Best Apps For Tracking Medications

If you’re looking for the best apps for tracking medications, you’ve come to the right place. With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start.

We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of some of the best apps for keeping track of your medications and health data.

Many of these apps allow you to create custom lists, which is great if you have multiple doctors or take multiple prescriptions at once. You can also add notes about each medicine, including dosage instructions and side effects—which is great if there’s anything specific about your meds that could help other people who use the app as well.

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You’ll also want to make sure that any app you choose has an easy way for you to access your information whenever necessary. This means being able to sync between devices quickly and easily, as well as having access through an internet browser if necessary (for example, if someone else needs to see what medicines they’re supposed to take).

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Best Apps For Tracking Medications

Staying on top of medication intake is crucial to ensuring the drugs are being used effectively and don’t cause adverse or potentially dangerous side effects.

Many mesothelioma patients take multiple medications during their treatment — including chemotherapy drugs and additional medication to help ease side effects. When taking multiple medications, it can often be hard to remember to take them each day.

Luckily, many apps can help you stay on top of your medication schedule so you never miss another pill. Below we’ve curated a list of some of the best medication tracker apps for Apple and Android users.

Express Scripts
Pill Reminder – All in One
Round Health
Sprout Care
Mango Health
Pill Reminder
Other Tips

  1. Express Scripts
    Express Scripts acts as a pill reminder app and pharmacy all in one. Not only can you set daily medication reminders, but you can also order refills directly in the app if your health insurance has the Express Scripts benefit plan. This makes it easy to track and order your prescriptions all in one place.

Other features include:

Order refills within the app for yourself or family members on your plan
Track prescription orders so you can stay up to date on when you’ll receive your order
Set up automatic refills so you never forget to replenish your prescription
Price: FREE

Download: iPhone | Android

  1. MyTherapy
    MyTherapy is another award-winning pill reminder and medication tracking app. Not only does this app allow you to track your medication intake, but it can also track your mood and overall health. In the app, you can record your symptoms and receive personalized tips for your treatment. MyTherapy documents your health information and provides a visual record you can share with your doctor to determine what areas of your health need improvement.

Other features include:

Connects with family and friends for extra support regarding medication reminders
Printable health reports that you can share with your doctor
Refill reminders when you are running low on medication
Price: FREE

Download: iPhone | Android

  1. Medisafe
    Medisafe pill reminder has been ranked the No. 1 medication reminder app among pharmacists and physicians. This app is visually appealing, user-friendly and sends you daily reminders so you never forget to take your pills. Medisafe alerts you when you’ve missed a dose and can also notify family or caregivers so you have extra reminders. With this personalized medication management technology, you will be alerted of any possible drug interactions and will receive prescription refill reminders.

Other features include:

Medfriend feature to add family members, friends or caregivers to your account and notify them if you forget to take your medication
Report sharing to see a progress report and send it to your doctor
Medtones feature that changes the voice of your medication reminders to different movie characters
Price: FREE or $4.99/month for premium use

Download: iPhone | Android

  1. Pill Reminder – All in One
    Pill Reminder – All In One is a reminder app that allows you to personalize your medication schedule. You can personalize the reminders by selecting recurring times — such as every six hours, every week, every other week, every month and so on. It also allows you to track missed or taken medications, alerts you when you need a refill, can email reports to your doctor and also supports multiple user sharing.

Other features include:

Alerts you when your medication is going to expire or run out
FDA Drug Database search capability to find your medication
Reminders for medical appointments
Price: FREE with a two-reminder limit or $1.99/month for unlimited use.

Download: iPhone

  1. EveryDose
    EveryDose is a free app that offers daily pill reminders and health information. This app’s built-in artificial intelligence system helps answer any medication or health questions you have so you can better understand the medication you’re using. Within the app, you can learn more information about your medication, set up customized reminders to help you stay on track and share your progress with friends, family members or caregivers.

Other features include:

Maxwell, an AI-powered virtual medical assistant to help answer questions about your medications
Medication interaction alerts to help prevent improper medication intake
Food information to help you determine which foods to avoid when taking your medication
Price: FREE

Download: iPhone | Android

  1. Round Health
    Round Health is a simple and user-friendly pill reminder app that helps you remember to take your medications on time. You can easily add a time window of when you’d like to take each medication or supplement so you’re reminded at the same time each day. Round Health also tracks your medication history so you can keep an eye on your taken and missed pills.

Other features include:

Notifications to remind you to take your medication even after your allotted time window
Refill reminders for all medications
Dosage tracking and viewing
Price: FREE

Download: iPhone

  1. Sprout Care
    Sprout Care is an all-in-one platform that helps you manage your medications, medical records and other health-related information. In the app, you can set up a personalized schedule with reminders so you don’t miss taking your pills. Sprout Care also has in-app tools that help you track your symptoms and other health care vitals such as blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate and temperature.

Other features include:

Doctor’s visit planner to keep track of appointments and log any questions and answers from your doctor
PDF reports of your health and progress
App sync between family and caregivers so they can stay up to date on your daily activities and medication intake
Price: FREE with in-app purchases available.

