Best Apps For Tracking Period And Ovulation

Tracking your period and ovulation is an important part of managing your reproductive health. It can help you plan when to get pregnant, detect ovulation, and even determine if you’re pregnant.

But tracking periods isn’t always easy. There are a lot of apps out there that claim to make it simple, but many of them are expensive, complicated or inaccurate.

We’ve compiled a list of the best apps for tracking periods and ovulation in 2019:

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The 6 Best Period Tracker Apps for 2021 - Women's Health

Best Apps For Tracking Period And Ovulation

Periods typically occur once a month, but the exact timing, flow, and accompanying symptoms are not always consistent. Period tracker apps are interactive devices that can help a person track their monthly cycle.

Most people who menstruate experience bleeding approximately every 28 daysTrusted Source. However, it is common for the menstrual cycle to be shorter or longer and for bleeding to start anywhere from day 21 to day 40.

Period length may also vary from 3–8 days. On average, a person loses 2–3Trusted Source tablespoons of blood during a period, but some may lose more or less.

This article examines period tracking apps and lists 10 available options, including key features and advantages and disadvantages. We also discuss alternative methods for period tracking.

Quick Links:
Best period tracking app for athletes: FitrWoman
Most comprehensive period tracking app: Flo
Most inclusive period tracking app: Clue
Best period tracking app for customization: My Calendar
Best period tracking app for fertility: Glow
Best period app for tracking sexual activity: Eve
Best period app for symptom tracking: Period Tracker Lite
Best period tracking app for iPhone users: Period Plus
Best period tracking app for teens: MagicGirl
Best period tracking app for sharing with a partner: Cycles

What are period tracking apps?
Period tracking apps are resources that allow people with smart devices to log data related to their period. Such data may include:

period start and end dates
menstrual flow rate
period symptoms
Period tracking can help people get to know their body and cycle and observe any symptoms that occur during a particular phase of their cycle. They can also help identify any changes to the menstrual cycle that may indicate potential health issues.

Another feature of period tracking apps is that they can usually predict when a person is ovulating and fertile. This means they are helpful for people who are avoiding pregnancy or trying to conceive.

Some period tracking apps are free, while others may offer or require a one-off payment or ongoing subscription. A few apps may offer a free trial period before requiring payment.

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Best period tracking apps
Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

Medical News Today follows a strict product selection and vetting process. Learn more here.

Best for athletes: FitrWoman
Android: Free

iPhone: Free

The FitrWoman app is suitable for those who are physically active. The app provides period tracking in addition to nutrition and fitness tips for each stage of a person’s cycle.

Users can:

input information about their menstrual cycle
update symptoms
log physical activity
FitrWoman also provides a FitrCoach app. This feature allows a coach to access their athlete’s information to manage them accordingly.

allows for tracking of both the menstrual cycle and physical activity
provides nutrition tips for each stage of the menstrual cycle
compatibility with an app for coaches
nutrition and fitness information may be the same every month
app is only suitable for those with a typical menstrual cycle
Most comprehensive: Flo
Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Flo period tracker allows a person to track their periods and record their symptoms. Users can also log the following:

menstrual flow
sex drive
Flo Period Tracker uses artificial intelligence-based technology to provide period and ovulation predictions. It also tracks and detects trends within a person’s cycle. The app may be useful for users who are trying to become pregnant.

Premium members can access daily personalized health insights. They can also access a support network where they can discuss topics with other Flo users and access a variety of courses.

wide range of symptoms to choose from
wide range of features available
provides alerts for late periods
no way to record physical activity
personalized health insights and support network are for premium members only
Best for inclusivity: Clue
Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Clue is a popular period tracking app that has featured in various magazines. Its developers promise to be inclusive of all ages and genders.

