Best Python Code Editor For Android

Python is a programming language that was created by Guido van Rossum in 1990. It is named after the British comedy group Monty Python, who were popular around the time it was released.

The language is used for many things, but one of its most popular uses is to create games and apps for Android devices. As such, Python code editors are incredibly popular among Android app developers.

Best Python Code Editor For Android

Best Python IDEs For Android - 10 Best Python IDEs for Android

Pydroid 3

Pydroid 3 - Python IDE for android

A complete integrated development environment for python coding on Android, it even allows you to use it to code offline! Can you imagine not being limited to an active internet connection? Sometimes technical errors or backend issues result in your internet services becoming unavailable.

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With Pydroid 3, all you need is your phone with a charged battery. Pydroid 3 comes supporting the latest versions of Python and will continue to update as time progresses. Currently, It supports all functions on python 3.8, which makes it a fan-favorite among the coding community. 

Pydroid 3 supports data analysis tools and scientific libraries make it the best IDE for data scientists. Machine learning software such as TensorFlow or Scikit is also compatible. 


  • Runs Python 3.8.
  • Can function offline.
  • Pip package manager, easily imported custom repository of scientific libraries.
  • Through Pydroid 3, many scientific libraries are available for use. 
  • Tkinter is also available for GUI application development
  • Pydroid 3 comes with terminal support.
  • Can comply with code through a compiler for C++, Fortran, etc.
  • Without any extra code, you can download libraries such as matplotlib or PyQt5.
  • Supports Pygame 2.
  • Pydroid 3 automatically indents while coding.
  • Code prediction when editing.
  • Solely highlighted the given syntax is also possible on Pydroid 3. 
  • Pydroid 3 also allows you to manage multiple tabs at the same time. 
  • It allows for user-friendly navigation through codes. 

PriceYou can get the basic version right now FREE! It may not include the complete toolset or all the features, but you upgrade for just $13.99 whenever you need it. 


Acode Python IDE

This integrated development environment specializes in being easy on your android phone’s processor while remaining relatively simple to use for your average coder.

What sets this IDE apart from others on this list is how it can support many different languages, and it is not limited to Python. You can design in CSS, JavaScript, and even HTML, or you could just stick to creating your applications with Python. 


  • Acode offers terminal support. 
  • You can edit and access files from any device.
  • Acode offers full support of GitHub.
  • Acode also supports File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • it supports Python 2.7 and Python 3
  • Acode is an open-source application. 
  • Allows coding and viewing in languages other than Python, such as PHP or Java.
  • Modification of the workflow interface is possible through Acode
  • Convenient keyboard shortcuts 
  • Acode offers more than ten different themes to choose and apply.
  • You can highlight syntax in different ways. 


Acode is COMPLETELY FREE. You read that correctly. Acode does not charge ANYTHING from users. The android application allows you to focus on your python coding in peace without any hurdles.

Acode does not feature advertisements either, making it a good choice in terms of functionality but also their FREE contributions to the coding community is very admirable. 


Decoder Python IDE for Android

This integrated development environment comes packed with a compiler supporting more than FIFTY different programming languages, and yes, Python is one of them.Many other frameworks such as Django and Flask are available for use. Dcoder’s creators go as far as to claim that their mobile-based IDE can compare the efficiency offered through Eclipse, Sublime, and even Notepad++. 


  • Dcoder is compatible with more than FIFTY distinct programming languages apart from Python.
  • Dcoder supports Python 2.7 and Python 3.
  • Easy to compile and handle results.
  • Algorithm-driven problem-solving tools are available. 
  • Frames specific to Python, such as Flask, are available to import and use. 
  • Complete Github support. 
  • Dcoder offers a program preview on your phone. 
  • Dcoder also identifies syntax. 
  •  Decoder adds brackets and indentation to code automatically. 
  • Offers options to undo and redo work conveniently.
  • Dcoder is one of the fastest applications in the category of IDEs for Python on Android.
  • It is shy of just 6MB in total file size.


Dcoder can be yours FREE, absolutely every feature and optimization is available without having to open your wallet, and you might have to bear with ads now and again. 

