best apps for twitter

Twitter can be a powerful tool for businesses, but the fact is that it’s easy to waste time on—and that’s if you’re even using it right.

If you’re not using Twitter to its full potential, you’re missing out on a ton of opportunities to build your brand and connect with your audience.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite Twitter tools that will help you get more out of your tweets and make the most of your 140 characters.

best apps for twitter

Fenice 4 Running on a tablet
Fenice for Windows

If you’re a dedicated Twitter user and have been relying on the website to get your fix, a standalone app is something worth looking into. These clients introduce new features and quality of life improvements to your Twitter experience, along with removing some of the frustrations of the official Twitter app.

Why Use a Dedicated Twitter App

While the official Twitter app is fine, it does have a few shortcomings that standalone clients try to fix. And those little improvements can go a long way to make using Twitter more enjoyable. Here are just a few general features that many apps offer:

  • Timeline Options: Sometimes Twitter can be really stubborn about your timeline if you want to use chronological mode. It’s well-known that Twitter often users to the algorithmic or “Home” timeline even after they’ve selected chronological, and that’s something most clients won’t do. Some clients also feature tools for filtering through your timeline more efficiently, like keyword searching or media filters.
  • Customization: This is a big one for a lot of apps. Many clients will allow you to customize various visual aspects of Twitter, whether that’s colors, text size, or how large images appear on your timeline.
  • Multiple Accounts: It can be useful to have multiple Twitter accounts signed in at once that you can quickly switch between. Stock Twitter does support this, but it’s still great to see in clients as well.

Best for the Web and ChromeOS: TweetDeck


TweetDeck is an official dashboard for Twitter that was acquired by Twitter itself a few years ago. TweetDeck allows you to view multiple columns at one time, such as your timeline, messages, and notifications–it makes the most of widescreen monitors basically. You can pick and choose which columns appear on your TweetDeck, so you can customize this to your liking. You can also schedule tweets ahead of time, use advanced muting and filtering options, and switch between multiple accounts on the fly.

TweetDeck also benefits from third-party extensions, such as BetterTweetDeck and Tweeten. BetterTweetDeck keeps the feeling of normal TweetDeck, while adding in some new features like more visual customization, a better media viewer, and advanced muting options. Tweeten is in a similar vein, but the design significantly changes the look of Tweetdeck. You can download videos straight from the website, and use similar muting and visual customization options as BetterTweetDeck.

Best for iOS: Tweetbot


On the default Twitter app, you don’t have a lot of options when it comes to sorting through your timeline. You can view it in algorithmic or chronological modes and that’s about it. Tweetbot gives you a lot more options though: You can filter your timeline to only show media, retweets, or links, and create custom filters for specific words or hashtags. Tweetbot gives you full control over your timeline, and you can create multiple timelines with different filters that you can switch between.

Besides that, Tweetbot also has some other useful features such as “Profile Notes” (so you can write private notes about users you follow), removal of ads, and full cloud syncing with the MacOS version of Tweetbot.

Tweetbot costs a one-time payment of $4.99.

Download on the Apple App Store

Best for MacOS: Twitterific

The Iconfactory

Twitterific has been designed from the ground up specifically for Mac users, and it gives you an impressive number of options for customizing your Twitter experience. You can pick and choose multiple timelines to appear on your screen at once, stick to the chronological timeline at all times, and even change the font, type size, and the way media appears on your timeline.

Twitterific is also available on iOS, and all of your settings and preferences can sync between the two platforms.

Twitterific costs a one-time payment of $7.99.

Download on the Apple App Store

Best for Android: Talon

Klinker Apps

There’s an impressive number of Twitter clients on Android, but we picked Talon for the incredible amount of customization it grants the user. There are hundreds of possible color combinations, you can edit what pages are available via the quick swipe menus, and use the deep notification settings to make sure the app only bothers you when you want it to.

You can also easily switch between up to two accounts on the fly, use the app’s great built-in media viewer for videos, gifs, and photos, and even schedule tweets ahead of time. There’s also a basic photo editor for cropping and tweaking photos you want to post. Wrap all of this up in a nice clean UI, and Talon makes for a fantastic Twitter experience.

Talon costs a one-time payment of $2.99.

Because there are so many options available for Android, we wanted to give Fenix 2 a runner-up nod for its excellent UI, theme support, and wide feature set. If you’re not totally sold on Talon, it’s worth checking out.

Get it on Google Play

Best for Windows: Fenice 4

Fenice 4
Fenice for Windows

Fenice 4 is just a great Twitter experience on Windows. Like the other desktop clients mentioned so far, Fenice 4 allows you to pick and choose multiple timelines to appear on your screen at once. It also features in-depth mute filters for keywords and hashtags, use of up to two accounts (with the option to expand to five with the in-app purchase), and free-range to customize the accent color and column sizes on your timelines.

Fenice 5 is currently in development according to the developer, which is sure to bring even more features and improvements to the already great app. This is a separate app that you will have to pay extra for. Don’t worry though, even if you buy Fenice 4 now, the developer has promised a significant discount for Fenice 4 when Fenice 5 releases.

As for now, Fenice 4 costs a one-time payment of $2.29.

best twitter app for android 2021

List of Best Twitter Apps for Android

  1. Albatross for twitter
    Price: free/$2.99 (download here)

Albatross for Twitter
Albatross for Twitter is the newest and one of the best Twitter apps alternatives. It’s an ads-free, effortless Twitter client which will leave you enjoying the experience of Tweeting. It supports all kinds of Twitter media accounts, any notifications, DMs, etc. It also includes theming features to customize impressive animations and has a beautiful material design. One of the most loving features of Albatross is that it can schedule Tweets to send later. It will make your Twitter experience better.

