Best Enterprise Seo Software

Best Enterprise Seo Software

9 Best Enterprise SEO Platforms and Tools

Let’s take a look at the features of the best enterprise SEO platforms and tools.


BrightEdge enterprise SEO software

Use case: SEO and content management.

BrightEdge is an enterprise-grade SEO and content performance management platform trusted by 1,500+ global brands (about 57% of the Fortune 100) such as L’Oreal, 3M, and Microsoft. It integrates your website analytics data with its content performance and social data to provide a complete view of your SEO program.

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Key enterprise SEO features:

Discover demand:

BrightEdge reveals the true intent behind search queries, exposes actual competitors for each content topic, and shines a spotlight on opportunities.

  • Data Cube helps you formulate your keyword target list to maximize the ROI of your SEO research.
  • Share of Voice accurately maps key competitors at page level to diagnose content strategies and optimize your work plans.
  • Opportunity Forecasting reveals the market size and potential gains in revenue or traffic.
  • Intent Signal identifies the content most likely to rank higher and help you to grow website visitors.

Optimize content:

BrightEdge helps you optimize your existing assets, and target new, high-value topics with built-in recommendations, so you can deliver engaging content that captures customers’ attention.

  • BrightEdge Recommendations checks your existing content and provides detailed SEO recommendations for improving visibility and relevance with your audience.
  • ContentIQ lets you audit, monitor, and prioritize website errors before they impact your site’s performance.

Measure results:

BrightEdge delivers reporting that helps you monitor the performance of your content at any granularity.

  • Site Report lets you review website traffic performance from each digital marketing channel and conversion performance from each web page.
  • StoryBuilder lets you create SEO and content marketing dashboards to monitor website performance and elevate the role of your website.
  • Keyword Reporting shows how well you attract and engage with your target audience at the keyword level.
  • Page Reporting identifies the content that drives business results by analyzing page-level statistics.

Pricing: Custom demo and quote available upon request.


seoClarity enterprise SEO platform

Use case: All-in-one enterprise SEO platform.

seoClarity is an all-in-one enterprise SEO platform providing unrivaled actionable insights via its proprietary Clarity Grid™ technology. It combines unlimited SEO data with AI machine-learning insights to help marketers develop proven content strategies, analyze competitive gaps, improve site health, and drive performance. It’s trusted by over 3,500 leading brands, enterprises, and agencies, including Samsung, Auotrader, and Expedia.

Key enterprise SEO features:

Daily rankings:

  • Correlate performance with interactive ranking analysis against any competitor with daily updated rankings.

Demonstrate performance and ROI:

  • Manage and report search performance with interactive analytics, customizable dashboards, and alerts to gain executive buy-in.

Unlimited competitors:

  • Track, analyze, and react to real-time competitive analysis with unlimited competitor comparisons.

Actionable insights:

  • Surface the most critical insights with advanced AI analysis for 120+ validated and verified insights – keyword opportunities, competitor moves, links, site issues, and more – to prioritize the right projects and reduce your time to action.

Content ideas and gaps:

  • Discover content ideas from the largest People Also Ask dataset and pinpoint competitive gaps with the largest mobile-first keyword dataset.

AI content analysis:

  • Analyze and write more authoritative and engaging content with the built-in AI and NLP content writer.

Site audit:

  • Continuously audit, analyze, summarize, and prevent site issues and errors with 100+ health audit checks and the built-in HTML and JavaScript crawler.

Website crawler:

  • Track real-time issues with an unlimited number of crawled pages or crawl projects.

Log file analyzer:

  • Analyze your log files and identify the correlation between bots, rankings, and performance.

Backlink analysis:

  • Maintain the best internal and external links by constantly monitoring and analyzing links.

Featured snippets:

  • Identify opportunities to own more of the SERP with the largest dataset of keywords that trigger an Answer Box, featured or other rich snippet.

On-Page SEO:

  • Drive search results in a scalable way when you understand what content and on-page updates deliver the largest impact.