Programming Hub

Programming Hub Android IDE for Python

It is not a purpose-built integrated development environment; instead, Programming Hub is a tool used for learning. Developed by professionals associated with Google itself, Programming Hub is an attractive choice for beginner coders looking to move on to coding on Android. 


  • It is not limited to solely Python as it is compatible with C++, JavaScript, and HTML.
  • It integrates social and easy-to-follow learning for coding.
  • Programming Hub supports Python 2.7 and Python 3.7.
  • Large-scale analysis of varying sizes of data is possible through Programming Hub.
  • Programming Hub offers readily available courses for programming in a variety of languages and SQL.
  • Programming Hub supports shell scripting in Linux. 
  • Complete with an interactive interface best suited for learning.
  • Automated code indenting comes built into Programming Hub.
  • It offers auto-generated suggestions while you code. 
  • it supports Python 2.7 and Python 3
  • It is perfect for AI-based coding. 

PriceProgramming Hub is an educational app with a built-in code editor and is completely free for anyone to download and begin using. It keeps getting better! Programming Hub will not disturb you with nagging advertisements either, as the entire application is ad-free. 

Spck Code Editor

Spck Code Editor Python mobile IDE

With integrated compatibility of TypeScript and Emmet abbreviation, this IDE is one at the very top of the market. Spck Code Editor is easily one of the most pleasing integrated development environments for Python that you will find on Android.

A comprehensive toolkit for your python programming needs is available in the palm of your hand, free to download from the PlayStore.


  • It is compatible with Github, Gitlab, and even Bitbucket.
  • Spck Code Editor has Git integration.
  • Well-developed webpage viewer.
  • JavaScript Console support also available through Spck Code Editor.
  • Zip file handling is effortless with Spck Code Editor.
  • It is available offline to use.
  • It supports more languages other than just Python. 
  • Coding files you write can be backed up instantly. 
  • Keyboard shortcuts are available to streamline workflow.
  • Code auto-completers are also complete with Spck Code Editors.
  • Js-beautify. (Auto-indenting tool)
  • it supports Python 2.7 and Python 3
  • Spck Code Editor is available in regular and dark mode for viewing. 
  • Spck Code Editor lets you easily edit lines of code through Emmet Abbreviation support.


Spck Code Editor is available for FREE download without ANY ads whatsoever. Complete with all the features you would expect to find in an integrated development environment for Python on Android.

best python ide for android 2021

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Why not use Web-Based Interfaces for coding?

Another thing that comes with the coding on a phone is writing and practicing directly on the learning websites. Sites like W3Schools, learn python, Codecademy, etc provides a separate code editor where you can write code and execute them with a built-in compiler.

These websites are smart enough but lack in certain aspects like their code editor lacks code formatting, indentation, syntax highlighting, and file saving features. However, we should not overlook the giant and deep knowledge they provide. 

A dedicated application for coding provides you a distraction-free environment. Other than that, it let you get rid of the internet for formatting and saving code.

These applications completely rely on built-in compilers rather than an online one. Other features like themes and syntax highlighting in multiple colors also available in them. There is support for extended keyboard and auto-complete functions.

List of best Python Editors for Android to use in 2021

1. Pydroid 3

This is top to our list and priority. It supports the latest python 3.8 interpreter which is an awesome thing with a mobile application. Creators are really concerned about these little things that others ignore. The interpreter is absolutely offline.

It has support for some advanced Scientific libraries like NumPy, SciPy, and matplotlib for data analysis. For machine training, there is support for Scikit Learn and TensorFlow. For GUI based application development you can also import Tkinter.

pyroid image 1

There are a bunch of other things why this editor should be your priority. Some important of them are listed below.

System Features:

  1. Comes with Python 3.8 Interpreter
  2. The compilers are absolutely Offline.
  3. Availability of pip package manager with an easily importable custom repository for scientific libraries such as sci-kit learns for machine learning, NumPy, matplotlib, Panda, etc. 
  4. Availability of big libraries like TensorFlow.
  5. Availability of examples for quick learning of python.
  6. Tkinter support for GUI.
  7. Terminal Support.
  8. CPython is also supported.
  9. Comes with a Built-in compiler for C, C++, and Fortran.
  10. PDB debugger with watches
  11. Availability of graphical library with SDL2
  12. PyQt5 and other libraries like matplotlib are quickly installable without any extra code required
  13. Pygame 2 support 

Editor Feature:

  1. Auto indentation feature
  2. The application features code prediction like a system-based editor
  3. Syntax highlighting is also available
  4. Enhanced and easy code navigation
  5. Multiple tabs support lets you create multiple tabs at once


Basic version – Free

Upgrade – $13.99

2. Acode

Acode is a simple and light-weight IDE for Andriod. This application is not focused on a particular language but supports all the languages to the best.

