 100-200 meters.

Driver Speed & Other Support- alerts you when you are overspeeding and provides other driver support.
Live Location- helps you see the live location of your family member at a certain time. You can also use the phone number to track the live location of a cellphone.
Safety Check-ins- lets you check-in in a particular location so your family knows you have reached safely and can track your whereabouts.
SOS Functionality- SOS alerts or relays messages can be sent to your family members in case of emergencies.
Android & iOS Savvy- The tracker app must work on both Android and iOS phones because all members may not have the same OS.
13 Best Family Tracking Apps for Android and iOS in 2021
Without further ado, let’s quickly jump to the most useful free family locator apps. Go through all the features of each app before you make a choice.

  1. Glympse – Share GPS location
    Glympse is one of the best family locator apps allowing users to track their family members, friends, and co-workers. It uses GPS tracking and dynamic maps to provide real-time location.

Features of Glympse
This app is free, fast, and easy to use.
Requires no sign-up before using.
Let you find friends at concert festivals, catch up with family, know the whereabouts of coworkers, and share details of emergency situations, etc.
Easily sharable with anyone without installing anything on another person’s mobile.

It runs in the background, letting you run other apps alongside.

Works globally, and requires a GPS and an internet connection.
Reasons to Avoid
Does not offer real-time tracking.
The location has to be updated manually.
Glympse – Share GPS location
Download for Android and iOS

Just like there are apps to track location, you can track callers too. Here are the best Dialer Apps for Android & iOS that lets you dial contacts and track callers, their location, etc.

  1. Life360 – Family Locator & GPS Tracker for Safety
    Life360, another best family tracking app lets you be connected with your close ones. Let’s find out its important features.

Features of Life360
Check in with your people when you are online.
Get driving directions and route information.
Access 24/7 Emergency dispatch feature for your family’s safety.
Use text messages to communicate. Share information on individual users within the saved circle.

Avail to two days of Location History and place alerts for two places.

Access the real-time specialist support anywhere and anytime.
Get notified when someone arrives or leaves from a designated place.
Reasons to Avoid
Users have to send invites to all the devices they want to track.
Uses a lot of battery on devices with low battery capacity.
Life360 – Family Locator & GPS Tracker for Safety
Download for Android and iOS

  1. Foursquare Swarm – Check-In
    Keeping track of the places you visited is easy with Foursquare Swarm. It is the best family tracking app if you want to track yourself and your friends.

Features of Foursquare Swarm
Each time you check-in, a pin would be added to your personal map so you can visit it later.
Explore all the places you can visit and collect them.

Share location with friends and know where they are around the globe.
Reasons to Avoid
Higher battery usage.
Only people familiar with the interface can make the best use of it.
Foursquare Swarm – Check-In
Download for Android and iOS

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  1. Find My Kids – Family phone tracker & GPS tracking
    Find My Kids is another one of the best family tracking apps that lets you track kids below 18 years. It converts your child’s device into a location tracking device. It is built to allow parents track children at all times.

Features of Find My Kids
Use integrated map to view the location and movement history of children.
Hear the nearby sounds of children.
Restrict kids from tracking parents location.
Track the battery of child’s phone to remind him charge his phone if required.
Install the ‘Pingo: Chat with Parents’ app on your child’s phone to let the app work.

Parents can chat with their kids while kids can send SOS signals from this app.
Reasons to Avoid
Separate apps for Parents and children.
Higher battery usage by The ‘Pingo: Chat with Parents’ app.
Pingo app gets bugs and closes often.
Find My Kids – Family phone tracker & GPS tracking
Download for Android and iOS

  1. Google Maps
    Google Maps, an app by Google, is considered the best family locator app for android and iOS. More than 220 countries and territories are mapped on this app.

Features of Google Maps
It is available on both, mobile and web.
Share your real-time location with friends and family members.
Share your location for a duration between 1 hour to 3 days or infinitely, until off.

