Best Apps For Watching Tv Shows

If you are an avid watcher of TV series, you probably know that it is not easy to keep up with your favorite show. It is even worse if you have friends who love the same series you do. You need to stay updated with your show so that you can always be in conversation with your friends.

Well, the good news is that today, there are numerous applications that can help you keep up with the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows. These apps are designed to allow users to view and watch their favorite TV shows on their smartphones or tablets. Therefore, if you want to watch your television shows on the go or in the office, then this post is for you.

In this post, we will introduce some of the best apps for watching TV series. These apps will help you keep up with all the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows.

Best Apps For Watching Tv Shows

1 YouTube

It is one of the widely used applications. To watch the missed series of my favorite shows, I simply need to log into the application. Before using this application, I used to miss almost all the episodes of my favorite shows and often missed out on the gossip about the series at my workplace. But after I started using the latest smartphone with the latest applications installed, it seems like I can reach out to the world with just my fingertips. Amidst my hectic schedule, there is the possibility that I might forget to watch the series. To resolve this, I subscribe to the channels that keep on sending me reminders whenever any new series is up on the channel. I also have the option to comment, like, and share after watching any particular series.  Furthermore, I can post my own opinion and share the video on my personal social media account.

   Download YouTube Streaming App

2 Cartoon Network App

I have downloaded this application for my son who loves to watch cartoons in his spare time. Whether it is for my kid or any other person, it is a good choice. Watching a full-length episode, I do not have to log into the application. A one-time log-in process would be enough to watch the series free and at my wish. I also have the advantage to record any particular series if I wish to watch the same later on. There is an option of custom mix personalized video that is displayed based on the ratings given to the previous videos, I watched. Some of the best-known series under this application is Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans, The Amazing World of Gumball, and many more. To give a fun time to the kids, I would suggest this application. Without access to the application, I would certainly lack behind in this race of trends.

   Download Cartoon Network

3 Netflix

It can be regarded as the king of online streaming applications with more than 50 million subscribers. The free TV streaming application can be accessed from iOS and Android devices for a trial period of 30 days. Its popularity is increasing day by day and after the 30 day trial period I can easily decide upon whether to continue with the subscription or not. The entertainment flow that it offers is the best and I would definitely love to subscribe after the completion of the trial period. It gives the provision to stream video-on-demand online. In the mid-2000s, the application also offered the facility to download online movies from the net with adequate data speeds. The video recommendation system is also available under this application as I get the opportunity to watch any video depending on the previous ratings.

   Download Netflix

4 Hulu

I actually find the name of the application funny the first time I came across it. But given the opportunity that it provides to its customers, it is one of the best TV streaming applications that can be accessed both from Android and iOS devices. This American subscription video on-demand service has an extensive streaming library of its own. I can enjoy my time watching TV series from this application along with my kids as it shows TV series for all age groups. With full of animation channels, this is sure to give the best time. I sometimes get to watch the free content from a different platform known as Yahoo View.

   Download Hulu from Play Store

5 Viewster

Besides getting the facility to watch free TV series via this application, I can also browse between the various genres. This latest TV series application helps to keep updated if I had missed out on any episode of the last week. They are the saviors even if I miss out on my favorite episode amidst my hectic schedule. It even breaks the language barrier and I can select the language of the movie that I wish to watch. I can also access the application easily both on my laptop, desktop, and on my smartphone.

   Download Viewster

6 SnagFilms

For watching thousands of TV series online, this is the best choice in the list of TV streaming applications. I also have the opportunity to share the video of my choice with my friends on social media platforms via both Android and iOS devices. I often get annoyed by the frequent advertisements that break the interest during the climax. But fortunately, this application shows less of it and also provides high-quality videos. After I watch any particular show, the list of similar ones also shows up that helps me in picking the show of my taste.

   Download Snagfilms

7 Popcornflix ­

While wondering whether it is possible to watch numerous films and TV shows for free, I got to know about ‘Popcornflix.’ As the name of the application suggests, I grabbed some popcorn and watched all my favorite TV shows back to back in the last weekend. It offers many genres to choose from and in this way, I get the chance to explore more series of my favorite genre. This way I can easily take part in gossip at my workplace about all famous TV shows and never feel left out anymore. I use the application by downloading it from reliable sources such as Google Play. The joy of watching the missed episode of my favorite TV series is always enjoyable.

