Best Apps For Trail Riding

It’s time to get back on your bike and start riding. The best apps for trail riding are out there, and they can help you find the best trails near you, track your progress, and even let you know when it’s raining.

Whether you’re just getting into mountain biking or have been doing it for years, these apps will help you keep up with your fitness goals while enjoying the great outdoors.

Best Apps for Finding Running Trails Near Me 2019 - Moonbow by DubsLabs

Best Apps For Trail Riding

400K+ Miles of Off-Road Trails
onX Offroad is the most trusted off-road app by Android users. Using your phone or tablet as a GPS, onX Offroad shows you open trails and roads, campsites, detailed satellite imagery and more, even when you’re out of service. No more paper maps or lost trail files—use onX Offroad to quickly find 4X4, 4WD, ATV, dirt bike, Jeep, UTV and overlanding trails near you.

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Find Trails Near Me
ATV and dirt bike Trails Near Me
Find Open Off-Road Trails Near You
Filter trails by your vehicle and then zoom in to find open trails. Green=open and ready for riding. Red=temporarily closed. Blue=Featured Trails with detailed descriptions, difficulty and photos. Tap a trail for more information like closure dates, trail descriptions and land management. Once you’re on the trail, onX Offroad helps you navigate and Track your trip, even when you’re out of service.

View Public ATV Trails Near Me
View Public Land Maps and 450K Rec Points
The onX Offroad App allows you to quickly and easily view public lands and boundaries on your Android phone or tablet. Yellow land=BLM. Green land=National Forest. Purple land=national parks. Access 450,000 recreation points such as campgrounds and dispersed campsites, forest service cabins, lookouts and trailheads.

Customize Off-Road Maps on Your Android
Tap a location anywhere on the map to add your own Waypoints for campsites, rock crawl areas, non-ethanol fuel stations or where you parked the trailer. Track your route, distance and speed, and save the Track for reference. Easily share Waypoints and Tracks with other onX Offroad users. All data syncs between your phone, tablet, and computer.

Offline offroad Maps
Unlimited Offline Maps—No Cell Service Required
Download the map of where you want to off-road before heading out of service. Choose your resolution by land size: 5 miles, 10 miles, or 150 miles wide. Maps are stored on your Android phone or tablet, and no service is required to view trails and add Waypoints. Navigate and Track your trips, even without service, using your phone or tablet’s GPS.

best horse trail riding apps for android

It’s the 21st century and now we have the technology to help us with anything and everything! Including managing our horses and horse riding. There are plenty of horse riding apps and equestrian apps to help you get the best from your horse. From horse riding performance to training and stable management. And even 24/7 monitoring of your horse’s health!

  1. Equilab
    Equilab is arguably one of the best horse riding apps globally! It has everything in one place. You can monitor your horse’s movements and training patterns to track your progress. Plus you can keep track of every aspect of horse and stable management.

Connect with your horse friends, farrier, vet, and other riders. Add your horses and stables and interact with your community.

This is one of the free horse riding apps with the option to subscribe to a safety tracking feature. Great for peace of mind by sharing your live position while trail riding or hacking.

equilab app

You can even integrate it with health apps and link it with your Apple Watch.

Over 700,000 horse riders use Equilab across all disciplines. From eventing to dressage, to western, horse racing and endurance riding. It even has works for niches like Icelandic horses. The proof is in the pudding – many horse riders use it because it does it all!

  1. Horse Riding Tracker
    Think Strava and Garmin but for horses! Track, map and compare your horse riding sessions with Horse Riding Tracker.

You can measure your distance, duration, max and average speeds. Document everything including photos and notes! Then playback, analyse and compare your sessions. So you can create and vary your training for the best workouts for your horse.

horse riding app horse tracker

It has a rare feature of equestrian apps – you can set it to give you audio feedback about your distance and duration for every mile or kilometre you ride.

It also seamlessly syncs up to your phone with health-app integration and the ability to collect heart rate data when linked with Apple Watch. And? It’s for free.

  1. Trackener
    This is one of the best equestrian apps that gives you peace of mind. You can remotely monitor your horse’s health simply through your phone and a bib/belt on your horse. So you can be with your horse 24/7!


Trackener allows you to see your horse’s location, activity, to its sleep patterns and even heart rate. You can set it to provide real-time alerts in case of any health signs that indicate critical problems. For things like early detection of colic, it can be a lifesaver!

You can also use it to track your exercises and sessions while horse riding and review your horse’s activity following them.

For £10 a month (in the UK) you can have peace of mind that your horse is healthy and safe! They’ll ship to anywhere in the EU and if you’re from another part of the world, you can ping them an email to enquire.

  1. CrossCountry App
    For the adrenaline junkies in the house – this one’s for you! It does what it says on the tin – it’s an app for those who do cross country and eventing.

You can record your cross-country course walk using smart GPS integration. For full competition prep, add striding, videos, photos and comments. It even gives you automatic minute markers.

You can even download guided course walks and check out courses from the app on any device. Wanna share them with your friends? Go for it.

Crosscountry App

It’s so good, even Olympians have used CrossCountry App. Although you don’t have to be a pro to work it out!

If you’re a country bumpkin, fear not. You can still use the app when you’re offline, anywhere in the world. All for just £14.99.

  1. Nightwatch
    Another horse riding app for your peace of mind. Nightwatch is the first-ever “smart halter” and app combo, which allows you to monitor your horse, wherever you are, and wherever your horse is.

Never stress about your horse while you sleep. Set automated alerts for early distress signs like colic, foaling, and even being cast.

Night Watch Horse App

The leather halter with integrated technology tracks your horse’s movement, position, heart rate, respiration, and more. If anything is out of the ordinary, Nightwatch will buzz you!

It’s not for those on a shoestring budget though. The bundle including the halter and one year of monitoring starts at a one-off payment of nearly $1,000 in the USA. They also ship to Canada and have plans to expand.

Horse riding apps for all your equine needs
It’s time to pick up your phone, hit up the wifi, and get downloading! These are a few of the best equestrian apps that can help you with your horse riding, stable management, and competition prep needs. Make life easier with the help of a little bit of horsey technology!


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