Best Apps For Wix

When you’re building a website, you want to make sure that it’s as powerful as possible. Whether that means making it easier for your customers to find you, or making it more appealing to them once they do find you—you want your website to do heavy lifting for your business.

The good news is that the Wix App Market makes this really easy. You can add apps that are specifically designed to help your business in a lot of different ways. What kind of business are you running? Do you need help with social media marketing? An e-commerce solution? Customer service? Whatever it is, Wix has an app that can help!

In this article we’ll explain some of the top apps in Wix’s App Market and how they can help your business grow. Read on to learn more!

Best Apps For Wix

Wix is a popular website builder for people who can’t code. Its modern and easy-to-use interface makes working with the platform a breeze – and even more so once you add some of the best Wix apps to the mix.

Wix apps are meant to extend your website and give you new features that are otherwise unavailable with the basic version of Wix. Picking the right set of apps will let you build your website quicker and customize it to match your needs perfectly.

To make all this easier to grasp for you, we picked 15 of the very best Wix apps available for business as well as hobby websites.

Best Wix Apps

Best Wix apps for your business and/or hobby website

Now that we’ve discussed why you should use Wix apps, let’s look at 15 of the best. The apps you need will at least partly depend on what kind of website you are building, but all of these app will make website customization easier.

  • Wix Stores
  • 123 Form Builder & Payments
  • Visitor Analytics
  • Social Media Stream
  • Wix Chat
  • Comments
  • Logo Makers
  • Wix Bookings
  • Photo & Video Gallery
  • Site Booster
  • Get Google Ads
  • Wix Forum
  • Site Search
  • Price Table
  • Countdown Timer

1. Wix Stores

Best Wix apps: Wix Stores

As the name says, with this app, you can build an online store on top of your Wix website. The app comes with all the elements that an online shop should have. It puts at your disposal ways to create product and checkout pages, integrate them with the required tools, and start selling online right after.

Wix Stores comes with a dashboard where you can track orders, payments, invoices, and the entire logistic process.

Key features 

  • Lets you build custom product pages and shopping cart.
  • Offers a platform from where you can manage all your orders, inventory, shipping, and invoices.
  • You can set up secure online payments.
  • You have the possibility to sell via multiple channels like Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks.


The app is free, but you need to upgrade your Wix site to a Business plan if you want to enable online payments (via credit cards or PayPal). The same Business plan is required if you want to set up automated store taxes, get more templates, activate mobile optimization, and expand your business using Wix’s marketing and customer management tools. The Business plans start at $23 / month.Get Wix StoresGo to top

2. 123 Form Builder & Payments

Best Wix apps: 123 Form Builder

This is one of the best Wix apps that you can find in the store. With it, you can create any kind of form for your website using a drag-and-drop editor. Be it contact forms, user submissions, job applications, bookings, donations, surveys, or whatever comes to mind, 123 Form Builder will give you the tools you need to add these features to your site.

You can connect it with payment processors (like PayPal or Stripe) and import data from third-party tools (Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Zapier, and more).

Key features 

  • You can customize the forms the way you want. For example, add file/folder uploads, include a prefix inside a field (e.g., for currency), use HTML blocks, export submissions.
  • Provides 1,000 templates for forms, which you can match with your site’s design.
  • You can set up submission alerts via SMS and email, dashboard notifications, and create auto-responders.
  • It connects to 30+ third-party integrations.


The app is free, but you can to upgrade ($4 / month) for more features like custom autoresponders, multiple recipients, file uploads, PDF submissions, advanced data management, and reports.Get 123 Form BuilderGo to top

3. Visitor Analytics

Best Wix apps: Visitor Analytics

This is Wix’s equivalent to Google Analytics, so it couldn’t be left out of our list of the best Wix apps. This app lets you know a lot about your audience and their habits. For instance, how much time they spend on your site, what content is performing best, what needs to be improved, your traffic, referrals, bounce rates, devices, and conversions. All inside a beautiful dashboard.

In the same dashboard, the app lets you analyze your competition and compare your own stats to theirs. This way, you will be able to see how your site is performing in relation to other businesses in your niche, and improve based on these stats.

Key features 

  • Lets you track visitor behaviors through recordings of sessions, heatmaps, and conversion funnels.
  • Comes with visitor feedback analysis. You can get direct feedback from your site’s visitors by creating smartly targeted surveys and polls.
  • The tracking doesn’t use cookies to get the insights, but it’s not intrusive either and complies with GDPR rules.
  • Supports 20 languages.


The app is free, but you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan (from $6 / month) when you reach 100,000 visits in a month. You can also upgrade if you want more recordings and full access to all the dashboard cards (some of them are locked in the free version).Get Visitor AnalyticsGo to top

4. Social Media Stream

Best Wix apps: Social Media Stream

A popular app that adds social media feeds to your Wix site. This means that your visitors can see your social media posts in real-time via your website, which will get you more likes and followers. The app provides integration with most of the major social media networks.

Key features 

  • It has integration for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Tumblr.
  • Apart from the profiles and accounts, it also displays pages, hashtags, playlists, blogs, and boards.
  • The social media widget that appears on your site can be customized.
  • Supports all the media types (text, pictures, videos) and mobile devices.


The app is free but can be upgraded for more streams, more frequent stream updates, mobile optimization, advanced customization, and support for pages/hashtags. Plans start at $5 / month.Get Social Media StreamGo to top

5. Wix Chat

Best Wix apps: Wix Chat

Wix Chat is an app that most customers or potential customers will appreciate. It places a minimized chat window on your site through which your visitors can instantly ask any questions they might have about your business. This way, you will keep yourself available for them by quickly providing the information they need in a real-time conversation.