Download: iPhone

  1. Mango Health
    Mango Health is a medication reminder and health app that allows you to track your daily meds and overall health. You can schedule customized pill reminders for all of your medications and set other healthy reminders such as checking your blood pressure or recording your mood. Another great feature Mango Health has is the drug interaction warning alert. When you log your medication into the app, it will notify you of any possible side effects or potentially dangerous interactions with other medications and supplements.

Other features include:

Daily health diary to log your health history
Prescription refill reminders so you never run out
Points and rewards when remembering to take your meds every day
Price: FREE

Download: iPhone | Android

  1. CareClinic
    CareClinic is an all-in-one care management app that can do far more than just track your medication. This self-care app helps you manage your medications, symptoms, nutrition, mood, vitals and physical activity to ensure you’re staying on top of your overall health. You can set custom reminders and use the health diary to keep track of pain and symptoms. CareClinic also has a built-in supplement and medication library to search for your medications, as well as a food and drink database to look up calorie and nutrient information.

Other features include:

Drug and supplement interactions, effects and dosage warnings
Pill, appointment and refill reminders
Shares reports and health care plan with care team
Price: FREE with in-app purchases available

Download: iPhone | Android

  1. Pill Reminder
    Pill Reminder is an easy-to-use app that reminds you to take your medicine at the right time. The app offers flexible scheduling options so your medication schedule is customized to your needs. If you forget to take your pill or aren’t near your medication, the app will send you reminders until you mark the medication as taken. Pill Reminder is great if you’re forgetful and need an extra nudge to take your pill each day.

Other features include:

Personal medication records
Deletes medications or keeps them archived for future reference
Drug information and possible interactions
Price: FREE with in-app purchases available.

Download: iPhone

Other Ways to Remember to Take Your Pills
If you’re not tech savvy and are looking for other ways to track your medication, or could use additional reminders, here are a few ways you can remember to take your pills each day:

Create a Routine
A routine is essential, especially when managing multiple medications. To help you remember to take your pills each day, pair taking them with other daily activities. For example, before you sit down to eat breakfast, take your morning doses, or do the same around dinner time. Creating this routine can help turn taking your meds into a daily habit.

Set an Alarm
An alarm on your phone or watch can help you stay on top of your medications, especially when you’re out and about. If timing is important when taking your pills, make sure to set multiple alarms to avoid skipping any doses.

Use a Pillbox
Pillboxes or pill dispensers are a great way to keep track of all of your daily medications. If you have multiple medications each day, you can put each pill in the box for the corresponding day. Between setting an alarm and using a pillbox, you’ll be able to stay on top of your medications and not miss a dose.

Record Each Dose
Recording your medications each day is a simple yet effective way to not only keep track of the times you need to take your pill, but to help you monitor any side effects you’ve experienced when using new medications.

Our downloadable trackers can help you stay on top of your monthly medication intake so you never miss a dose. Each month, print out the tracker, record each medication you’ll be taking, specify the times they need to be taken, the proper dosage and any side effects you had if needed.

Medication tracker worksheets for cancer patients
Staying on top of your medications can be easy with the help of these medication management apps. Always consult with your doctor to determine the most effective ways you can take your daily medications.

We curated this list of medication tracker apps by analyzing ratings and customer reviews on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Many of these apps have been recognized as some of the top-rated medication tracking apps among physicians and pharmacists and have been featured in popular magazines and publications.

medisafe medication reminder

An app aimed at anyone wanting to keep track of their medicines, including when to take them.

Medisafe Meds & Pill Reminder By Medisafe
Medicine list with shape and colour identification feature
Medicine tracking history
Medicine reminders and alerts
Repeat or refill reminder
Notifications can be shared with other people
Reports can be generated for sharing
Can include measurements such as blood pressure, blood test results, pain scores, mood, weight and temperature or general notes
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Clinical review

Read a clinical review of this app.

User reviews (2 reviews)

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Privacy and security Does the app:
collect medical information? Yes
require a login? No
have password protection? Yes
have a privacy policy? Yes
require internet access? Yes
Read more safety tips around health apps
Free (basic)
In-app purchases (has additional features)
For more details on pricing see the app website
Learn more about app charges

What does the app do?
This app helps you keep track of your medicines. It allows you to create a medication list and set reminders or prompts to remind you when to take a particular medicine. The app also allows you to record medical tests, measurements and results, add medical appointments to a dairy, and record how you are feeling.

For the complete app description, go to Google Play (Android) iTunes (Apple) and, for a detailed review, see Reviews.


✔ Can select appearance of medicine – the app has provision to record the shape and colour of medication

✔ Allows user to keep count of medicines left and prescription number

✔ Easy to use

✔ Can share reports with others

✔ Can keep track of appointments

✔ Can include measurements such as blood pressure, blood test results, pain scores, mood, weight and temperature or general notes ✘ The medication list is based on medications available in the US – some medication brands may not be relevant in New Zealand
Review details
April 2020: Version: 8.76.09159, Apple
September 2016: Version: 7.00.02219, Android
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Disclaimer: Health Navigator’s app library is a free consumer service to help you decide whether a health app would be suitable for you. Our review process is independent. We have no relationship with the app developers or companies and no responsibility for the service they provide. This means that if you have an issue with one of the apps we have reviewed, you will need to contact the app developer or company directly.


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