Pricing: seoClarity offers a range of subscription plans customized to your organization starting at $750/month.


Conductor enterprise SEO toolset

Use case: SEO insights.

Conductor helps you uncover new customer insights, create effective marketing content, and track SEO performance. It provides insights into the motivations and intent of searchers, leads, and customers. It’s trusted by enterprise brands such as SAP, Ticketmaster, and Citibank.

Key enterprise SEO features:

Insight Stream:

  • Creates a personalized news feed of search insights that lets you focus on what matters instead of digging through data.


  • Export reports (excel or CSV) into a Workspace (or dashboard).
  • Share key organic search insights across the organization on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly cadence.
  • Add views from the platform into a Workspace, and once configured, they will automatically update.

Optimize workflows for content creation:

  • Build content briefs directly in the platform using insights based on search, social, demographic, sentiment analysis, and more.
  • Improve your visibility and content performance with real-time recommendations.
  • Integrate insights, briefs, and reports directly into the tools your team uses, such as Asana, Trello, and Jira.

Intent analysis and keyword competitiveness:

  • Find out what your customers are searching for so that you can create content that resonates.
  • Analyze the audience demographics and composition.
  • Understand how your customers perceive your brand so that you can optimize your voice and tone across all digital channels.

Measure performance:

  • Optimize your digital marketing strategy for optimum results by understanding the performance of your campaigns across channels.
  • Understand the impact of your content by tracking key metrics across channels.
  • Get buy-in across your organization with intuitive reports on how your efforts are driving results.
  • Optimize your strategy based on a comprehensive analysis of your organic performance.


  • Integrates with DeepCrawl so you can instantly access both technologies in a seamless, single log-in experience.
  • Integrates with Majestic for external backlink data.
  • Integrates with Semrush’s keyword index.

Pricing: Schedule a live demo to see how Conductor can help you reach your business goals.


Semrush enterprise SEO software

Use case: All-in-one SEO platform.

Semrush (aff) is a fantastic all-in-one SEO platform for enterprise companies willing to extract more of the actionable insights from the data themselves. It includes 40+ integrated digital marketing toolkits and reports. It’s trusted by the world’s leading brands, including Amazon, Tesla, and P&G.

Key enterprise SEO features:

  • Audit up to 1 million pages on the enterprise business plan.
  • Analyze the traffic distribution from the channel down to the referring site and keyword levels across mobile and desktop in the Traffic Analytics report (aff).
  • Perform in-depth keyword research on the largest Keyword Index (20B+) on the market.
  • Track up to 5,000 keyword rankings (updated daily) from the country down to the zip-code level in the Position Tracker report.
  • Run automated site crawling and action item recommendations.
  • Audit hreflang and log file analysis.
  • Integrates with third-party tools such as Trello for project management and Google Analytics for prioritization of audit action items.
  • Use Semrush’ connector to pull data, like Position Tracking and Domain Analytics, into your Google Data Studio (aff) reports.
  • Collaborate on specific projects by adding people to your account via the advanced user management feature.
  • Create SEO content templates and briefs to ensure on-page optimization.
  • Create white label and branded reports with the drag-and-drop report builder that pulls data from multiple sources into a single dashboard.
  • Monitor your competitors’ PR activities as well as your own brand.

Pricing: Semrush has a range of subscription plans, including an enterprise business plan from $375/month.

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Botify enterprise SEO platform

Use case: All-in-one SEO platform with one of the most powerful crawlers.

Over half the pages on enterprise websites are invisible to search engines, which means the content won’t be crawled and indexed. The Botify enterprise SEO platform solves that problem through its integrated suite of tools: Botify Analytics, Botify Intelligence, and Botify Activation. Botify is trusted by leading enterprise brands, such as Marriott, Glassdoor, and Merkle.

