Best Apps For Travel Abroad

Travelling is a wonderful experience. It can be the most exciting thing in your life, but it’s also one of the most stressful things you can do. There are so many things that need to be taken care of before you leave for your trip, and once you’re on vacation, there are even more things that need to be done.

In this article, we’re going to help you make sure you’ve got everything covered by offering some helpful apps that will keep you organized and prepared for your trip

18 Must-Have Travel Apps For Traveling Abroad - Lifehack

Best Apps For Travel Abroad

If you’re like me, you sure want to have all the practical information handy way before you land in a new country. And even though you might have visited it before, you certainly didn’t get the chance to see all the places that are to be seen. Unless you’re Chris Guillebeau. Travel apps are always your best friend in this case.

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Want to go to a certain restaurant because one of your friends tweeted the picture of the most perfect, yummiest dish you’re craving? Or check out that gallery that’s running a timely exhibit of your favorite artist? Or maybe there’s a particular running route you want to cover within the next few days after you reach your destination? All of them are on these high-tech apps whenever you need them.

So, before you pack your bags and see the world, check out this list of travel apps that should anticipate all your on-the-road needs.

  1. Travel List
    If you need a little help to pack properly and not forget your charger or toothbrush at home, the Travel List app helps you easily organize the items you’ll put in your suitcase. You can add a reminder for the things you have to pack at the last minute, so you’re all set before you leave. This app can also help you plan every stop of your trip and won’t let you miss out on anything. Add events to your calendar or set one-time or regular alerts. (Cost: $1.99; for iPhone)

Travel List iphone

  1. FlightTrack Pro
    With more than 3,000 airports and 1,400 airlines, FlightTrack Pro has got you covered. You can manage your international flights with real-time updates using zoomable maps. Updates on flight delays and cancellations are now at your fingertips. It also includes push flight alerts, Tripit, terminal maps and weather delays. (Cost: $9.99; for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry)

Flighttrack Pro iphone

  1. Trip It
    Your mobile trip planner, Trip It shows all your trip details at a glance: flights, hotels, car, map, directions—all in one place. You can sync your travel plans with your online or mobile calendar, share itineraries and post travel plans on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. (Cost: free; for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad and Windows Phone 7)

tripit iphone

  1. Kayak
    Kayak provides a fast comparison of hundreds of travel sites on your tablet or smartphone. Some of the features include comparing flight, hotel and car rental deals; booking your accommodation; tracking flight status; managing itineraries and accessing airline numbers and airport info. (Cost: free; for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad, and Windows)

KAYAK iphone

  1. Google Maps
    Taking Google Maps with you is one of the best options to explore new places. Traffic updates, public transit, city tours with 360-degree street views, plus a voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation are merely some of the features this mobile app offers so you can navigate like a pro. (Cost: free; for iPhone and Android)

Google Maps iphone

  1. CityMaps2Go
    Pin your key locations as you pre-plan your route with CityMaps2Go. The app includes city guides for top cities (e.g. New York, Paris, London, Rome, Berlin etc.), offline maps, local tips from experts, millions of points of interest, and includes subway maps. (Cost: $2.99; for iPhone and Android)

citimaps2go iphone

  1. GateGuru
    GateGuru helps you manage your full day of travel. You can navigate the app as you like. The Home screen gives you direct access to your AirportCard, already pre-populated with a list of the closest airports. You enter your itinerary and GateGuru connects the dots for you. Some of the relevant info a traveler can get are: airport food and amenity information customized to your arrival and departure terminal; airport weather; and airport maps and tips, which are useful if you’re in an unfamiliar airport. (Cost: free; for iOS, Android and Windows)

gateguru iphone

  1. Seat Alerts
    How much do you hate that moment when you realize the plane to your favorite destination is full and the only available seats are the middle ones? Seat Alerts monitors the available seats until the flight’s departure. If a window or an aisle seat becomes available, the app alerts you and you can change your seat once you’re notified. You just need to get in touch with the airline you’ve booked the ticket with. (Cost: free for a single alert, 99 cents for additional alerts, from $4.99 for an account with up to 30 alerts; for iOS and Android)

