Best Apps For Travel In Italy

Italy is a country that has been a part of the world for millennia, and it’s rich in history, culture, and architecture. It’s also home to some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and beaches.

If you’re planning an upcoming trip to Italy, there are plenty of apps that can help you plan your itinerary and keep you connected while you’re away from home. Here are our picks for the best apps for travel in Italy.

Best Travel Apps for Tuscany and Italy:

Best Apps For Travel In Italy

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Google MapsBest Apps For Your Trip To Italy
Sean Finelli
Last Updated: March 28, 2021
Whether you’re planning a short or extended trip to Italy, here are the best apps for your trip to Italy to install before you go. No need to feel like you’re living in ancient Roman times. Traveling around Italy can be made very simple with these tools.

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Pro Tip: Create a folder and bookmark this post and other ones such as How to See the Statue of David in Florence or Tips for Visiting the Vatican in your browser. This way you can easily retrieve it during your trip. Also, check our great tours!

Sim Card
If you are traveling and want to use the apps, some of them require cell service or internet to work! Check out our suggestions for getting cell service in Europe!

WhatsApp – The Communicator
The best way to speak with your family and friends back home for free, WhatsApp is also the best way to make calls in Italy.

All you need is wifi to run WhatsApp – this is one of the reasons why it is used in 180 countries. Needless to say, this is hands-down the best app to have when it comes to communication in Italy (and Europe).

Download WhatsApp

Google Maps – The Locator
When you see people walking down the street lifting their phones to the sky, they are most likely using Google Maps.

Life-Changing Tip: Google Maps provides directions via public transportation, by car, by foot and by bike. Did you know you can connect to google maps while on wifi even on airplane mode?

Yep! Download your map, search for directions and walk out of wifi on airplane mode. Your GPS still works so as long as you follow the correct path your map will work. You won’t be able to create a new search but you’re GPS dot will function.

This is convenient, especially since the wifi is sometimes spotty in the Belle paese.

Download Google Maps

Deliveroo – The Eater!
Simply enough, this is the grub hub of Italy. If you are traveling for vacation, you should go out and eat. Don’t sit in your hotel. I am often traveling for work and find myself exhausted at days end. I’ll order deliveroo to my room which is incredible.

Download Deliveroo

Triposo – The Big Idea
Triposo is an all-in-one travel app. Start by searching for the city you’re visiting (or that you’re already in) and a list of the things you need to know, see, eat and drink is generated.

Triposo also allows you to book hotels and hostels, see weather forecasts and see currency conversion rates. If that wasn’t enough, save cities for later and download local maps for your arrival.

Download Triposo

Skyscanner – Find Cheap Flights
Airplane in flight against a blue sky with sparse white clouds
Skyscanner sounds exactly like what it is – an app that scans the internet for flights. Find and compare cheap flights from any location for major savings.

The app also retrieves and compares the cheapest hotels and car rentals for your trip if you need them.

Available in over 30 languages, Skyscanner is used by 60 million people per month.

Download Skyscanner

Most Traveled People – Learn From Pros
This is a super interesting app recommended by my good friend and travel journalist and TV personality Angel Castellanos. Basically the app shows who is the most avid traveler based on countries visited. According to Angel, you can scroll through the map to find UNESCO World Heritage sites, world-famous beaches, and iconic hotel properties.

Check out the site

Duolingo – Your Mobile Teacher
Duolingo covers languages from Spanish to Swahili and is, by far, the most popular language-learning platform.

Learn by reading, writing and speaking. Set goals and get daily emails to keep you on track – a perfect way to motivate your burgeoning multilingual talents.

Before you go to Italy, brush up on your buongiornos and other basic Italian phrases. Italians will appreciate it.

Download Here

All Trails – Outdoors Trail Finder
Also a recommendation from Angel, All Trails is what it sounds like. A huge database and easy to use app detailing trails with tons of useful information and the ability to track your own times.

Download Here

WeTap – Stay Hydrated
WeTap is especially useful in Rome. Home to 2,500 water fountains, there’s no need to buy single-use plastic water bottles in the Eternal City.

The water is fresh and cold, and all you need is a bottle to fill up. Especially if you plan on visiting Rome in summer, staying hydrated and cool is a major undertaking.

WeTap helps you locate water fountains, so you can save the earth and money at the same time.

Download WeTap

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best apps for rome

Technology keeps evolving, it goes wherever we go and we cannot possibly do without our smart-phones. We travel around the cities of the world, visiting, taking photos and of course, sharing as we go. In this article you’ll find the best Apps to visit Rome, all free to download, in English or more languages and even used by the locals to get around the city.

WiFi°Italia°it by Infratel Italia
If I come from abroad and don’t have an Italian SIM how do I freely connect to make the most of my Apps? Well, this recently developed App in particular, partly solves the problem. It’ll in fact allow you to connect to the Hotspots of all the Italian free WiFi networks who have joined the nationwide project. By downloading the App and registering in no more than a minute, you’ll be able to automatically connect as soon as your smart-phone will pick-up the nearby presence of a HotSpot belonging to an affiliated network to

Viaggia con Atac by Atac
Many Romans cannot go without it, developped by the Mobility Services of Rome it’ll allow you to get real time information on public and private mobility. You’ll be able to find the best routes to your destinations, Metro and Bus lines and their respective waiting times. Updated transport news in the City will also be at your fingertips.

This is reportedly the best tourist guide for smart-phones. Detailed offline maps, in depth travel content, popular places and the quickest ways of reaching them will allow you to explore the Eternal City freely and independently. The fact that the contents have been selected by locals differentiates this App from the others of its kind.

MiC Roma Musei by Zétema
This App will allow all users to consult real time official info in both Italian and English regarding activities, exhibitions and didactics of the 20 museums belonging to the Rome Borough Museums network. A single App serving the entire museum network linking 6 macro areas: museums, exhibitions, events, didactics, gallery (with photos of the works of art too be seen in the museums) and maps.

Ville di Roma by Omnitech s.r.l.
Using just one App you will access all historical, scientific and naturalistic information regarding 26 Villas of historical value in Rome. The App in both in Italian and English and may be consulted using a personalised route or by directly indicating on the map itself the points of interest one wishes to visualise. All items have a descriptive and photographic chart complemented by audio guides for animal representations.

Street Art Roma by Artribune
This is a guide for mobile techs to find the various Murales strewn around the Capital. It will indicate the nearest one to you and will calculate the distance to be covered as well as allowing the user to plot his own route. It is in both Italian and English and covers some 150 works in the urban area to be found using a tablet or smart-phone. The App. goes with a map to be downloaded together with a section on which will supply constant updating of the works as well as mapping on Google Cultural Institute. Only for IOS systems.

I Nasoni di Roma (Rome’s Big Noses)
This is a treat of an App allowing the user to find the so-called “nasoni” (big noses), those characteristic drinking water fountains which Rome is full of. The App will also lead the user to the nearest monuments and artistic fountains giving a brief historical description. Only available from the Apple Store.

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