  1. Fenix 2
    Price: $4.99 (download here)

Fenix 2

Fenix 2 is a good and most popular third-party Twitter app for android. Unfortunately, it has no free version to use but the app is definitely worth the money. It provides amazing layouts for conversation, mute unwanted posts, or user accounts. It supports some external websites like YouTube, Instagram, flicker, vine, and multiple Twitter accounts and is now also available for IOS devices. There are more customization options included in it to make the experience aesthetically pleasing. So, if you are a person who spends a good amount of time on Twitter, you should give it a try.

  1. Friendly for Twitter
    Price: Free / $1.99-$9.99 (download here)

Friendly For Twitter
Friendly for Twitter is another good alternative to the official Twitter app. It is a light weighted app with cache optimism and a lot of useful services. It does not drain the battery of your device. It allows you to download GIFs, videos, and pictures that are shared on Twitter, and it is completely ad-free. It can also block all sponsored Tweets by default and also supports multiple accounts.

  1. Hootsuite
    Price: Free / $19.99+ per month (download here)

Hootsuite is an original and best Twitter app that can track multiple accounts simultaneously. It’s free for 2 social network profiles but its premium version allows you to benefit from complete features. Also, it delivers timely responses. You can post on multiple networks at once. You can create or publish your content, schedule the Tweets to post later, edit drafts in all kinds of social profiles. It can manage your incoming messages from any other social platform in a single feed. You can upgrade to a premium account to benefit it’s all the other useful and great features.

  1. Owly for Twitter
    Price: Free / $2.99 (download here)

Owly for Twitter is also a new and decent app available on the google play store. It provides a lot of unique and useful features. It’s a customizable one and can create tweets without any limitations. It provides relevant Tweets for any topic with some new and advanced filtering. Moreover, it supports good Tweet management which means you can easily hide any Tweet if you want and attach any regular media to your Tweet. Also, it stays up to date with the ongoing news or any other topic of your choice and helps the user to do the same. Owly allows accessing actions and media previews of user profiles. It also offers some tools to clean out the timeline or background sync. It’s the best Twitter app of all time.

  1. Talon for Twitter
    Price: $2.99 (download here)

Talon for Twitter is one of the great third-party Twitter apps. It is one of the highest-rated and best Twitter apps on the google play store. It’s famous for being the best material for designing a Twitter app. But this app is not free of cost any more, you need to purchase the app to enjoy its amazing features. It allows access to 2 accounts at a single time. It includes some features like compact timeline layout, do not disturb mode, you can mute any user, hashtag, retweets, or any expression. It provides widgets to view any mentions, unread counts, and home timelines. you can fix your photo to crop, rotate or zoom before you upload it on your profile. With Talon for Twitter, you can easily view a profile, watch videos or GIFs and view images without leaving the timeline.

  1. Tweet2gif
    Price: Free (download here)

Tweet2gif is not an alternative to Twitter apps but it is used for Twitter as a helpful tool. You can copy any link from Tweets and download it from here. With the help of this app, you can easily download animated GIFs or MP4 videos on Twitter. It doesn’t need any access to your Twitter account. It allows you to copy and paste the link of any Tweet in its app. It’s one of the best twitter helping tools.

  1. TwitPane
    Price: Free / $4.99 (download here)

TwitPane is a lightweight and best alternative to the Twitter app. It’s really good for the users who want good customization options. It supports multiple accounts, customized apps features, and uploading videos too. You can reply to multiple Tweets at once. It supports only 3 accounts in the free version you’ve to purchase this app for more useful features. It also includes features like color labeling, saved search, drafts of new Tweets, filtering user/word/app, and many more. Your Twitter account can easily be managed by it. Also, multiple GIFs and photos can be uploaded simultaneously to Twitter with the help of this app.

  1. Twitter Official App
    Price: Free (download here)

The official Twitter app is the number one social media app for daily updates and it is the best source of connecting people, sharing your opinions, following trends, building personal connections, and is also good for marketing purposes. Twitter’s app itself is rich in features. It helps you to stay alert of what’s happening around the world.

You can easily Tweet, retweet, reply to tweets, like or share, enjoy live streams, and many more. Influencers use Twitter to make the world hear their voice regarding common issues. You can use hashtags in your Tweets to become trending.

Twitter’s official app also provides features like night mode, live-streams, muting, and blocking options.

  1. UberSocial
    Price: Free / $4.99 (download here)

Ubersocial is developed by the same developer who developed plume for Twitter. It’s the best Android app for Twitter. You can create a list of your favorite users or friends. It supports features like multiple accounts, Tweet, ReTweet, timeline filtering, conversation view, mentions, and shake for a refresh, post muting, and many more. You can also post to Facebook through this app. This app also provides live preview TM which means you can view any image, videos, or links on your home timeline without leaving the app. There are some of the new features included in the upgraded version of the app like advanced search, customized notifications, location services, profile edit.

  1. Storm It

Storm It app for Twitter is no longer available on the google play store or app store. It is a decent app that lets you gather your thoughts or ideas and can easily share them on the Twitter app. It also has common features like all the third-party apps which include saving drafts, manage, compose, or preview Tweets before posting. You can easily switch accounts, reply to Tweets.


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