See the contact’s address on Google Maps and reach there using directions.
Find the estimated time of arrival and keep up with your schedule.
Get real-time information about buses, trains, and ride-share.
Plan with your group and vote in real-time.
View the battery of the added devices, especially if you’re tracking kids.
Reasons to Avoid
No notifications for arrival or departure for contacts.
Higher battery usage.
Google Maps
Download for Android and iOS

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  1. Google Family Link for Parents
    Google Family Link is another family tracker GPS app by Google that offers free parental controls. Find your children and create digital rules for them by using this app. Children need to download an app at the same time- Google Family Link for Children, to enable tracking.

Features of Google Family Link for Parents
Monitor and supervise your child’s device.
See your child’s location anytime. He doesn’t have to share his location specifically, as the app updates the location in the background.
View how much time your child is spending on a certain app.
Approve and block unsafe mobile apps that your child wants to download.
Remotely lock your child’s mobile and control their screen time.
Reasons to Avoid
Separate apps have to be downloaded by parents and children.
Google Family Link for Parents
Download for Android and iOS

  1. Microsoft Family Safety
    Microsoft Family Safety is another one of the best free family locator apps. This app by Microsoft Corporation helps protect your loved ones digitally and physically.

Features of Microsoft Family Safety
Track your kids and save frequently visited places like school, etc.
Use parental controls to filter out inappropriate mobile apps and games.
Set kid-friendly browsing on Microsoft Edge.
Set screen time limits for specific apps or games on Android, Xbox, or Windows.
Use activity monitors to understand the digital activity of your child or other family members. Get the activity reports by email.
View top speed, acceleration, phone usage, and hard braking..
Get Office 365 sharing access, that lets you share your license with other family members.
Get ensured safety and security of your location by the Microsoft Corporation.
Reasons to Avoid
Users need to especially create a Microsoft ID and create a family group.
Microsoft Family Safety
Download for Android and iOS.

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  1. Verizon Smart Family
    Verizon Smart Family is one of the best family tracking apps and ideal choice of parents who wish to take care of their children through tracking their devices.

Features of Verizon Smart Family
Track your child/family member’s phone usage, texting, calling, and battery usage, location, etc.
Use block and unblock features, filter social media, gaming apps, messaging, and websites as needed.
Limit the data usage, calls, and texts of your children during bedtime, dinner time, or school hours.
Reasons to Avoid
Parents have to subscribe at $4.99 a month to avail of the Family Locator Service.
Verizon Smart Family
Download for Android and iOS

  1. Find My Friends
    Find My Friends is one of the best family locator apps for iPhone, iPad or iPod users, that comes with an easy user interface.

Features of Find My Friends
It is default app on iOS devices and Apple Watches.
Add contacts in your app, with whom you want to share location.
Use the Apple ID of people to send requests.
Get notified when a contact arrives or leaves a location by simply pinning the location on the map.
Reasons to Avoid
Not available for Android devices.
Find My Friends
Download for iOS

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  1. Sygic GPS Navigation & Offline Maps
    Sygic GPS Navigation & Offline Maps is one of the best family locator apps that has gained the trust of more than 200 million drivers.

Features of Sygic GPS Navigation & Offline Maps
Share your route in real-time and let others view your current location and the estimated time of arrival.
Access offline 3D maps without an internet connection.
Use voice-guided GPS navigation to get route directions.
Get real-time traffic information to avoid traffic jams.
Connect your phone with the car’s screen to access the directions.
Get speed limit warnings and current and upcoming speed limits.
Use dashcam feature to record the road ahead and save it in case of accidents.
Reasons to Avoid
Premium subscriptions are needed to enable voice direction service.
The app experiences bugs.
Lack of accuracy.
Sygic GPS Navigation & Offline Maps
Download for Android and iOS

  1. Parental Control App & Location Tracker – FamiSafe
    FamiSafe is a reliable app, also awarded as the best family tracker app on a number of platforms. It is an all-in-one entity that can perform a lot of functions altogether.