Key enterprise SEO features:

Botify Analytics uses a log file analyzer, site crawler, keyword tracker, and analytics integration to track 1,000 metrics, allowing you to see your website at every phase of the search process over time.

  • Crawl your site at 250 URLs/second and render your JavaScript at 100 URLs/second.
  • Import your log files to discover how search engines crawl your site.
  • Track unlimited keyword queries sourced from actual searcher data.
  • Integrate with your website analytics, such as GA, to pull in traffic, bounce rate, conversions, and revenue.

Botify Intelligence prioritizes your highest-impact opportunities and alerts you to potential SEO problems using machine learning.

  • Get actionable technical and content SEO opportunities – intelligently prioritized for you by impact.
  • Identify and proactively resolve critical issues impacting your website before organic traffic drops.

Botify Activation tools give SEOs the autonomy to execute optimizations quickly and without resource constraints.

  • Get more of your content crawled, indexed, and discovered by serving faster pages to search engine bots.
  • Submit new, updated, and other essential pages to search engines for indexing, ensuring none of their critical content is ever hidden.
  • Integrates directly with the Bing API, drastically reducing the need for search engines to crawl your site.

Pricing: Botify has three different plans to meet the needs of your enterprise SEO – Essential, Pro, and Enterprise. Request a demo to find the best option for you.


SearchMetrics enterprise SEO platform

Use case: All-in-one SEO platform.

The Searchmetrics Suite delivers data-driven insights to maximize your search and content performance. It’s used by over 1,000 leading enterprise brands and agencies, including Toyota, Karcher, and Lenovo.

Key enterprise SEO features:

Content experience:

  • Create better content that outperforms the competition and builds site authority.
  • Drive audience engagement with relevant content that matches the search intent.
  • Analyze search intent and plan content briefs in the app or through the Microsoft Word add-on.
  • Optimize your content quality with real-time feedback as you type.

Search experience:

  • Monitor your search performance across 130+ countries, 1000+ locations, devices, search engines, and result types.
  • Gain actionable insights and recommendations at the page level.
  • Identify your audience’s search intent and what content is relevant for them.
  • Use structured keyword tagging based on regions, market segments, or product categories to monitor your SEO performance.

Site experience:

  • Perform enterprise-level crawling of sites built on any framework, including JavaScript sites. 
  • Automatically surfaces and prioritizes recommendations based on potential risks and opportunities. 
  • Maximize your website’s performance by optimizing internal link structure.

Pricing: Contact Searchmetrics for a guided tour and custom quote.


Deepcrawl enterprise technical SEO software

Use case: Site crawling and technical audits.

Deepcrawl is a specialized enterprise SEO tool for site crawling and technical audits that helps you detect growth opportunities and protects your site from harmful code errors. It’s the technical SEO tool of choice for leading enterprise brands, including Adobe, PayPal, and IBM.

Key enterprise SEO features:

  • See all your crawl data, analytics, and actionable insights in one powerful, easy-to-use, enterprise-scale platform.
  • Check speed metrics on every page so you can fix bottlenecks.
  • Crawl tens of millions of URLs and billions of links.
  • Run concurrent crawling, so it’s quick and easy to audit multiple sites.
  • Analyze hundreds of metrics and simplify technical SEO analysis.
  • Spot internationalization issues so that you can fix global content.
  • Monitor sites regularly (hourly, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) with scheduled crawls to discover and fix any new technical issues.
  • Manage issues and workloads effectively in the Task Management module.
  • Generate visual reports so that it’s easier to spot actionable insights.
  • Export DeepCrawl data into your data warehouse using the API and third-party connectors or the official BI and Google Data Studio connectors.

Pricing: Free.

Pricing: Pricing on request.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog

Use case: Site crawling and audits.

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool is an industry-leading website crawler that allows you to crawl websites of any size quickly and efficiently. It’s trusted by thousands of SEOs and agencies worldwide, including Apple, Disney, and Google, to gather key onsite data and let you make informed decisions in real-time.

