Best Chrome Extension For Instagram

If you want to use Instagram on your computer, there are a few ways to do it. One is to just open the site in your browser, log in, and then use it like that. Another is to download an app for your computer—if you’re using a Mac, you can get the app from the Mac store. The third way is to use an extension for Google Chrome that lets you access Instagram from your browser.

We’ll focus on this last method here and look at the best Chrome extensions out there for accessing Instagram through your browser and why we like them so much!

Best Chrome Extension For Instagram

In this article, we will introduce Google Chrome extensions to promote your Instagram business by accessing your Instagram account in various ways and using top SEO chrome extensions for improving your digital marketing journey.

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1. Desktop For Instagram

Desktop for Instagram is one of the most common useful desktop version of Instagram, which helps Instagram marketers to do Instagram marketing with various tools that it delivers. Using an Instagram mobile app to execute many different marketing efforts can be mundane and take time out of you. Therefore, it is necessary to use Desktop for Instagram to save time and run your Instagram business more easily in a large convenient Instagram version.

6 Desktop for Instagram main features

  • You can  upload your Images and create posts directly from your computer
  • Has full-screen mode support to open photos in this mode from your feed or story
  • Supports to play videos from your feed or story in full-screen mode
  • Provides download videos and photos from your feed or story
  • serves the identical experience of Instagram Mobile Web version and feel
  • No download limitation

2. Extension For Instagram

Extension for Instagram is the second Instagram desktop version to help marketers better use Instagram all day. It is one of the most useful chrome extension that gets fame for the immediate direct download and uploading feature.

That is a good idea for all businesses to manage their Instagram accounts using the extension for Instagram. It contains many tools and features to serve you with all in one Instagram package that is more efficient than the Instagram mobile app. Notice that Instagram marketing is not an easy task to be achievable via your phone that might not be available extra and complete features.

5 Extension for Instagram main features

  • Upload/download Instagram photos
  • Support direct messaging
  • Offers to put clickable links in comments
  • Navigating easily among posts
  • Has dark theme
IG Stories for Instagram

3. IG Stories For Instagram

The third beneficial tool that helps marketers to simplify their task is IG Stories for Instagram.

Live ‎videos on Instagram stories are very important for brands to complete their marketing attempt by producing live videos to liven up their feed.

You can view, watch, and download Instagram Stories and Lives, and explore the web version of your Instagram feed. Moreover, it let’s download photos and videos, which can be useful for users and marketers. Also, it acts as a  great tool to download ended Live and Instagram Stories directly from your ‎desktop.‎

The newest feature of this Instagram Chrome extension is the capability of downloading IGTV ‎videos.‎

4 Extension for Instagram main features

  • Access and download Instagram Stories and lives
  • Explore the web version of your Instagram feed
  • keeps your identity private while viewing a story
  • Post your story and live videos
Desktop App for Instagram

4. Desktop App For Instagram

The desktop app for Instagram is the fourth-best Instagram Chrome extension that downloads and ‎uploads photos and videos as simple as possible.

Using this tool, you can have the desktop version of Instagram with the mobile look. It enables you to experience all of the mobile features of Instagram on your desktop, which can positively affect your content marketing

5. Notifications For Instagram

Notifications for Instagram are the perfect and the best Chorome extension that every marketer needs to gain brand trust because these notifications can help attract users’ attention and satisfaction.

So notifications keep you more updated about what is going on around your Instagram business to react fast towards them and increase your Instagram engagement rates. ‎

Using this extension, you can be instant with the latest news without interrupting the things you do. It is the quickest and easiest way to check your notifications right from your browser.

6. Web For Instagram With Direct

Web for Instagram with direct is the most effective Instagram features that supports direct messages, upload stories, and IGTV, screenshot capture, and so forth.

You can access a variety of features by clicking on  the Instagram iconic button, like in the mobile app:

  • Direct messages are fully supported
  • Upload IGTV videos from your computer
  • Delivers convenient layout for having a better experience
  • Share videos, photos, and review Instagram newsfeed, also chatting with friends.

7. Downloader For Instagram + Direct Message

Downloader for Instagram+ direct message is another free Instagram chrome extension that comes to ease marketers’ routine tasks t keeping a focus on downloading from Instagram and direct messaging.

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