Best Apps for Truck drivers

If you’ve ever had the good fortune of being stuck in traffic behind a semi-truck on a hot afternoon, then you know it’s not an experience you ever want to repeat. Trucks give off some crazy smells sometimes, and if you’re unlucky enough to be stuck behind one during the summer, things can get pretty gross. We never realized that there was such a thing as an app for truck drivers, but after doing some research we found that this is actually a huge market with more than 100 apps competing for their business.

This article will introduce you to five best apps for truck drivers. We’ll cover everything from navigation to fitness tracking and even food delivery so read on for more!

Best Apps for Truck drivers

Today, there’s a mobile app for everything—including what you need to make life easier on the road. Many factors go into planning and executing each haul. Trucking and lifestyle apps can help you do your job to the best of your ability. Drivers can stay connected, find truck stops, compare fuel prices and stream music directly from their smartphones. 

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Remember to never use your phone while driving. FMCSA considers using hand-held devices while driving a serious violation. Actions like texting while driving can result in fines or driver disqualification.  

Truck driver using a mobile app.


If you’re new to the job, you may wonder what the best apps for truck drivers are with so many options available. Prime Inc. offers its own mobile app so drivers can stay connected to Prime no matter where they are. In addition to the Prime Mobile app, we’ve compiled a list of apps for truck drivers to help you on your next haul. 


Trucker Path is the ultimate trip planning and mapping trucking app. Using Trucker Path, you can find information and helpful reviews from other trucker drivers for over 40,000 truck stops in the United States and Canada. You can plan a multi-day trip in advance and get real-time information on parking availability and weigh stations as you drive. Additionally, Trucker Path provides custom routes made specifically for your truck type and weight, helping you avoid low overpasses and bridges.  

Cost: Free
Available: App Store and Google Play


Planning your routes and stops takes time. Trucker Tools features a robust truck stop guide that helps you plan where you will stop before you head out or find what’s nearby while you’re traveling. The app identifies truck stops, rest areas, weigh stations, parking, truck washes and even Walmart locations. With Trucker Tools, you can find the places you need for food, fuel and rest along your route. 

Cost: Free
Available: App Store and Google Play


Accidents, road construction and traffic jams can seriously put you behind schedule. Get traffic updates in real time with Waze. The app sends you alerts for traffic, police and other hazards so you can be prepared to meet them or avoid them altogether. As you drive, Waze estimates and updates your expected arrival time so you know when you will get to your destination. 

Cost: Free
Available: App Store and Google Play


Weigh My Truck is an app made by the CAT Scale Company. Drivers can sign up and use the app to weigh their trucks automatically. The app locates the CAT scale you’ve arrived at and allows you to pay with your smartphone, sending a PDF receipt of the ticket and weight information to your email. You don’t have to leave your truck! 

Cost: Free
Available: App Store and Google Play


The Drivewyze mobile app detects weigh stations and inspection sites across North America—and lets you bypass them. When you are two miles away from one, the app automatically alerts you and sends a bypass request. Drivewyze lets you know if you need to pull into the site or if you can keep rolling. 

Cost: $17.99/month (starts with a 30-day free trial)
Available: App Store and Google Play


Download GasBuddy to find fuel stations and view gas prices across the country. The app shows prices at fuels stations near you so you can compare costs and find the best deals on the road. GasBuddy includes a trip cost calculator, station outage tracker, gas price map and log to track your fuel purchases.   

Cost: Free
Available: App Store and Google Play


Listen to your favorite music or podcasts as you drive. Spotify offers both free and paid versions of their mobile app. You can create your own playlists or listen to Spotify’s curated playlists based on artists, genres or moods. Spotify also builds personalized daily mixes and discovery playlists based on your listening history. 

Cost: Free
Available: App Store and Google Play


Weather conditions affect your ability to drive and can change your estimated arrival time. Get accurate weather updates wherever you are with The Weather Channel’s mobile app. Truckers can use this app to plan for severe weather. The Weather Channel app lets you easily view radars and forecasts so you can be prepared.  

Cost: Free
Available: App Store and Google Play


Eating well on the road is hard. Apps like My Fitness Pal help truck drivers track their meals and movement. Log your meals on the app and use the nutritional insights to plan future meals or make healthier choices when ordering out. My Fitness Pal lets you log food by scanning barcode labels or choosing items from its database, which includes many meals from restaurants and fast food establishments. 

Cost: Free
Available: App Store and Google Play


Rolling Strong is a health and wellness app made specifically for professional truck drivers. It’s like having a personal fitness coach in your pocket. This app for truck drivers offers on-demand wellness coaching and guided workout routines for the days you’re on the road. In addition to exercise and education, Rolling Strong lets you log food, water and sleep habits to monitor your overall health. 