Clue uses science to help its users identify unique patterns in their menstrual cycle. The app provides the following:

a period tracker
multiple mood trackers
exercise trackers
health logs
The app’s unique algorithm learns from the data its user provides. The longer a person uses the app, the more in tune with their menstrual cycle the app becomes.

widely publicized, so is tried and tested
inclusive of all ages and genders
allows users to add their partner to the account
users may have to pay for some features
no pregnancy tracker
no pill or contraception reminders
Best for customization: My Calendar
Android: Free

iPhone: Free

My Calendar is a period tracking app with various customizable features, including:

tracker start date
reminder style
units of measurement
color scheme
A person can password-protect their account and choose discreet period reminders.

My Calendar allows users to record and track the following:

regular and irregular periods
menstrual flow
sexual activity
A person can access all their essential information on the calendar home page.

discreet reminders available
a home page that provides access to all necessary information
does not track pregnancy
cannot log physical activity
Best for fertility tracking: Glow
Android: Free

iPhone: Free

Glow uses a data-driven menstrual and ovulation calculator to forecast periods and ovulation. Once the app detects a person’s cycle, its predictions become smarter over time.

Glow can help people who are either avoiding or attempting pregnancy. It can also help those who are undergoing fertility treatments, such as intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Users can:

record physical and mental period symptoms
log more than 40 different health signals
log sexual activity
make charts of their menstrual and fertility data
set medication, birth control, and ovulation reminders
Glow also offers a subscription to unlock the following features:

comparative insights
premium articles
private messaging
premium support
can help people undergoing fertility treatments
provides daily statistics on the likelihood of conceiving that day
compares statistics with those of other users
best suited for fertility rather than period tracking
need to pay for premium features
Best for tracking sexual activity: Eve
Android: Free

iPhone: Free

The Eve app by Glow allows a person to track their menstrual cycle, symptoms, and sexual activity. The app generates charts to help people identify patterns.

The app also provides the following:

daily insights
information about women’s health
Users can also access a community where they can discuss periods, sex, and health. This feature enables people to learn from those who have had similar experiences.

ability to log sexual activity
access to a community of other users
new information and interactivity on a daily basis
currently only available in the English language
no option for a partner to view data
users cannot log exercise
Best for symptom tracking: Period Tracker Lite
Android: Free

iPhone: Free

The Period Tracker Lite app allows users to press a button at the start of each period. Period Tracker Lite will record this data and use the average of 3 months’ data to calculate a person’s next period.

People can take notes each day about symptoms and symptom severity. Examples include:

menstrual flow
menstrual cramps
breast tenderness
People can also enter data on the following:

Period Tracker Lite displays period dates, fertility days, and ovulation in a month-view calendar. The app provides comprehensive charts to illustrate the following:

period length
cycle length
weight changes
temperature changes
can log symptom severity
can predict optimum fertility
app displays as “P Tracker” for discretion
premium membership required to unlock bonus features
features may be considered basic
Best for iPhone users: Period Plus
iPhone: Free

Period Plus can help predict when a person’s next period will begin. The app helps a person plan ahead by sending reminders for the next period and fertility window. It also features daily affirmations and a video game.

Period Plus tracks the following:

period duration and intensity
cramp intensity
breast tenderness
basal body temperature
sleep patterns
cervical mucus
sexual activity
pregnancy test results
can track various factors
reminders available for periods and fertility
benefits such as daily affirmations and a video game
only available on Apple devices
app may be fairly basic
Best for teens: MagicGirl
Android: Free

iPhone: Free

MagicGirl is a period tracker app for “teens and tweens.” People can track their period and the app will predict when the next one is due.

This app also provides menstrual education videos for young people. For example, the app can help users determine which sanitary product is right for them.

Users can connect with others to share tips and advice.

users can enable a passcode
pregnancy mode available
provides education for teenagers
free to use
not designed for adults
may share information with third parties
not gender-neutral
Best for sharing with a partner: Cycles
iPhone: Free

The Cycles app allows a person to invite their partner to share data. This enables couples to plan pregnancy and sexual activity together.