Features of FamiSafe
Track kids’ location, limit screen time, filter website, track phone usage, block suspicious websites, and detect suspicious images.
Detect suspicious text on social media apps like TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.
Track mobile apps used by children and keep them safe from being exposed to explicit content.
Track the records of driving speed, time, and hard braking.
Reasons to Avoid
Doesn’t perform well on some devices.
App faces bugs.
Parental Control App & Location Tracker – FamiSafe
Download for Android and iOS

There are many apps that also work offline. Do you want a list of some of these apps? Give this blog a read Top 10 Best Offline Apps – Android and iOS..

  1. GeoZilla – Find My Family
    GeoZilla is another one of the best family tracking apps for iOS and Android that lets you invite and share your live location. This mobile app has features like tracking driving speed, and text and image sharing.

Features of Find My Family
Share your location with family members and track their location.
Find family members with the contact list.
Uuse an Android smartwatch to share real-time locations with your family.
Use the private messenger to send texts and pictures to your family members.
Know if the vehicle is overspeeding, or if there is a crash.
Get notified when your family member’s location changes.
Reasons to Avoid
Tracking is not as accurate as some of the other good apps.
GeoZilla – Find My Family
Download for Android and iOS

  1. Safe & Found
    Safe & Found, by Sprint is a mobile app that keeps family safety and security in your hands. The function of managing and monitoring the digital content on child’s device is what makes it one of the sought family locator apps. It is not only available for iPhone and Android phones and tablets but also for Wi-Fi-only devices.

Features of Safe & Found
Get real-time location tracking of your kids, pets, bikes, etc.
Create and change safety locations like home, school, playfield, etc. Also, get notified when your family member leaves or arrives at an area.
Add any family member, with an internet connection.
Locate your family member’s device remotely, if it is stolen or lost, such as ring the phone, lock it and wipe its content.
Manage your family’s digital content, like installation of new apps, or blocking old apps and games.
Reasons to Avoid
Does not perform well on some devices.
The app gets slow at times.
Need premium subscription to use the complete app services.
Safe & Found
Download for Android and iOS

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Frequently Asked Questions About Family Locator Apps
Following are a few common queries experienced by the users about the family tracking app.

Do I have to purchase and install the application on each phone I want to track?
The application should be installed on each phone you will be tracking. However, you do not require to purchase it for all the phones, if you are installing it on your family members’ devices. Only one purchase per platform, Android or iOS, is required to install it on all the devices.

Do the people I invite need to have an existing account?
It works both ways. You can add family members who already have an account on the family locator app, and also those who do not have yet.

What does the circle around the location represent?
The circle around every location in the parent’s device represents its accuracy in meters. The diameter of the circle gets smaller with the precision of the location. In the child’s mobile, an accuracy equal to or greater than 300 meters is considered low quality.

Does the family locator app work on mobiles without the minimum system requirements?
No, the app works only on compatible devices that meet minimum requirements. In the absence of an unsupported device, you will face issues related to the device as well as OS.

Does the family tracker app work offline?
Yes, both Android and iOS devices can be tracked, when offline or without a data connection.

Family Locator Apps for Android and iOS: Wrapping Up
These are some of the best family tracking apps you can download on your Android and iOS device. Some of these need to be downloaded on both devices while some work with the web and some require no app at all. Some can be restricted to some places and others to operators. Do let us know which was the best family tracker app for you. All these apps are robust and feature-reach.

VerveLogic is a leading Team Tracker Development Company that helps you develop a mobile app for your team. The team can be in your office or your home (your family members). This mobile app can help your GPS tracking-related business idea flourish and create a stronger customer base. We aim at delivering one-hundred percent client satisfaction. Do contact us today to receive a quote without any hidden charges.