seat alerts iphone

  1. WalkJogRun
    If you’re a runner and want to stay in shape at your destination, WalkJogRun offers you a huge selection of the safest running routes in more than 1.6 million cities worldwide. Take advantage of the most accurate iPhone GPS and discover new routes while exercising without injury. There’s a training plan for everyone, from beginners to advanced walkers and runners. (Cost: $4.99; for iPhone)

walkjogrun iphone

  1. Google Translate
    You won’t feel completely lost at your destination if you have access to Google Translate. You can either type into a word box or use the speaking option to translate a phrase. You can translate 58 languages in text and hear 23 languages worth of converted phrases. (Cost: free; for Android and iPhone/iPad)

google translate android

  1. iStone Travel Translation
    This is another app that will help you not get lost in translation. Equipped with more than 300 useful phrases in 12 languages, it quickly comes up with the correct expression. (Cost: free for basic version, full versions of languages require in-app purchases; for iOS)

iStone translation iphone

  1. Foodspotting
    With Foodspotting you can find the dishes you crave the most in any restaurant, from dumplings to the juiciest burgers. The photos, at least, are totally to die for! Learn from what your friends, experts and foodspotters love to eat and share. (Cost: free; for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry)

Foodspotting iphone

  1. Chefs Feed
    Chefs Feed offers the top chefs’ recommendations on the best restaurants and dishes in London, Canada and the US. Mouth-watering photos and competent advice for every foodie out there. (Cost: free; for iPhone)


  1. Mint
    With Mint you can easily organize your finances, keep an eye on your travel budget and track your expenses during your trip. It’s absolutely safe and secure. That because it’s a “read-only” service, which means that you can’t move funds between accounts, and neither can anybody else. (Cost: free; for Android and iPhone/iPad)

Mint iphone

  1. Oanda Currency Converter
    Oanda uses an easy interface that gives you access to daily filtered rates for more than 190 currencies, which are used by corporations, tax authorities, auditing firms, and financial institutions. The app keeps frequently used currencies on quick access and uses a big-button keypad to quickly enter conversion amounts. Besides that, you can use the Interbank rates, which are seldom available to the general public. (Cost: free; for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad and Windows)

oanda curr conv iphone

  1. ICE
    In case of emergency, ICE gets you covered. The last thing you’d want to happen to you when you travel abroad is to have any medical issues. But, just in case, the app keeps details about your medical conditions, your doctor’s primary contact details and insurance information that can be accessed even if your phone is locked. Among other features, it also translates the stored information in 10 different languages. (Cost: $3.99; for Android)

ICE for android

  1. Pocket First Aid and CPR
    To complement ICE, American Heart Association’s Pocket First Aid and CPR app is worthy of being added to this list. It provides clear instructions to care for you and your loved ones. It’s easy to use and saves your medical information for fast retrieval. And you can review first aid procedures anytime, anywhere. Besides that, this is the app that saved someone’s life in the Haiti earthquake. (Cost: $1.99 for Android and iPhone/iPad)

apps for international travel covid

Planning a trip during a pandemic is not going to be the same as it was pre-coronavirus. There are a lot more rules and regulations that you have to worry about in a COVID-19 world, so your trip might take a little more planning and consideration than it would have before 2020.

masked person getting a temperature check
Testing, quarantining, masks, temperature checks…expect it all for the foreseeable future.

This might be okay if you revel in planning, but if you’re more of a spontaneous traveler, you’ll need to do some extra research before embarking on your journey so you don’t run into any unexpected bumps or surprises along the way.

The biggest changes to travel in a Covid world have been the increased health and sanitation measures every step of the way, and border and travel restrictions. Beyond the initial trip-planning, it’s important that you stay updated on current developments and restrictions wherever you’re headed.

This may sound like a lot of extra work, but don’t worry! We’ve already compiled a list of helpful apps for Covid travel, as well as useful websites for planning travel during COVID-19. With these resources, planning for a trip during the pandemic will go a lot more smoothly.