Key features 

  • You get instant notifications when someone visits your site and initiates a conversation via the chat form.
  • You can create automatic messages (greetings or welcome texts) for people who use your chat for the first time.
  • The app lets you use lead capture forms to gather info from your visitors.
  • You can save replies that can be reused for recurring questions.


You can add a chatbox to your site for free, but if you want to personalize it, you need to upgrade. For example, the paid version removes Wix’s branding from the chatbox, schedules your online chat hours, and offers advanced tools for customer management and marketing. The Basic plan starts at $10 / month.

best blog app for wix

Wix has quickly become one of the top all-inclusive website builders out there. There are two options for Wix users when they decide to make a website or a blog—Wix Adi and Wix Editor.

Wix Adi is a more straightforward way to build a website compared to Wix Editor, where users can alter any detail on their future sites. The things that additionally help Wix website owners are its built-in apps. There’s a parallel between Wix apps and WordPress plugins, as both work in a similar way and are used for one reason—to improve user experience.

Wix apps

Let’s see the top 10 must-have apps for Wix blogs and websites. By going to the Wix App Market and typing in the desired app in the search bar, the website owner will see all the apps listed in the drop-down menu.

1. Wix Forum

WIX Forum

One of the options Wix websites and blogs have is to allow users to log in. Upon logging in, if there’s a Wix Forum app installed, users can join conversations, follow posts, upload videos, leave comments, and more. There’s a wide selection of layouts to choose from. This app is free to use, and it’s easy to install using Adi or Editor.

2. Wix Chat

WIX Chat

Wix Chat allows users to connect with website owners or customer support instantly. This is the best way to build a relationship with website visitors, as it enables faster communication. This app can be accessed via computer or a mobile device. It’s equally easy to set up as any other Wix built-in app, and it allows the user to select the design of the chatbox. Chat status can be set, in case the support is offline, then the chatbox can be used to collect visitors’ information. Wix Chat can be installed using Adi or Editor.

3. Wix Blog

WIX Blog

Content marketing has become one of the best ways to connect with customers and showcase a brand. This is where blogs come in handy. Using a Wix Blog is very easy, and it doesn’t demand any website coding knowledge. Blog options on Wix allow website owners to feature posts, schedule the publishing date, and create categories to sort their articles. Wix blog app can be accessed from the dashboard, where all the posts are visible in a list, or via Adi or Editor, which further allows the customization. Both the blog post page and the layout of all posts on the website are easily customizable to fit with the overall brand’s look. Works for both Adi and Editor.

4. Wix Forms

WIX Forms

Every website needs a way to generate leads, and this is where Wix Forms can help. Every form is fully customizable and easily integrated into the website’s dashboard. Website owners can use Wix Forms to collect information, receive payments, and more. All subscriptions received via Form App are visible on the dashboard. Wix Form fields are fully customizable also and can include anything from first and last name, email address, phone number, and more. This app can be added by using Editor only.

5. Wix Events

WIX Events

Wix Events app allows website owners to create and manage an event. These are the features:

  • Creating and hosting an event
  • Selling tickets (with 2.5% Wix fee)
  • Collecting RSVPs
  • Sending customized email notifications
  • Managing guest lists
  • Selecting the desired payment provider and accepting major credit cards
  • Ticket scanning

Wix Events app is great for conferences, concerts, and weddings. Upon adding the app to the dashboard and the website’s page, the owner can customize the appearance and track the changes. Events app works with Adi and Editor.

6. Google Adsense

WIX Google AdSense

Many website owners don’t miss a chance to use ad monetization as an additional income for their business. According to WhatToBecome, best techniques for growing small businesses are advertising and marketing. Google AdSense is only one option in the sea of ad providers, and this is where Wix is a little different compared to WordPress. Wix uses the Google AdSense app. This app is used only on the main pages of a website. To use an in-text ad unit in the blog post, the owner can copy the ad code snipped, and paste it as the HTML code between paragraphs.READ ALSO  9 WordPress Plugins Every Small Business Owner Should Use

To use this app, website owners should first verify their website with Google AdSense by following instructions. Once the site is verified, ads can be created. Wix currently supports only display ads with fixed ad size. Code snipped for the specific ad can then be entered into the app to activate it. This app works only with Wix Editor.

7. Cookie Alert

WIX Cookie Alert

All websites and blog owners must abide by the GDPR and other legalities and notify their users about cookies. Cookie app by Wix is an easy solution to install the cookies notification on the website. It automatically shows the notification on all website pages. Users can click on the notification to accept cookies. Just like other apps, the cookie app is also fully customizable. This app can only be used with Wix Editor.

8. Wix Stores

WIX Stores

When products have to be sold, there’s a need for an online store, and Wix has website owners covered. There are multiple stores to choose from, but Wix Stores app has the highest rating of them all, and the best options for customization. The app can be accessed via the dashboard for order management but needs to be added to the website, too. It can be used to sell physical or digital products. Wix Stores works best when upgraded to a premium package, but the free option is just as good.

9. Elfsight Apps

Elfsight Apps

Elfsight Apps come in handy for some of the things that don’t work that well on Wix at the moment—social sharing buttons and Twitter widget. These are simple to install on Wix websites. Upon creating an account on Elfsight and website verification, the website owner can customize the look of social sharing buttons. Then they can copy and paste the code snippet in the blog posts via HTML option, just like the Google AdSense in-text ad code.
Elfsight’s Twitter feed is clean, fully customizable, and can be installed anywhere on the website.

10. Widgets for the Comments Box

Wix’s comments boxes are not as bad, but to some people, they might seem less professional than other comment boxes. Luckily, there are ways to install additional options below Wix blog posts to engage visitors better:

  • IntenseDebate
  • Disqus
  • Widget Pack.


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