The app provides the following:

pill reminders
body and mood tracking
period and ovulation tracking
The Cycles app displays a person’s menstrual cycle as a dial, so users can easily view and monitor where they are in their cycle. It also has an Insights feature, allowing people to view predictions.

allows partners to view information
appears to be completely free to use
has an insights feature that predicts symptoms
has a compatible watch app
only suitable for Apple users
users cannot log physical activity
may not benefit people who frequently change partners
Alternative methods
As an alternative to period tracking apps, a person can mark their period start and end days on a diary or calendar. They can then use this information to predict when their period is due and when they are likely to be most fertile.

A person should ensure that they also track the following:

menstrual flow
physical symptoms
any irregularities
Period tracking apps are a useful tool for monitoring a person’s menstrual cycle and helping to predict periods and fertility windows. Many of these apps also allow a person to record additional information, such as menstrual symptoms and sexual activity.

Period trackers are useful to help detect patterns and any abnormalities within the menstrual cycle. They are also useful for people wanting to plan or avoid pregnancy.

There are many period tracking apps available. The type a person chooses will depend on multiple factors, including the type of smart device they own and the reason they want to use the app.

best app to track your period and fertility

When the wifi’s good the day’s going to be good
Despite what’s typically portrayed in the movies, getting pregnant isn’t always easy. The American Pregnancy Association reveals that while 30 percent of healthy couples get pregnant within the first cycle (about one month), it can take longer for others, with 92 percent get pregnant within 48 cycles (about four years).

Fortunately for those trying to conceive, there are tools that can be used to help to increase the odds of conception. According to a 2019 study, the probability of conception is the highest five days before and the day of ovulation. This is where a period and ovulation tracker app can come into play. When used correctly, an app that tracks your monthly cycle can help a woman to identify when she is fertile and to give her some guidelines as to when she may ovulate, both of which can be beneficial in the fertility journey.

But how do period tracker apps work, and can they help you get pregnant? Here’s what you should know about them.

How do period and ovulation tracker apps work?
Dr. Daniel Skora, a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist with Fertility Specialists of Texas, explains that period tracker apps work by gathering data about the dates and lengths of your periods. If your cycle is 28 days, for instance, day 14 would typically be when ovulation occurs. Your next period would then start on day 28, give or take a few days.

You enter all of this information into a period and ovulation tracker app and then the app uses this knowledge to give you a peak conception window based on your past and present cycles. “In the end, it just makes tracking easier for you than checking cervical mucus,” Skora says. He adds that in addition to looking at your typical cycle length, there are some period tracking apps that use additional data like ovulation predictor kit results and daily symptoms to make these predictions more precise.

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How accurate is a period tracker app?
To be clear, no app can ever “get you pregnant,” nor are they foolproof. “But they can certainly help you learn more about your body and get used to cues that may be telling you information about your cycle and the best time to try to conceive,” says Arielle Spiegel, founder and CEO of CoFertility. Spiegel adds that when couples start out on their conception journey, many don’t realize that there are actually only a few days within each cycle when a pregnancy could occur. “Period tracker apps get you into the habit of tracking your cycle so you may be able to pinpoint when ovulation is imminent,” she says.

Ultimately, the proper use of an app can help you to track your menstrual cycles and symptoms of ovulation and PMS, allowing you to sync intercourse with your most fertile time of the month. “The period tracker apps use the fact that women start to have an LH surge prior to ovulation and so the days leading to the actual day of ovulation is the most fertile time,” explains Miami reproductive endocrinologist Juan P. Alvarez. The American Pregnancy Association states that sperm can live in a woman’s body for a maximum of five days. Thus, knowing your full fertile window can increase your chances of conceiving. “These facts are shown on a calendar in the app and it tells couples when they should be having timed intercourse,” he says.

What are the limitations of a period tracker app?
While a period tracker app is a great tool to help you understand your body better, Spiegel notes that there are a number of factors that could interfere with your ability to get pregnant, including potential factors from a male partner. If you’ve been using a period tracker app for a few months without success, she recommends adding in ovulation predictor kits to get more precise.