Explore our COVID-19 Travel Hub for even more resources
9 apps and websites for planning travel during COVID-19

  1. CDC
    Why it’s useful: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a very useful resource for planning travel, no matter where or when you’re planning on going. You can view current advisories, recommendations, vaccination requirements, and other tips as you are preparing for travel. They have an extensive section on COVID-19 and travel during the pandemic that will help you make decisions and stay safe. Even after the pandemic, the CDC website should be your go-to for learning about the health and vaccine situation at your destination.
    Check it out here
  2. Travel.State.Gov
    Why it’s useful: The U.S. Department of State website is another great resource when planning out your travel. They give you an indication of the level of safety in each country based on the local political and health situations, including COVID-19, laws, general country information, current COVID-19 restrictions, border closures, and more. If you’re a U.S. citizen, it’s also a good idea to enroll in their Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) when you travel, which will notify you of any dangers or special circumstances you need to be aware of.
    Check it out here
  3. IATA Travel Centre
    Why it’s useful: The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has compiled a map that displays the current coronavirus restrictions in every country around the world. The information in the maps includes up-to-date entry requirements and restrictions, required forms, testing, quarantine measures, and more. This is an important resource to help you get started figuring out what you need to get to your destination smoothly.
    Check it out here
  4. COVID Controls
    Why it’s useful: COVID Controls is another helpful map that can help you figure out where you’re allowed to go during the pandemic. You can search the map for a number of different factors, including entry regulations, lockdown status, virus containment, and more. Additionally, you can view graphs about the number of new cases in almost any country and read about the current regulations and recent pandemic-related news in that area. This map is also helpful even if you are traveling within the U.S. and want to see the Covid status and restrictions in different states.
    Check it out here
  5. Contact Tracing Apps
    Why it’s useful: Many cities, states, and countries have created their own contact tracing apps to help curb the spread of the virus. Although not mandatory in most places, downloading one of the apps before your trip can help you to become more aware of any possible contact and to keep yourself and others safer in case you come in close contact with the virus. The quality and availability of the apps can vary, and please note that they are not 100% effective. You can’t rely on an app to avoid coronavirus, and it’s best used in combination with masks and social distancing. Follow this link so you can learn more and find an app for your destination.
    Check it out here
  6. Google Maps
    Why it’s useful: A travel (and everyday) staple, Google Maps has published some updates that will help you navigate coronavirus restrictions and social distancing. With the update, you can view real-time transportation alerts, regulations, and checkpoints, the expected size of crowds on public transportation and at attractions, and information about medical facilities and COVID-19 testing centers to help you plan your daily commute or other travels while still practicing social distancing. It’s available on both Android and iOS.
    Check it out here
  7. Airsiders Compass
    Why it’s useful: The Airsiders Compass website is a handy tool to tell you more about the safety measures, requirements, and services that airlines and airports have implemented around the world. You can input any airport you’ll be traveling through to view anything from open restaurant options to disinfection checkpoints. They’re currently working on creating an app, so be sure to check back for more details.
    Check it out here
  8. Check & Fly
    Why it’s useful: The Airports Council International recently released an app (currently only available for iOS) that, like Airsiders Compass, compiles information from airports about their current health and safety measures so you know what to expect when you’re in transit. Through this app, airports can directly communicate with passengers the most up-to-date information to help you prepare and arrive at your destination safely and without hassle.
    Check it out here
  9. App in the Air
    Why it’s useful: If you prefer to take care of all your travel planning and arrangements in one place, App in the Air can help you with trip planning and navigating COVID-19 at the same time. Available online, on Android, and iOS, you can search and book flights by certain COVID-19 safety measures (such as mask requirements or open middle seats), get notifications about changes, and learn about other pandemic regulations at your destination. Another fun feature allows you to save and track all your flights so you can view maps and statistics of your travels.
    Check it out here
    Bonus: Any airline or accommodation website/app
    Some of the best, most accurate websites for planning travel during Covid are airline and accommodation websites; there you’ll find information you’ll need about the companies you booked with. They’ll explain their most recent health and sanitation measures, changes in services, their expectations for you, and if you need extra documentation of a Covid test.

Depending on how you’re booking your travel, if you have any additional or specific questions, there’s usually a customer service representative that you can contact to assist you.

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masked person holding up a cellphone
Technology—especially helpful apps and websites—can help you feel more secure in a Covid world.

Don’t forget about all your favorite travel apps and websites from before! Although it’s important to keep up to date on the most recent coronavirus regulations and rules, you still need to plan your experience, book transportation, and find accommodations.

It’s best to use a combination of these apps and websites, plus your old favorites, so you can make sure that you’re staying safe when traveling abroad during the pandemic. More helpful apps for COVID-19 travel are being developed and improved, so even if you don’t find something that works for you now, there may be something new in the future!


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