   Download Popcornflix

8 TubiTV

Last week, as I came across new names of TV series in my college canteen, it caught my attention and thought of browsing the same as I found the overview of the series intriguing. After downloading it, I found that it not only offers free TV shows and movies, there is a special feature called ‘not on Netflix.’ This is another best app that the users can find for free for browsing over their favorite episodes of TV series. In case I miss out on any episode of the serials, then this TV streaming app has all the recorded versions of the serials. In addition to this, I also have the pleasure of watching any one of my favorite cinemas that I might have missed out on last Sunday afternoon.

   Download TubiTV

9 IMDB Movies & TV

Besides showing the TV shows, the huge database of this application helps in searching for any information pertaining to my favorite TV series. I get sheer joy in searching for some of the favorite characters whom I adore in the TV series. Knowing about the cast of the TV series and seeing various pictures is a great option for this app. Ever since I have downloaded this application, it keeps me updated and I am no more mocked by my friends or family when they discuss the background of the TV series.

   Download IMDB TV


This is another TV streaming application for Android that I got to know from a friend recently. I was actually laughed at when my friends found that I am yet to download this application which is quite famous among its users. I have the provision to go through the content from the various channels in different languages of my choice. I can also share the link of the video with my friends directly or via the social media platform. Additionally, I can download the episode that I wish to watch later on. In these recent times, if I do not have access to the latest applications, then I would become a laughing stock among family and friends.

best app to watch tv shows free

Best apps to watch TV shows for free

Nowadays our mobile phones are considered to be highly functional devices. Moreover, if you install various apps, it can substitute whatever you want: an alarm, a pedometer, a camera, a radio, a navigator… So, our phones’ capabilities are endless.

It’s not a secret, that by using your mobile phone it is possible to watch TV shows as well. Your task is just to download an app and that’s it! After that, you will get unlimited access to a library of various TV shows and movies.

We have chosen and reviewed 10 best apps to watch TV shows that are available on the App Store or Google Play. All of them are absolutely reliable and free at the same time. Read this post, choose the most suitable app and turn your phone into a TV!

  1. Tubi – Free Movies & TV Shows
    Tubi To begin with, we strongly recommend you this very app. Tubi is the largest top-rated free streaming service with a great choice of TV shows and films. Here everyone will definitely find content to his or her taste.

Main features:

thousands of movies and TV shows available
content search according to the genre, actors, etc.
fewer ads than regular TV has
a capability to build a custom queue of films and TV shows
new movies and TV shows are added weekly
TV connection with the capability to continue watching videos exactly where you left off
Video streaming is free. But it must be mentioned that some films and online TV shows are paid. Nevertheless, it will be economically feasible to get the subscription.

Moreover, the app will be appropriate for Asian drama-lovers. It’s because of a rich collection of Japanese and Korean soap operas.

Apart from this, Spanish-speaking users will be pleased. The thing is that the app has many excellent telenovelas as well.


  1. Pluto TV – It’s Free TV
    Pluto-TVThis is a great streaming app, and it’s absolutely free! Install Pluto TV and enjoy watching more than 100 live TV channels. In addition, here it is available to choose a movie or a TV show from the enormous gallery of 1000+ video files suggested. The great collection of on-demand films and 17 unique movie channels will let you use only one app instead of many others.

Both films and channels will be suitable for each user. Even the most fastidious person will like the variety of genres for sure. And you will be really surprised how easy this multifunctional app is to use.


  1. Sony Crackle – Free TV & Movies
    Sony CrackleSony Crackle – Free TV & Movies is one more app that has become extremely popular nowadays. By the way, it was developed by Sony Pictures Studio. Here all popular TV shows and hundreds of top-films will be at your fingertips. The movies and Shows are either fresh hits or all-time favorites. What else will you get?

‘Watch Later’ list
capability to continue watching where you left off on any device (available when an account is set up)
new movies and TV shows that added weekly
powerful filter genres like drama, comedy, action, documentary, etc.
The app’s excellent TV shows and movie selection will easily please you.

Sony Crackle

  1. Plex: Stream Movies & Live TV
    The Plex app gives you access to a large catalog of movies, TV shows, and other entertainment content. A music catalog and a selection of podcasts are also available. It is possible to share photos and videos with friends.