Cost: $4.99/month
Available: App Store and Google Play


Sleeping at odd times on the road is one of the hardest things about trucking. Help yourself fall asleep and stay asleep with White Noise. The steady hum of white noise can help you relax, unwind and get well-deserved rest. The White Noise app functions as an alarm clock, too, so you only need one app to send you to sleep and help you start your day on time. 

Cost: Free
Available: App Store and Google Play

7 Best Smartphone Apps For Truckers in 2022 : Best Truck GPS

apps that truckers use

7 Best Apps For Truckers in 2022

Trucker Path

Let’s start with the legendary, Trucker Path app. It is a complete all-in-one app that has been stated to be the best trucking app there could be. It has all the answers for you, much like google for truckers.

Are you looking for a decent truck stop to shower and rest? Or trying to find a parking spot or routes for your truck in an unknown city? Wish to weigh your truck and pay for it using your smartphone? Everything is possible with the Trucker Path app.

With amazing features like Truckstop locator, Fuel Station locator, Weigh stations & scales, Trip Planner feature, and a lot more; Trucks Path app has been a trucker’s first and most trusted choice.

uShip Mobile

Most of you readers may already know what uShip is but for the ones that are new to this industry, it’s is like eBay for transportation jobs. uShip is the world’s most trusted transportation marketplace where drivers and shippers meet to carry out transport jobs.

With the latest Android and iPhone uShip truck apps, people can post a transport job on the app’s feed, and all the nearby truckers get the job details. Truckers then bid on how much they’ll charge for the job. The shipper chooses from the bids, and then the deal is set.

The uShip app has many useful features like viewing and managing shipments, in-app uShip payment, save searches, effective routes suggestions, etc. So Uship is one of the best apps for truckers.


Every trucker stuck in weighing lines has thought about a way of bypassing weigh stations in their trips. Drivewyze makes it possible for you, legally. With the Drivewyze PreClear app on your iPhone and Android smartphones, you can easily and safely bypass the majority of weighing stations and save a lot of time and in turn money.

This app has a database of over 700 cities across 44 states (still counting) of America. Drivewyze trucking app is one such app that eases the overall hassle for the truck driver staying in legal limitations.

The app boasts that from short-haul to interstate trips, it can help you bypass scales up to 98% times. They offer a 30-day trial and if you find it useful (you definitely will), you can continue with a paid subscription.


KeepTruckin plays a tremendous role in connecting the trucking fleets to their dispatchers and home office. This app makes it easy for truck drivers to communicate with their dispatchers and send the live location to show where they are at any given time. This makes their business secure for truckers and transparent for the customers.

Gone are the days when you had to fill up manual logbooks (or as truckers like to call “comic books”). With electronic logs, technology has come a long way for the trucking industry. In case of accidents, KeepTrackin helps in understanding who is actually accountable for the crash.

This app is at present the highest rated ELD system on the app market which is used by over 40,000 companies for their 500,000 drivers. KeepTruckin app has various innovative features like vehicle inspection reports, Task Recaps, Proactive violation alerts, document management and messaging, etc.


Drivewyze is the best trucking app that eases one of the most consistent money losses occurring in logistics is fuel overpay. With Fuelbook the truck drivers get suggestions of the gas stations offering the lowest fuel prices in their region. By setting up a route, you can see all the truck stops and their fuel prices across the route on the map.

The top features of Fuelbook are Nationwide Diesel Prices, Fuel Discounts, Open Parking Status, Live News and Alerts, Fuel Card, Truck Repair Search, and a lot more. Fuelbook mobile app states that it has fuel price info from over 7000 truck stops across the nation.


iExit can be considered as a Fuelbook app on steroids. Just as Fuelbook shows you the nearby gas stations, similarly iExit Trucks does that for every useful location en route. The truck driver opens the app near any nationwide intersection and gets suggestions with map pinpoints for various establishments on the interstate like Restaurants, Gas stations, Motels, Banks, Hospitals, toll booths.

The app even shows different amenities like truck parking, WiFi hotspots, playgrounds, and much more. iExit is like special google maps for truckers. The user-friendliness of the app makes it one of the best trucker’s GPS apps of the year.

Trucker Tools

Overdrive is probably the most credible trucking expert in the nation, so we can be sure that an app developed by them will be the best in the market. The Trucker Tools app has all the features mentioned in the above apps and a lot more not talked about yet.

From Truckstop guide to weight scales and from message boards to chat with fellow drivers to cargo insurance and even the hot favorite overdrive magazine subscription, Trucker tools has everything a truck driver would need on one of his/her trips.


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