“Ovulation prediction kits can be helpful in giving more specific information about timing of ovulation, as they pick up production of luteinizing hormone, a hormone that prompts ovulation to occur,” explains Dr. Emily Jungheim, chief of reproductive endocrinology and infertility at Northwestern Medicine. And per Spiegel, if that still doesn’t work, talk to your OBGYN about next steps or things that might be worth investigating.

Jungheim adds that a big caveat to using these apps is that you need to have regular, predictable menstrual cycles in order for them to give you accurate results. “Ten to 20 percent of women do not have regular cycles. Without regular, predictable cycles, the app can’t determine when you are most likely ovulating,” she explains.

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Best period and ovulation tracker apps
Want to get started with a period tracker app? Here are 11 to consider.

Fertility Friend
With an advanced ovulation calculator, menstrual calendar, fertility chart and period tracker, Fertility Friend interprets your own personal fertility signs and creates a fertility chart and ovulation calendar just for you. (iOS, Android, free with in-app purchases).

By tracking your cycle, physical symptoms and moods, you’ll get a clearer and clearer picture of your fertility and optimal times to conceive the longer you use this app. (iOS, Android, free with in-app purchases).

Ovia Fertility
Ovia Fertility uses the latest fertility research to determine exactly when your ovulation window is and better predict what optimal conception days are for you. (iOS, Android, free).

Flo was the most downloaded health and wellness app of 2019. Flo tracks your period and ovulation windows, and should you get pregnant, you can also use the app to track your pregnancy as it develops. (iOS, Android, free with in-app purchases).

In addition to being a period and ovulation tracker, Clue will prepare you for whatever symptoms you may be experiencing on certain days of your cycle, from cravings to moods and energy levels. (iOS, Android, free with in-app purchases).

Cycle Tracking
Don’t want to download anything? If you have an iPhone, Apple actually has its own built-in period tracking app. Simply go to your Health app, tap Cycle Tracking, and input information about your period and symptoms like basal body temperature. If you want information about when you’re most fertile or may be about to get your period, you can set up notifications so you don’t have to go digging for it. (iOS, free).

Period Tracker
Period Tracker is an easy-to-use app that works. Track your periods, symptoms, emotions, and days you’ve been intimate, and you’ll continue to get a more accurate picture of what your fertility looks like. (iOS, Android, free with in-app purchases.)

With the free version of Life, you’ll be able to track your cycle, symptoms, and ovulation. If you upgrade to premium you’ll get additional perks including the ability to track sex, weight, nutrition, sleep, fitness and more. (iOS, free with in-app purchases)

Eve is a period tracker app with a focus on sex. You can track your period, ovulation, moods and symptoms, but you can also take daily sex quizzes to help you feel happier and more confident in bed. (iOS, Android, free with in-app purchases).

With Cycles you can track your period, log body and mood observations, and get insight into what may be going on with a missed period. You can also upgrade to connect with your partner to plan intimate moments around your cycle. (iOS, Android, free with in-app purchases).

If you’re way past the cycle tracking phase and struggling with infertility or undergoing fertility treatments, Ferticalm is an app that can help you stay calm and grounded as you continue on your fertility journey. (iOS, Android, free).

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The bottom line
While period tracker apps can be a decent place to start, experts note that they aren’t accurate for everyone and only show one piece of the picture. “Most tracking apps presume that a woman has a regular cycle and ovulates around the middle of that cycle,” says Dr. Cindy Duke, a reproductive endocrinology, OBGYN, and medical advisor for home ovulation test, Proov. She adds that many fail to take into account the person-to-person differences that can make fertile window predictions inaccurate. “Period tracker apps aren’t fail-safe or foolproof, but they are amazing ways to familiarize yourself with your body, get to know your cycle, and be able to understand red flags or irregularities you might be experiencing,” Spiegel explains.


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