The utility contains many TV channels that you can watch live. At the same time, users can immediately access the program guide. A search by category is supported. Entertainment, news, documentary, children’s, sports, and other TV channels are available.

Besides, you can select a movie or TV series in the appropriate tab. You can search for a movie by title, genre, or release date. Trailers and descriptions are available.

The app allows access to a catalog of songs. Users can see information about the release of new albums and listen to the most popular tracks. It is possible to enable the repeat mode of one or more songs.

  1. MyShows — TV Shows tracker
    The MyShows app is designed for fans of TV shows. The utility offers news and recommendations about popular TV shows. There is an opportunity to communicate with like-minded people, read and leave comments.

At the start, the app prompts you to choose your favorite TV series. They are divided into categories of already watched, current, and scheduled to watch. You can mark the series you’ve stopped at. Search for a series by title and year of release.

It’s possible to view information about. There are ratings, including for each series individually. The app has a separate tab Calendar, which allows you to keep track of new episodes. You can set up to receive notifications about them.

There’s also a feed with news about popular episodes. Here you can enter the discussion section, where users read and leave comments. Registered users can find like-minded people and subscribe to their profiles by adding them as friends.

You can edit your account, choose your avatar, and customize your privacy. It’s possible to rate series and view their positions in the rating. Besides, there’s a Favorites section where you can put your favorite shows and episodes.

    MEGOGO is an online service for watching movies, series, and TV shows. For convenience, the content in the internal catalog is divided into six categories.

Besides, there are many selections made by the editorial staff of the app. With their help, you can watch a series of programs, thematic cartoons, and similar movies. Additionally, there is a catalog search that allows you to find content by title or the names of participants.

There is a loyalty program for users. That is, for such simple actions as registering, logging in daily, or evaluating videos – you can get points. They are used to subscribing for free, or to get a good discount.

Megogo is a great solution for watching content on your devices. And best of all, it allows you to access a lot of content for free.

  1. Hulu: Stream TV Series & Films
    Hulu is the official mobile app from the service of the same name that allows you to watch streaming videos. Using the utility, you can access a catalog of movies. It is possible to find movies by title, genre, and year of release.

The app allows you to watch live sporting events and reports. Besides, many television channels are available. The utility contains a large catalog of movies and TV series. It’s possible to find movies by title and view a selection of the most popular content.

The app also analyzes your preferences and suggests the most interesting movies. The service allows you to create many profiles. Each profile will have its own viewing history and personal recommendations.

Moreover, the function of saving content in the memory of your mobile device for offline viewing is supported.

  1. Roku
    The Roku app is designed for online viewing of movies and various TV shows.

The utility allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control for your set-top box. With it, you can connect to a live channel and watch online using your smartphone as a remote control.

It is possible to start broadcasting on the screen of a mobile device. Transfer of photos, music, and videos from your smartphone to your TV for viewing on a widescreen display is supported.

The app has a search for movies, TV shows, and other content by title. You can find information about actors and directors. Typing with the keyboard and voice input is available.

The utility supports connecting headphones for a private viewing of video content or listening to music. You can add and run extra channels.

  1. YouTube
    YouTube is an app from a well-known video hosting service where you can publish and watch videos. Authors post videos on a variety of topics, there is children’s and even scientific content.

Videos on the presented platform can be published by ordinary users. Thus, you can find works on variant topics in the app, including free TV shows. For convenience, the content is divided into three tabs: recommendations, trends, and subscriptions.

The first shows a list of videos that have been individually selected for your account. It is formed based on preferences and previously viewed videos.

In the second tab, you can find works that have quickly gained popularity over a recent period. Videos that are trending get the most views, likes, and comments.

In the third section are videos from bloggers whose channels you’re subscribed to. Besides, there is a search box where you can enter the nicknames and names of bloggers, as well as the names of videos and other key queries.

  1. Viki: Korean Drama, Movies & Asian TV
    VikiThe app will be extremely suitable for those who are focused just on Asian TV shows, TV series, and movies. Viki has many advantages such as Info about TV show or movie, episodes, reviews, and comments.

One of the advantages of the app is that you may choose among top-rated, popular (all time or this week), or recently added.

Moreover, there you can add subtitles in many languages and enjoy watching videos understanding every word.

Almost the whole content is Korean, Chinese or Japanese. Apart from this, here you can find some American, Canadian, Indian and other TV series.


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