Without any ads, you will be able to develop an entire application in python or design an entire template with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There are another bunch of features that I have listed below. 

acode app images

I have discussed this app in another article where I have given you a list of best HTML editors for Android.

System Features

  1. There is terminal support on this application.
  2. The files are editable from any device
  3. It has support for GitHub.
  4. FTP Support.
  5. It’s an open Source application, so the application is absolutely free without any ads.
  6. The workflow is smooth and enhanced despite being a mobile editor.
  7. Supports other languages than Python such as PHP, Java, JavaScript, C, C++, etc.
  8. The application is highly customizable.
  9. Availability of JavaScript console.

Editor Feature

  1. Syntax highlighting for different functions, classes, and variables
  2. 10+ Themes
  3. User friendly
  4. HTML preview inside the app
  5. Keyboard shortcuts
  6. No Ads (appreciable)


Free (No Ads)

3. Dcoder

Dcoder is a mobile-based IDE with a built-in compiler for more than 50 programming languages including C, C++, Python, and Java. Particularly focused on development it has a bunch of great and easily accessible frameworks such as React.js, Angular, Django, Flask and flutter, etc.

dcoder app images

This application boasts to match the efficiency of Notepad ++ and Sublime text and Eclipse. Here you can find algorithmic problems to solve according to the difficulty level that suits you.

System Features

  1. Almost all languages (50+) are supported including pascal, swift, objective C, etc.
  2. Python 2.7 and 3, are supported.
  3. Easy handling of compilation results
  4. Challenges and problems are available to solve
  5. Python frameworks such as Django and Flask are supported. Other frameworks like React.js, Flutter, Angular are also supported.
  6. Github support
  7. Easy deployment of the project right from the phone

Editor Feature

  1. Syntax Highlighting 
  2. Auto indentation and parenthesis
  3. Easy Undo Redo 
  4. Custom suggestion view


Free (Contains Ads)

4. Programming Hub

Programming hub is not a dedicated code editor but it’s a learning platform that comes with a built-in code editor. I only included this application on this list since it is developed in collaboration with Google experts. It’s fun to learn here as easy and interesting as playing a game. The application is best for beginners. 

System Features

  1. Conceptual illustrations to learn in a friendly way
  2. Support for Python 2.7 and 3.7
  3. Support for other programming languages such as C, C++, HTML, JavaScript, and R.
  4. Support for Linux shell scripting
  5. Availability of programming courses
  6. One can also learn SQL
  7. Big data analysis is possible here

Editor Feature

  1. Interactive experience
  2. Automatic code indentation 
  3. Code suggestions are provided while you type.
  4. One of the best AI-based editor
  5. No ads at all


Free (No Ads)

5. Spck Code Editor

It is one of the best code editors for python on android systems. Easily installable from the play store, the application lets help you a lot while writing code. It mainly supports HTML, CSS, and JavaScript but other languages like python, ruby, C++, and Java are also supported.

SPCK app images

This particular editor is by far one of the best with advanced code-hinting supports like TypeScript and Emmet abbreviation. Down below are its other features listed.

System Features

  1. Easy to clone and handle repositories (GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket)
  2. Git integration
  3. Enhanced webpage viewer
  4. Available support for JavaScript console
  5. Export and import into ZIP formats
  6. No internet connection is required
  7. Support for almost all languages, the main highlighted languages are HTML, CSS, JavaScript (focused on web-designing)
  8. You can backup files anytime

Editor Feature

  1. Keyboard extension for faster code edits
  2. Smart auto-completer
  3. Automatic indentation (js-beautify)
  4. Light and dark themes available
  5. Smart code editing with Emmet abbreviation support


Free (No Ads)


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