Best Logo Design Software For Beginners

When you’re starting a business, you know you need a logo design. But where do you start? You don’t have to be a professional designer or a Photoshop expert to create your own logo.

With the right tools, you can create your own logo design that will serve as the face of your brand for years to come. But with so many options out there, how do you know which is the best logo design software for you?

We’ve done the research and put together a list of the top 12 best logo design software for beginners that won’t break your budget (or make you break out into tears).

Here are our choices for best beginner logo design software:

Best Logo Design Software For Beginners

Best Logo Design Software

Logo design software – a secret magical tool for a successful business. A logo is the heart of your business. No doubt other related factors are also important but a logo is certainly is the first impression of your company. A great logo is a beautiful amalgamation of letters, shapes, and colors. And to obtain a powerful logo you definitely need the best logo design software program. This article includes the list of best logo designing software compared for designers.

A logo design software helps you design a simple and striking logo effortlessly. You can hire a professional freelancer or a company to create a logo for your business. But, sometimes outsourcing your logo design can be a bit heavy on your pocket. Instead, you can do it yourself with the help of an affordable logo design program. However, it is suggested that while designing a logo pay attention to colors.

Here, at TemplateToaster best web design software blog I have curated a list of the best feasible solutions for beginners and professionals. And all of these Logo maker software is simple to use and gives you a complete professional logo in minutes. So, you must try.

How to Choose the Best Logo Design Software – What to Look for?

A logo design software provides various features to create a beautiful and relevant logo for your business. There are a number of logo design software present both free and paid over the internet and you can use them however you like. A logo design software should be efficient enough to provide a compelling logo without many efforts. Pay attention to the following things.

Ease of Use: A logo design software should be easy to use. So that even a novice can use it. Usually, logo design software are based on the drag & drop functionality and you don’t have to do anything except simply dragging the elements to the desired place to create a beautiful logo.

Price: Make sure you haven’t picked up something that is too heavy on your pocket. However, you can choose a 100% free software instead of any premium software, depending upon your logo needs.

Features: Well, another important factor is what kind of features the selected software is offering you. You can take the trial before finalizing any software. Be sure the design software is allowing you to make desired customizations in your logo and then go for it.

List of Best Logo Design Software for designers

  1. Adobe Illustrator
  2. CorelDraw
  3. DesignEvo
  4. TurboLogo
  5. Adobe Photoshop
  6. GIMP
  7. Inkscape
  8. Canva
  9. Hatchful by Shopify
  10. Affinity Designer
  11. Gravit Designer
  12. Adobe Spark

Best Logo Design Software Compared (2021)

Best Logo Design SoftwareEase of UseFree VersionTrialPricingMoney BackDevice Supported
Adobe IllustratorSimpleYesOne Month$31.49/month30 DaysWindows, Mac
CorelDRAWEasyAvailable7 Days$60230 DaysWindows, Mac
DesignEvoEasy to useYesNo$24.99/month7 DaysOnline
TurboLogoEasy to useYesNoStarting $37 DaysOnline
Adobe PhotoshopModerateYes7 Days$20.99/month30 DaysMac, Windows
GIMPAverageFreeFreeOpen-sourceN/ALinux, Windows, Mac OS X
InkscapeEasy to useYesOpen-sourceFreeFreemacOS, Windows, Linux
CanvaSimpleNo30 Days$9.95/monthNoiOS, Android, Web
Hatchful by ShopifyMediumFreeN/AFreeN/AWeb
Affinity DesignerMediumYesYes£48.9914 DaysMac, Windows
Gravit DesignerEasyYesYes$49/year30 DaysMac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS
Adobe SparkSimpleYesAvailable$59.99/year30 DaysWindows, Mac OS X, Chromebook, iOS, Android

best logo design software for pc

1. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a logo design and branding platform powered by AI. With it, you can create a memorable logo in a couple of minutes. This free logo design maker will ask you to enter the general information about your business: name of the company, the industry you’re specializing in, and a business’s short description. Then the platform will ask you to choose the preferred font. When you’re done, Tailor Brands will suggest several variants of a logo based on your corporate identity to choose from. The platform is intuitive and simple and suggests versatile design options.


  • Add-on products
  • Provides good value for the money
  • Offers lots of branding tools


  • Limited customization
  • Limited contact options

2. Logaster


Logaster is one of the best free logo design software for your business. You don’t need any designing skills to make use of it. The website is user-friendly, so making a professional logo for a commercial takes no more than a few minutes. You only need to enter the name of the company and click the button. The system uses AI to program a design in two formats: raster and vector. Most professionals prefer to save their logo in a vector format because editing such images is easier. Unfortunately, you can’t download your work without registration on the Logaster website.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Auto creation of a logo
  • Efficient customer service


  • Generates only simple logos
  • Suggestions may seem a bit random

3. Canva


Canva is more than just a social media platform. It also has a free logo maker software functionality. Canva’s website has a user-friendly interface, so no professional or unique graphics skills are needed to create a logo. Canva gives you a choice between using premade fonts and creating your own. Also, there are one-time-use premium images that are relatively cheap. All in all, the Canva logo generator is one of the best tools to easily create images in high resolution.


  • A lot of photo effects
  • Access to a wide variety of icons, shapes, and stickers
  • Extensive font library


  • You cannot create unique elements
  • Templates seem generic

4. Fotor


Fotor is one of the best free logo maker software for PC. It is easy to use and does not require special skills in creating a logo to announce your presence online. It features a drag-and-drop editor making the logo creation process even easier. Fotor offers logo dimensions specific to social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. It is also completely free to use. Simply select the desired logo template, then choose one of the already made photos and drop it in the template. You can create and customize your own template as well. You can now edit the background and tweak the title. Finally, preview and save your logo. The online version works with both Windows 10 and Macintosh computers.


  • Smart filters and effects
  • The service has web, mobile, and desktop versions


  • Can’t create artwork from scratch
  • The mobile and web apps have a lot of ads

5. Desygner


Desygner is one of such mobile apps that is on par with desktop software applications. With it, you can create not only logos but also flyers, business cards, etc. Desygner gives you a lot of design choices and elements to create your personalized logo. Make use of the vast number of art templates and editing tools to resize the logo and change its color. You can tweak the text font and texture as well.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best apps for logo construction to create a unique emblem for social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Desygner continually updates its graphics store to make available superb graphics designs and elements. The good thing is that it is compatible with both Android and iOS.


  • Simple interface
  • High-quality templates
  • Wide range of free tools


  • Only premium users have access to the best templates



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