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apps to track family

Do you like knowing your family is safe by using a location tracker app at all times or are you looking for a free family tracker app that will help you track where your loved ones’ are just as needed? Is it a never-ending battle between giving your loved ones freedom and always wanting to know where they are? A family tracker app is a very good compromise.
Thanks to the latest technology, a family tracker app for Android or iPhone can help you find and locate a smartphone. All you need to have is a family location tracker app and a smartphone. Yet with so many apps available for family tracking, finding the right one for you might be challenging. We’ve compiled the best family tracker app for Android and iPhone list to help you find the right one for you.

gps tracking for families
How Does a Family Locator App Work?
A family locator app can locate a phone on a map. The app can locate another phone’s location with the help of GPS. This technology is easy and simple, and it can help you and your loved ones find each other’s phones in real-time.

How Do I Use a Family Locator App?
Using a family tracker app is super easy. You can simply use the integrated GPS of your phone ensure that you allow the tracking apps you’ve installed to access your phone’s location. Location tracker apps are suitable for the entire family. A tracking feature is great for parents as it can help them keep track of their kids throughout the day or night. Children can also see where their parents are, which will make kids feel safe, too. You just need to make sure everyone has turned on their GPS location services so that the locations can be viewed.

See where members of the family have been
By using the location history feature, parents can monitor the locations of their children throughout the day. They can check where their kids were, and they can also make sure their kids made it to certain destinations on time, such as swimming lessons, baseball, etc. While there may not be time during the day to talk on the phone, family members can at least quickly check each other’s locations. It is also a fantastic tool for building trust between parents and children, as parents can confirm that their children are telling the truth about the places they have been.

Chat with members of your family
A common feature of family tracking apps is a family chat feature which allows everyone to interact within a group, as well as allowing individuals to communicate with each other one by one. It’s a great way to keep everyone in the loop about the day’s plans, and kids and parents to check-in. Parents can check the real-time location of their child and then write to them in the chat to ask questions, confirm plans, and more.

Best Location Tracker / Family Tracker Apps :
1 FamiSafe
2 Life360 Family Locator
3 Sygic Family Locator
4 Glympse
5 Foursquare Swarm
6 FamiGuard
7 Safe 365
8 Sprint Family Locator
9 GPSWOX Family Locator
10 Verizon Family Locator

Let’s Talk About These Location Trackers in Detail:

1) FamiSafe
Our first choice recommendation is Famisafe. It is one of the best family tracker app free for android and iphone. Also, it was named’s most reliable parental control app, with lots of features and functions that can help you track your family. With the Famisafe Parental Control App, you can keep track of your busy family without bothering them all day long as long as your phone has a GPS. You can run a quick location search from your phone or your office computer to make sure your child made it in time for morning dance practice without interruption. This app tracks real-time location and geo-fencing. It allows you to view their location with a street address and landmark, as well as allowing you to set up a safe zone and providing a real-time notification when the child leaves and enters the Geo-fence. Tracking and keeping children safe is wonderful with this app. Plus, this app is password protected, so only parents and caregivers can see the location of their kids. This is a parental control app that comes with the functionality that most parents ask for.

Plus, the screen time management feature allows parents to put a limit on the phone usage. The custom setting and versatile remote control makes this app the perfect app for the users. Famisafe comes with a three-day free trial, allowing 5 devices for a year. It is also compatible with both windows and android.
A Reliable and Handy Parental Control App. Get the app on Google Play & iOS store

Famisafe Features:

Location Tracker
App Blocking
Web Filtering
Screen Time Control
Flexible Remote Control & Personalization Setting and more.
The app blocking feature allows you to block multiple social applications for a specific time, such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more. You can also keep your children safe from inappropriate content by using the web-filtering feature.

2) Life360 Family Locator
Life360 was developed with the entire family in mind. It’s a family location tracker app where you can keep track of your family and see their location history. You will also be able to communicate within this app, so it’s something that will keep your family happy. Life360 is very simple and completely free. Another really cool thing about this app is if your kids get into a car and they’re starting to move somewhere it will automatically find their mobile and push it on the map. The app doesn’t just tell you where they are going – it actually moves with them and shows you where they’re going.Get the app on Google Play & iOS store

sygic aplication
3) Sygic Family Locator
Our third free family location tracker app recommendation is Sygic. Consider Sygic Family Locator a smart solution. It allows you to see your children’s location in real time and stay in touch with them. It’s available for android & ios users.Get the app on Google Play & iOS store