As you get into the hundreds of thousands or millions of pages, it may be worth looking at other enterprise platforms or crawlers such as Deepcrawl.

Key enterprise SEO features:

  • Crawl sites of any size by directory or subdomain and export the results for further analysis.
  • Use native API integrations to map organic traffic, conversion, backlink, engagement, and page speed metrics to URLs at scale.
  • Crawl and analyze JavaScript websites.
  • Discover on-page SEO issues such as missing or duplicate data.
  • Discover duplicate and thin content pages.
  • Find a range of technical SEO problems, including broken links, blocked resources, server errors, and redirect issues.
  • Verify schema markup and microdata formatting.
  • Identify potential malware or spam issues.
  • Generate XML Sitemaps.
  • Visualize site architecture patterns so you can pinpoint internal linking and URL structure issues.

Pricing: Screaming Frog costs £149.00 per year.


Oncrawl enterprise site crawler

Use case: Site crawling and audits.

Oncrawl is an enterprise SEO tool powered by an industry-leading SEO Crawler and Log Analyzer. It combines the power of technical SEO, machine learning, and data science to provide actionable insights that can help increase revenue from search engines. Over 1,000 companies, including Forbes, Canon, and Vistaprint, trust Oncrawl to support their enterprise SEO efforts and data science projects.

Key enterprise SEO features:

  • Audit your website and monitor your performance.
  • Improve your content, HTML quality, page speed, and architecture to optimize revenue-generating pages.
  • Monitor crawl activity by search engine spiders across your site with log analysis to see how your crawl budget is being used.
  • Diagnose your site’s health and improve its technical performance.
  • Optimize internal links and build a robust site structure.
  • Connect to analytics, ranking, and backlink tools to provide the perfect in-depth analysis or import data from custom sources.
  • Draw original conclusions from blended data and cross-analysis.

Pricing: You can request a quote for tailored plans and pricing for large SEO agencies and enterprise websites. 14-day free trial available.

best seo software for agencies

1. Best SEO Suites

Most SEO specialists prefer getting an SEO suite so they have access to multiple features without needing to subscribe to different online marketing tools. 


Easy to use, massive data index, and a superb user interface  – it’s no wonder Ahrefs remains a favorite among beginners and seasoned SEO specialists. 

This tool has six SEO tools packed into one: Keywords Explorer, Site Explorer, Site Audit, Content Explorer, Rank Tracker, and SEO Toolbar. Ahrefs alone provides you with ample data to get started on your SEO strategy. For those who want to be an SEO expert, Ahrefs is a tool you’ll love having in your kit.

Best used for:

  • Site Audits
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlinks Analysis
  • SEO and Rank Monitoring

Four tools in one? That’s what you’ll get with SEO Powersuite.  SEO Powersuite covers all the essentials in an SEO campaign – on-page optimization, backlinks, rank tracking, and competition analysis. It’s highly recommended for both seasoned SEO specialists and newbies looking to dive into professional SEO service. 

Best used for:

  • SEO
  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Web Analytics


Sitechecker is All-in-One platform to measure SEO performance. This toolkit includes Website Health Checker,  Website Rank Checker, Free Backlink Checker, On Page SEO Checker, Website Traffic Checker, Website Changes Monitoring, Website Rank Tracker, Website Backlink Tracker and Sitechecker SEO Extension.  Additionally, SEO analyzer software gives detailed tips how to improve the search visibility of your websites and helps to track your overall SEO progress. 

Best used for: 
– Website Audit- Rank Tracking
– SEO Reporting 
– Website Monitoring


“A smarter way to do SEO.”  This is the promise Moz brings—and it didn’t fail to deliver.  Moz has built its reputation as one of the reliable SEO software for digital marketers. Its all-in-one platform houses the essential SEO tools to jumpstart your marketing efforts. It has a powerful API that can provide you with accurate SEO data from the bat. 

Best used for:

  • Rank Tracking
  • Site Audits
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlinks Analysis


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