Glympse application
4) Glympse
Glympse gives you real-time information that will show where the family members are. With Glympse, you can find out quickly the details about other family members’ GPS locations.
All you need to do is open the Glympse app, press the “New Glympse” button, and send the person you want to track a text message or email.
The message or email contains a link. Once they open this link, you get their location information on your phone. This provides you with real-time information on where someone might be at a given moment.
What makes Glympse different from other location tracker apps is that you don’t have to install any app on another person’s device. It just uses the phone’s browser to open the link you sent. This feature distinguishes Glympse as one of the best free family tracker app available right now.Get the app on Google Play & iOS store

5) Foursquare Swarm
Foursquare Swarm offers a simple interface that allows you to keep track of where your children are going. It has a similar platform to the daily social media site of Foursquare. You will leave a pin showing where you are when you sign in at a venue. This can be done by your family members when they reach different value spots.
The program has a statistics reporting system that provides you with more frequent information about the places people visit. You can use this to track other people’s behaviors in your family. The program also lists data on the types of locations, which makes it a must have location tracker app for family. Get the app on Google Play & iOS store

famiguard application
6) FamiGuard
FamiGuard is the best free family tracker app for Android holders according to the users. The program has a statistics reporting system that provides you with more frequent information about the places people visit. You can use this to track other people’s behaviors in your family, such as who is going to certain places often. The program also lists data on the types of locations needed on a family location tracker app. Plus, you can set up the geofence to surround a place on the map. After the target device enters and exits the geofence, a notification will be sent to your phone. The software also includes monitoring online activity, web filtering, time management of applications, screen time, and other features. Get the app on Google Play

Price: A 3-day free trial with all features, then $4.99 per month for a year.

7) Safe 365
Unlike other free family tracker apps, Safe 365 is simpler and is preferred by many for this reason. Not only is the device capable of communicating a precise location in real time, but it can also share travel routes and remaining battery percentage. It indicates whether the person being tracked has a low battery, so that the user can make a guess about the person’s situation and thus act. In the case of an emergency situation, there is a panic button to alert her / his close friends, broadcast situation details and GPS location, so that they can send help.Get the app on Google Play & iOS store

8). Sprint Family Locator
Sprint Family Locator is a free location tracker app that allows users to locate up to 4 devices at once. The biggest advantage of this app is that the person you want to monitor doesn’t need to install an app or anything on their mobile device. Using the request feature, you can send messages to the target phones.
Sprint Family Locator also helps you to monitor the history of the location and frequently notifies you of the location of a phone at a given time.
The notifications you receive include a detailed location address and a location pinned on the map. This way, you can perform checks on your kids to see if they have reached school safely.Get the app on Google Play

Price: 15-day free trial, then $5.99/month.

gpswox application
9) GPSWOX Family Locator
This free-to-use family tracker app comes with a wide range of security features to alleviate your concerns. GPSWOX Family Locator will let you know when a family member’s battery is low and will provide you with an up-to-date position, so you won’t worry if your child or spouse is not in touch. You can also set alerts when members arrive at a certain location. You can also set alarms to monitor the typical speeds of the group’s younger and less experienced drivers. The app also allows you to check the past 30 days of a member’s locations, so you can see exactly where someone was within that time frame. This app offers many of the same positive features as other listed apps, with some add-on safety features that make it different from other applications.Get it on Google Play

10) Verizon Family Locator
Verizon’s Family Locator is a free tracker app with safety features and directions to family members’ present locations. A handy top-down map with detailed turn-by-turn directions helps you know exactly where your family members are at any given time, and how best to get there if you need to. The app also provides an average speed calculator to keep track of teens who may be inexperienced on the road. It’s a costly app at $9.99 a month after a one-month free trial, but it includes up to 10 phones in that scheme. The app is also not available on Apple App Store or Google Play, rather through Verizon’s website, which makes it a little inconvenient.


Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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